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Apple iCloud: Same old cage, new height
"We haven't banished operating system lock-in, in other words. We've just renamed it 'cloud.'" Ha! That's clever. Rise of the Walled Cloud! The Cloud Castles!
cloud  Apple  lockin  walledcloud  MattAsay  cloudcastle  redmonkpressquotes 
june 2011 by cote
Data, not software, paves the road to riches
Be sure to check out the comments for much counter-argument.
data  redmonkpressquotes  betterjunkmail 
june 2011 by cote
MuleSoft Unveils Cloud Integration PaaS Beta
'"As ever, MuleSoft's advantage is being small, theoretically giving it the nimbleness to deliver broader functionality more frequently than the larger vendors without worrying about cannibalizing existing revenue. For example, with IBM you have all sorts of 'potential' revenue conflict between Cast Iron's possible ambitions with queues, integrations, and even ETL software over in their Info group." An alternative to the David-and-Goliath scenario, he suggests, for a large company to buy them and give them the same attention given to Boomi and Cast Iron now.'
MuleSoft  integration  cloud  redmonkpressquotes  iON 
may 2011 by cote
Microsoft attempts to cement Azure values at TechEd Atlanta - 5/19/2011 - Computer Weekly
"At the moment, supplier interest is higher than developers'. The promises of PaaS are alluring - integrating with the full Visual Studio toolchain, for example. But developers seem leery of ceding control of their middleware and below over to a supplier (a PaaS provider). I think they are happy with what they have and have not found the motivation yet to think poorly of IaaS. It will probably come soon though."
redmonkpressquotes  azure  cloud  microsoft 
may 2011 by cote
Java Founder Gosling Joins Google
In addition, Gosling is "clearly a good coder and a legend in the field, as it were," he said. "He's exactly the kind of person Google likes to collect up and use its cushy position to fund and, hopefully, let flower into new innovations."
execs  Gosling  Java  Google  redmonkpressquotes  Oracle  snorkle 
march 2011 by cote
Massive data volumes making Hadoop hot - Computerworld
"The big picture is that with Hadoop you can have even a one and two person startup being able to process the same volume of data that some of the biggest companies in the world are," he said.
redmonkpressquotes  Hadhoop  BigData  cases  Tynt 
march 2011 by cote
Dr Dobbs | OneInstall Coins "iSaaS" installation Software-as-a-Service
"Managing installations and updates of software has always been problematic. First impressions count and the installation experience is often the first encounter users have with software. Despite this, the ongoing updating and ease of use are often overlooked and ill-treated," said Michael Coté, industry analyst with RedMonk. "With the emphasis on delivering frequent functionality -- new software functionality more often -- developers need an installation and distribution management system that not only makes getting the software easy, but also makes updating the software seamless."
redmonkpressquotes  redmonkprquotes  Genuitec  installers  iSaaS  Pulse09 
march 2011 by cote
Black Duck Introduces Android Fast Start Program
"Black Duck's latest metrics concerning open-source traction in mobile development confirm the importance of market opportunity for developer traction," said Stephen O'Grady, principal analyst at RedMonk, in a statement. "In concentrating on the Android and iOS platforms, developers are advantaging two differentiated platforms. While Android may be open source and iOS closed, they are both volume platforms, which indicates that developer pragmatism is alive and well."
redmonkpressquotes  Android  Blackduck  mobile  opensource 
march 2011 by cote
Adobe-Apple war likely to intensify with release of Wallaby converter
"The spat is personal now and Apple is going after Adobe's key markets in media. The advertising business is worth tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars a year and both want a slice of it," he said. "Apple is pushing for in-app ads that it controls, whereas Wallaby attempts to open up the Apple devices again so they become browsers on steroids, rather than places to run iOS apps."
Adobe  Wallaby  iOS  mobile  ads  Flash  redmonkpressquotes 
march 2011 by cote
Experimenting on Themselves
"In its social experiments, IBM has "sucked in virtually all of the concepts from the Web and Enterprise 2.0 worlds," says Michael Coté, an industry analyst with RedMonk. 'I like to think of what they have as your own version of the Web, for behind the firewall.'"
IBM  Lotus  Enterprise2.0  redmonkpressquotes 
march 2011 by cote
Work with Hadoop and NoSQL Databases with Toad for Cloud - ReadWriteCloud
yesterday's interview with @cote spawned this note on #Quest + Hadoop/NoSQL initiatives going back to early Toad
redmonkpressquotes  Hadoop  Quest  NoSQL  Toad  numbers  #Quest 
february 2011 by cote
Oracle Speaks Out on Java, One Year Later...Sort Of
"JavaOne used to be the event for Java developers," Coté said, "and a significant one for the development world in general. Folding it into Oracle OpenWorld sends the wrong signal (Oracle is more important than Java: it wasn't SunOne) and probably makes some Java people not want to attend. The Java world is much bigger than the Oracle world and it definitely deserves its own conference, if only in name."
Oracle  snorkle  Java  JohnWaters  redmonkpressquotes  JavaOne  community  JCP 
february 2011 by cote
Liferay Announces 100% Year-Over-Year Growth
“What it means to have a presence on the web has changed dramatically in recent years,” said Michael Cote, Analyst at leading industry firm Redmonk. ”The zealous adoption of social networking sites shows demand for a rich, person-infused life online that’s about much more than consuming static content. Companies are discovering that embracing this more social web experience is helping drive business through their external sites and increase productivity on internal web properties. An open source, mature platform like Liferay has proven itself here. The company and community are keeping good pace with web innovations and the patterns of use, updating, and growing its portfolio to give platform users what’s needed to create these contemporary web offerings.”
redmonkprquotes  portal  Liferay  redmonkpressquotes  platforms  CMS  from google
february 2011 by cote
Analysts: NetBeans' Dumping of Ruby on Rails 'Predictable,' Future of NetBeans in Doubt? -- Application Development Trends
"As the official note mentions, it's a question of engineering resources (read: people either left, Oracle doesn't want to provide budget, or both)," Coté says. "And while Oracle says they're happy for the community to carry the Ruby torch, I doubt that will happen. IDE work is difficult and requires much time and money, even if the final result is free."
NetBeans  redmonkpressquotes  Oracle  snorkle  ruby  IDE 
february 2011 by cote
Feds Get E for Effort with Open Source
“It's important to keep in mind that open source doesn't always ensure good software or software that you want. You don't want a blanket policy of using only open source or mandating some percentage of open source,” says Coté. “You'll end up with stuff that may not always be the best option: just like if you had a blanket policy of using only closed source.”
redmonkpressquotes  opensource  government  us 
january 2011 by cote
GoGrid Offers Hosted Private Cloud
"A valid question could be, 'Why aren't all clouds like this,'" he wondered, suggesting that most users would like a more secure and reliable cloud service. "At the end of the day, I'd rather see these things called something like 'more secure cloud.'"
GoGrid  privatecloud  cloud  security  redmonkpressquotes 
january 2011 by cote
Salesforce Aims to Be One-stop Shop for Cloud Development
"Salesforce is trying to build out a larger footprint in the IT world by carving out what 'the IT department' looks like in a cloud/SaaS world," Coté said.
redmonkpressquotes  ALM  Heroku  m&a  devops  cloud  Dreamforce  SalesForce 
december 2010 by cote
IBM's Mills Ahead of Technology Curve
A short piece profiling IBM's Steve Mills, GM of Software Group and the Systems and Technology Group - "He is well spoken, frank, and always willing to get down to a level of technology and market detail that I don't expect from all executives at his level," said RedMonk's Coté. "He [also] seems well liked in the company compared to executives at other high-level companies -- there are few IBMers who'll bad-mouth him after a long night in the bar."
execs  IBM  SteveMills  redmonkpressquotes 
december 2010 by cote
Austin app startup explodes on scene
"Most large businesses initially created mobile applications that were smaller versions of their websites. But that first wave is over, and enterprises are now focused on developing mobile applications that are more functional for users of smartphones and tablet computers, said Michael Coté, an Austin-based analyst for RedMonk."
redmonkpressquotes  Austin  mobile  MutalMobile 
december 2010 by cote
Disney's Earnings Leak Sprung From Goofy Mistake
"The error is using security by obscurity, as they say, which means hiding the data instead of really securing it," said Michael Coté, a software industry analyst with technology research firm RedMonk. "It's like putting your valuables under the bed instead of in a safe."
redmonkpressquotes  AP  security 
november 2010 by cote
OpenStack cloud project remains on track
"Vendors like SAP are more inclined to partner with other established players, but that could change if the right company decides to push OpenStack for building private clouds, said Redmonk analyst Michael Coté."
OpenStack  Rackspace  Cloud  redmonkpressquotes  opensource 
october 2010 by cote
HP to cut 1,300 jobs in UK, says Unite
Press quote by Twitter: 'Many were sceptical of this explanation, however. “If you can replace 9,000 jobs with ‘automation’ you must have just invented some earth-shattering technology,” remarked RedMonk analyst Michael Coté [in Twitter] at the time.'
redmonkpressquotes  HP  layoffs  twitter  automation 
october 2010 by cote
Black Duck Software Acquires from Geeknet; Purchase a Boon to Developers -- WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ --
"The acquisition of Ohloh demonstrates once more the growing value of data," said Stephen O'Grady, industry analyst with RedMonk. "With Ohloh's database, Black Duck can ease the friction of commercial adoption of open source technologies by commercial organizations and provide developers with more and better intelligence about open source project health. This is a win for the company and communities alike."
pr  BlackDuck  redmonkpressquotes  analytics  opensource 
october 2010 by cote
HP-SAP Merger Talk Considered Far-fetched - PCWorld Business Center
"Most everyone I talk to agrees that HP needs to get their software act together." HP has some excellent software assets, such as its testing products, but "there isn't a sense of a unified software strategy like you have with, say, IBM," [Coté] said. While HP generates north of $100 billion in revenue each year, they aren't known for much more than expensive printer ink, "decent servers, and niche software products that seem to work in isolation," he said. "If you wanted to be an 'HP CIO,' there's not much of an ethos, road map, or sort of 'brand' to sign up for."
HP  SAP  execs  software  redmonkpressquotes 
october 2010 by cote
IT pros explore SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring
“Monitoring will probably always require something on-premise, but you can secure connections between the data center and the cloud pretty well, so it probably shouldn’t be an issue,” said Coté.
Nimsoft  SaaS  itmanagement  hosted  AccelOps  redmonkpressquotes 
september 2010 by cote
SCO to sell off Unix business assets
Referring to previous company announcements on secured funding for operating, administrative and litigation expenses, RedMonk analyst Michael Coté thinks this is just another way to generate more money. “It looks like they want funds to support the customers they still have and pursue revenue through litigation by going after Novell and IBM, among others,” he said.
SCO  Unix  lawsuits  redmonkpressquotes 
september 2010 by cote
Open source systems management tools slideshow
RT @mstansberry: Open source systems management slideshow with @cote @downpourcs @zenoss Pros, cons, skills needed ...
itmanagement  opensource  surveys  numbers  redmonkpressquotes 
september 2010 by cote
Rumored SAP-Red Hat Merger Seen as a Long Shot
In which I and fellow analyst-types dismiss the idea.
rumors  SAP  RedHat  m&a  redmonkpressquotes 
august 2010 by cote
Developers unhappy over Oracle Android suit
"Clearly, Oracle is a strong believer in software patents. And if they can use patents as a lever for revenue generation, they will," says RedMonk analyst Michael Cote
OracleGoogle  patents  Android  lawsuits  redmonkpressquotes 
august 2010 by cote
IBM vs. Microsoft: The Big Iron Battle
"I don't think IBM is especially interested in managing Windows on the zEnterprise," Cote said. "Technologically it wouldn't work out [because IBM can't access the source, Steve Mills claimed], and they probably are unwilling to do whatever it would take to make Microsoft help them out with it. But I think in the wider context of things, IBM's not really out to help Microsoft out really."
zEnterprise  IBM  Microsoft  redmonkpressquotes 
august 2010 by cote
IBM Acquires BigFix for Data Centers
"BigFix's platform includes a range of modules for areas such as patch management, security configurations and power management. The software's workload is distributed over all devices under management, and a special query language BigFix developed minimizes performance hits to the machines under management, according to its Web site."
redmonkpressquotes  Tivoli  patchmgmt  assetmgmt  BigFix  compliance  IBM  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
july 2010 by cote
Eclipse Helios technologies arrive on the release train
Marketing quote of the week: "The Eclipse community, Milinkovich said, just bored of using Jupiter moon naming scheme." Nice!
Eclipse  Helios  opensource  redmonkpressquotes  IDE 
june 2010 by cote
CA Selling off Information Governance Software to Autonomy
"Narrowing down their portfolio is a good way to make sure they can do the multi-year work it'll take to fully deliver [on their cloud vision]," Coté said.
m&a  governance  CA  Autonomy  cloud  redmonkpressquotes 
june 2010 by cote
HP to cut 9,000 jobs, automate enterprise service business - BusinessWeek
Man, if you can replace 9,000 jobs with "automation" you must have just invented some earth-shattering technology -
layoffs  HP  automation  cloud  EDS  redmonkpressquotes 
june 2010 by cote
SAP: Experimenting And That's a Good Thing
"There has been a huge change in the [SAP] development culture.....they are doing a lot of experimentation. They are throwing seeds out. Some will grow, some won't," James Governor said.
Sapphire2010  SAP  redmonkpressquotes  innovation  Enterprise2.0 
may 2010 by cote
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