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Pete Corey - Computing Fingering Distance with Dr. Levenshtein
Jumping off after our previous two articles on Voice Leading with Elixir, and Algorithmically Fingering Guitar Chords with Elixir, we’re left with a series of chord voicings ranked according to how well they voice lead from our starting chord, and the set of all possible fingerings for each of these voicings.

Given that our starting chord has a known fingering, which fingering of each of these “best” voicings is the “easiest” to play after our starting chord?

This is an interesting question, and gives us the opportunity to flex our algorithmic muscles again. This time we’ll be basing our solution on a modified version of the Levenshtein distance algorithm for finding the “edit distance” between two strings.
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10 weeks ago by cothrun
Decision Tables | Lobsters
A decision table is a means of concisely representing branching and conditional computations. In the most basic form, you have some columns that represent the “inputs” as booleans and some columns that represent outputs and effects. It looks like this:
july 2018 by cothrun
Provides a DSL to define a set of tests based on a truth table - for RSpec
algorithm  ruby 
july 2018 by cothrun
Graph Data Structures for Beginners | Adrian Mejia Blog
In this post, we are going to explore non-linear data structures like graphs. We are going to cover the central concepts and typical applications.
graph  learning  algorithm 
june 2018 by cothrun
A Primer on Bézier Curves
So, what if you need to program them yourself? What are the pitfalls? How do you draw them? What are the bounding boxes, how do you determine intersections, how can you extrude a curve, in short: how do you do everything that you might want when you do with these curves? That's what this page is for. Prepare to be mathed!
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april 2017 by cothrun
Daily Sketches in 2016 – Medium
In 2016 I started an experiment of doing daily sketches in the form of short animations posted on instagram. In these sketches I tried out different visual ideas involving geometry, animation, gesture and graphic form. I had no idea what to expect but it felt like a good new years resolution and nice way to experiment with some ideas I had been thinking about. I was inspired by folks like Reza Ali who were doing daily sketches at the time and thought, I should do this.
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december 2016 by cothrun
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