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Darkest Before Dawn - Chapter 1 - f0rcryin0utl0ud - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It took a month before Arthur could bring himself to wind his way down the stairs that led to the dungeons.
Part 16 of the Merlin Tags, Missing Scenes and Alternate Universes series
OCs  Uther  Pendragon  h/c  morgause  Percival  Gwen/Lancelot  Arthur/Gwen  het  Morgana  Agravaine  bbc  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  f0rcryin0utl0ud  slash  multi-chapter  WIP  non-linear  Arthur/Merlin  Gaius  Gwaine  pre-ship 
december 2013 by cptnsuz
Sioraiocht - Chapter 1 - Consort_of_Cosmos - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
She loved him, and only him. Destiny declared them enemies, free will declared them soul mates. If the King she served desired her, well, that was no problem of hers. She who raises Albion shall love he that destroys it, fate pushes them apart, but no fate nor eternity may stand between the great Emrys and her druid love. Fem!Merlin Merdred, one-sided Merthur
Part 1 of the Bride of the End series
Uther  Pendragon  Morgana  Arthur  Pendragon  bbc  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  Consort_of_Cosmos  het  alt.reality  WIP  multi-chapter  Balinor/Hunith  fem!Merlin/Mordred  timeskips  Cerdan 
august 2013 by cptnsuz
Secrets - katsgoldenmagic - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Secrets long held begin to unravel as Merlin and Arthur face a number of challenges in their life together. Can they and the Kingdom endure the revelation of secrets, surprises, and loss?
Story 2 in the "Different Path" series.
Guinevere  Hunith  angst  miscarriage  mpreg  Kilgharrah  flashback  Nimueh  Agravaine  Morgana  Uther  Pendragon  action  whump  Percival  Leon  Gwaine  OCs  baby  Gaius  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  katsgoldenmagic  slash  nsfw  arthur/merlin  bbc  merlin  needs_proofreading 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
It Could Be Worse - katsgoldenmagic - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Just when it couldn't get worse the fates find a way to make it just so. Someone is determined to make the Pendragon's pay for their crimes against magic, even at the expense of others. what is intended takes a different path that leads to something unexpected. This is set after S4E2 and deviates from canon.
Part 1 of the Different Path series
baby  childbirth  Hunith  whump  Uther  Pendragon  Agravaine  Morgana  Arthur/Gwen  het  h/c  nsfw  mpreg  Elyan  Leon  Percival  Gwaine  non-con  Gaius  OCs  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  katsgoldenmagic  slash  arthur/merlin  bbc  merlin  needs_proofreading 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Time to Face the World - elirwen - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Arthur," Merlin whispers, holding Arthur's hand tight.
"It'll be fine. I know father will be furious, but I'm going to make him see sense," Arthur says, trying to sound reassuring.
Part 2 of the Edge of the Unknown series

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merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  elirwen  slash  nsfw  mpreg  arthur/merlin  gaius  uther  pendragon 
february 2013 by cptnsuz

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