Means TV: the world’s first post-capitalist streaming platform.
We’ll be be funded the old-fashioned way: by viewers like you.
Let’s build an anti-capitalist media institution together.
A better world is possible. Better entertainment is too.
public-media  video 
3 days ago
Sorted Library
The Sorted Library is a cultural organization that is rethinking the modern library experience. We run a non-circulating reading room that is organized in small collections made by our members. The act of organizing the library in collections offers an alternative way of engaging and discovering books within a small space
3 days ago
AWP: Guidelines & Hallmarks
AWP’s board of trustees has established a series of Hallmarks for our member programs, teachers, and conferences. For degree-conferring programs in creative writing, these hallmarks serve to establish professional standards for the field, reinforce AWP’s commitment to excellence in teaching, and reflect our continued support of writers in the academy
school  writing 
4 days ago
AWP: Guide to Writing Programs
AWP's Guide to Writing Programs is a free, searchable database of graduate and undergraduate writing programs in the US and abroad. Each member program listing contains information about faculty, admissions, requirements of study, and tuition and financial aid.
school  writing 
4 days ago
Zine machine!
zine layout and printing from the web (made with Glitch)
diy  publishing 
4 days ago
The foundation for your cloud-powered mobile & web apps
An opinionated, category-based client framework for building scalable mobile and web apps. Developed and maintained by Amazon/AWS
4 days ago
Building Serverless CRUD apps with Netlify Functions & FaunaDB | Netlify
very detailed example of running CRUD against a simple db through serverless functions
serverless  klru-2do 
4 days ago
Netlify Functions | Netlify
Write simple functions that automatically become APIs.

Netlify deploys the functions you write as full API endpoints and will even run them automatically in response to events (like a form submission or a user login). Functions receive request context or event data, and return data back to your frontend.
4 days ago
Common MySQL Queries
reference for ACL site transfer
mysql  klru-2do 
13 days ago
The Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces
The CRCI conference brings together scholars, designers, artists, and engineers working across technologies of choreography, control, and recognition to investigate how sameness and difference function with choreographic interfaces, and ponder how to productively intervene in the development of these technologies.
28 days ago
A Conference for Choreographic Interfaces – Immerse
my engrained understanding was that choreography was a thing for trained bodies to perform on stages in front of people. I’d never contemplated choreographed bodies performing for audiences of machines, let alone algorithms
28 days ago
Complex Movements | Emergence Media
Complex Movements is a Detroit-based artist collective supporting the transformation of communities by exploring the connections of complex science and social justice movements through multimedia interactive performance work.
social-practice  newmedia  detroit 
29 days ago
Talking Dolls | Detroit
detroit  urban-art  urban  social-practice 
29 days ago
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