Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?
The key insight was to stop trying to build a mechanical carriage, and instead build something more like a mechanical horse.
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2 days ago
IDC Survey Finds Artificial Intelligence to be a Priority for Organizations But Few Have Implemented an Enterprise-Wide Strategy
An IDC "survey of global organizations that are already using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions found only 25% have developed an enterprise-wide AI strategy."


"More than 60% of organizations reported changes in their business model in association with their AI adoption."
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4 days ago
Spending on Customer Experience Technologies Will Reach $641 Billion in 2022, According to New IDC Spending Guide
Worldwide spending on customer experience (CX) technologies will total $508 billion in 2019, an increase of 7.9% over 2018, according to the inaugural Worldwide Semiannual Customer Experience Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC). As companies focus on meeting the expectations of customers and providing a differentiated customer experience, IDC expects CX spending to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% over the 2018-2022 forecast period, reaching $641 billion in 2022.
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4 days ago
Silicon Valley software techniques modernize 75-year-old plant
Raytheon Systems Engineer Sam Sauers and her team spearheaded one of the latest DevOps transformations on the program, introducing Silicon Valley-like processes like paired programming and pipeline development to help the Air Soldier team rapidly develop the technology.

“We’re using commercial software best practices, including Agile and DevOps, to get new capabilities in days instead of years,” said Sauers. “We’ve also been implementing user-centered design: getting ahead of the users and figuring out the next thing they’re going to need. We then develop toward that rather than getting something out there and getting feedback that it wasn’t what they wanted.”
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5 days ago
The Cost of Banking Is About to Go Up: What the Capital One Breach at Amazon Could Mean for the Industry
"The adoption of cloud platforms is a movement that will not be stopped," says Jerry Silva, research director, IDC's Financial Insights Group. "But there will be a slowdown as regulators step in to ensure that the security and resiliency structures that have always applied to banks directly are applied to the cloud providers with which they do business."
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5 days ago
Build Your Next-Generation Business Case Using A Lifecycle
Too often, leaders think of a business case as a one-time checklist item. But the best practice — which will increase your likelihood of success — is to think of a business case as a lifecycle, an iterative process that involves many stakeholders and steps. This lifecycle has five phases:
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5 days ago
Financial services and cloud: Delivering digital transformation in a highly regulated industry
“The most difficult part of what was a 10-month programme of work was that we were working to transform the current application, which was manually built, on-premise, and converting that into infrastructure as code,” says Niculescu.

“So we essentially took what would be manually-built environments that would usually take us weeks and months and numerous contract amendments to essentially grow and scale environments, and transformed it so that we could do them within the day – but now we can do all of this within 40 minutes, roughly.”
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5 days ago
Developers schetsen gitzwart beeld van Booking.com
De Volkskrant spoke with fifteen (former) employees of the company in recent months. In the piece ' Bookings burn-out machine' from the Saturday supplement, which can also be found online - the developers complain about programming language Perl, which forms the basis of the online platform and which they believe is being held too rigidly. According to an anonymous source, criticism of Perl may even be dismissed.

The developers understand that a company that originated at the end of the 1990s carries a certain legacy , but according to the ex-employees there is a 'barely untangled tangle of millions of lines of code', the newspaper summarizes
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6 days ago
Application Development Research Predicts Low-Code Tooling Takeover
"By 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives," the report said. "By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activity."
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6 days ago
Gartner Survey of More Than 3,000 CIOs Reveals That Enterprises Are Entering the Third Era of IT
"The survey found that 33 percent of respondents worldwide evolved their digital endeavors to scale, up from 17 percent in the previous year. The major driver for scale is the intent to increase consumer engagement via digital channels."
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7 days ago
Reporter's Toolkit
If you know, say, that the Tibetan monks' ceremonial drumsticks were bamboo, yellow, and curved like carpetbeaters, you convey a lot more than if you say they were weird and fantastical. If one monk wore bright red-and-orange striped socks under his robe and another a watch with an expandable band, you say more than if you write that they're not free of western influence. Details bring the reader into the room with you. Details let the reader stand at your elbow and smell, taste, see, and hear the scene. It's hard to fake them later.

That is why I take all the notes I can afford to. I note how I feel and the time of the day and the color of the sky and exactly where I am in the city or the room. I try to record every sense - smell, taste, sound, touch, and sight. I write down what people are wearing, what they eat, and what they drive. I write whatever surprises or amuses me, whatever catches my eye even if I don't understand why. I put down the thoughts that I am afraid will make me or someone else look like a fool. I write down the details that contradict my idea of what the story was about before I began. I write down the difference between what people do and what they say. I notice what lies outside the frame of the official "event," and what I'm not supposed to notice. I especially write down what people do: it is the most interesting thing because it cannot be lied about.
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7 days ago
Nissan CIO Driving Toward a Digital Future
More than 80% of the organization was outsourced, which inhibited information sharing and collective vision. Thomas set a goal to reduce outsourcing to 50%.
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7 days ago
Uber’s no-good, terrible-rotten bad Q2 loses more than $5 billion
There's yet to be any real evidence that Uber's business model will ever do anything other than burn investors' money to make traffic worse.
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10 days ago
Broadcom acquires Symantec’s enterprise security business for $10.7B
“Symantec will be left with its consumer product portfolio, which includes the Norton antivirus software and LifeLock identity protection brand.” And lots more details, including recent Broadcom acquisitions and pressures.
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10 days ago
Toyota digital transformation stuff
Toyota is working to have 70% of new cars connected globally by 2020, with almost all of those in the U.S. and Japan. Automakers are already using the cloud to generate revenue through telematics insurance and car-sharing services.

Toyota also has talked about using data to alert dealers when cars need servicing, provide information about road and traffic conditions for smart city planning, and inform retailers where their customers are commuting from to allow more targeted marketing.


Toyota’s strategy is to tie up with the strongest ride-hailing providers in each region and then integrate its hardware and software into their services. Toyota is a major investor in the world’s three top ride-hailing companies: Uber, China’s Didi Chuxing and Southeast Asia’s Grab Holdings Inc.
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11 days ago
Interviewing Users
The critical failing of user interviews is that you're asking people to either remember past use or speculate on future use of a system. Both types of responses are extraordinarily weak and often misleading.


In one famous study, Microsoft asked customers to suggest new features for Office 2007 before starting work on that product. Most of the requested "new" commands already existed in Office 2003, so the design team correctly concluded that their main problem was the discoverability of the existing functionality.
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11 days ago
Alternative Payment Methods Enable International Purchases
If people from other countries already visit your site and make purchases, you might think it isn’t necessary to adjust your payment methods for them. But you’d be wrong. For each international customer that makes a purchase, there could be others who abandon checkout because they aren’t comfortable with any of the options available.
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11 days ago
Hashiconf EU 2019: The Service Mesh push and Progressive Delivery
“It’s 2019 so apparently everyone has a service mesh. Istio has been the most hyped – it has solid corporate backing from IBM, Google, Pivotal and SAP. These companies now need to do a better job of nailing use cases.”

HashiConf EU 2019: The Service Mesh push and Progressive Delivery
via Instapaper
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11 days ago
Scale and velocity are driving the next generation of DevOps
This massive growth in scale has required an evolution in practices and organization to achieve success. Most of what technologists are aware of in this regard is labeled “DevOps,” but there is more nuance to it than that. The way infrastructure capacity is allocated becomes decoupled from specific hardware, so the infrastructure team has to adapt new tools. The way databases and message busses, among other things, are operated and made available to applications has become more “self-service”, and thus those teams have to see themselves as service providers rather than as infrastructure teams.
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11 days ago
Rich countries must start planning for a cashless future
These problems have three remedies. First, governments need to ensure that central banks’ monopoly over coins and notes is not replaced by private monopolies over digital money. Rather than letting a few credit-card firms have a stranglehold on the electronic pipes for digital payments, as America may yet allow, governments must ensure the payments plumbing is open to a range of digital firms which can build services on top of it. They should urge banks to offer cheap, instant, bank-to-bank digital transfers between deposit accounts, as in Sweden and the Netherlands. Competition should keep prices low so that the poor can afford most services, and it should also mean that if one firm stumbles others can step in, making the system resilient.
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13 days ago
CIO interview: Simon McNamara, chief administrative officer, RBS Group
Mobile banking is another key area of innovation, including NatWest’s personal finance app Mimo, which uses open banking application programming interfaces (APIs), artificial intelligence and data analytics to create a social feed that helps customers manage their money. Mimo is being beta tested with 5,500 customers. NatWest aims to extend the roll-out later this year.

“These kinds of projects mean the people that work here feel much better about themselves than they did at the outset,” he says.

“I like the fact that our mobile platform is held in high regard by customers, because I see that feedback all the time. And it also irritates me that there are other services we provide that they don’t seem to hold in the same regard. So, that’s an opportunity for us, but also a challenge.”
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13 days ago
IBM fuses its software with Red Hat’s to launch hybrid-cloud juggernaut
The effort has started with IBM bundling Red Hat’s Kubernetes-based OpenShift Container Platform with more than 100 IBM products in what it calls Cloud Paks. OpenShift lets enterprise customers deploy and manage containers on their choice of infrastructure of choice, be it private or public clouds, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba and IBM Cloud.

The prepackaged Cloud Paks include a secured Kubernetes container and containerized IBM middleware designed to let customers quickly spin-up enterprise-ready containers, the company said.

Five Cloud Paks exist today: Cloud Pak for Data, Application, Integration, Automation and Multicloud Management. The Paks will ultimately include IBM’s DB2, WebSphere, API Connect, Watson Studio, Cognos Analytics and more
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17 days ago
Digital is helping Millennials shop around for auto coverage
That’s according to TransUnion’s “Auto Insurance Shopping Index,” which found that 21.7% of consumers shopped for personal auto insurance in 2018, versus 20% in 2017. With 44% of their cohorts shopping, Millennials and Generation Z consumers shopped for auto insurance than other ages.

The reason? Digital distribution and marketing seem to be huge drivers to increase shopping for Millennials. According to David Drotos, VP of insurance solutions at TransUnion, “Technology is fueling the experimentation and development of new business models for insurance that cater to the Millennial lifestyle.”
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18 days ago
Secret CSO: Amy Herzog, Pivotal
Practitioners need to be positive and intelligent enough to see how a whole system could work. But they also need to have this mindset of searching out all the ways that it could go wrong and what that looks like.
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18 days ago
How Booking.com A/B Tests Ten Novenonagintillion Versions of its Site
“According to research by Evercore Group L.L.C., Booking.com’s “testing drives conversions across the whole platform at 2–3 times the industry average.” That means massive increases to their revenue and bottom line.”

How Booking.com A/B Tests Ten Novenonagintillion Versions of its Site
via Instapaper
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18 days ago
Starbucks teases coffee traceability app feature, compostable cup trial
This focus on the people behind the coffee beans could strengthen positive consumer sentiment around Starbucks' brand and give it more of a human element as it continues to stretch its global reach. The move could also drive other coffee chains to make their supply chain journeys accessible to their customers. Investing in traceability isn't unusual in the coffee space — Philz Coffee, for example, provides a breakdown of the steps of the coffee journey it has access to, but leveraging that information for interactive marketing purposes is still a ripe opportunity.
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19 days ago
Case study: how The Home Depot AR ads lit up the holidays | Verizon Media
Recipients spent an average of 2+ minutes interacting with the AR ad, and the campaign boasted a 12.5% CTR from the ad to the landing page. The campaign was conceptualized, built, and launched in less than a month.
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19 days ago
How the subscription paradigm flips the cloud financials market
In the subscription world, you must understand the lifetime relationship with the customer - all the upsells and renewals and how they all build on one another. You also must understand the revenue, billings, and cash derived from those-again, over the entire lifetime of the customer relationship.

In an ASC-606 world, you must track all performance obligations, which is a fancy term for your promises - both the ones explicitly written in your customer agreement and all those pesky side terms that your sales rep slipped into the free-text field on the quote. You must also know all the implicit promises that people make in the deal or that have become ingrained in your business processes.
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19 days ago
Google debuts migration tool for its Anthos hybrid cloud platform
Anthos applications are deployed in software containers, which are used to host the individual components of each app and make them easier to work with. The main benefit is that developers get to use a single set of tools to build and deploy their apps, and push through updates as necessary, no matter what infrastructure those apps are hosted on. Kubernetes makes it easier to manage large clusters of containerized apps.
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19 days ago
Free Solo
Other women have rebelled in smaller, more quotidian ways. “They expect you to get married,” Whoopi Goldberg said in a recent interview in The New York Times Magazine. “Then one day I thought: I don’t have to do this.” Goldberg is an EGOT winner, remember. No woman should feel pressured to adhere to conservative standards, but it is a testament to the intractability of these gendered expectations that a woman as accomplished as Goldberg, someone who in theory has earned the power to do what she wants, would still feel beholden to them. It reminds me of Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Brigid Schulte publishing an op-ed for The Guardian entitled, “A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself.” These are extraordinarily accomplished women who still have to fight for the right to solitude, a state which men in the same position no doubt take for granted. Of course it was a man who authored a recent book that went viral for stating that the happiest demographic was unmarried and childless women, as though the record low number of marriages levels somehow required explanation. In fact, the data this behavioral scientist cited indicated that marriage benefited men more than it benefited women. Another survey found that one of the top reasons women cited for not having children was wanting more time for themselves. In other words, choice, not just to reject what they don’t want, but to choose what they do — now and in the future. As Rebecca Traister wrote, “Wherever you find increasing numbers of single women in history, you find change.”
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23 days ago
Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions
That being said Powerpoint is fine if it is more information being disseminated than information being pondered, discussed and agreed upon.
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23 days ago
IT outages in the financial sector: Legacy banks playing tech catch-up risk more outages, UK MPs told
said 65 per cent of outages are in retail banks. She said the regulator received 853 notifications of outages in 2018/19 "that is a huge increase on the previous year". However, she added some of those incidents were relatively minor, with part of the increase being due to a change in regulatory reporting requirements.
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24 days ago
What I Learned on Medieval Twitter
Dorothy Kim has argued that Twitter activity, especially during conferences, enables scholars to amplify critical insights that would normally be relegated to the margins, circulating commentary as variously exegetical, irreverent, and dissident as the marginalia in medieval manuscripts: “Twitter can be radically serious in pushing against the ‘authority and control’ of the state, the scholarly-industrial complex, and institutional power. It can also be playful, hysterically funny, irreverent, cute: an utter delight though often also still radically pushing against the ‘authority and control’ of the powers-that-be.”
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25 days ago
Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General
Like the Obama administration before it, today's White House has made backdooring encryption a priority, and legislation is reportedly being prepared to enforce it. Barr promised that FBI Director Chris Wray will give another speech on the topic later this week at the same conference. It looks like the encryption wars are back on.
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26 days ago
Microsoft milestone: Tech giant’s cloud revenue now matches traditional products, analyst says
“We estimate that FY 4Q 19 was the first time MSFT generated as much revenue from running software in its own data centers, including cloud offerings like Azure and Office 365, as well as LinkedIn, Bing, GitHub and Xbox-Live, as it did from software licenses and upgrades, hardware and professional services,” according to the note from CFRA’s John Freeman.
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26 days ago
Why are large companies so difficult to rescue (regarding bad internal technology)
In terms of the best integration architecture, what seems to me the only long-term solution is something like the unified log architecture that Jay Kreps wrote about back in 2013. All incoming writes need to go into a centralized log, such as Kafka, and then from there the various databases can pull what they need, with each team making its own decisions about what it needs from that central log. However, SuperRentalCorp has retail outlets with POS (point of sale) systems which talk directly to specific databases, and the path of that write (straight from the POS to the database) is hardcoded in ways that will be difficult to change, so it will be a few years before the company can have a single write-point. For now, each database team needs to be accepting writes from multiple sources. But a unified log is the way to go in the long-term. And that represents a large change of process for every one of those 20 teams. Which helps explain why the company has spent 2 years and $25 million trying to build an API, and so far they have failed.
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28 days ago
The Art of Aphorism
We don’t absorb aphorisms as esoteric wisdom; we test them against our own experience. The empirical test of the aphorism takes the form first of laughter and then of longevity, and its confidential tone makes it candid, not cynical.
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28 days ago
We Need to Talk About Mental Health and Travel
Taking some time out of your day to reflect on the good things you have in your life can be very beneficial to your mental health. Sometimes when we get caught in our downward spiral of negative thinking, we forget that there are a lot of great things to be thankful for. Jotting down 10 things, big or small, that you are grateful for each day can be a real help to get you out of that negative mindset that is so prevalent with anxiety and depression. This is not a cure, but it is a small and useful tool to help you manage your mental health on a daily basis.
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28 days ago
AT&T’s ‘Public-Cloud First’ Proclamation a Stake in the Ground
For AT&T to now start the process of adopting the public cloud for what are admittedly “non-network applications” is a big move. It shows that even the most stodgy industry verticals are on board with moving to the public cloud. This will provide a significant new revenue stream for those cloud providers but at the same time allow for greater scale that could drive down pricing models.
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29 days ago
Pivotal Build Service, Now Alpha, Assembles and Updates Containers in Kubernetes
The service provides the layer of automation and operational control enterprises need to utilize Cloud Native Buildpacks at scale. In particular, Build Service includes three key capabilities: automated image updates, image promotion, and build configurations.
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4 weeks ago
Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on transparency, developers, multi-cloud
The other thing that we're working with most of our enterprise customers is, what is an exit strategy? What do I need to do, if one moment I decide that I would like to move over to another provider? That for any large enterprise is just good due diligence. If you start using a [SaaS application], you want to know about what do we need to do to get my data out of there, if I want to move let's say from Salesforce to Workday.

It's the same for most large enterprises. They want to know how much work is it actually for me to actually move if I decide to go from cloud provider A to cloud provider B, or maybe bring it back on premises.

That's something that we've been working on with most of our large customers, because that's just good due diligence.
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4 weeks ago
Google Maps now displays bike-sharing stations worldwide
Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Chicago, Dublin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Mexico City, Montreal, New Taipei City, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco Bay Area, São Paulo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.
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4 weeks ago
IBM Takes A Hands Off Approach With Red Hat
The reason for this hands-off attitude for such expensive acquisitions is simple: Both VMware and Red Hat live and die by the fact that they are neutral to any particular platform. While IBM may prefer Red Hat’s various elements of the stack – the Enterprise Linux operating system, the OpenShift container system, the OpenStack cloud controller, the JBoss application server, and the Ceph block and object storage – it cannot prevent Red Hat’s vast partner network from doing what they do, which is compete against IBM and each other selling Linux stacks. To not do so would be to destroy the value of the Red Hat business, just as Dell would destroy the value of the VMware business if it had only put VMware’s virtualization and cloud software on its own PowerEdge servers
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5 weeks ago
Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?
You can't not make things dirty when you cook, but if you don't clean things quickly, muck dries up, is harder to remove, and all the dirty stuff gets in the way of cooking the next dish.
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6 weeks ago
CIO aan het woord: Sjoerd Blüm
The only assignment I have is to ensure that my teams get the job done. It is an illusion that I can or should be hooked one-on-one. My task is to put a point on the horizon where all those people move with their knowledge and skills and then ensure that there is an optimal setting where they can function.
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6 weeks ago
Focus Your Optimistic Brand Message on a Smaller Circle of Consumer Influence
Our research shows that time and again, consumers will express pessimism and frustration about the state of broader society, while espousing hope for their personal lives. It would seem that consumers don’t see much to be positive about at the societal level these days, so instead they are looking closer to home and within themselves for optimism.

This means brands with values, identity and voice rooted in optimism should focus that positive messaging and imagery on a smaller circle of influence surrounding consumers, e.g., their home, their close community, their family and themselves.
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7 weeks ago
DBS Bank goes big on open source
“If we want to be truly innovative, we have to do experiments, of which some work and some don’t,” he said. “We have to accept failure and pivot fast – that has very much become a part of our culture of experimentation that enables us to be agile.”


“Our business and technology teams responsible for developing digital products that sit on each platform have joint KPIs [key performance indicators] and budgets that allow them to experiment and iterate,” Gledhill said. “We also need to learn and re-learn as no one knows everything about the latest technologies.”
DBS  pivotalcustomers  banking  agile  quotes  book4 
7 weeks ago
The Future of Database Management Systems is Cloud!
it confirms that more and more end-user organizations are deploying systems and applications to the cloud, including replacing on-premises systems with SaaS. IT may or may not be driving these shifts.
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7 weeks ago
Growing Acceptance of Smart Home Devices Will Drive Double-Digit Growth Through 2023, According to a New IDC Forecast
Beyond the first quarter, IDC anticipates the global smart home market will reach 840.7 million units by the end of 2019 and grow to 1.46 billion units by 2023
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7 weeks ago
Shipping giant Maersk on taking a cloud-first approach to disrupting the competition
“When we moved to the cloud the first time, we cut down the lead time for an environment from 100 days to 85 days. This is self-inflicted lead time… processes that are keeping you from moving faster,” he said.

“We also had 30 people involved in a classic delivery, and we figured the cost was around €40,000 to provision an environment, in work time, handovers and meetings and what not.”
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7 weeks ago
Three Finnish banks, one core IT platform
But if core systems are less of an advantage to any bank, where does the advantage now come from in competitive banking? According to Niemi, customer experience is becoming the key differentiator.
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7 weeks ago
Pivotal Software: bring digital fluidity to bricks-and-mortar retail
The less time spent on logistics, logging product information (i.e. sell-by date) and/or ringing up simple orders, the more time can be spent helping customers on a personal level.
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7 weeks ago
Top of the page: This is how "Digital Transformation" - a follow-up to the theme evening #DMWmuc | Digital Media Women eV
"Digital processes and products succeed only when we put on the glasses of our customers. Only then will we overcome the departmental silos that serve as complexity drivers. Simplification is the glue of digitization, "says Prats.
product  Germany  digital  transformation  book4  gender  women 
7 weeks ago
DICK’S Sporting Goods Poised to Continue its Successful Digital Transformation Journey
Another important aspect of the new retail experience is buy-online, pickup in-store. This is an easy way to bring consumer gratification that even free two-day shipping can’t match. Shoppers are using stores as pickup points at record rates during the holiday season, especially those on a time crunch or placing orders too late for on-time delivery.

Anticipating the percentage of e-commerce orders placed for pickup in-store would skyrocket as the holiday grew closer, DICK’S wasted no time revamping elements of its buy-online, pickup in-store option and began running them on PCF. Now, store associates spend less time running around and picking pack slips because the experience is integrated into an app on the mobile devices they carry known as “MerchSearch.”
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7 weeks ago
Camera scanning vehicles result in big jump in parking fines
Before Amsterdam started using scanning vehicles in 2013, the Dutch capital issued 18.5 million euros in parking fines. Last year Amsterdam issued nearly 30 million euros in parking fines, an increase of 61 percent. Before using scanning vehicles, Rotterdam issued 177,895 parking fines in 2014. In 2016 that increased by 86 percent to 330,326, before dropping by 6 percent to 310,684 in 2017. AD did not receive more recent figures from Rotterdam.

Delft saw a 26 percent increase in paring fines, Utrecht saw an increase of 17.5 percent. In The Hague, the parking fines increased by half. Tilburg told the newspaper that its issued fines tripled since it started using scanning vehicles.
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8 weeks ago
Insurance giant Allianz opens up about how DevOps success is fueling its move to cloud
“You need your senior leadership and board to understand what you’re trying to do as you embark on this journey or as you continue to report on this journey, because DevOps is not easy. It’s well worth it and it absolutely should be done, but it’s not an easy thing and takes a lot of patience,” she said.

"So, if you have to explain your business case to your senior executives all the way, you’re not going to have enough time to focus on all the other important things. You need to get that out of the way early and get your senior leadership aligned.”
allianz  cases  book4  devops  digitaltransformation 
8 weeks ago
Deconstructing Balenciaga’s Wacky Instagram
Whereas most brand accounts in this sector, like Dior, share behind-the-scenes images along with “shoppable” posts, featuring branded hashtags to showcase their new line, Balenciaga lacks that campaign-oriented branding. Instead, they only share their collections in their story highlights, a different strategy than its competitors.

Despite the unconventionality, Balenciaga’s Instagram has seen dramatic success, garnering a higher engagement rate than its contemporaries at almost 1%. In comparison, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton receive an average of 0.3%, a measly third of Balenciaga’s engagement
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8 weeks ago
Twelve IT Project Disasters Demonstrate There are No “Safe” Choices
How can it be that projects continue to go wildly over budget or result in significant business disruptions but profits by systems integrators continue to rise? How is it that with fixed price contracts, modern implementation tools, and supposed sophisticated project management capabilities, clients are still getting burned?
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8 weeks ago
System Integrator Risk Mitigation Processes Often Have the Opposite Effect
How can it be that projects continue to go wildly over budget or result in significant business disruptions but profits by systems integrators continue to rise? How is it that with fixed price contracts, modern implementation tools, and supposed sophisticated project management capabilities, clients are still getting burned?
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8 weeks ago
Earwear and Watches Expected to Drive Wearables Market at a CAGR of 7.9%, Says IDC
The market for wearable devices is on track to reach global shipments of 222.9 million units in 2019, growing to 302.3 million units in 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9%
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8 weeks ago
Electric car charging interoperability is the next big thing in mobility
The arrangement doesn't mean EV owners need to run out and add a Hubject account. All of this should be invisible to the end user—Hubject's actual customers are the charging networks or utilities. Its platform provides an API that different charging networks can use to make that interoperability painless for drivers. "Our software is middleware that runs between network providers in a hub architecture," Glenney explained.

"For example, an OEM who wants all to be able to display charging stations on their smartphone app and infotainment system would connect to Hubject, and the driver gets real-time dynamic point-of-information of where chargers are, services around there, pictures of the charging station, and so on," he said. "It will also tell the user if the charger is available, being repaired, and so on. As you drive around, you can access different charging providers as long as they’re on the network."
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8 weeks ago
Research: For Better Brainstorming, Tell an Embarrassing Story
we found that the “embarrassment” teams generated 26% more ideas spanning 15% more use categories than their counterparts.

Candor led to greater creativity. Thus, we propose a new rule for brainstorming sessions: Tell a self-deprecating story before you start. As uncomfortable as this may seem, especially among colleagues you would typically want to impress, the result will be a broader range of creative ideas, which will surely impress them even more.
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9 weeks ago
Agile and DevOps are Failing in Fortune 500 Companies
What all of those “unicorns” have in common are flat organizations with small teams that are responsible for a product or feature, including receiving feedback from their customers and guiding the future of the product. ING decided to transform its business to be more agile.
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9 weeks ago
Exploring New Ways of Working in New Zealand
Most, if not all, teams I have worked with (in the capacity as the Agile Coach in The Lab) do not know what truly matters to their customers. Through numerous planning sessions with key stakeholders from ‘the business’, they gather requirements for their product development. These plans sound great until you start asking a few questions, for example: ‘What are the biggest problems facing your customers?’, ‘How have you validated the requirements with your customers?’, ‘Will the proposed solution actually work in their context?’. Upon asking these kinds of questions, they quickly understand that the proposed backlog of work is frequently what the business wants, not what their customers need. Using design thinking approach and applying techniques for user research and validation, the teams had the opportunities to understand the need of real customers. Talking to a real customer isn’t that hard, but the insights can be quite profound.
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9 weeks ago
Applications of data science and machine learning in financial services
There's a customer acquisition piece and then there's a customer retention piece. For customer acquisition, we can see that new technologies can really add value by looking at all sorts of data sources that can help a financial service company identify who they want to target to provide those services. So, it's a great place where data science can help find the product market fit, not just at one instance like identifying who you want to target, but also in a continuous form where you can evolve a product and then continuously find the audience that would best fit the product and continue to analyze the audience so you can design the next generation product. ... Once you have a specific cohort of users who you want to target, there's a need to be able to precisely convert them, which means understanding the stage of the customer's thought process and understanding how to form the narrative to convince the user or the customer that a particular piece of technology or particular piece of service is the current service they need
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9 weeks ago
SAPPHIRENow 2019 - Coke’s secret IT formula revealed - ditch waterfall for DevOps
You're basically breaking things down into smaller increments. I'm constantly getting in front of the customer. At the end of the day, you're delivering really what the customer wants from you.

So you may be able to start giving value to your customer much quicker. Even though they're not getting 100% of what they want, they get an MVP [minimum viable product] that they can start to utilize, they can start to realize value and give you feedback on that. That may influence the rest of what you're building as well.
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9 weeks ago
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