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His Pride - Chapter 1 - AyameKage - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Ichigo Kurosaki is in trouble, grave trouble, unless Byakuya can get to him first. When a new threat invades Ichigo's world, Byakuya steps up to the task of protecting him. The captain of the Sixth takes on this task for personal reasons pertaining to his pride... He's in love with Ichigo.
bleach  fanfic  ao3  author  AyameKage  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Ichigo  introspection  Senbonzakura  Renji/Rukia  het  Kon  OC  Kusajishi  Yachiru  alcohol  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Kurosaki  Karin  Kurosaki  Isshin  solo  nsfw  Ishida  Uryuu  first  time  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  Kurotsuchi  Mayuri  Kyouraku  Shunsui 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
Moonfall Chapter 1: Hero's Welcome, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
As Ichigo suffers the loss of his powers, Byakuya goes to great lengths to watch over him. In the midst of the worst, the two begin to fall in love. Knowing that Ichigo won't be able to see him anymore, Byakuya keeps a stunning secret that he is only forced to reveal when the tables are turned and he is the one about to lose everything...Bya/Ichigo/Bya...mpreg
wedding  Renji/OC  OCs  dub-con  mpreg  Tsukabishi  Tessai  first  time  Urahara  Kisuke  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Kurosaki  Karin  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  yaoi  nsfw  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Ichigo  Kuchiki  Rukia  Inoue  Orihime  Ishida  Uryuu  h/c  angst  childbirth  Ginjou/Ichigo  one-sided  Kirinji  Tenjirou  Hyousube  Ichibei  Kuchiki  Ginrei  Yhwach/OC  non-con  Hichigo  Senbonzakura  baby  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne 
january 2014 by cptnsuz
2metaldog: Bleach Ficlet: Dare To Live Master Page
Ichigo/Ishida, Zangetsu/Ichigo/Shirosaki (in various combos), Renji/Nova, Urahara/Isshin/Ryuuken (in various combos), Ukitake/Byakuya, Hisagi/Ishida, Ratings vary from PG-13 to NC-17
WIP  first  time  Inoue  Orihime  Kurosaki  Yuzu  pwp  alcohol  angst  h/c  bdsm  Byakuya/Jyuushirou  Kurosaki  Karin  Hisagi  Shuuhei  voyeur  Hichigo/Ichigo/Zangetsu  Nova/Renji  Isshin/Kisuke/Ryuuken  threesome  Isshin/Kisuke  solo  Hichigo/Zangetsu  person  POV  Ichigo/Uryuu  bleach  fanfic  lj  author  2metaldog/iron  dog  Ichigo/Zangetsu  Hichigo/Ichigo  multi-chapter  nsfw  yaoi  1st_person_POV 
december 2012 by cptnsuz
Unspeakable, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
Eighteen months after the fall of Aizen Sosuke, Ichigo struggles to get used to his new, "normal" life. But it isn't easy to forget, not when you've gone through so much. on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1481020
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  ao3  author  honeyMellon  yaoi  WIP  Ichigo/Kisuke  Kurosaki  Karin  Kurosaki  Yuzu 
july 2012 by cptnsuz
Longings, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
After killing Ginjou Kugo, Ichigo is haunted by a the spirit of Sousuke Aizen's zanpakutou. But is Kyouka Suigetsu throwing lies at him, or is it possible that he could be telling a truth that no one wants to hear?
Urahara  Kisuke  flashbacks  first  time  Abarai  Renji  Kuchiki  Byakuya  mpreg  nsfw  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Kurosaki  Karin  Kon  OCs  Renji/OC  multi-chapter  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  yaoi  WIP  Ichigo/Sousuke  Kyouka  Suigetsu  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne 
june 2012 by cptnsuz
Musings of a Stellar Alchemist - Fathers in White and Black NC18 Bleach Bigbanfic
Summary: Two people who meet in college can hardly foretell where their futures would take them. Two decades later, two friends carry on a secret relationship that will soon become known to their families, but how do their sons relate to this?
bleach  fanfic  fanart  author  starbearertm  artist  2nds2disaster  LJ  multi-chapter  yaoi  nsfw  Isshin/Ryuuken  het  Orihime/Uryuu  Ichigo/Rukia  Kurosaki  Karin  Kurosaki  Yuzu 
november 2011 by cptnsuz
Claire - Bleach Fanfic - Aizen Is King (Part 1/2)
Summary: As Ukitake comes round to find a scene of massacare it is clear right away that they have lost. But just what is Soul Society like now that Aizen has won, who has been healing the injuries of those few still alive, can Byakuya help a severely wounded Renji, and just where is Kurosaki Ichigo? Ukitake knows they cannot rest until the devastation has been sorted out but with nearly everyone missing, injured, or dead that is not going to be as easy as it seems...
bleach  fanfic  fanart  LJ  author  cmc42/nerdowl  artist  scatter  muse  dark  character  death  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Renji  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Isshin/Ryuuken  Ichigo/Uryuu  Yamada  Hanatarou  Kuchiki  Ginrei  Ayasegawa  Yumichika  Kusajishi  Yachiru  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Ichimaru  Gin  Ise  Nanao 
november 2011 by cptnsuz
Even the Exiled Need Love - April Fool's Day Contest Entry: Babysitting
"You want me to WHAT?" Kisuke shouted at Isshin, who was cheerfully sipping tea at his table.

"Baby sit. You know. Go watch the kids for just one night.
bleach  fanfic  lj  author  liralen/liralen  li/liralenli  gen  Urahara  Kisuke  Kurosaki  Isshin  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Kurosaki  Karin  Kurosaki  Ichigo 
october 2011 by cptnsuz

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1st_person_POV  2metaldog/iron  2nds2disaster  Abarai  alcohol  angst  ao3  artist  author  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  AyameKage  Ayasegawa  baby  bdsm  bleach  Byakuya  Byakuya/Ichigo  Byakuya/Jyuushirou  Byakuya/Renji  character  childbirth  cmc42/nerdowl  dark  death  dog  dub-con  fanart  fanfic  ff.net  first  flashbacks  gen  Gin  Ginjou/Ichigo  Ginrei  h/c  Hanatarou  het  Hichigo  Hichigo/Ichigo  Hichigo/Ichigo/Zangetsu  Hichigo/Zangetsu  Hisagi  honeyMellon  Hyousube  Ichibei  Ichigo  Ichigo/Kisuke  Ichigo/Rukia  Ichigo/Sousuke  Ichigo/Uryuu  Ichigo/Zangetsu  Ichimaru  Inoue  introspection  Ise  Ishida  Isshin  Isshin/Kisuke  Isshin/Kisuke/Ryuuken  Isshin/Ryuuken  Jyuushirou  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Karin  Kirinji  Kisuke  Kon  Kuchiki  Kurosaki  Kurotsuchi  Kusajishi  Kyouka  Kyouraku  li/liralenli  liralen/liralen  lj  Mayuri  mpreg  multi-chapter  muse  Nanao  non-con  Nova/Renji  nsfw  OC  OCs  one-sided  Orihime  Orihime/Uryuu  person  POV  pwp  Renji  Renji/OC  Renji/Rukia  Rukia  scatter  Senbonzakura  Shunsui  Shuuhei  solo  starbearertm  Suigetsu  Tenjirou  Tessai  threesome  time  Tsukabishi  Ukitake  Urahara  Uryuu  voyeur  wedding  WIP  Yachiru  Yamada  yaoi  Yhwach/OC  Yumichika  Yuzu 

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