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Uber’s no-good, terrible-rotten bad Q2 loses more than $5 billion
There's yet to be any real evidence that Uber's business model will ever do anything other than burn investors' money to make traffic worse.
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Rich countries must start planning for a cashless future
These problems have three remedies. First, governments need to ensure that central banks’ monopoly over coins and notes is not replaced by private monopolies over digital money. Rather than letting a few credit-card firms have a stranglehold on the electronic pipes for digital payments, as America may yet allow, governments must ensure the payments plumbing is open to a range of digital firms which can build services on top of it. They should urge banks to offer cheap, instant, bank-to-bank digital transfers between deposit accounts, as in Sweden and the Netherlands. Competition should keep prices low so that the poor can afford most services, and it should also mean that if one firm stumbles others can step in, making the system resilient.
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Digital is helping Millennials shop around for auto coverage
That’s according to TransUnion’s “Auto Insurance Shopping Index,” which found that 21.7% of consumers shopped for personal auto insurance in 2018, versus 20% in 2017. With 44% of their cohorts shopping, Millennials and Generation Z consumers shopped for auto insurance than other ages.

The reason? Digital distribution and marketing seem to be huge drivers to increase shopping for Millennials. According to David Drotos, VP of insurance solutions at TransUnion, “Technology is fueling the experimentation and development of new business models for insurance that cater to the Millennial lifestyle.”
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How A/B Tests Ten Novenonagintillion Versions of its Site
“According to research by Evercore Group L.L.C.,’s “testing drives conversions across the whole platform at 2–3 times the industry average.” That means massive increases to their revenue and bottom line.”

How A/B Tests Ten Novenonagintillion Versions of its Site
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IT outages in the financial sector: Legacy banks playing tech catch-up risk more outages, UK MPs told
said 65 per cent of outages are in retail banks. She said the regulator received 853 notifications of outages in 2018/19 "that is a huge increase on the previous year". However, she added some of those incidents were relatively minor, with part of the increase being due to a change in regulatory reporting requirements.
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Why are large companies so difficult to rescue (regarding bad internal technology)
In terms of the best integration architecture, what seems to me the only long-term solution is something like the unified log architecture that Jay Kreps wrote about back in 2013. All incoming writes need to go into a centralized log, such as Kafka, and then from there the various databases can pull what they need, with each team making its own decisions about what it needs from that central log. However, SuperRentalCorp has retail outlets with POS (point of sale) systems which talk directly to specific databases, and the path of that write (straight from the POS to the database) is hardcoded in ways that will be difficult to change, so it will be a few years before the company can have a single write-point. For now, each database team needs to be accepting writes from multiple sources. But a unified log is the way to go in the long-term. And that represents a large change of process for every one of those 20 teams. Which helps explain why the company has spent 2 years and $25 million trying to build an API, and so far they have failed.
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Google Maps now displays bike-sharing stations worldwide
Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Chicago, Dublin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Mexico City, Montreal, New Taipei City, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco Bay Area, São Paulo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.
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Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?
You can't not make things dirty when you cook, but if you don't clean things quickly, muck dries up, is harder to remove, and all the dirty stuff gets in the way of cooking the next dish.
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DBS Bank goes big on open source
“If we want to be truly innovative, we have to do experiments, of which some work and some don’t,” he said. “We have to accept failure and pivot fast – that has very much become a part of our culture of experimentation that enables us to be agile.”


“Our business and technology teams responsible for developing digital products that sit on each platform have joint KPIs [key performance indicators] and budgets that allow them to experiment and iterate,” Gledhill said. “We also need to learn and re-learn as no one knows everything about the latest technologies.”
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Three Finnish banks, one core IT platform
But if core systems are less of an advantage to any bank, where does the advantage now come from in competitive banking? According to Niemi, customer experience is becoming the key differentiator.
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Pivotal Software: bring digital fluidity to bricks-and-mortar retail
The less time spent on logistics, logging product information (i.e. sell-by date) and/or ringing up simple orders, the more time can be spent helping customers on a personal level.
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Top of the page: This is how "Digital Transformation" - a follow-up to the theme evening #DMWmuc | Digital Media Women eV
"Digital processes and products succeed only when we put on the glasses of our customers. Only then will we overcome the departmental silos that serve as complexity drivers. Simplification is the glue of digitization, "says Prats.
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Insurance giant Allianz opens up about how DevOps success is fueling its move to cloud
“You need your senior leadership and board to understand what you’re trying to do as you embark on this journey or as you continue to report on this journey, because DevOps is not easy. It’s well worth it and it absolutely should be done, but it’s not an easy thing and takes a lot of patience,” she said.

"So, if you have to explain your business case to your senior executives all the way, you’re not going to have enough time to focus on all the other important things. You need to get that out of the way early and get your senior leadership aligned.”
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Electric car charging interoperability is the next big thing in mobility
The arrangement doesn't mean EV owners need to run out and add a Hubject account. All of this should be invisible to the end user—Hubject's actual customers are the charging networks or utilities. Its platform provides an API that different charging networks can use to make that interoperability painless for drivers. "Our software is middleware that runs between network providers in a hub architecture," Glenney explained.

"For example, an OEM who wants all to be able to display charging stations on their smartphone app and infotainment system would connect to Hubject, and the driver gets real-time dynamic point-of-information of where chargers are, services around there, pictures of the charging station, and so on," he said. "It will also tell the user if the charger is available, being repaired, and so on. As you drive around, you can access different charging providers as long as they’re on the network."
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Agile and DevOps are Failing in Fortune 500 Companies
What all of those “unicorns” have in common are flat organizations with small teams that are responsible for a product or feature, including receiving feedback from their customers and guiding the future of the product. ING decided to transform its business to be more agile.
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Exploring New Ways of Working in New Zealand
Most, if not all, teams I have worked with (in the capacity as the Agile Coach in The Lab) do not know what truly matters to their customers. Through numerous planning sessions with key stakeholders from ‘the business’, they gather requirements for their product development. These plans sound great until you start asking a few questions, for example: ‘What are the biggest problems facing your customers?’, ‘How have you validated the requirements with your customers?’, ‘Will the proposed solution actually work in their context?’. Upon asking these kinds of questions, they quickly understand that the proposed backlog of work is frequently what the business wants, not what their customers need. Using design thinking approach and applying techniques for user research and validation, the teams had the opportunities to understand the need of real customers. Talking to a real customer isn’t that hard, but the insights can be quite profound.
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Applications of data science and machine learning in financial services
There's a customer acquisition piece and then there's a customer retention piece. For customer acquisition, we can see that new technologies can really add value by looking at all sorts of data sources that can help a financial service company identify who they want to target to provide those services. So, it's a great place where data science can help find the product market fit, not just at one instance like identifying who you want to target, but also in a continuous form where you can evolve a product and then continuously find the audience that would best fit the product and continue to analyze the audience so you can design the next generation product. ... Once you have a specific cohort of users who you want to target, there's a need to be able to precisely convert them, which means understanding the stage of the customer's thought process and understanding how to form the narrative to convince the user or the customer that a particular piece of technology or particular piece of service is the current service they need
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What’s Hot In Insurance Tech In 2019?
The business backbone, the core systems, burden digital transformation strategies. Insurers spend about two-thirds of finite tech budgets on these run-the-business systems. More nimble competitors are spending more on digital tech. And this run-the-business spend is growing. Tech leaders need to demonstrate business value of these maintenance and ops investments. Benjamin Clarke, the CTO of Bold Penguin, argued that “the project mentality of insurance companies leads to them not building anything interesting but just replatforming again, delivering the exact same experience.”
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It’s Time To Transform Insurance Claims
Protecting customers in times of duress is the basic purpose of insurance, and yet only 57% of US online adults feel confident that their insurance company will treat them fairly when they have a claim.[1] Poor claims experiences have immediate business effect. In the UK, 71% of property & casualty insurance customers would consider switching providers if they had a bad claims experience.[2]
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