Commentary: Writer Jana Riess reflects on her Mormon baptism 25 years ago, during the ‘September Six’ excommunications - The Salt Lake Tribune
I prayed about it. Hard. The answer I received was that there would be a place for me in this church, not in spite of who I was and what I believed was right, but because of it.

I decided to go ahead with my baptism and lean on the religious faith I had discovered in the LDS Church, particularly my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I’ve never had serious cause to regret that decision.

“Do not hold back from saying the things you honestly believe if it will help the members of the church” and said my job was to be “a leaven to discussions by providing different points of view” about the gospel. It then specifically mentioned my study of history and my responsibility to teach others what I felt was the truth. (By the way, this blessing came from a patriarch who did not know me or my background at all.)
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Roy Moore is suing Sacha Baron Cohen over his 'Who is America?' prank - CNN
Moore was interviewed by Cohen, who pretended to be an Israeli anti-terrorism expert who had a "pedophile detector." During the episode, the device -- which looks like a hand-held metal detector -- was shown beeping near Moore, implying that he was a pedophile.
2 hours ago
Alea Air announces a smart, energy-efficient HVAC system
Forget smart ovens. Intelligent HVAC is the smart home’s future via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Ms0Wcx
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2 hours ago
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally | The Art of Manliness
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally | The Art of Manliness via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2FzDreb
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Managing Yourself: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want
Managing Yourself: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want via Instapaper https://ift.tt/1cofWXH
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Gun goes off in Provo church, sending bullet into classroom of teens | KSL.com
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called the Mormon church, has a policy that prohibits guns in meetinghouses.

"We remind members and visitors to our chapels of the church’s policy on firearms: 'Churches are dedicated for the worship of God and as havens from the cares and concerns of the world. The carrying of lethal weapons, concealed or otherwise, within their walls is inappropriate except as required by officers of the law,'" said church spokesman Eric Hawkins.

He said local church leaders are "reinforcing this principle" with members.
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West - Osprey Publishing
It is 1875, and Count Dracula is President of the United States of America.

In the wake of the Civil War, with the country struggling to regain its balance, Dracula seized power. The Count's thralls assassinated President Lincoln and his entire administration in a single night and, in the ensuing chaos, their master made his move. Dominating the Senate, he declared himself President-for-Life, and now rules the Union with fear and an iron fist. His vampiric progeny, the Coven of the Red Hand, infest every strata of society, and enforce Dracula's will with ruthless efficiency.

Drawn by the shadows gathering across the nation, secretive cults and evil creatures emerge from their lairs to thrive in the darkness of the new regime. Fleeing from the oppression and menace of the East, hordes of pioneers head to the West, hoping for a new life.

Dracula's greed, however, knows no bounds, and his reach is long…

Dracula's America: Shadows of the West is a skirmish game of gothic horror set in an alternate Old West. Secret wars rage across the country - from bustling boom-towns to the most remote wilderness - as cults and secret societies fight for power and survival. Players will throw their support behind one of these factions, and will lead a Posse in fast-paced, cinematic battles for dominance and survival.
awesome  miniatures 
Soon-Yi Previn on Mia Farrow and Woody Allen
After Decades Of Silence, Soon-Yi Previn Speaks via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2D20p1A
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Google Flights
$404 flight to Italy.
LKML: Linus Torvalds: Linux 4.19-rc4 released, an apology, and a maintainership note
This is my reality. I am not an emotionally empathetic kind of person
and that probably doesn't come as a big surprise to anybody. Least of
all me. The fact that I then misread people and don't realize (for
years) how badly I've judged a situation and contributed to an
unprofessional environment is not good.

This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of
not understanding emotions. My flippant attacks in emails have been
both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made
it personal. In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me.
I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry.

The above is basically a long-winded way to get to the somewhat
painful personal admission that hey, I need to change some of my
behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal
behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development
community  linux  emotions 
2 days ago
Freddie Oversteegen, Dutch resistance fighter who killed Nazis through seduction, dies at 92 | Stuff.co.nz
Freddie Oversteegen, Dutch resistance fighter who killed Nazis through seduction, dies at 92 via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Osxh4Z
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2 days ago
The Open Notebook – How Rebecca Skloot Built The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Did you carry your concern about structure into this project, or was it something you developed as you wrestled with it?

No, I came to the book already fixated on structure. I did my MFA in nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh, and Lee Gutkind, who was one of my professors there, taught a readings class where he constantly harped on structure. Every class, the first exercise we had to do with every piece we read was map out the structure. The first day of class we read an essay in class and his first question when we were done was, “What’s the structure of this piece?” We had no idea what he meant. And he wouldn’t tell us. He would just push us and push us, and people would randomly guess things … They’d say, “It’s a profile.” He’d say, “No, that’s not a structure.”

So I started watching a lot of movies structured like that and eventually found my way to “Hurricane,” about Hurricane Carter, the boxer. As I was watching it, I just freaked out because after the first few scenes I realized, Oh my God, this is the structure of my book. Three narratives braided together, a journey, etc. So I storyboarded that whole movie frame-by-frame on color-coded index cards (one color per narrative thread). I’d already mapped my own book out using the same three-colored index card scheme, and I’d mapped out a structure, but it wasn’t working. After I mapped out “Hurricane” I spread the cards out on a bed and put my book’s index cards on top of them, lining up the colors, to see how the film was braiding differently than I was. I immediately realized the problem with my structure was that it didn’t move around in time fast enough. That was the big lesson I learned from movies: that to make this kind of structure work, it has to move quickly. You can’t linger too long in any one time period or you lose the momentum of the other two.
writing  structure  mcphee 
2 days ago
Finally, a cure for insomnia? | News | The Guardian
Then, a few months later, Selsick began to explore CBT. For those who suffer from insomnia, the bedroom is so strongly associated with wakefulness that the mere act of going to bed wakes the patient up, in much the same way that walking into a dentist’s office makes you anxious. CBT, which at the time was just starting to be used to treat insomnia in North America, works to change patients’ automatic, often unconscious, association of the bedroom with wakefulness and replace it with bedroom and sleep. “Immediately,” Selsick said, “our results were enormously better.”

Once a patient finds they are asleep for 90% of the time that they are in bed, they move that earliest bedtime forward by 15 minutes at a time. This behavioural technique is termed sleep efficiency, and despite its disarming simplicity, patients report astonishing results. “It was very hard going,” said Laurell Turner, a medical student who completed the programme in 2016. “By the end of the course I was exhausted. But despite my scepticism, the results were immediate.”
2 days ago
What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company
What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Odax8N
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3 days ago
Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Pleaded Guilty And Will Cooperate With Mueller's Office
Paul Manafort Is Pleading Guilty And Cooperating With The Mueller Investigation via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2CSwMQp
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4 days ago
Who Was the Falling Man from 9/11? - Falling Man Identity Revealed
The photographer has that presence of mind and has had it since he was a young man. When he was twenty-one years old, he was standing right behind Bobby Kennedy when Bobby Kennedy was shot in the head. His jacket was spattered with Kennedy's blood, but he jumped on a table and shot pictures of Kennedy's open and ebbing eyes, and then of Ethel Kennedy crouching over her husband and begging photographers—begging him—not to take pictures.

Richard Drew has never done that. Although he has preserved the jacket patterned with Kennedy's blood, he has never not taken a picture, never averted his eye. He works for the Associated Press. He is a journalist. It is not up to him to reject the images that fill his frame, because one never knows when history is made until one makes it. It is not even up to him to distinguish if a body is alive or dead, because the camera makes no such distinctions, and he is in the business of shooting bodies, as all photographers are, unless they are Ansel Adams. Indeed, he was shooting bodies on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Her mother is standing at the front door, about to go back inside her house. Her face has already lost its belligerent pride and has turned once again into a mask of composed, almost wistful sadness. "Please," she says as she closes the door in a stain of morning sunlight. "Please clear my husband's name."
photography  911 
4 days ago
'Designing Women' Creator on Les Moonves: Not All Harassment Is Sexual (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter
'Designing Women' Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual (Guest Column) via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2NA36vE
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5 days ago
Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
I’m so sorry for your loss,” I said to Silas. I wondered if he’d waited more than three hours just to tell me this. I suspected he had. Good for him. He had bigger balls than I. Certainly, I’d failed his brother by being such a coward in my writing. How many others had I failed? These questions swam in my mind.
suicide  depression 
5 days ago
How the Humble Tin Whistle Changed My Life
Writing is without any inherent reward other than what might be called solely intellectual; there is no sensual input whatever except in the imagination, nor is there an immediate reward of applause or approval. Writing is unique in this sense. Even with the visual or graphic arts there is color or form as the artist works, even though the labor is solitary. And of course theater, film, music, and all the collaborative arts are immediately rewarding; a good rehearsal, a long practice over a certain piece of music, being with other people, technical challenges, and then finally a performance and the delighted faces in the audience, is a gold piece laid in the hand. With writing it is all in your head, and the response from readers or an editor is far in the future—so it demands, much more than the other arts, that it be its own reward.
writing  music 
5 days ago
When Fascists Weaponize Free Speech Absolutism | Literary Hub
Fascist politics seeks to undermine the credibility of institutions that harbor independent voices of dissent until they can be replaced by media and universities that reject those voices. One typical method is to level accusations of hypocrisy. Right now, a contemporary right-wing campaign is charging universities with hypocrisy on the issue of free speech. Universities, they say, claim to hold free speech in the highest regard but suppress any voices that don’t lean left by allowing protests against them on campus. Most recently, critics of campus social justice movements have found an effective method of turning themselves into the victims of protest. They contend that protesters mean to deny them their own free speech.
fakenews  altright  fascism  freedom 
5 days ago
Junot Díaz says alleged sexual harassment 'didn't happen' | Books | The Guardian
The Boston Review’s decision prompted three poetry editors to resign in protest.
5 days ago
The All-American Menstrual Hut - Lenny Letter
I think I'm an elitist in my personal life and a communist in my politics.
teaching  poetry  writing  dfw 
5 days ago
Laziness Does Not Exist – E Price – Medium
Laziness Does Not Exist – E Price – Medium via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Hb8Mss
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6 days ago
ESPN.com: Page 2 : Fear & Loathing in America
ESPN.com: Page 2 : Fear & Loathing in America via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2b9ooMs
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7 days ago
Vicious Rumors Spread Like Wildfire On WhatsApp — And Destroyed A Village
The suspects are now awaiting their trial. “Our clients’ position is that they genuinely thought that the five people were child kidnappers because they had been seeing this kind of information on WhatsApp for months,” Akshay Sagar and Manoj Khairnar, two of the four state-assigned lawyers representing the 28 people accused, told BuzzFeed News. “They said that as long as their children are safe, they have no regrets.”
fakenews  india 
7 days ago
God's Lonely Programmer - Motherboard
He's done this work because God told him to. ​According to the TempleOS charter, it is "God's official temple. Just like Solomon's temple, this is a community focal point where offerings are made and God's oracle is consulted." God also told Davis that 640x480, 16-color graphics "is a covenant like circumcision," making it easier for children to make drawings for God. God demands a perfect temple, and Davis says, "For ten years, I worked on programming TempleOS, full time. I finished, basically, and the last year has been tiny touch-ups here and there."
7 days ago
Opinion | ‘Anonymous’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight - The New York Times
What if Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation, scrapping of Obamacare without any alternative and military spending surge were actually ill-thought-through, short-term-focused initiatives that all ignored expert opinion — because they mostly emerged from off-the-cuff remarks at Trump pep rallies — and collectively amount to a sugar high that not only will be unsustainable but will leave our economy far more vulnerable in the long term?
7 days ago
The YouTube stars heading for burnout: ‘The most fun job imaginable became deeply bleak’ | Technology | The Guardian
Excitement soon gave way to anxiety. Even in 2013, Lees was aware that his success depended not so much on smash hits as on day-by-day reliability. “It’s not enough to simply create great things,” he says. “The audience expect consistency. They expect frequency. Without these, it’s incredibly easy to slip off the radar and lose favour with the algorithm that gave you your wings.” By the end of the year Lees had grown his channel from 1,000 subscribers to 90,000, and caught the attention of one of his influences, Charlie Brooker, who invited Lees to collaborate on writing a Channel 4 special. For a month Lees worked 20-hour days, dividing his time between the TV script work and, ever conscious that missing a day’s upload could cause his videos to tumble down the search rankings, his YouTube channel.

“Divisive content is the king of online media today, and YouTube heavily boosts anything that riles people up,” he says. “It’s one of the most toxic things: the point at which you’re breaking down is the point at which the algorithm loves you the most.”
youtube  algorithms 
7 days ago
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A few weeks later I found the prints to where the property line was and… he built his house, 5,000 sq ft garage and underground propane tank a few feet onto our property. So now we found out why he wanted that land so bad, before we would figure it out. Now during this time, John had put his house up for sale and put a $120,000 markup on what the actual market price was. We found out why he was doing this, because he and a friend had gambled a lot of their savings on buying the property around a lake and they were selling no lots. He was bleeding money.

We were finally able to put a lien on his house and that was his only lifeline to get cash to make their land payments. To make the rest of this story go by faster, I’ll skip to the part where we ended up buying his house. We told him to put the price back down to market value, and then my father said that we could either settle the price of the trees (out of court) that he cut down of ours and he agreed to settle that in the price of the house. My dad also identified the stolen wood and we could trace it back to the same unique wood in our house, we would sue him for that too or he could drop the price for stealing our materials. Lastly, because John was such an ashole, my dad used the leverage of the lien we had on his house to drop the value even more (John was bleeding money and was desperate for anything).

So in the end my parents bought his house for 28% of its market value. John’s 4th wife would end up leaving him a year later, he filed for bankruptcy, lost his land development area since he was upside down on the payments, and now lives in a cheap studio apartment alone.
revenge  vengeance  karma  law  crime 
7 days ago
William Vollmann’s Brutal Book About Climate Change - The Atlantic
William Vollmann’s Brutal Book About Climate Change - The Atlantic via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2Mf5VNP
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9 days ago
Serena Williams Penalized for Showing Rage at U.S. Open
Serena Williams And The Game That Can't Be Won (Yet) via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2wW113i
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9 days ago
How a CEO fiddled while beloved board game Glory to Rome crashed and burned | Ars Technica
How a CEO fiddled while beloved board game Glory to Rome crashed and burned – Ars Technica via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2MdDsrA
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9 days ago
Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer — The Undefeated
Ibram Kendi, one of the nation’s leading scholars of racism, says education and love are not the answer via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2fiGIb3
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10 days ago
Lectin-free diet: Benefits, risks, and foods to eat and avoid
Slow cookers are not recommended for preparing kidney beans because the temperature is not high enough to eliminate lectins. Ways to decrease lectins in foods include:

pressure cooking
lectin  nutrition 
10 days ago
Serena Williams To Umpire: 'I Don't Cheat To Win, I'd Rather Lose.' | HuffPost
Mouratoglou, for his part, said he was attempting to coach Williams but that he doubted the athlete was paying attention to him.

“If I’m honest I was coaching, [but] I don’t think she looked at me,” Mouratoglou said following the game.
10 days ago
Geography Is Destiny - The Atlantic
So Europe Between the Oceans, at once compelling and judicious, is an extraordinary book. In a work of analytical depth and imaginative sweep, Sir Barry Cunliffe, the emeritus professor of European archaeology at Oxford, has synthesized the voluminous recent record of excavations from Iceland to Turkey, the burgeoning scholarship on DNA and ancient populations, and research on topics ranging from Stone Age shipbuilding to trade in Muslim Spain and from salinity levels in the ancient Black Sea to state formation in Early Iron Age Denmark. This all serves to elucidate the “complex interaction of human groups with their environment, and with each other” in Europe from 9000 B.C. to 1000 A.D.—10,000 years of cultural, social, and material development, starting at the close of the last ice age and ending with the emergence of the European nation-states.
archaeology  cool 
10 days ago
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Why Does Everybody Want To Fuck The Bartender via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2MYJlhF
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10 days ago
How A War Hero Became A Serial Bank Robber
Pretty soon the howl of the sirens had all but vanished and Nicholas Walker floated in an eerie but familiar kind of calm — the sort of calm he had only ever felt in Iraq, right after a bomb exploded, or just before he kicked down a door and burst into a living room. In those precious few moments, the world seemed like a peaceful, almost acceptable kind of place. In that way, a bank robbery was a lot like the war: The worse things got, the easier it was somehow to cope. The tension that had been building all morning had now been released.
10 days ago
Was She J.D. Salinger’s Predator or His Prey? - The New York Times
I have also received letters and emails from women around my age, with a more familiar story to tell: of having received a letter long ago, around the age of 18 — an absolutely captivating letter, magical, even — composed in a voice they recognized as that of Holden Caulfield, though bearing an even more familiar name at the bottom of the page and containing words I could recite, I know them so well. It turns out that at least one of the recipients of these letters was carrying on her correspondence with Salinger during the very winter when I was living with him, so careful never to disturb his writing.

Somewhere in this story there may be a predator. I leave it to my readers — in possession of greater perspective, perhaps, than the readers of 20 years ago — to decide which person that was.
10 days ago
President Trump Doesn't Know How To Pronounce 'Anonymous' - Digg
President Trump Doesn't Know How To Pronounce 'Anonymous' via Instapaper https://ift.tt/2oNm1ot
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11 days ago
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