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bree_black: Master Post: If you ever get close to a human and human behavior (be ready to get confused)
Summary:In the weeks following the almost-Apocalypse, the men who fought to save humanity realize they have no idea how to be human themselves. While Dean Winchester struggles to make a place for himself in small town Indiana, his brother and his former guardian angel watch from a safe distance. Sam finds himself literally and painfully caught between his old life and Hell, while Castiel – fully human for the first time – copes with freedom, frailty and an intense new set of emotions. Reluctant to reveal their weaknesses to Dean, they hover around the edges of his new life. That is, until they sense that something darker and more sinister is watching Dean as well.

associated fanart here: http://vixengeraldine.livejournal.com/2245.html
OC  reunion  Ben  Braeden  Lisa  Braeden  Sam  Winchester  Adam  Milligan  Meg  Masters  first  time  Dean/human!Castiel  nsfw  slash  artist  vixengeraldine  lj  multi-chapter  author  bree_black  spn  fanfic  fanart 
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