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Inter UI font family
Inter UI is a font for highly legible text on computer screens.
font  typography  design 
january 2018 by cothrun
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) - On the typography of flight-deck documentation
The report focuses on typographical factors such as type-faces, character height, use of lower- and upper-case characters, line length, and spacing. Some graphical aspects such as layout, color coding, fonts, and character contrast are also discussed. In addition, several aspects of cockpit reading conditions such as glare, angular alignment, and paper quality are addressed. Finally, a list of recommendations for the graphical design of flight-deck documentation is provided.
design  typography  nasa 
april 2017 by cothrun
Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.
A searchable archive of typographic design, indexed by typeface, format, and industry.
fonts  design  typography  inspiration 
october 2015 by cothrun

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