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Five Times Steve Copes Surprisingly Well, Considering (And One Time He Just... Can't) - Chapter 1 - Spitshine - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Every once in a while, when Steve/the Commandos/the Avengers are captured, some bad guy takes it into his head that it would be oh-so-creative to defile a pure, wholesome national icon like Captain America. A few of them even succeed at raping or molesting him before inevitably getting their asses kicked. And every single one thinks he's the first to get this bright idea, because not only is Steve close-lipped about the ways he's been hurt, enduring sexual torture doesn't actually make him come off any less pure or wholesome. Bonus: Steve copes unnervingly well, shrugging the repeated assaults off as a particularly gross kind of beating... until he gets into a relationship and his first attempt at consensual sex kind of breaks him, because he was so used to sex-as-violence and so unprepared for gentle, loving touch. (Make it a 5+1 and YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, MY EMPIRE OF DIRT--)
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