PM2 - Advanced Node.js process manager
Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
node.js  monitoring  process 
13 hours ago
Learn SQL in Fun Way!
sql  tutorial  learning 
15 hours ago
Home - Ballerina.io
Ballerina makes it easy to write microservices that integrate APIs.
api  language  integration  cloud  microservices 
What Does Write Skew Look Like?
This post is about gaining intuition for Write Skew, and, by extension, Snapshot Isolation. Snapshot Isolation is billed as a transaction isolation level that offers a good mix between performance and correctness, but the precise meaning of “correctness” here is often vague. In this post I want to break down and capture exactly when the thing called “write skew” can happen.
No Lick - 5 new royalty free, no copyright tracks every week
music  free  copyright  royaltyfree 
2 days ago
trekhleb/javascript-algorithms: Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures.

Each algorithm and data structure have its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading and YouTube videos.
javascript  datastructures  algorithms 
2 days ago
GitHub - hyperapp/hyperapp: 1 kB JavaScript framework for building web applications.
Hyperapp is a JavaScript micro-framework for building web applications.

Minimal — We have aggressively minimized the concepts you need to understand to be productive while remaining on par with what other frameworks can do.
Pragmatic — Hyperapp holds firm on the functional programming front when managing your state, but takes a pragmatic approach to allowing for side effects, asynchronous actions, and DOM manipulations.
Standalone — Do more with less. Hyperapp combines state managem...
javascript  library  framework 
3 days ago
How Music Evolved: Billboard's Hot 100, 1958 - 2016
How Music

Taste Evolved

Every top 5 song, from 1958 - 2016, so we can stop arguing about when music was still good.
music  history 
6 days ago
What is Cities and Memory?
Remixing the world one sound at a time

Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project encompassing field recording, sound art and sound mapping – remixing the world, one sound at at time.

Every location on the Cities and Memory sound map features two sounds: the original field recording of that place, and a reimagined sound that presents that place and time as somewhere else, somewhere new.

The listener can explore places through their actual sounds, to explore reimagined versions of what those places could be – or to flip between the two different sound worlds at leisure.
audio  culture  art  sound 
6 days ago
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