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At what cost? | Koven J. Smith
The problem is that most of the tech in use at museums is now built by someone else. We no longer articulate our principles through technology; instead we inherit them via terms of service. As a result, museum technology now offers a fragile patchwork of often conflicting principles.
february 2019 by crankin
Reluctant Gatekeeping: The Problem With Full Stack | HeydonWorks
By assuming the role of the Full Stack Developer, one takes responsibility for all the code, in spite of its radical variance in syntax and purpose, and becomes the gatekeeper of at least some kinds of code one simply doesn’t care about writing well.
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january 2019 by crankin
The Price of Shares by Rob Horning, Even Magazine
Museums, as they latch onto social media to boost their metrics, have become an appendage of the phone and its platforms, their ways of engaging users, their algorithms for gratifying consumers.
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september 2018 by crankin
Broken Links: The Internet Show - Art in America
There’s a depthlessness to them, a lack of substance, expressed in the pale platitudes that pass through their accompanying curatorial texts. I’ve seen a number of internet shows, and I never leave feeling that they contribute to a growing body of knowledge about art and technology. Each one ends in the same place where it started: some hazy notion of the internet’s importance.
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september 2018 by crankin
The web is under threat. Join us and fight for it. – World Wide Web Foundation
Let’s assemble the brightest minds from business, technology, government, civil society, the arts and academia to tackle the threats to the web’s future. At the Web Foundation, we are ready to play our part in this mission and build the web we all want. Let’s work together to make it possible.
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march 2018 by crankin
Land Art for the Internet |
First of six posts by James Bridle about the Internet, art, audience, and how they all intermingle in contemporary life.
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may 2016 by crankin
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