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Last, Best Purpose - JoCarthage - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
This was my response to the following prompt on the LJ kink-meme:

Dean says yes/is forced to say yes/somehow becomes possessed by Michael. Michael has wanted Castiel for a long time, so he hunts the other angel down. Knowing that Dean and Cas love each other, Michael at first tries to seduce Cas. Castiel refuses him, fights him, but he’s worried about hurting Dean, and is no match for the archangel. In the end, Michael ends up just taking what he wants and rapes Castiel.

What I’d really really want is for this to be mainly from Dean’s point of view; he’s aware of what’s happening, fighting for control over his body, but is unable to stop Michael using Dean’s body to rape and hurt Castiel, the one Dean loves. Please have Castiel still struggle and try to get away long after he realizes it’s pointless. He’s not enjoying this in any way, especially how Michael uses Dean’s body to do this.

BONUS: If Cas at some point tries to get through to Dean, that he can stop this, and Michael tells him that Dean can’t hear him.
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