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New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting
New Details About Wilbur Ross’ Business Point To Pattern Of Grifting via Instapaper
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august 2018 by craniac
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags – Locus Online
Cambridge Analytica are like stage mentalists: they’re doing something labor-intensive and pretending that it’s something supernatural. A stage mentalist will train for years to learn to quickly memorize a deck of cards and then claim that they can name your card thanks to their psychic powers. You never see the unglamorous, unimpressive memorization practice. Cambridge Analytica uses Facebook to find racist jerks and tell them to vote for Trump and then they claim that they’ve discovered a mystical way to get otherwise sensible people to vote for maniacs.
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july 2018 by craniac
Huge MIT Study of ‘Fake News’: Falsehoods Win on Twitter - The Atlantic
The massive new study analyzes every major contested news story in English across the span of Twitter’s existence—some 126,000 stories, tweeted by 3 million users, over more than 10 years—and finds that the truth simply cannot compete with hoax and rumor. By every common metric, falsehood consistently dominates the truth on Twitter, the study finds: Fake news and false rumors reach more people, penetrate deeper into the social network, and spread much faster than accurate stories.
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march 2018 by craniac
Twitter lost users in the US again, but it finally made a profit - The Verge
Twitter blames some of the dip on an undescribed change to Safari’s third-party app integrations. Because of this change to Safari, Twitter says it lost 2 million monthly users, half of whom were in the US. Changes to tweets have apparently helped growth, though. Twitter says rolling out 280-character tweets encouraged users to spend more time on the platform and return more often.
february 2018 by craniac
jwz: The Follower Factory
The Follower Factory

A data-heavy and well researched article about the "buy followers" scams. It is JUST SO WEIRD that the New York Times was able to crunch the numbers and see obvious botnets pop out, but Twitter and Facebook are incapable of this. SO WEIRD.
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february 2018 by craniac
Birdcage liners – Joel on Software
Rather than providing a constant stream of satisfying news and engagement with friends, Facebook’s algorithm had learned to give me a bunch of junk I didn’t need to hear, and only gave me intermittent rewards through the occasional useful nugget of information about friends. Once in a blue moon I would hear about a friend’s accomplishment or I would find out that someone I like is going to be in town. The rest of the time I would just get the kind of garbage newspaper clippings circulated by someone who had too much coffee and is misattributing the kick from the caffeine to something they just read online and now MUST share IMMEDIATELY with EVERYONE because this news story about something that happened to a baby bear is SOOOOO important to THE ENTIRE WORLD.
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january 2018 by craniac
Merry Last Christmas, Jack Dorsey. – Mike Monteiro – Medium
Jack, and to an extent Twitter’s pet porg Biz Stone, have always believed that absolute free speech is the answer.
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december 2017 by craniac
This Is How Steve Bannon And Breitbart Tried To Sabotage Twitter
Yiannopoulos examined state laws to see if there were avenues for potential litigation and made plans to contact short sellers about sandbagging Twitter’s shares. In October, BuzzFeed News revealed that Yiannopoulos, Breitbart’s most recognizable figure until his scandalous departure in February of this year, sought the opinions and contributions of racists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis for work published on the right-wing news site.
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december 2017 by craniac
The College Kids Doing What Twitter Won't | WIRED
In his junior year, Bhat went against his parents’ wishes and dropped out of high school when his organization,, was acquired by 1StudentBody. At 17, he was making a six-figure salary working at the company’s Palo Alto and Redwood City offices (and living at home). But Bhat grew restless with the prematurely adult grind
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november 2017 by craniac
One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end via Instapaper
october 2017 by craniac
Facebook, Instagram experience outages Saturday - Aug. 26, 2017
Many took to Twitter to air their frustrations with not being able to use the popular social media platform.
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august 2017 by craniac
All Is Fair in Love and Twitter - The New York Times
Genesis stories tend to take on an outsize significance in Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College, traveled the world, dated Joan Baez and helped create a revolutionary computing company. Mark Zuckerberg wrote the initial code for Facebook while ranking the attractiveness of girls in his Harvard dorm room. In the Valley, these tales are called “the Creation Myth” because, while based on a true story, they exclude all the turmoil and occasional back stabbing that comes with founding a tech company. And while all origin stories contain some exaggerations, Twitter’s is cobbled together from an uncommon number of them.

After he was stripped of his power at Twitter, Dorsey went on a media campaign to promote the idea that he and Williams had switched roles. He also began telling a more elaborate story about the founding of Twitter. In dozens of interviews, Dorsey completely erased Glass from any involvement in the genesis of the company. He changed his biography on Twitter to “inventor”; before long, he started to exclude Williams and Stone too. At an event, Dorsey complained to Barbara Walters that he had founded Twitter, a point she raised the next day on “The View” with Stone and Williams. Dorsey told The Los Angeles Times that “Twitter has been my life’s work in many senses.” He also failed to credit Glass for the company’s unusual name. “We wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket,” he told the paper.

Dorsey’s story evolved over the years. He would tell Vanity Fair that the idea for Twitter went back to 1984, when he was only 8 years old. A “60 Minutes” segment reported that Dorsey founded Twitter because he “was fascinated by trains and maps” and how cities function. Later, he would explain that he first presented the idea, fully realized, on a playground in South Park. All along, Dorsey began casting himself in the image of Steve Jobs, calling himself an “editor,” as Jobs referred to himself, and adopting a singular uniform: a white buttoned-up Dior shirt, bluejeans and a black blazer.

One early Twitter employee used to say that the company succeeded in spite of itself, and in some ways, that’s true. While it was clear for years that Twitter was going to be huge, it wasn’t clear until very recently — as many Twitter employees privately confessed to me — that it wasn’t going to be the next Myspace or Friendster: great ideas that became great failures on account of bad management. For many, that only began to change when the company felt like just that, a company. It’s unclear what responsibility Dorsey can take for this. As one former Twitter employee has said, “The greatest product Jack Dorsey ever made was Jack Dorsey.”
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august 2017 by craniac
Jack Dorsey Returns to a Frayed Twitter - The New York Times
Twitter is not growing as fast as it could, the angel investor Ron Conway once told me, because the company doesn’t think big enough. “Twitter could be the next Google if it wanted to be,” he said.

Now all of these problems are Mr. Dorsey’s to fix.

** Make twitter the alternative to Facebook **

In one story, Mr. Costolo took a taxi in San Francisco and asked the driver to take him to Twitter’s offices on Market Street. The driver asked Mr. Costolo what he did for a living and Mr. Costolo replied that he was the chief executive of Twitter.

“No way!” the driver said as he turned around excitedly. “You’re Jack Dorsey?”
october 2015 by craniac
How Super Angel Chris Sacca Made Billions, Burned Bridges And Crafted The Best Seed Portfolio Ever
The coup came when Ev Williams approached Sacca to sell $400 million of his Twitter shares.
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march 2015 by craniac
Meet the tweet-deleters: people who are making their Twitter histories self-destruct -- Fusion
Robin Sloan, a former Twitter employee and author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, is another tweet-deleter. Sloan wrote a script that automatically deletes his tweets after a given period of time (in his case, ten days), which he posted to Github for others to use. The script also has an option to save those tweets to a Dropbox folder before they’re purged, but Sloan says he stopped using that feature. Now, his tweets just drift permanently into the void.

Because it’s trash. We don’t need to retain that. It’s some of the worst stuff I’ve ever said. Why would I keep that stuff? This notion that you’ve got to keep your tweets, it’s like your garbage, it’s like hoarding. Of course it’s being archived somewhere else. The Library of Congress or these sites that collect everything, so there’s no need to keep this. And most of them are embarrassing. An hour later you would wish you never said that.
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february 2015 by craniac

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