GitHub - slothking-online/graphql-editor: GraphQL editor - visual node editor for GraphQL
Graphql editors makes it easier to understand graphql schema. Create schema by joining visual blocks. GraphQLEditor will transform them into code.

With GraphQLEditor you can create visual diagrams without writing any code.
graphql  javascript  editor 
2 days ago
NYPL/google-analytics-proxy: Google Analytics Proxy
Google Analytics Proxy (GAP) provides a Proxy Service to Google's Measurement Protocol and a replacement for Google Analytic's client-side JavaScript (analytics.js) to increase privacy and help prevent possible data leakage.

To minimize implementation changes, GAP attempts to mirror syntax from analytics.js.

The proxy service is intended to be run as an AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda - The service will serve as an AWS Lambda instance.
aws-serverless-express - The server is built with ExpressJS with the npm module specifically for AWS Lambda.
google  privacy  analytics 
6 days ago
RhodiumToad/pllua-ng: Re-implementation of pllua, embedded Lua for postgresql
Embeds Lua into PostgreSQL as a procedural language module.

Please report any remaining bugs or missing functionality on github.

Currently it should build against (recent point releases of) pg versions 9.5, 9.6, 10, and 11. It is known that this module will never work on pg versions before 9.5 (we rely critically on memory context callbacks, which were introduced in that version).

Lua 5.3 and LuaJIT 2.1beta (with COMPAT52) are fully supported at this time.
postgresql  Lua 
6 days ago
Combining Data From Multiple Excel Files - Practical Business Python
A common task for python and pandas is to automate the process of aggregating data from multiple files and spreadsheets.

This article will walk through the basic flow required to parse multiple Excel files, combine the data, clean it up and analyze it. The combination of python + pandas can be extremely powerful for these activities and can be a very useful alternative to the manual processes or painful VBA scripts frequently used in business settings today.
python  excel  pandas 
7 days ago
How to merge Excel files into one
How to merge Excel files with VBA
If you have multiple Excel files that have to merged into one file, a faster way would be to automate the process with a VBA macro.
excel  vba 
7 days ago
SpreadsheetLight for .NET Framework
Open source developer-friendly spreadsheet library compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013 and LibreOffice Calc
SpreadsheetLight is an open source Open XML spreadsheet library for .NET Framework written in C#, and is released under the MIT License. You can create new Open XML spreadsheets, or work with existing Open XML spreadsheets that are compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013 and LibreOffice Calc.
c#  excel 
7 days ago
Kit Programming Language | A magical, high performance programming language for game development.
Kit is a programming language designed for creating concise, high performance cross-platform applications. Kit compiles to C, so it’s highly portable; it can be used in addition to or as an alternative to C, and was designed with game development in mind.
programming  gamedev 
7 days ago
Last week I released Bellwoods — an art game for mobile & desktop that you can play in your browser. The concept of the game is simple: fly your kite through fields of color and sound, trying to discover new worlds.

You can play the game here:


The game was created for JS13K Games, a competition where your entire game has to fit under 13 kilobytes. To achieve this, all of the graphics and audio in Bellwoods is procedurally generated.
game  javascript  procedural  generative 
8 days ago
Riak Core Tutorial — Riak Core Tutorial 1.0 documentation
Welcome to the Riak Core Tutorial, a shorter, updated version of The Riak Core Book focused more on the implementation details, for more explanation check The Riak Core Book.

This book shows how to build an application using riak_core by building an actual application called tanodb step by step and linking to each change on its the description.
riak  database  erlang  distributed 
8 days ago
How to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional JavaScript
So, you’ve begun to dabble in functional programming. It won’t be long before you come across the concept of pure functions. And, as you go on, you will discover that functional programmers appear to be obsessed with them. “Pure functions let you reason about your code,” they say. “Pure functions are less likely to start a thermonuclear war.” “Pure functions give you referential transparency”. And on it goes. They are not wrong either. Pure functions are a good thing. But there’s a problem…

A pure function is a function that has no side effects.1 But if you know anything about programming, you know that side effects are the whole point. Why bother calculating 𝜋 to 100 places if there’s no way anyone can read it? To print it out somewhere, we need to write to a console, or send data to a printer, or something where someone can read it. And, what good is a database if you can’t enter any data into it? We need to read data from input devices, and request information from the network. We can’t do any of it without side effects. And yet, functional programming is built around pure functions. So how do functional programmers manage to get anything done?
functional  javascript 
11 days ago
electron/fiddle: 🚀 The easiest way to get started with Electron
Electron Fiddle lets you create and play with small Electron experiments. It greets you with a quick-start template after opening – change a few things, choose the version of Electron you want to run it with, and play around. Then, save your Fiddle either as a GitHub Gist or to a local folder. Once pushed to GitHub, anyone can quickly try your Fiddle out by just entering it in the address bar.
electron  sandbox  gui  node.js  chrome 
11 days ago
asavinov/bistro: A general-purpose data analysis engine radically changing the way batch and stream data is processed
The goal of this project is to implement a novel general-purpose data modeling and data processing technology which radically differs from most of the existing approaches. Shortly, it can be viewed as a major alternative to set-orientation like SQL or MapReduce. The project consists of the following sub-projects:
11 days ago
XXIIVV/webring: Just A Web Ring
This webring is an attempt to inspire artists & developers to create and maintain their own website and share traffic among each other. The webring's aim is to share personal websites such as diaries, wikis & portfolios. To add yourself to the ring, submit an edit to this repository.
webring  inspiration  portfolio 
13 days ago
Fast Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL - Austin G. Walters
This article discusses full-text search in PostgreSQL. It’ll walk through several methods, analyze and explain the method(s), and finally propose a performant solution.
postgresql  search 
14 days ago
sctb/lumen: A Lisp for Lua and JavaScript
Lumen is a very small, self-hosted Lisp for Lua and JavaScript. It provides a flexible compilation environment with an extensible reader, macros, and extensible special forms, but otherwise attempts to match the target runtime environment as closely as possible. You can get started by running bin/lumen on a machine with Node.js, Lua, or LuaJIT installed.
lisp  javascript  lua 
14 days ago
Glowing mercury thyratrons: inside a 1940s Teletype switching power supply | Hacker News
Nice. Thyatrons were about the only component available for high-power control in the tube era. Today we have MOSFETs which approach ideal power switches, but it took a long time to get there.
As someone pointed out, that's a switching voltage regulator, not a switching power supply. The transformers there are all upstream of the switching.
electronics  history 
14 days ago
A Few of My Favorite Sigmoids | Raph Levien’s blog
Here I’ll be looking at the subject of sigmoid functions from a somewhat unusual perspective: their suitability as a component in a digital musical instrument. I’ll consider how they sound, as well as efficiency of computing them.
music  math  dsp 
18 days ago
fastmail/overture: Overture is a powerful JS library for building really slick web applications, with performance at, or surpassing, native apps.
Overture is a JavaScript library that contains all the tools you need to build a slick, modern web app. It was originally built to power FastMail's awesome webmail.

To get started, check out the heavily commented Todo demo app in the examples folder, or use your browser web dev tools on the live demo at: http://overturejs.com/examples/Todo/.

You can find API documentation and download a pre-built copy of the library from http://overturejs.com.

Overture is MIT licensed. No animals were harmed in the making of this code.
javascript  framework  tools  performance 
20 days ago
What is the Kullback-Leibler divergence?
Before we understand what the Kullback-Leibler (or KL) divergence is, we need to understand what the term entropy means or represents in the field of information theory and statistics.

This term first found it’s way into a myriad number of statistical applications (ignoring the relation to thermodynamics) through a paper published by the legendary Claude Shannon in 1948 called “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”[pdf]. The main problem being targeted here was the communication of bits in a network. With the advent of the digital age in the mid-1900s, it became increasingly crucial to efficiently send bits(or information) from a source to a destination.

We know that a 2 digit binary number can represent 22 pieces of information. If we add another digit to it, we get 23 ways of representing the same information. In a nutshell, a single bit can reduce our uncertainty of knowing something by a factor of 2 or we get twice the number of ways to represent the same information. However in our bit sequence, there will be certain combinations which aren’t used at all or maybe some of them represent an error code of some sort. What if we used a 3-bit uniform sequence to represent 6 pieces of information? Not that efficient, right? Wouldn’t it be better if we devise a code to reduc
information  entropy 
20 days ago
OmniDB/OmniDB: Web tool for database management
OmniDB is a web tool that simplifies database management focusing on interactivity, designed to be powerful and lightweight. Check-out some characteristics:

Web Tool: Accessible from any platform, using a browser as a medium
Responsive Interface: All available functions in a single page
Unified Workspace: Different technologies managed in a single workspace
Simplified Editing: Easy to add and remove connections
Safety: Multi-user support with encrypted personal information
Interactive Tables: All functionalities use interactive tables, allowing copying and pasting in blocks
Smart SQL Editor: Contextual SQL code completion
Beautiful SQL Editor: You can choose between many available color themes
Tabbed SQL Editor: Easily add, rename or delete editor tabs
database  django  management 
20 days ago
Laurence Tratt: Why Aren’t More Users More Happy With Our VMs? Part 1
Programming language performance is something that nearly everyone cares about at some point, whether they realise it or not. If you’re a programmer, you sometimes have to make your programs run fast; if you’re a user, you might be frustrated at a program that runs slowly, without knowing that it’s caused by a poor programming language implementation. Those of us who work on, or around, programming language Virtual Machines (VMs) tell a good story about performance, but a surprising number of users seem unhappy with the performance of their programs. Sometimes, yes, they’re unrealistic, but are they always so? In this first blog post (based on this paper) of two, I’m going to show that programs running on VMs often don’t follow the simple performance patterns that nearly all of us expected. Perhaps that’s why users aren’t as happy as VM developers think they should be?
benchmarking  programming  language  vm 
20 days ago
Cost of a Join
Published: Sun 05 August 2018
By Brian Davis
In Posts.

tags: postgresql

How expensive is a join?

It depends! It depends what the join criteria is, what indexes are present, how big the tables are, whether the relations are cached, what hardware is being used, what configuration parameters are set, whether statistics are up-to-date, what other activity is happening on the system, to name a few things.

But we can still try and get a feel for what a couple simple scenarios look like and see what happens when:
sql  performance  postgresql 
21 days ago
Ecological Role of Lactobacilli in the Gastrointestinal Tract: Implications for Fundamental and Biomedical Research | Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Bacteria belonging to the genus Lactobacillus are members of the lactic acid bacteria (LAB), a broadly defined group characterized by the formation of lactic acid as the sole or main end product of carbohydrate metabolism. They can be found in plants or material of plant origin, silage, fermented food (yogurt, cheese, olives, pickles, salami, etc.), as well as in the oral cavities, gastrointestinal tracts (GIT), and vaginas of humans and animals (31). In particular, the Lactobacillus species found in the GIT have received tremendous attention due to their health-promoting properties. They are commonly used as probiotics, which are defined by the FAO/WHO as live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.

The economic success and exciting prospects of probiotic products have accelerated research on intestinal lactobacilli. Genomics of Lactobacillus species is booming, and the genomes of five strains that belong to species commonly found in human fecal samples have recently been sequenced (50). Several comparative and functional genomic investigations have been conducted to gain information about the functionality of lactobacilli in the GIT (69). Unfortunately, a major misconception regarding the ecological role%2
microorganisms  microbiome  gutmicrobiome  health  diet 
21 days ago
Business outcome language: an introduction for software engineers
Using a business outcome language helps keeping the problem definition focused on the value that you should deliver to your customers. Let’s explore together how to make sure our language is not polluted by technical details.

As a technological leader at your company, you are the citizen of two worlds: the business world and the implementation world. Each world speaks its own language, so it’s vital that they communicate clearly and unambiguously.
business  communication  language 
21 days ago
Pete Corey - Computing Fingering Distance with Dr. Levenshtein
Jumping off after our previous two articles on Voice Leading with Elixir, and Algorithmically Fingering Guitar Chords with Elixir, we’re left with a series of chord voicings ranked according to how well they voice lead from our starting chord, and the set of all possible fingerings for each of these voicings.

Given that our starting chord has a known fingering, which fingering of each of these “best” voicings is the “easiest” to play after our starting chord?

This is an interesting question, and gives us the opportunity to flex our algorithmic muscles again. This time we’ll be basing our solution on a modified version of the Levenshtein distance algorithm for finding the “edit distance” between two strings.
guitar  algorithm  elixir 
21 days ago
Magic Sandbox
Why Magic Sandbox?
Software engineers deserve a 10x learning medium.
We believe it's time to evolve the Learning Medium through which software engineers grasp new technologies. Leveraging the latest cloud and browser technologies, we've built a hyper interactive sandbox environment where real-world content and dev tools are merged. We foster a hands-on approach where engineers learn by struggling.
kubernetes  learning  devops 
21 days ago
keel-hq/keel: Kubernetes Operator to automate Helm, DaemonSet, StatefulSet & Deployment updates
Keel - automated Kubernetes deployments for the rest of us
Website https://keel.sh
Slack - kubernetes.slack.com look for channel #keel
Keel is a tool for automating Kubernetes deployment updates. Keel is stateless, robust and lightweight.

Keel provides several key features:

Kubernetes and Helm providers - Keel has direct integrations with Kubernetes and Helm.

No CLI/API - tired of f***ctl for everything? Keel doesn't have one. Gets job done through labels, annotations, charts.

Semver policies - specify update policy for each deployment/Helm release individually.

Automatic Google Container Registry configuration - Keel automatically sets up topic and subscriptions for your deployment images by periodically scanning your environment.

Native, DockerHub, Quay and Azure container registry webhooks support - once webhook is received impacted deployments will be identified and updated.

Polling - when webhooks and pubsub aren't available - Keel can still be useful by checking Docker Registry for new tags (if current tag is semver) or same tag SHA digest change (ie: latest).

Notifications - out of the box Keel has Slack, Hipchat, Mattermost and standard webhook notifications, more info here
devops  kubernetes  deployment 
21 days ago
When Can I Retire? Early Retirement Calculator / FIRE Calculator - Engaging Data
This early retirement calculator / visualizer is designed to project the number of years until you can retire, based upon a few key inputs such as annual income and spending, income growth rate, expected annual spending in retirement and asset allocation. It is a pre-retirement calculator that is useful before you retire to get a sense of how many years it is likely to take to accumulate enough money to retire. The three primary modes that are available in the early retirement calculator are: (1) constant, single fixed-percentage real return rates, (2) historical series of real returns are applied to account for likely variability in future returns and (3) monte carlo simulation of the variable returns based upon user-specified input parameters.
finance  money 
23 days ago
Blockchain protocol engineering and research
blockchain  crypto  discussion 
25 days ago
x86 Assembly Language Programming with Ubuntu
The purpose of this text is to provide a reference for University level assembly language and systems programming courses. Specifically, this text addresses the x86-64 instruction set for the popular x86-64 class of processors using the Ubuntu 64-bit Operating System (OS). While the provided code and various examples should work under any Linux-based 64-bit OS, they have only been tested under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-bit).
asm  x86_64  assembler  book 
25 days ago
JS By Example: 8 Distinct Uses Of JavaScript Array Slice
The JavaScript array slice method is one of the most powerful and commonly used built-ins in the JavaScript language.

And with the rise of React and other functionally oriented JavaScript practices, it is becoming even more important, for 2 key reasons:

Functional programming, particularly higher level functions, works heavily with lists of data
Functional programming requires pure functions, functions that do not cause side effects or modify their input data.
The JavaScript array slice method fits both of these criteria.

The slice method provides a mechanism for creating a shallow copy of a subset of a list, without modifying the original list. Thus it provides a key building block for writing functional JavaScript.

In this post we'll master the slice method by example, exploring 8 different ways it can be used.

Caution: The slice method is not to be confused with the splice method, which modifies an array in place.

Slice leaves the original array intact and returns a shallow copy of selected items, splice modifies the original array.
26 days ago
The Chicken Gazette - Issue 13
With this week's omelette recipe we'll dip our toes in some of the more advanced uses of the insanely great PostgreSQL database. With the postgresql egg I've been trying to unlock some advanced features through a high-level API, so it becomes a breeze to use them!
scheme  postgresql 
26 days ago
This is a collection of various bits and pieces that I have found about OTA so I have to look in only one
place. It was also motivated by the fact that the datasheets for commonly available OTA IC contain way
too much handwaving and errors, some of them not very easy to spot. Of course I’ve probably added some
errors of my own in this document, corrections and ideas for improvement are always welcome.
1 Preface
The OTA is popular for implementing voltage controlled oscillators (VCO) and filters (VCF) for
analog music synthesizers, because it can act as a two-quadrant multiplier as we’ll see later. For
this application the control input has to have a wide dynamic range of at least 60 dB, while the
OTA should behave sensibly when overdriven from the signal input (in particular, it should not
lock up or phase reverse). Viewed from a slightly different angle an OTA can be used to implement
an electrically tunable resistor that is referenced to ground, with extra circuitry floating resistors
are possible as well.
The primary application for an OTA is however to drive low-impedance sinks such as coaxial cable
with low distortion at high bandwith. Hence, “improved” OTA such as the MAX436 or OPA660
have optimized these characteristics, but made it either impossible (MAX436) or considerably
harder (OPA660) to use them as two-quadrant multipliers. Four quadrant multipliers on the other
hand are hideously expensive, so that “obsolete” OTA like the CA3080 are still in widespread use.
circuit  electronics  filter 
26 days ago
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