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How long we were fooled - Chapter 1 - Ark - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki is not a good man, he knows; there is something rotten in the core of him; and even a much better man might let Thor kiss him, since Thor still tastes of sizzling lightning, like gathering rain, like a desire so fierce and so awful to him that when released it could bring Asgard to its knees.
fanfic  ao3  author:Ark  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  timeskips  angst  Heimdall  Frigga  multi-chapter  first_time  anons/Loki  pseudo-incest  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Sun and Moon - Chapter 1 - Lady_Faulkner - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Under the Asgardian Sky series

As the sun gives light to the moon, Thor has always been a bright spot in Loki's life. But will Loki's growing desire for his brother burn him?
fanfic  ao3  author:Lady_Faulkner  slash  angst  timeskips  nsfw  first_time  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  multi-chapter  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Cast Down Your Spears - Anonymous - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A disastrous excursion to Jotunheim leaves Thor and Loki with wounds that don't show and a secret best kept hidden.
fanfic  ao3  author:Anonymous  slash  nsfw  non-con  Loki/OCs  Thor/OC  mpreg  timeskips  baby  kid  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
To Change His Fate
Loki is destined to bring about the destruction of the realms by helping Thanos gain the Infinity Gauntlet. He is given the chance to change his fate and possibly that of the entire universe, but he cannot do it alone.
fanfic  ao3  author  Annerp  slash  WIP  timeskips  Loki/Steve  Frigga  multi-chapter  pre-ship  Clint  Barton  Tony  Stark  MCU 
june 2017 by cptnsuz
The Darker Heart
After the quincy war, Byakuya finds himself at odds with Central 46 over the decision not to shorten or commute Aizen's sentence, considering his actions in the war. He begins to visit the traitor, and when odd symptoms start to plague him, he wonders if it is a result of the recent war...or if Aizen is doing something to harm him...yaoi, mpreg...Aizen/Byakuya, Ichigo/Renji
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  yaoi  timeskips  WIP  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Unohana  Retsu  Kuchiki  Ginrei  Aizen  Sousuke  Kuchiki  Soujun  character  death  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  yaoi  timeskips  WIP  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Unohana  Retsu  Kuchiki  Ginrei  Aizen  Sousuke  Kuchiki  Soujun  character  death  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne 
may 2017 by cptnsuz
All's Fair (In Love And War) - st_jimmy_987 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Newt, Percival, and Credence have been promised to each other from infancy. Only, Percival is the only one who wants to be married.
WIP  multi-chapter  Credence/Newt/Percival  ao3  author  st_jimmy_987  fanfic  fantastic  beasts  slash  threesome  timeskips  unrequited  miscommunication  Tina  Goldstein  angst 
december 2016 by cptnsuz
%C3%A7a fait mal %C3%A0 souffrir - transmarcos - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
%E2%80%9Ci hate you,%E2%80%9D the shorter male almost screamed. the blond dips his head. his cerulean eyes close. he hates how calm he is.

%E2%80%9Ci'm sorry,%E2%80%9D is all erwin replies. levi hisses through his gritted teeth.
snk  fanfic  ao3  author  transmarcos  yaoi  timeskips  Erwin/Levi  nsfw  first  time  h/c  character  deaths 
may 2015 by cptnsuz
I Belong to You and You Belong to the Sun - RatFlavored - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
Squeeze until that pink flush to his face turned deep red and the blood rushing through his veins would ebb to a stop.
snk  fanfic  ao3  author  RatFlavored  yaoi  Erwin/Levi  pre-ship  timeskips  introspection  drabble 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
Citizen Soldier -Chapter 11: Guiding Light - Camlann - Marvel (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Phil secretly visits Steve in the hospital after the events of Captain America 2. Thinking he's dead, Steve thinks he's watching over him to wake him up from injuries. That is until later, when they meet after a battle and everyone can see him, not just Steve.
fanfic  ao3  author  Camlann  slash  pre-ship  angst  reunion  Phil/Steve  Natasha  Romanoff  timeskips  MCU 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
the wanting comes in waves - Chapter 1 - driftwoodq - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Because now, Eggsy knows there's never going to be anyone else, not after this, and every breath he takes is one breath closer to Harry Hart never being there again and the words on the small of his back turning red, forever, just like his Mum's had, when he was only five.
kingsman  fanfic  ao3  author  driftwoodq  slash  nsfw  Eggsy/Harry  angst  h/c  timeskips  multi-chapter 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
The Gentleman's Guide to Heat - azrielen - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Eggsy isn't surprised by the fact that the Kingsman appear to be nearly all alphas.

Eggsy is an omega, then he's a Kingsman, and no two heats are alike.
kingsman  fanfic  ao3  author  azrielen  slash  nsfw  Eggsy/Harry  a/o-heat-knotting  timeskips 
march 2015 by cptnsuz
a full measure of loyalty - Anonymous - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
%E2%80%9CI hope I may in safety promise to give no less than a full measure of loyalty to any man who gives me his,%E2%80%9D Laurence says, all earnest blue eyes and proffered hand.
temeraire  novels  fanfic  ao3  slash  Granby/Tharkay  Laurence/Tharkay  unrequited  timeskips  introspection  author:Anonymous 
december 2014 by cptnsuz
if you strip away the barest bones only love remains - JadeLupine - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
"Erwin's throat felt dry and he felt dirty, violating privacy - but his eyes remained drawn to the thin, wiry muscles in Levi's back - he wants to tether them to himself like they were anchors wrapped in skin. - "

Erwin and Levi make love countless times in their relationship, but these are the most immense.
snk  fanfic  ao3  author  JadeLupine  yaoi  nsfw  solo  Erwin/Levi  timeskips 
december 2014 by cptnsuz
Together - Chapter 1 - One2ManyTimes - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Balinor saved Ygraine, but for his own personal reasons. He is punished for upsetting the balance. Unfortunetly, Merlin is the one to take this punishment. He is trapped inside himself, being mentally challenged, but with all the powers of Emrys. Athur and Merlin's destinies will be altered forever.
bbc  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  One2ManyTimes  alt.reality  het  Balinor/Hunith  Uther/Ygraine  Nimueh  WIP  multi-chapter  kid!Arthur  Pendragon  kid!Merlin  timeskips  kid!Morgana 
june 2014 by cptnsuz
♥♥♥, a very good year (x) (happy birthday, Sam...
A bigger boy pushes him during a game of kickball at recess. He isn’t watching for it and he’s caught off guard, falling before he can catch himself. He throws out his hands to break his fall and they skid on the concrete. His knee strikes the pavement and he can feel the skin tear. The boy laughs, an ugly, horrible noise.
spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  whiskyandoldspice  slash  incest  timeskips  birthday  nsfw  drabble  Dean/Sam  character  death 
may 2014 by cptnsuz
Necesitas caret lege - snkkink | Kink Meme || Shingeki No Kyojin / Attack On Titan - Part 4
He's ten years old, his bright blue eyes watch with a clinical stance as a man, older than his father and mother, touches his own clothes just because he's in the room.
snk  fanfic  drmwth  yaoi  het  pedophilia  dark  WIP  timeskips  Erwin/OCs  multi-chapter  author:Anonymous  needs_proofreading 
january 2014 by cptnsuz
NaNoWriMo 2013 - Poison and Wine
Summary: Flora Deradi has never been alone inside her own head, but after 20 years she has reached an accord with the ghost of a dead nobleman that haunts her. That is until visitation becomes possession on the eve of her wedding.

Old love and hatred plagues the next generation in this alternate Ancient Rome. Even with Empress Julia leading the former Roman Republic, a woman of Flora Deradi’s status is beyond fortunate to be married for her dowry to the heir of one of the oldest Patrician families. Expecting a life where influence is at best wielded from the shadows of one’s husband, Flora is swept into the darkest aspects of Rome’s political scheming and warfare when a blood curse is rekindled.
timeskips  suicide  Gaius  Marius  OCs  original  fic  tumblr  author  avelera  WIP  multi-chapter 
january 2014 by cptnsuz
Second Chances
They meet under perhaps the least romantic circumstances in a bar. Sam’s drunk - hammered, really - when he bumps into someone much shorter and spills his whiskey all over the man’s front. Immediately he bends and his hands fumble against the wet cloth of the man’s shirt, as if he can soak the whiskey back up in the press of his fingertips, mumbling apology after apology until the man grabs his wrists and tells him to stop. It’s only then that Sam takes the time to look at him properly: brown hair, probably late twenties, eyes that could be hazel but are molten gold under the warm bar lights. He doesn’t seem all that angry about Sam spilling alcohol on him, but then again the smirk he’s wearing probably means he’s enjoying watching Sam make an inebriated ass of himself.
spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  quercusrubra  slash  timeskips  character  death  Gabriel/Sam  Castiel/Dean  alcohol 
december 2013 by cptnsuz
Failed Fixing with Broken Tools - Nyaow - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam's soul is made of jagged pieces with sharp sides that cut anyone who comes too close. He should have known this was doomed from the start.
Or maybe he did, and was just selfish enough to let it happen anyway.
spn  fanfic  ao3  author  Nyaow  slash  Castiel/Sam  Dean  Winchester  angst  timeskips 
november 2013 by cptnsuz
How We Came To This - Cherry - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
Moments from Levi and Erwin's relationship over the years. Twenty one-sentence mini fics based on a prompt list of one hundred words at
snk  fanfic  ao3  author  Cherry  yaoi  Erwin/Levi  introspection  timeskips 
october 2013 by cptnsuz
Legacy [1/1]
Erwin had often found, that whenever he brought up the the subject of Armin, people reacted in much the same way.
They froze, they gaped, and they stared at him in shock.
"You have a son?"
snk  fanfic  drmwth  gen  timeskips  Erwin  Smith  Armin  Arlelt  Levi  kid!Eren  Jaeger  author:Anonymous 
october 2013 by cptnsuz
What more is there for men like us - sunmachine - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
It wasn't very late as such yet, but bordering on it. They'd both have to get up like normal and be ready for patrols the next morning. But still, here Granby was, sitting in Captain Little's room, with Little, playing cards and drinking rum.
temeraire  novels  fanfic  ao3  author  sunmachine  slash  Granby/Little  introspection  timeskips 
august 2013 by cptnsuz
Sioraiocht - Chapter 1 - Consort_of_Cosmos - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
She loved him, and only him. Destiny declared them enemies, free will declared them soul mates. If the King she served desired her, well, that was no problem of hers. She who raises Albion shall love he that destroys it, fate pushes them apart, but no fate nor eternity may stand between the great Emrys and her druid love. Fem!Merlin Merdred, one-sided Merthur
Part 1 of the Bride of the End series
Uther  Pendragon  Morgana  Arthur  Pendragon  bbc  merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  Consort_of_Cosmos  het  alt.reality  WIP  multi-chapter  Balinor/Hunith  fem!Merlin/Mordred  timeskips  Cerdan 
august 2013 by cptnsuz
As Incidental As Blood - Moorishflower - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There have been a series of events that have led to this point in Sam's life: death, betrayal, lies. So many lies. But it doesn't matter, because he has Dean. Warning: Brief, non-explicit mention of underage sexuality.
spn  fanfic  ao3  author  Moorishflower  slash  nsfw  incest  timeskips  Dean/Sam  John  Winchester  Jessica/Sam  het  introspection 
june 2013 by cptnsuz
The Disreputable Fangirl
It begins in Eden, as their father’s favorite creations step over the threshold from lush green to cracked desert. The female looks back, hair sticking to the tear-tracks on her face. The male’s jaw is set, his hand clamped tight around his wife’s arm as he walks away.
Castiel’s face is a mixture of the two: somewhere between sorrow and anger. “It doesn’t seem right,” he says.
That’s Naomi’s first inkling that this one will be trouble.
spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  wallmakerrelict  gen  timeskips  Naomi  Castiel 
may 2013 by cptnsuz
Little Wings of Joy - Chapter 1 - Last_Winter_Rose - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In the middle of the 'Heaven Civil War' Gabriel starts acting weird and goes missing for a while without a word to Sam. When he finally shows back up it's in the arms of Castiel, barely able to stand on his own two feet.

Part 1 of the Little Wings series
timeskips  babies  childbirth  Bobby  Singer  eggs  twins  Balthazar  spn  fanfic  ao3  author  Last_Winter_Rose  slash  nsfw  Gabriel/Sam  mpreg  multi-chapter  Castiel/Dean  needs_proofreading 
may 2013 by cptnsuz
Waiting for Dark - mrhiddles - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Would you be terribly upset. If I died,” Loki asked him that night, the words passing as a shadow on the knuckles he cradled against his lips.
fanfic  ao3  author  mrhiddles  slash  Loki/Thor  angst  timeskips  MCU 
april 2013 by cptnsuz
Sam is thirteen when he reads Wuthering Heights for the first time for his English class.
He doesn’t understand it.
spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  nyxocity  slash  incest  timeskips  Dean/Sam  drabble  literary  references  teen!Sam  Winchester 
april 2013 by cptnsuz
The Body Exhibit - Moorishflower - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Gabriel has taken too many vessels to count - he is made of bodies, but none of them are his own.
spn  fanfic  ao3  author  Moorishflower  gen  character  study  timeskips  Gabriel  Castiel  Michael  Raphael  Lucifer  wings 
march 2013 by cptnsuz
Duck Life, merlinisahuntingdetective: avengels: ...
Your folks moved you to America to get away from the monsters, but they didn’t know. Of course they didn’t know, of course they couldn’t know, that there’s monsters in every corner of God’s green earth and your dad’s friend the Doctor only likes to focus on the ones in Britain. No one told them about dark things in dark places, about witches and demons and devils worse than the Cybermen.
crossover  doctor  who/spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  theangelgabrieldidmyhair  gen  character  death  Alfie  timeskips  2nd_person_POV 
march 2013 by cptnsuz
Nebula's Journal - Sleeping Arrangements of Priority, RaBB!verse, 1/1, Wee!Chesters, PG-13
Summary: For blue_icy_rose, who asked if I could explain why Dean always takes the bed nearest the door. Three examples through the years, with Dean at 9, 12, and 17, and Sam at 5, 7-almost-8, and 13.
Series: Raising a Big Brother!Verse
spn  fanfic  lj  author  authoressnebula/Nebula  gen  h/c  kid!Sam  Winchester  kid!Dean  Winchester  timeskips  werewolf  teen!Sam  Winchester  teen!Dean  Winchester 
march 2013 by cptnsuz
It always had to be you
Dean’s fifteen when he realizes something is wrong in him.
spn  fanfic  tumblr  author  shinyblackchevy  slash  incest  pining  introspection  dean/Sam  timeskips 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Won't Leave You Falling - elirwen - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur rode as quickly as he dared with Merlin seated in front of him. His hand often strayed to Merlin’s belly where only few weeks ago a new life had been blooming. A small part of him still hoped that he wasn’t too late to save both Merlin and their child, even when the rest of him was already mourning the loss.
merlin  fanfic  ao3  author  elirwen  slash  mpreg  h/c  whump  arthur/merlin  gaius  timeskips  lj 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Angels Are Bright Still, Though The Brightest Fell. - Two And A Half Men
Summary: Dean gets turned into a woman by witches and then discovers all the joys of being one.
spn  fanfic  lj  author  HigherMagic  het  Castiel/fem!Dean  preg  Sam  Winchester  timeskips 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Less-Than Gods - Moorishflower - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It is fitting that first Gabriel is more, and then he is less, and then he will be more again. All it takes is time. Coda to episode 5.19.
spn  fanfic  ao3  author  Moorishflower  gen  dreams  Castiel  Gabriel  reincarnation  Dean  Winchester  Sam  Winchester  timeskips 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Veritas, Veritas - Moorishflower - The X-Files, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The F.B.I. guy roams across the country, searching for the truth, but Dean Winchester is the only one who knows the truth about him.
crossover  spn/x-file  fanfic  ao3  author  Moorishflower  gen  timeskips  Sam  Winchester  Dean  Winchester  John  Winchester  character  death  Dana  Scully  Fox  Mulder 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
deancastiel: [FIC] The Unlocking and the Lift Away (Your Love Will Be Safe With Me) (for linda92595)
Summary: He came from nowhere and he went everywhere and no one could ever find him. But he was a man of his word.
smoking  spn  fanfic  lj  author  devilyouwere  slash  AU  dark  angel!Dean/human!Castiel  angel!Sam  Winchester  Anna  Milton  Bobby  Singer  OCs  dark  timeskips 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Angelic and Demonic Children Can Be A Real Pain - kirallie - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
AU, threesome. Last in the series. The children are growing up. Poor boys.
Part 3 of the Hunters and Angels series
Castiel/Dean/Sam  incest  spn  fanfic  ao3  author  kirallie  slash  threesome  timeskips  OCs  kids  Bobby  Singer  twins  babies 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Belonging - AnotherWriterWhoWrites - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Powerless and banished to America at the time of WWII Loki finds herself falling in love with Steve Rogers as well as living almost a century on earth, from the beginnings of SHIELD to partnering with the Black Widow and Hawkeye to the invasion of the Chitauri as well as the sudden reappearance of her brother Thor. Slowly Loki finds herself being more at home on earth than Asgard ever was. And when faced with the choice of returning to Asgard what does she choose. Does she choose the home she knew since she was an infant? Or does she choose the home that she has adopted and sworn to protect? Lady LokixSteve, future One-sided HowardxLady Loki, future ClintxNatasha
angst  epistolary  character  death  Howard  Stark  flashback  alt.reality  author  AnotherWriterWhoWrites  Peggy  Carter  WIP  het  fem!Loki/Steve  ao3  introspection  fanfic  Chester  Phillips  Abraham  Erskine  unrequited  fem!Loki/Howard  timeskips  Nick  Fury  Phil  Coulson  Clint/Natasha  self-harm  reunion  Nanna  Bruce  Banner  Maria  Hill  author  entanglednow  needs_proofreading  MCU 
november 2012 by cptnsuz
The Bald and the Beautiful, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Looking for new opponents around Rukongai, Ikkaku finds something much more interesting. Though he had never imagined it, the most beautiful creature isn't a woman. My take on how they met, colored in deep yaoi...
Houzukimaru  izuru/shuuhei  Abarai  Renji  Zaraki  Kenpachi  kusajishi  yachiru  bdsm  Ruri-iro  Kujaku  multi-chapter  WIP  first  time  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  Ethelwyn  yaoi  nsfw  Ikkaku/Yumichika  timeskips  Matsumoto  Rangiku 
december 2011 by cptnsuz

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