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Hold Down the Wind, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
Shuuhei Hisagi is about to receive his long due promotion to Captain of the 9th division. The question is...does he want it? Byakuya Kuchiki helps him find out. ;D
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  South  Western  Djinn  yaoi  nsfw  Byakuya/Shuuhei  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  h/c 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
Interoffice Personnel Relations - Methoxyethane - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
"Well," Yamamoto asked, "Does anyone else want to file sexual harassment charges against their captains?" Two hands immediately raised.
Kusajishi  Yachiru  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Soi-Fong  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  bleach  fanfic  ao3  author  Methoxyethane  gen  humor  Abarai  Renji  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Yamamoto  Genryuusai 
june 2012 by cptnsuz
Seireitei Monogatari Chapter 17: Decorating Made Easy, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Description: Frilly and lacey purple dots were not his style. Nor were feathers. Stripes maybe… but dots and feathers most assuredly were not. Sequel to Drabble 13
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  drabble  gen  humor  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Matsumoto  Rangiku  author:dracoqueen22 
february 2012 by cptnsuz
Unexpected Tragedy Chapter 1: Finding Out, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
After a few nights with Aizen and Gin, Yumichika gets a little suprise. Pre-Betrayal of the soul society, Mpreg, Graphic Yaoi, spousal abuse. Yumi/Aizen/Gin
twins  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  cole231  WIP  multi-chapter  yaoi  nsfw  mpreg  non-con  Sousuke/Yumichika  Gin/Yumichika  Ikkaku/Yumichika  het  Ikkaku/Rangiku  preg 
january 2012 by cptnsuz
Musings of a Stellar Alchemist - Matter of Principle 1/1 rated MA ByaxUki
Summary: Juushiro Ukitake thinks that Byakuya needs to learn a lesson or two after his games with Ichigo and Renji.
bleach  fanfic  LJ  author  starbearertm  yaoi  nsfw  Byakuya/Jyuushirou  Ichigo/Renji  Hitsugaya  Toushirou 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
Gin's Notebook Chapter 43: Presents, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
During Christmas, the Seireitei has a large Christmas tree put up in Squad One's main courtyard. It's not like we really celebrate holidays here, but one year Yamamoto decided that he liked the idea of Christmas trees, and people starting putting presents under it for their captains (anonymously), and somehow a Seireitei tradition was born.
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  Totoromo  humor  Christmas  Yamamoto  Genryuusai  Soi-Fong  Ichimaru  Gin  Unohana  Retsu  Aizen  Sousuke  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Komamura  Saijin  Kyouraku  Shunsui  Tousen  Kaname  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Kurotsuchi  Mayuri 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
Healing Chapter 1: Take Me Home, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
In the wake of the betrayal of a colleague, a wealthy CEO and his assistant try to make sense of things, and their strained relationship begins to grow into understanding.. and possibly love? AU. Yaoi Lemon.
Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Hinamori  Momo  angst  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  WIP  multi-chapter  AU  yaoi  Byakuya/Renji  author  Hotaru  Nakama  nsfw 
october 2011 by cptnsuz
The space between ceiling and floorboards wasn't enough to be comfortable in.

Especially when several shinigami were trying to fit into it.
bleach  fanfic  personal  website  author  maya  drabble  humor  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Abarai  Renji 
october 2011 by cptnsuz
Daily Adventures - Fanfic: In the Deep Mid-Winter
Shunsui, with Nanao-chan's help, throws Jyuushiro a birthday party on the Winter Solstice.
bleach  fanfic  LJ  yaoi  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Ise  Nanao  author  liralen/liralen  li/liralenli 
october 2011 by cptnsuz
Perch in my Soul - Finally *groans* (Debts to Repay)
He awakes gasping her name, a cold sweat freezing on his skin. He can’t keep going on like this, he needs his sleep.
bleach  fanfic  LJ  gen  Matsumoto  Rangiku  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  author  calmingeffects 
september 2011 by cptnsuz
Story: Minutes to Midnight
A series of ficlets. Eventual Gin/Ichi. Slight Ura/Aizen. AU after Ch 295. When Soul Society decides the unthinkable, Ichigo makes a decision. With his family and his life at stake, he heads into Hueco Mundo, determined to make his own fate Angst, AU/AR,
also here
Nelliel/Ulquiorra  bleach  fanfic  AFF  yaoi  Gin/Ichigo  nsfw  Kisuke/Sousuke  multi-chapter  Szayel/Uryuu  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  Kurosaki  Isshin  introspection  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Kyouraku  Shunsui  character  death  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Shihouin  Yoruichi  Kira  Izuru  Matsumoto  Rangiku  Ise  Nanao  Kurotsuchi  Mayuri  Abarai  Renji  Hinamori  Momo  Coyote  Starrk  Unohana  Retsu  Yamamoto  Genryuusai  Tier  Harribel  Kurotsuchi  Nemu  Kuchiki  Rukia  Grimmjow  Jaegerjaquez  personal  website  author:dracoqueen22 
september 2011 by cptnsuz

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Abarai  AFF  Aizen  angst  Ansela  ao3  AU  author  author:dracoqueen22  bleach  Byakuya  Byakuya/Jyuushirou  Byakuya/Renji  Byakuya/Shuuhei  calmingeffects  character  Christmas  cole231  Coyote  crack  death  Djinn  drabble  fanfic  ff.net  fluff  gen  Genryuusai  Gin  Gin/Ichigo  Gin/Yumichika  Grimmjow  h/c  Harribel  het  Hinamori  Hitsugaya  Hotaru  humor  Ichigo/Kisuke  Ichigo/Renji  Ichimaru  Ikkaku/Rangiku  Ikkaku/Yumichika  introspection  Ise  Isshin  Izuru  Jaegerjaquez  Jonla/AnselaJonla  Jyuushirou  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Kaname  Kenpachi  Kira  Kisuke/Sousuke  Komamura  Kuchiki  Kurosaki  Kurotsuchi  Kusajishi  Kyouraku  li/liralenli  liralen/liralen  LJ  Matsumoto  maya  Mayuri  Methoxyethane  Momo  mpreg  multi-chapter  Nakama  Nanao  Nelliel/Ulquiorra  Nemu  non-con  nsfw  personal  preg  Rangiku  Rangiku/Yumichika  Renji  Retsu  Rukia  Saijin  Shihouin  Shunsui  Soi-Fong  Sousuke  Sousuke/Yumichika  South  starbearertm  Starrk  Szayel/Uryuu  Tier  Totoromo  Tousen  Toushirou  twins  Ukitake  Unohana  website  Western  WIP  Yachiru  Yamamoto  yaoi  Yoruichi  Zaraki 

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