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A Cool Blue Tingle - Anonymous - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve tagged along on Loki's mission to keep an eye on him. He ends up with more on Loki than anticipated.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:anonymous  slash  nsfw  pwp  drabble  Loki/Steve  dub-con 
12 weeks ago by cptnsuz
The hardest hue to hold - Chapter 1 - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It turns out that channeling enormous lightning bolts, while an asset in a fight (not to mention spectacularly breathtaking), is not so conducive to life on a spaceship. Thor comes to Loki for help in learning finer control. It doesn't go how either of them expects it will.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:ravenbringslight  slash  nsfw  multi-chapter  Loki/Thor 
july 2019 by cptnsuz
side to side - thorvaenn - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After being cast out of Asgard by Hela, Thor is captured by the Grandmaster. Turns out, so is Loki.

Only, being cut off from his magic has serious consequences.

“It's the damned collar.” He tugged at it as he spoke and Thor let himself look at him. Loki's face was ashen and there was sweat glistening on his brow. Thor was not surprised to see him unwell; his fidgeting and irregular breathing was what had made Thor finally speak.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:thorduna  slash  nsfw  dub-con  intersex!Loki/Thor 
july 2019 by cptnsuz
Revisiting Simpler Times - 850 words - Thorki ... - I'm here.
Thorki Inspired by this gorgeous piece by the incomparable @andlatitude. Please go give her some love ♥ ♥ ♥ ___________________ Thor was sore. That was to be...
MCU  fanfic  tumblr  author:slamncram  slash  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  reunion 
may 2019 by cptnsuz
Point of Divergence - Chapter 1 - 50artists - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
The year is 2012.

Loki escapes with the tesseract.

Steve wakes up with a headache and the knowledge that his best friend is alive.

(AKA: Exploring that one Endgame timeline. You know the one.)
mcu  fanfic  ao3  author:50artists  slash  WIP  steve_rogers  Loki 
may 2019 by cptnsuz
There is Nothing, Then Maybe There is - luckybear - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the Dawn of Gold series

Loki is different, Steve notices. He doesn’t think it’s a good thing.

Or, Loki is struggling.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:luckybear  slash  pre-ship  h/c  Loki/Steve 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Allow Me Peace, I Beg - luckybear - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Dawn of Gold series

After everything has happened, after the snap, after thousands upon thousands of people become nothing but dust, Steve Rogers has an unexpected visitor.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:luckybear  slash  pre-ship  h/c  angst  Loki/Steve 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Learn If You Want To - Catchclaw - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 154 of the Mental Mimosa series

Loki has a problem. Luckily (?) his brother's boyfriend is there to help.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:Catchclaw  slash  AU  a/o-heat-knotting  Loki/Steve  Steve/Thor 
september 2018 by cptnsuz
Headache - anthora09 - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki overextends his abilities protecting Steve. Lucky for him, Steve is there to catch him when he falls.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:anthora09  slash  drabble  Loki/Steve  h/c 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
I Want You To Want Me - Lywinis - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Capsicoul series

Five times Steve tries to seduce Phil and one time he actually does.
fanfic  ao3  author:lywinis  slash  5_times  Phil/Steve  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
We're Okay - CelestialSpace - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
This is an alternate ending for Thor: Ragnarok where Thor and Loki finally get a moment alone together
fanfic  ao3  author:animekristen  slash  nsfw  missing_scene  pwp  OOC  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Mercy - Aurora_Nerin - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Safe in my arms series

‘’You’re really gonna make me do it?’’ Growls Thor and Loki’s hands start shaking just a bit. The Trickster is cursing his luck: why now? Just.. just another couple of weeks and it’d be over. They would be safe and now…

‘’Do what?’’ He croaks barely, his voice betraying him.

In which Loki is pregnant when posing as Odin in Ragnarok and he fears what Thor will do if he finds out, but whatever fears Loki had, it certainly was not... THIS...
fanfic  ao3  author:Aurora_Nerin/siunove_laufeyson  slash  nsfw  mpreg  dub-con  intersex!Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Regret - Aurora_Nerin - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the Safe in my arms series

Sequel to ''Mercy.'' Loki is alone on Midgard, pregnant with Thor's child, while Thor has to face Ragnarok without his most trusted companion by his side.
fanfic  ao3  author:Aurora_Nerin/siunove_laufeyson  slash  mpreg  childbirth  self-harm  intersex!Loki/Thor  angst  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
How long we were fooled - Chapter 1 - Ark - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki is not a good man, he knows; there is something rotten in the core of him; and even a much better man might let Thor kiss him, since Thor still tastes of sizzling lightning, like gathering rain, like a desire so fierce and so awful to him that when released it could bring Asgard to its knees.
fanfic  ao3  author:Ark  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  timeskips  angst  Heimdall  Frigga  multi-chapter  first_time  anons/Loki  pseudo-incest  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Such things must be known - Ark - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Thor does not hesitate. Thor never hesitates. Two forward steps and he has Loki wrapped in his arms, another step and Thor is crushing him against the wall. The crystal falls from Loki’s grip as he reaches with both hands to find purchase in Thor’s hair.

Ah, how he’ll miss those flowing locks, so finely made for gripping. But Loki has always enjoyed a challenge, and he finds there’s still enough of Thor’s hair left to pull. He pulls.
fanfic  ao3  author:Ark  slash  nsfw  missing_scene  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Hungrier for Hard Use - Eralk Fang (EralkFang) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
A sated goddess in her arms and a god stunned into silence—it’s been millennia since Valkyrie bedded another Asgardian, but she hasn't lost her touch.
fanfic  ao3  author:Eralk_Fang/EralkFang  femslash  Brunnhilde/fem!Loki  pwp  nsfw  voyeur  Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
In Your Dreams - hjbender - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the In Side Out series

This whole story is best summarized by the following two lines:

“Loki, you don’t have to do this if you don’t wa—”
“Shut up, Thor, this is turning me on like you would not believe.”
fanfic  ao3  author:hjbender  het  intersex!Loki/Thor  nsfw  pwp  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Sometimes The Old Ways Are Best - Catchclaw - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki found himself standing outside his brother’s quarters, wrapped in his nightclothes and worrying about the god on the other side of the door.
fanfic  ao3  author:Catchclaw  slash  h/c  nsfw  Loki/Thor  flashback  first_time  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
something good can work - sugarbabyloki (leatherstar) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A pre-coronation and a post-coronation scene. Or: the journey of Loki and Thor in two moments of intimacy.
fanfic  ao3  author:leatherstar/sugarbabyloki  slash  timeskip  nsfw  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Bittersweet Reminder - Thorki_And_Other_Obsessions - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Thor questions his place in Loki's life. Loki is happy to provide him with a bittersweet reminder. Set during Thor Ragnarok.
fanfic  ao3  author:Thorki_And_Other_Obsessions  slash  angst  Loki/Thor  Grandmaster/Loki  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - menel - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki wants to have sex, but Thor inexplicably wants to talk. They’re both good at getting what they want. Eventually.
fanfic  ao3  author:menel  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  flashbacks  first_time  fem!Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
what you want, not what you need - Lise - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki's been holding out pretty well on Sakaar. The Grandmaster is getting a little tired of it.

Loki loses a bet, and it's time to pay up.
fanfic  ao3  author:Lise  slash  nsfw  dub-con  Grandmaster/Loki  bdsm  alcohol  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Failure - astolat - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 16 of the Thor works series

Loki was speaking to him. "And I promise you, brother, you will beg me for mercy at last, before this day is out," he was saying, but the words scarce conveyed meaning.
fanfic  ao3  author:astolat  slash  nsfw  bdsm  Loki/Thor  pwp  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Sun and Moon - Chapter 1 - Lady_Faulkner - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Under the Asgardian Sky series

As the sun gives light to the moon, Thor has always been a bright spot in Loki's life. But will Loki's growing desire for his brother burn him?
fanfic  ao3  author:Lady_Faulkner  slash  angst  timeskips  nsfw  first_time  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  multi-chapter  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Blood Moon - Chapter 1 - Lady_Faulkner - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the Under the Asgardian Sky series

Blood is thicker than water, and many secrets lie in Loki's.
fanfic  ao3  author:Lady_Faulkner  slash  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
performance & cocktails - ragnasok - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Grandmaster finds another use for Thor and Loki, and there's no fighting their way out of this one.
fanfic  ao3  author:ragnasok  slash  nsfw  non-con  Loki/Thor  Grandmaster  voyeur  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
(in a special way) we share the same glow - Edgebug - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki blinks a few times. This day is just getting odder and odder. “You’re giving me a suite."

“Well, yeah, you’re my guest, what, am I gonna make a guest sleep in a closet or something? I’m a dictator, not an animal,“ the Grandmaster scoffs. “First you think I’m going to kill you, then you think I’m going to defile you, and now you think I’m going to, what, put you in the basement and, and feed you scraps? Is your opinion of everyone this low or are you just—or do I just throw off some kind of—some kind of—"

“Grandmaster,” Loki says, interrupting him from his tangent. “With a history like mine, one learns to be... cautious.”
fanfic  ao3  author:Edgebug  slash  nsfw  slow-burn  Grandmaster/Loki  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Drink With Me - MyIvy - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
After the events of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and Loki get comfortable with one another again. Just a mild, short little thing.
fanfic  ao3  author:MyIvy  slash  flashbacks  Loki/Thor  nsfw  alcohol  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
New Rules - Yuppu - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor has changed a lot. Loki hasn't. Will their dynamics change to fit their current relationships or will it all crash and burn?
fanfic  ao3  author:Yuppu  slash  Loki/Thor  bdsm  nsfw  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Placing A Bet - Chapter 1 - Xyanide - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki makes a bet with Grandmaster. If Thor wins in the arena, they'll be able to leave Sakaar. If he loses, Grandmaster will have Loki. Only thing is; he doesn't know that Thor's opponent is the Hulk.

Grandmaster/Loki (+ Thor)
fanfic  ao3  author:Xyanide  slash  nsfw  dub-con  dp  voyeurs  Grandmaster/Loki  threesome  Grandmaster/Loki/Thor  multi-chapter  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
A Kingly Offer - gaslightgallows (hearts_blood) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor cannot allow Loki to use sex to siphon energy from others. From himself, however... (A non-canonical alternate Chapter 6 for “The Convalescent Way”.)
fanfic  ao3  author:gaslightgallows/hearts_blood  slash  nsfw  flashbacks  h/c  jotun!Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
your overlords - Chapter 1 - thorvaenn - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor: Ragnarok divergence. Turns out, there are better uses the Grandmaster has for Thor once he learns he and Loki are brothers.

“Now, now, um, Loki,” Grandmaster said, fingers twitching in Loki's general direction as they, unfortunately, have been doing quite a lot in the past days. “This brother of yours. Does he perform well?”
fanfic  ao3  author:thorduna  slash  nsfw  non-con  Loki/Thor  Grandmaster  voyeurs  multi-chapter  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Electrify Me - TheMadKatter13 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Thor's lightning has always been pleasing on a visual level, but now Loki wants it to please him on the physical level.
fanfic  ao3  author:TheMadKatter13  slash  nsfw  pwp  Loki/Thor  missing_scene  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Here with me - Ailendolin - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok.

The first night after Loki comes back he sinks into an exhausted sleep. On the second night the nightmares start.
fanfic  ao3  author:Ailendolin  gen  h/c  Loki  Thor  flashbacks  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
The Chain - Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
And if you don't love me now//You will never love me again//I can still hear you saying//You would never break the chain.

"I'm here," he says.

...and this can only end one way.
fanfic  ao3  author:Clarice_Chiara_Sorcha/claricechiarasorcha  slash  nsfw  missing_scene  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
How soft your fields so green - Chapter 1 - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Asgardians' ship stops for supplies. The price is not what Thor and Loki had expected; the aliens demand nothing less than a public royal fucking.

Ok, it's not like it's the weirdest thing they've ever done.
fanfic  ao3  author:ravenbringslight  slash  nsfw  dub-con  Loki/Thor  multi-chapter  crack  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
nothing lasts forever (except you and me) - teeterss - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It seemed deceptively simple crossing those few short steps across the room to meet Thor’s spread arms but Loki decided that, just this once, he wouldn’t overthink it.

(Or, the deleted hug scene)
fanfic  ao3  author:teeterss  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  missing_scene  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
The Competition - berlynn_wohl - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki sets to work immediately, plotting a way to get off Sakaar. The Grandmaster gets the better of him.
fanfic  ao3  author:berlynn_wohl  slash  nsfw  flashback  Intersex!Loki/Thor  Grandmaster/intersex!Loki  dub-con  drugs  voyeurs  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Do You Remember the Time? - Buffy (BuffyScribbles) - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has amnesia, and only recognizes Loki. Time for Loki to fix what he broke two weeks ago, when Steve left him.
fanfic  ao3  author:Buffy/BuffyScribbles  slash  nsfw  amnesia  Loki/Steve  Thor  Bucky_Barnes  flashbacks  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Wild and what it seems - robokittens - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"And what way, exactly, would you have me?"

In whatever way I can, Thor thought, but he took a moment to carefully consider his words. "In whatever way you'll let me," he said finally.

"And what." Loki paused. It seemed as if he were choosing his words just as deliberately. "And what if I wished to have you?"
fanfic  ao3  author:robokittens  slash  pseudo-incest  nsfw  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Also Built on Ruins - coyotesuspect - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Gods marry their siblings all the time, right?

At least, that's what Thor tells himself after it's suggested the cleanest solution to the Loki Problem is to marry him.
fanfic  ao3  author:coyotesuspect  slash  Loki/Thor  wedding  Hulk  Korg  Brunnhilde  Heimdall  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Violet - destimushi - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki pauses, and Thor rewards the silence with a hard tug that sends Loki reeling through the realms. Blue light arcs from his fingertips, jumps to the head of Loki’s cock, and the world explodes in blinding white. “Is this to your liking?”

“Smugness does not become you—oh—” Another spark, another sharp blue sting, and Loki loses the ability to breathe.

Thor chuckles, and Loki refuses to compare him to any more thunder metaphors. “Oh, Loki, who knew all it would take to tarnish your silver tongue was a little lightning.”

Thor has learned to channel his newly discovered powers in more intimate ways. Loki cannot get enough of it.
fanfic  ao3  author:destimushi  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
A challenge - ApoTheSphynx - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki wakes up after a night of drinking. He realizes that he had shared his bed with someone, but it's not exactly what he thinks it is.
fanfic  ao3  author:ApoTheSphynx  slash  alcohol  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
The king and his consort - elenatria - Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
Part 4 of the Thorki series

A war behind them, a war ahead of them. And just a few Sakaarian drinks.
fanfic  ao3  author:elenatria  slash  nsfw  pwp  Loki/Thor  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire - amberfox17 - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin's decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.
fanfic  ao3  author:amberfox17  slash  nsfw  intersex!jotun!Loki/Thor  mpreg  Frigga  Odin  MCU 
august 2018 by cptnsuz
Possibilities - Philosopher_King - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 10 of the Whatever is done from love series
Thor brings up a potentially sensitive subject with Loki in order to discuss something unexpected: the line of succession.
fanfic  ao3  author:Philosopher_King  slash  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
It Was Always You - EvilConcubine - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Loki's Jötunn nature chooses to strike in the worst possible situation. Thor can't abandon his suffering brother, but his help is going to have consequences.
fanfic  ao3  author:EvilConcubine  slash  nsfw  intersex!Loki/Thor  mpreg  a/o-heat-knotting  childbirth  flashback  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Dark Mirror, Golden Mirror - Chapter 1 - needleyecandy - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Sleeping Beauty series

Loki is abducted from Jotunheim as a baby and raised Aesir. So when his first heat comes when he is alone with Thor, on a camping trip celebrating his eighteenth birthday, he is horrified and overwhelmed, and determined to find the source of the curse that has befallen him. Thor just wants him to come home.
fanfic  ao3  author:needleyecandy  slash  het  nsfw  pseudo-incest  multi-chapter  intersex!Loki/Thor  mpreg  childbirth  baby  dub-con  wedding  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
No Other - pukingmama - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Well, after seeing the sheer awesome that was Thor: Ragnarok, I had to contribute something. I adored all of those Hug Fics that people wrote, so I suppose this is a Post-Hug Fic, fic. Also, there's porn in this.
fanfic  ao3  author:pukingmama  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  pwp  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
To Serve in Heaven - TAFKAB - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki comes to understand Odin's clever motives in setting him and Thor at odds with one another-- including the necessity for their occasional reconciliation.
fanfic  ao3  author:TAFKAB  slash  intersex!loki/Thor  nsfw  first_time  introspection  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
The Hand That Feeds You - destimushi - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
His fingers twirl inside Thor’s mouth, stroking and prodding his tongue, toying with it until saliva drips from the corners of Thor’s lips. Something else, a different kind of power, thrums through him, and electricity arcs along his skin for a different reason.

“Thor, God of Thunder, King of Asgard,” Loki says with a tickle of mischievous fingers. “But you’re made to kneel for me, aren’t you? Mine to do with as I please, mine to ruin?”

Thor's new powers surge through him with a single minded ambition: to destroy and conquer. He keeps it in check with a sheer power of will, but even his constitution begins to crack under the strain of raw thunder and the responsibilities of his new role as King of Asgard.

The power of the Apple of Idunn helps, but it takes Thor some coaxing before he accepts.
fanfic  ao3  author:destimushi  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
the snow on fire - la_dissonance - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It quickly becomes too much to just stand in the circle of Thor's arms and allow himself to be held. A hundred plans spool out before him; ways this could be subverted, bent to some advantage.

He opens his mouth to speak one into being, but Thor rubs a soothing circle on his back and says, "Shh, tell me later. Let me enjoy my hug. Knowing you, it'll have to last me a good five hundred years."
fanfic  ao3  author:la_dissonance  slash  nsfw  bdsm  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Cast Down Your Spears - Anonymous - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A disastrous excursion to Jotunheim leaves Thor and Loki with wounds that don't show and a secret best kept hidden.
fanfic  ao3  author:Anonymous  slash  nsfw  non-con  Loki/OCs  Thor/OC  mpreg  timeskips  baby  kid  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
ravenous with lust - Chapter 1 - fragilelittleteacup - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Someone might see,” he protested, sounding as if he spoke the words out of obligation rather than real concern. Encased in the darkness of this place, lit only by the rich glow of a distant sun, Loki’s legs parted.

It had taken Thor a lifetime to realise that Loki never spoke the truth.
fanfic  ao3  author:fragilelittleteacup  slash  nsfw  pwp  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Just hold on - The1WeLiveInNow - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Post ragnorok, Loki has to tell Thor a secret that he's kept for months that he knows his break his heart. Loki is pregnant and as much as he wishes it was, it's not Thor's.
fanfic  ao3  author:The1WeLiveInNow  slash  mpreg  Loki/Thor  Grandmaster/Loki  non-con  h/c  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Hold Fast - BBJ_3 - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor and Loki reunite, but when Thor seeks to rekindle old habits, Loki requests they be 'just brothers' as in acknowledging their differences, Loki desires to cease attempting to change Thor.

Thor agrees even when his heart doesn't.
fanfic  ao3  author:BBJ_3  slash  nsfw  angst  intersex!Loki/Thor  mpreg  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
When The Storm Arrives - Chapter 1 - CalamityCain - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
What happens when Loki is backed into a corner with nowhere for him -- or the Space Gem -- to go.

Includes inaccurate portrayals of trauma-induced memory loss and more whump than strictly necessary, as if the tags alone didn't tell you that
fanfic  ao3  author:CalamityCain  slash  nsfw  torture  non-con  Loki/Thor  h/c  OCs  multi-chapter  amnesia  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Loki has a Cold - theflamingpen - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
while sick, Loki loses control of his magic and reverts to his Frost Giant form. fearing the worst from his host, he retreats to bed. but the Grandmaster can't help but notice his absence.
fanfic  ao3  author:artemismostfowl  slash  nsfw  h/c  Grandmaster/jotun!Loki  dub-con  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Eriathalia - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Grandmaster is very intrigued by Loki to a point where he longs to be possess him just as much as be possessed by him in turn. When he at last decides to pursue his desires he finds out quite a bit more than he expected. It does not bother him. After all he only deserves the very best.
fanfic  ao3  author:Eriathalia  slash  nsfw  first_time  Grandmaster/jotun!Loki  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Persuasion - Philosopher_King - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 9 of the Whatever is done from love series

In Thor's cabin aboard the Asgardian Ark, Thor and Loki are reunited; their reunion reflects the many ways in which both have learned and changed, as well as the many ways in which nothing has changed at all.
fanfic  ao3  author:Philosopher_King  slash  nsfw  bdsm  h/c  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
numb - deepwaters - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Loki wakes up to find he’s alone in his bed and Thor is nowhere to be found.
fanfic  ao3  author:deepwaters  slash  alcohol  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Only You - Anonymous - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Following their reunion Thor has some questions for Loki regarding his behaviour on Sakaar.
fanfic  ao3  author:Anonymous  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  bdsm  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
More - RadiatorfromSpace - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 3 of the Itty-Bitty Loki & A Whole Lot of Thor series

King Thor was a nice man—kind, gracious, strong, and handsome; Loki hadn't a clue why he'd been unable to secure a political marriage from any of the royal families of the Nine, or why he now chose to court the son of wealthy, middle-class cloth merchants.

Then the king's big hands wrapped around Loki's little hips—while the rest of the court was only a curtain away—and asked if Loki was sure they could bear the strain of his heirs, for Thor was going to give him twenty.
fanfic  ao3  author:RadiatorfromSpace  slash  mpreg  nsfw  AU  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Fecundity - RadiatorfromSpace - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the Itty-Bitty Loki & A Whole Lot of Thor series

During his second chance in life, Loki messed around with seidr and men and wound up pregnant. He thought Thor would be furious.

Thor is not.
fanfic  ao3  author:RadiatorfromSpace  slash  nsfw  mpreg  Loki/Thor  pseudo-incest  pwp  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Six Moons Full - RadiatorfromSpace - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Itty-Bitty Loki & A Whole Lot of Thor series

Teenage Loki returns to Asgard six moons full with child, leaving Thor's hitherto sterling self-control in shambles.
fanfic  ao3  author:RadiatorfromSpace  slash  pseudo-incest  nsfw  mpreg  teen!Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Reveal - umakoo - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Set decades after the Infinity War. Thor and Loki have reconciled, but Loki has disappeared from his chambers without a trace. Thor has been on his brother's trail for months, wondering what could have driven Loki to run away once more.
fanfic  ao3  author:umakoo  slash  nsfw  mpreg  intersex!Loki/Thor  angst  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Interlude: But if your fuel is of golden valleys - ohfreckle - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 3 of the Wrap my flesh in ivory series

Loki's body changes now that he is with child. Thor cherishes him all the more for it.
fanfic  ao3  author:ohfreckle  slash  nsfw  mpreg  Loki/Thor  pwp  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Oh brother, my brother - Chapter 1 - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor and Loki get dosed with sex pollen and it brings out some distinctly unbrotherly feelings. 

As soon as Loki had realized the effect that the pollen was having on them he'd tried to keep as much distance from Thor as possible, but it was a losing battle. The aphrodisiac was too strong, amplifying the centuries of emotion between them and transforming it into something new and monstrous. 

Well, he had always been a monster, he thought viciously. Now Thor could know what it felt like to be one too. They would finally be equal.
fanfic  ao3  author:ravenbringslight  slash  nsfw  dub-con  Loki/Thor  multi-chapter  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Twisting the Knife - Chapter 1 - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After the Battle of New York, Thor wants some answers. Loki is not happy to oblige.
fanfic  ao3  author:ravenbringslight  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  angst  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
Steve discovers kinks - Awritinghufflepuff - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Loki always holds back, and Steve doesn't want him to, so he demands Loki introduces him to his Kinks.
MCU  fanfic  ao3  author:Awritinghufflepuff  slash  nsfw  pwp  Loki/Steve  bdsm  needs_proofreading 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
tales of gore - thorduna - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Ragnarok and SPOILERY.


Getting on the Grandmaster's good side required doing things Loki would have preferred not to. It has also left him with something to remember it by, and Thor is the only one who can help.
fanfic  ao3  author:thorduna  slash  Thor  Loki  nsfw  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
calm the tides of war - thorduna - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Set shortly after Thor: Ragnarok.

Conversation turns into more.


He's not in control when Thor makes him feel like this. Makes him feel like he is worthy of lavishing these attentions onto his older brother.
fanfic  ao3  author:thorduna  slash  nsfw  Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
So Much More - KellerProcess - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Tales from the Asgardian Ark series

Following the events of Ragnarok, Thor and Loki have some important choices to make.
fanfic  ao3  author:KellerProcess  slash  nsfw  intersex!Loki/Thor  MCU 
july 2018 by cptnsuz
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