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Jon L
Did new models site
november 2018 by crankin
Second Cousins
A web and interactive design practice with a focus on the design and programming of unique websites for creative companies and institutions, artists and designers. Founded in 2010 by Jake Dow-Smith.
agency  inspiration 
february 2017 by crankin
Use our cloud-based Think Wrong Lab or in-person services to create status quo busting solutions to any problem—big or small.
design  inspiration  agency 
october 2016 by crankin
Fifty and Fifty
Our mission is to see good causes and organizations take up more of the popular culture space. We aren’t out to save the world but to tell the stories of people who are.

Has lots of writing about social media and web development in relation to nonprofits
agency  nonprofit 
march 2016 by crankin
Buckley Williams
We are a tiny design studio specialising in prototyping, research & development, and communication design.
february 2016 by crankin
Familiar | a design and development studio focused on artists and nonprofits.
We’ve partnered with artists, nonprofits, and creative businesses for more than a decade. We design and develop communication tools that matter  
september 2015 by crankin
Main // Works Progress Studio
we create public art and design projects that inspire, engage and connect
september 2015 by crankin
YesYesNo Interactive projects
YesYesNo LLC is a new interactive collective that specializes in the creation of engaging, magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision and cutting edge R&D. YesYesNo aims to develop work that puts creativity and awe at the forefront of interactive media.
newmedia  agency 
january 2015 by crankin
Main // Works Progress
Works Progress is a public art & design studio whose collaborative projects catalyze relationships between people, place and environment - helping to enable new possibilities for artistic expression, civic imagination, and participation in public life.
design  public-art  social-practice  agency 
november 2012 by crankin
We partner with clients and collaborators on all sorts of work, from conception through development and design.
september 2011 by crankin
Local Projects
Local Projects is a media design firm for museums and public spaces. While innovation drives much of today’s design, we’re interested in creating projects that endure.
Jake Barton's agency
agency  museums  design  public-art  art-urban 
march 2008 by crankin

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