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Enriching Your Python Classes With Dunder (Magic, Special) Methods –
What Python’s “magic methods” are and how you would use them to make a simple account class more Pythonic.
python  oop 
2 hours ago by cothrun
PyToolz API Documentation — Toolz 0.9.0 documentation
Toolz provides a set of utility functions for iterators, functions, and dictionaries. These functions interoperate well and form the building blocks of common data analytic operations. They extend the standard libraries itertools and functools and borrow heavily from the standard libraries of contemporary functional languages.

Toolz provides a suite of functions which have the following functional virtues:

Composable: They interoperate due to their use of core data structures.
python  library  functional  tools  structures  pure 
6 days ago by cothrun
jiangwen365/pypyodbc: A pure Python Cross Platform ODBC interface module
A pure Python Cross Platform ODBC interface module - jiangwen365/pypyodbc
<blog>Saving for later, apparently this offers some features the pyodbc module doesn't support, possibly CTEs and the like.</blog>
python  sql 
6 days ago by cothrun
Awesome Python Applications — Sedimental
That's why I'm pleased to announce Awesome Python Applications, a hand-curated list of 180+ projects, all of which are:

Free software with an online source repository.
Using Python for a considerable part of their functionality.
Well-known, or at least prominently used in an identifiable niche.
Maintained or otherwise demonstrably still functional on relevant platforms.
Shipped applications, not libraries or frameworks.
python  design  bestpractices 
4 weeks ago by cothrun
molten: modern API framework — molten 0.7.3 documentation
molten is a minimal, extensible, fast and productive framework for building HTTP APIs with Python.
python  api  framework 
6 weeks ago by cothrun
serge-sans-paille/pythran: a claimless python to c++ converter
Pythran is an ahead of time compiler for a subset of the Python language, with a focus on scientific computing. It takes a Python module annotated with a few interface description and turns it into a native Python module with the same interface, but (hopefully) faster.

It is meant to efficiently compile scientific programs, and takes advantage of multi-cores and SIMD instruction units.

Pythran supports Python 2.7 and also has a decent Python 3 support.
python  compiler 
7 weeks ago by cothrun
Reposurgeon’s Excellent Journey and the Waning of Python | Armed and Dangerous
Python, my favorite working language for twenty years, can no longer cut it at the scale I now need to operate – it can’t handle large enough working sets, and it’s crippled in a world of multi-CPU computers.
python  golang  performance 
7 weeks ago by cothrun
socialcopsdev/camelot: Camelot: PDF Table Extraction for Humans
Camelot is a Python library that makes it easy for anyone to extract tables from PDF files!
python  pdf  table  database 
october 2018 by cothrun
GitHub - briancappello/flask-unchained: The better way to build large Flask apps.
Flask Unchained aims to provide a fully integrated, optional-batteries-included MVC web framework built on top of Flask and its extension ecosystem. It provides a Flask extension that implements the Application Factory Pattern, utilizing a standardized (but configurable) way to organize "bundles" of code, such that they become easily distributable, reusable, and customizable across multiple independent Flask Unchained projects. The focus is on developer productivity and enjoyment, and the architecture is inspired by Symfony, which is awesome, aside from the fact that it isn't Python ;)
flask  python  boilerplate 
october 2018 by cothrun
beancount: Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files
A double-entry bookkeeping computer language that lets you define financial transaction records in a text file, read them in memory, generate a variety of reports from them, and provides a web interface.
finance  python  accounting  beancount 
october 2018 by cothrun
Combining Data From Multiple Excel Files - Practical Business Python
A common task for python and pandas is to automate the process of aggregating data from multiple files and spreadsheets.

This article will walk through the basic flow required to parse multiple Excel files, combine the data, clean it up and analyze it. The combination of python + pandas can be extremely powerful for these activities and can be a very useful alternative to the manual processes or painful VBA scripts frequently used in business settings today.
python  excel  pandas 
september 2018 by cothrun
Why Another Static Site Generator?
As is evident in the sheer number of static site generators available (see StaticGen), everyone's got an opinion as to how to build a static site generator, and what sorts of conventions to favour over configuration. Beyond the desire to make stuff, why build another one?

Most popular static site generators, like Jekyll or Pelican, are generally geared towards building blogs. Their taxonomies include terms such as Articles, Pages, Tags and Categories. This is great if you're building a blog or a small site with a few pages, but what if you want to do something a little more custom? Or what if you want to come up with your own taxonomy and way of organising your content? There are ways you can "force-fit" your taxonomy to those provided, such as clever usage of the Tags and Categories concepts, or you may need to go as far as building your own plugins for your generator.

Hugo, for example, is great for defining custom taxonomies, but it's still quite an involved process when you come from a background where you have experience in building relational databases and keep thinking to yourself: "If only I could just define my own relational data model here, I'd be able to ..."
python  cms  staticsitegenerator 
august 2018 by cothrun
Leo's Home Page
"Leo is a revolutionary step in the right direction for programming."―Brian Takita
"Leo is the best IDE that I have had the pleasure to use. It has totally changed not only the way that I program, but also the way that I store and organize all of the information that I need for the job that I do."―Ian Mulvany
"When first I opened Leo, it was out of curiosity. But having used it, I'll never go back. They'll have to pry Leo out of my cold, dead fingers!"―Travers A. Hough
Leo is a PIM, IDE and outliner that accelerates the work flow of programmers, authors and web designers. Outline nodes may appear in more than one place, allowing multiple organizations of data within a single outline.
python  editor 
august 2018 by cothrun
Machine Learning for Drummers
TL;DR: In this post, I build an app that classifies whether an audio sample is a kick drum, snare drum, or other drum sample with 87% accuracy using 🎉machine learning.
machinelearning  music  python  drums 
august 2018 by cothrun
The Federalist Papers: Author Identification Through K-Means Clustering - JonLuca's Blog
My goal is to recreate the results found by Mosteller and Wallace through modern statistical methods - namely K-Means clustering and TFIDF.
python  nlp  statistics 
july 2018 by cothrun
Robot Framework
Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new higher-level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases.
python  testing  framework  automation 
june 2018 by cothrun
The Book
"Test-Driven Web Development with Python" aims to teach TDD for web programming. It uses a concrete example -- the development of a website, from scratch -- to explain the TDD metholology and how it applies to building web applications. It covers the Selenium browser-automation tool, unit testing, mocking, and interacting with Web technologies from the basics of static content, database integration, throught the inescapable JavaScript, and onto more advanced (and trendy) topics like NoSQL, websockets and Async programming.
tdd  python  django  testing  book 
june 2018 by cothrun
StringDist · PyPI
This package provides the stringdist module, which includes functions for calculating raw and normalized versions of the following string distance measurements:

Levenshtein distance
Restricted Damerau-Levenshtein distance (a.k.a. optimal string alignment distance)
python  string  diff  comparison 
june 2018 by cothrun
7.4. difflib — Helpers for computing deltas — Python 2.7.15 documentation
This module provides classes and functions for comparing sequences. It can be used for example, for comparing files, and can produce difference information in various formats, including HTML and context and unified diffs. For comparing directories and files, see also, the filecmp module.
python  library  diff 
june 2018 by cothrun
Gridarrow - Connect your data to Excel with Python
Connect your data to Excel with Python
Gridarrow is the missing server for Excel. We host and run Python scripts that connect to your data and send it to Excel in real-time. Create live dashboards and reports with the tool that everyone knows.
python  excel  datascience 
may 2018 by cothrun
Announcing glom: Restructured Data for Python — Sedimental
Python's missing operator for nested objects and data.
python  data  json 
may 2018 by cothrun
Shogun Machine Learning - Home
Shogun is and open-source machine learning library that offers a wide range of efficient and unified machine learning methods.
python  c#  c++  machinelearning  ai  bayes 
april 2018 by cothrun
101 NumPy Exercises for Data Analysis (Python) - Machine Learning Plus
The goal of the numpy exercises is to serve as a reference as well as to get you to apply numpy beyond the basics.
numpy  python  exercises  datascience 
february 2018 by cothrun
numpy-100/100 Numpy at master · rougier/numpy-100
This is a collection of exercises that have been collected in the numpy mailing list, on stack overflow and in the numpy documentation. The goal of this collection is to offer a quick reference for both old and new users but also to provide a set of exercices for those who teach.
numpy  python  exercises 
february 2018 by cothrun
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