Creative ways to encourage the integration of DevOps processes
‘Teams come into the dojo with a backlog of real work they are trying to deliver and are paired with DevOps coaches for six weeks. Some managers expect the teams to deliver these projects faster over the course over this period. Sometimes it happens, but Clanton explained it is really about building the skills that will allow them to deliver faster software and with better quality when they return to the office.’

Training by doing.
cloudnative  devops  digitaltransformation  developers  training  verizon 
11 hours ago
App development teams brace for big change in 2018
"The rush is on for enterprises to build and deploy better software faster, and that's going to drive a doubling of PaaS adoption -- both on premises and in the cloud -- in the next 18 months," Bartoletti said. "In some industries, like financial services and retail, leaders are already differentiating by how well they release high-quality experiences, and many of them are using a Cloud Foundry- or Kubernetes-based container development platform to speed up even further."
cloudnative  cicd  predictions 
11 hours ago
The latest media pivot: voice
“30% of web browsing will be done via voice by 2020, according to the technology research firm Gartner. Presumably, a large chunk of those search commands could be monetized.”
voice  garnter  advertising  predictions 
11 hours ago
Cisco is strengthening its 'cloud first' posture
Finally, an explanation of that Cisco/Google partnership:

“CloudCenter is key to the hybrid cloud partnership that Cisco and Google recently announced, where CloudCenter will be used to integrate Google Cloud Platform services with on-premises datacenters. The integrated offering includes Cisco's Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure and Nexus 9k networking. Cisco is also leveraging its networking (CSR) and security (Stealthwatch Cloud) portfolio to ensure a consistent environment across the hybrid cloud. Google's Kubernetes container runtime uses Apigee to consume and manage APIs, as well as Google's range of cloud services, including machine learning and visual recognition. The open source Istio service management platform is key to the offering, supported in CloudCenter, providing traffic management, observability, policy enforcement and service identity and security for microservices. There will also be integrations to AppDynamics. Solution engineering efforts are underway, and Cisco and Google are working on predefined statements of work that can be executed by both companies' direct sales teams and by the partner channels. The joint offering will be fully supported by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center. The Cisco-Google partnership on hybrid cloud is non-exclusive, but Google is working closely with Cisco on the joint engineering work around open hybrid cloud.”
cisco  google  cliqr  cloud  partnerships 
Microsoft gets serious about monitoring
“Microsoft's vision is to deliver tools that can offer a holistic view of services to application architects looking to optimize their software; performance information and debugging capabilities for DevOps and ops pros; insight into KPIs for executives; and information about customer usage to product owners. Microsoft doesn't yet have a cohesive offering for all of the above, but it has the pieces to enable it and has begun delivering on some integrations across products.”
logmanagement  451  apm  monitoring  microsoft 
Do Your Customers Actually Want a “Smart” Version of Your Product?
Figuring out product management for home automation/IoT. Plus a sampling of market-sizing and penetration stats.
IoT  numbers  marketsize  surveys 
The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students
While I don’t disagree with this kind of ASTOUNDING FINDING, what it usually means that in addition to engineering, it turns out you need these other skills. I sure STEM is necessary, but not sufficient to be a good nerd in corporate America:

“among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM expertise comes in dead last. The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills: being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including others different values and points of view); having empathy toward and being supportive of one’s colleagues; being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and being able to make connections across complex ideas.”
skills  google  work  studies 
2 days ago
API’s and Mainframes
“When looking at exploiting them from the web, if you let “imagineers” run away with what they “might” want, you’ll fail. You have to start with exposing the transaction and database as a set of core services based on the first application that will use them. Define your API structure to allow for growth and further exploitation. That’s what we successfully did for NatWest. The project rolled out on the internal IP network, and a year later, to the public via the Internet.”
banking  apis  mainframes 
2 days ago
Think Small
“Write about small, self-contained incidents that are still vivid in your memory. If you remember them, it’s because they contain a larger truth that your readers will recognize in their own lives. Think small and you’ll wind up finding the big themes in your family saga.” WILLIAM ZINSSER
writing  smallbatch 
3 days ago
Derek Collison, the architect behind Cloud Foundry, has left Apcera for a new cloud-messaging startup
“NATS, an open-source project that Collison developed at Apcera, is the technology behind his new five-person venture called Synadia. The company is staying quiet as it works toward closing a Series A funding round next month, but the technology — already in use at large companies like Baidu and Siemens — allows infrastructure components to communicate with each other across multiple clouds, which theoretically avoids the dreaded vendor lock-in enterprise computing scenario.”
execs  messaging  cloud  startups 
3 days ago
39 million Americans now own a smart speaker, report claims
"Today, 16 percent of Americans own a smart speaker, or around 39 million people." 64% want to do home automation with 'em. Some charts too.
IoT  googlehome  voice  alexa  marketshare 
3 days ago
Black & Blue: IBM hires Bain to cut costs, up productivity
“It is now 22 straight quarters since IBM last reported global top line growth and its bottom line has shrunk during that period. IBM generated $92bn in cash in those lean years from 2012 to 2017, but chose to return 80 per cent of it to shareholders instead of using it in other ways.”
financials  consultants  bain  IBM  layoffs  charts 
5 days ago
Growing Pains: The 2018 Internet of Things Landscape
‘The promise of the IoT was always to create “smart” objects – it is certainly nice to get data from the physical world and gain more insights, but ultimately the whole point is to act on that data, ideally in an automated, real-time and intelligent way. This is exactly what AI enables.’

Also, some notes on VC investments and startups: 'As in previous years, one of the peculiarities of the IoT VC market is that the most active investors in the space are disproportionately corporate venture arms.'
verticals  ai  IoT  bigdata  vcs  funding 
6 days ago
Marks and Spencer eyes £30m annual cost savings from digital-first retail push
Some else mentioned that much of this would be outsourced to Tata. Outsourcing is historically a poor way to innovate and “transform.”
retail  UK  grocery  digitaltransformation 
6 days ago
Architecting for GDPR
Data protection leads back to security, and then there you are back in that mess.
security  privacy  logmanagement  compliance 
6 days ago
“Jeff, what does Day 2 look like?”
"Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight. A customer-obsessed culture best creates the conditions where all of that can happen."
amazon  innovation  strategy  quotes  JeffBezos 
7 days ago
Starbucks Baristas Can’t Keep Up With Mobile Orders
Mobile orders clog meat-space:

"Starbucks’ coffee shops are suffering from a feared consequence of the mobile revolution: the digital world can dump an avalanche of orders in a short period of time, creating delays and lines that scare away customers."
digitaltransformation  starbucks  coffee  cases  mobile 
7 days ago
Who Killed Sears? 50 Years on the Road to Ruin
Sears used to be into some weird shit:

In 1984, together with International Business Machines Corp. and (for a time) CBS Inc., the company created what would become Prodigy, a pre-Web online portal. Built on a private network, it was distinct from the Internet, but presaged it in many ways, offering email, games, news, weather, sports and shopping…. In 1992, when Sears' revenues reached $59 billion, the company announced plans to simplify its structure. It took parts of Dean Witter and Allstate public, then distributed the remaining shares to investors. It discontinued its famous catalog in 1993 and sold Prodigy in 1996. Having sunk over $1 billion into the project between them, Sears and IBM received less than $200 million from the sale. Sears also sold Coldwell Banker, along with other financial services subsidiaries.
sears  m&a  strategy  history  retail 
7 days ago
Did Lean Startup fail at GE?
"However, when framed through the lens of financial planning, Lean Startup does seem to take on a greater share of the responsibility. Why? Because the market (and hence the CFO) love predictability. They love to know how much profit your company will make next year. They love to know exactly what you’re going to make and how much it’s going to cost. And, most importantly, they love to know what the ROI will be on those products and services. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in anymore and Lean Startup practices make that perfectly clear. The vocabulary alone immediately sends up red flags during budget meetings — assumptions, hypotheses, experiments. None of these things sound like shipped products (or profits). Instead they sound like shipping delays, purchase delays and profit delays."
lean  roi  startups 
7 days ago
“Vendor lock-in is not the hardest thing to overcome, Architectural lock-in is harder to overcome. If you built your new app components today optimizing for constraints of a VM, you will have a harder time moving to future than migrating an app from AWS to GCP. For example, using Kubernetes for new workloads creates an architecture lock-in that you will have a harder time getting out of it and move to serverless. Even people migrating off of Oracle tech have reaped plenty of benefits from using Oracle stack for last 10–15 years. The current benefits of committing to a platform outweigh the future cost.”
kubernetes  predictions  cloudnative  lockin  containers 
8 days ago
Feel like a little kid in the container world? Welcome to the club
“industry adoption more accurately reflected in 451 Research's survey data that pegs adoption at 27 per cent. Of those 27 per cent of enterprises that have container religion, just 52 per cent are running containers in production, according to the same survey. In other words, a mere 13.5 per cent (or so) of enterprises are running containers in production.”
451  surveys  cloudnative  usage  marketshare  mattasay  containers 
8 days ago
Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?
‘between 2011 and 2012, the polling company Gallup conducted the most detailed study ever carried out of how people feel about the thing we spend most of our waking lives doing – our paid work. They found that 13% of people say they are “engaged” in their work – they find it meaningful and look forward to it. Some 63% say they are “not engaged”, which is defined as “sleepwalking through their workday”. And 24% are “actively disengaged”: they hate it.’


‘To them, finding an antidepressant didn’t mean finding a way to change your brain chemistry. It meant finding a way to solve the problem that was causing the depression in the first place.’
depression  work  books  surveys  psycology 
9 days ago
Apple App Store Continues to Grow
“Since the App Store launched in July 2008, iOS developers have earned over $86 billion.”
momentum  software  mobile  marketsize  apple  revenue 
10 days ago
How smart speakers stole the show from smartphones
"In the first nine months of 2017, 17.1m smart speakers shipped worldwide, according to Canalys’s data, but a further 16.1m were shipped in the last quarter of the year driven by Christmas present sales.... The trend towards smart speakers becoming mainstream is expected to continue. Canalys is forecasting 70% year-on-year growth with shipments reaching over 56m units this year."
alexa  shipments  marketsize  voice 
10 days ago
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win – and Neither Did His Campaign
“During that first month, Walsh’s disbelief and even fear about what was happening in the White House moved her to think about quitting. Every day after that became a countdown toward the moment she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. To Walsh, the proud political pro, the chaos, the rivalries, and the president’s own lack of focus were simply incomprehensible. In early March, not long before she left, she confronted Kushner with a simple request. “Just give me the three things the president wants to focus on,” she demanded. “What are the three priorities of this White House?”

It was the most basic question imaginable — one that any qualified presidential candidate would have answered long before he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Six weeks into Trump’s presidency, Kushner was wholly without an answer.

“Yes,” he said to Walsh. “We should probably have that conversation.””

** Managing is complex, but starts with some pretty simple tasks.
management  profiles  trump  usa  politics  work 
11 days ago
What Successful Digital Transformations Have in Common
Some good little zingers, if you trust the interpretation which is a bit wild at times.
digitaltransformation  surveys 
11 days ago
WP Engine Attracts $250 Million Silver Lake Investment
“WP Engine also announced it reached more than $100 million in annual recurring revenue with over 75,000 customers globally, up 30 percent year-over-year.”
silverlake  wpengine  wordpress  funding 
11 days ago
Lots of M&A in 2017
“Worldwide, more than 50k deals went down, worth in excess of $3.5T. More than a quarter of these (13,024) were in the US, up from 11,470 in 2016.”
m&a  numbers  amazon 
12 days ago
Vendors talk about why AzureStack is good for their markets
This is especially true in “industrial Internet of Things” applications, where the likes of ABB and GE collect data from sensors on their equipment and analyze it to help with things like predictive maintenance and capacity planning. Often, for performance and/or security reasons, the compute gear that does the analytics is placed directly on oil rigs, power plants, factory floors, in mines, and so on. Sometimes it’s connected to the cloud, and sometimes it isn’t.

“The message from our customers was, ‘We will only start this journey with you if you can put all the infrastructure we need on our premises, isolated from the internet, so we can be assured of security, of governance, of adequate latency for decision making,’” Ciaran Flanagan, group VP and head of ABB's Global Datacenter business, said. He predicted that for industrial IoT, between 60 percent and 70 percent of processing, transactions, and data management is going to happen at the edge.
IoT  azurestack  abb  privatecloud  pivotal 
12 days ago
451 JFrog update
"JFrog reports more than 4,000 paying customers... 451 Research estimates JFrog's annual revenue at between $70m and $90m."
repositories  jfrog  451  revenue  appdev 
12 days ago
Private cloud TCO and such, from 451
“private cloud can be a less expensive option for enterprises than public cloud. Forty-one percent of 150 IT decision-makers surveyed in February 2017 as part of a custom 451 Research project for VMware claimed to be operating their own private clouds at lower unit costs than public cloud.”
451  surveys  privatecloud  roi  numbers 
12 days ago
Google Cloud Platform services engage corporate IT
Overview of 2017 stuff that enterprises might like.
google  cloud  gcp  publiccloud 
12 days ago
Explaining the problems in The Last Jedi
“It is a movie about knowing what’s right and doing that, even though everything else in the universe is stacked against you. It is a movie about why you might start a rebellion against a fascistic order, rather than simply going along with the status quo. Part of the movie is about how the worst people in the universe aren’t even the First Order, but the rich profiteers who are happy to go along with whoever’s in power, so long as they keep making a few bucks.... The theme of The Last Jedi, then, is about being tested, about having everything you value thrown into question and figuring out for yourself the right thing to do. You can’t make the world perfectly safe for your metaphorical children. You will fail them, and they will fail you.”

Seemed like a good movie to me.
starwars  movies  diversity  culture 
14 days ago
The economics of serverless cloud computing
“direct expenditure on serverless can be cheaper than on VMs, but only where the number of times the code is executed is under about 500,000 executions per month”
451  serverless  cloudnative  roi 
15 days ago
Towards a bra-free Instagram experience - Lauren Hallden
It’s hard to add the “don’t do dumb shit” filter to ML.
advertising  web2.0  instagram  machinelearning 
15 days ago
Books in 2017
From Señior Wordpress.
16 days ago
Kroger is taking a direct shot at Amazon and Walmart and making checkout lanes obsolete - Business Insider
“In 2018, [Kroger] is rolling out a new service to 400 stores that will enable shoppers to scan and pay for their items without checkout lanes, registers, or cashiers.”
grocery  cases  retail  digitaltransformation  mobile 
20 days ago
Your Uber Car Creates Congestion. That May Cost You More To Ride. - New York Times
“About 103,000 for-hire vehicles operate in the city, more than double the roughly 47,000 in 2013, according to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Of those, 68,000 are affiliated with ride-hailing app companies, including 65,000 with Uber alone, though they may also provide rides for others. In contrast, yellow taxis are capped by city law at just under 13,600.”

On the other hand, it’s probably easier to get around, even if slower. And, you know, how are you gonna solve for the density of Manhattan, esp. if people don’t want to foot the bill for lots of mass transit?
transportation  numbers  urbanplanning  NYC  uber 
20 days ago
Datical cozies up to Pivotal for synchronized database updates
'Datical automatically examines SQL scripts created by developers and aligns them with a common object model. “We create a package so you have an immutable artifact that goes from development to test to production just like your app code,” Reeves said. The software checks for inefficiencies, such as the use of multiple indices or joins, and flags them before changing the schema.... Datical’s containerized image can be run with Concourse as part of a testing pipeline to enable application development teams to push application and database changes through the release cycle at the same time. The company’s will cross-sell each other products, although the arrangement isn’t exclusive, Reeves said.'
Datical  Pivotal  partnerships  data  databses  automation  cicd 
27 days ago
​Red Hat on its way to becoming the first billion-dollar-a-quarter open-source company | ZDNet
‘I'll tell you something that's not fantasy. In the next few years, Red Hat will become the first billion-dollar-a-quarter open-source company, and that's real money... Here's how. First, as Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, said in the earnings call, "We anticipate exiting the fiscal year with an annualized run-rate of approximately $3 billion for total revenue."’
numbers  predictions  momentum  qtr_calls  redhat  opensource 
27 days ago
How value stream analysis unclogs DevOps workflows
“It's not about productivity; it's about value-tivity. Productivity represents the capacity to increase output for a given level of input. But this output can also be rubbish, which adds no value to the business."
digitaltransformation  valuestream  devops  cloudnative  lean 
27 days ago
How Culture Affects Depression
"[B]y virtue of prioritizing emotions and personal happiness, in contexts like the U.S., we are creating a discrepancy between how we feel and how we are supposed to feel... In western societies, we don't see enough adaptive strategies like reappraisal: learning to tell yourself a different story that would eventually lead to different emotions."
mindfulness  depression  psycology  mental  culture 
27 days ago
Developers, developers, developers: How 'serverless' crowd dropped ops like it's hot
"Serverless is all about giving developers the ability to execute code without requiring sysadmins.”
serverless  cloudnative 
27 days ago
Diversity in Tech Remains Elusive Due to Racism, Lack of Representation and Cultural Differences
‘As a self-proclaimed Black “nerd” and active social media user, Moore also cites cultural differences as one of the main reasons tech companies don’t hire more people from underrepresented minorities groups. She herself remembers laughing awkwardly alongside white college peers and classmates to jokes she didn’t necessarily find funny due to cultural differences in social cues and communications styles: “If you weren’t friends with a Black woman in your class partly because there were no Black women in your class or partly because your interests, maybe her interests aren’t the same, if you’re not even friends with those people, you’re definitely not going to start a business with those people. You’re not going to think about those people when you’re creating your technology.”’
Tech  diversity  gender  work 
27 days ago
7 Ways Kubernetes Avoids an OpenStack-Like Hype Cycle - The New Stack
“the APIs are the interaction point for users, not the code. That said, I think Kubernetes is helped by the use of a single language, Golang, and NOT having multiple distribution sources.”
community  history  kubernetes 
27 days ago
Looking back on 2017: A turbulent year – but also a year of IT pragmatism
“[IDC] recently reported that hyper-converged system sales grew 48.5% year over year during the second quarter of 2017, generating $763.4 million worth of sales. This amounts to 24.2% of the total value for combined integrated infrastructure and certified reference systems valued at $1.56 billion in the second quarter alone. Overall, Dell EMC is the largest supplier of this combined market segment with $763.4 million in sales, or 48.5 percent share of the market segment.”
cloud  idc  Marketsizing  converged  privatecloud 
27 days ago
The 2017 State of Digital Transformation, Altimeter
Not too bad for a passel of figures on digital transformation.

n="For this report, Altimeter, a Prophet Company worked with Phronesis Partners to conduct a survey of 528 qualified digital transformation strategists and executives leading change within their companies. Respondents were from companies in varied industries, with more than 250 employees, in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany."
surveys  digitaltransformation 
29 days ago
Widespread Adoption of Cloud Office Is Now Well Underway
The move to public cloud is accelerating: "In 2018, we expect 40% to 50% of business users to have moved their core collaboration and communications systems to cloud platforms. By 2021, more than 70% of businesses will be substantially provisioned with cloud office capabilities.”
email  onpremises  privatecloud  gartner  marketshare  momentum  publiccloud  collab 
29 days ago
Gartner Says Cloud Email Is Gaining Traction Among Enterprises Worldwide
87% of enterprises using on-premises email, Feb 2016: "A recent study by Gartner found that 8.5 percent of public companies in the sample use cloud email from Microsoft's Office 365 service, while 4.7 percent use Google Apps for Work. The remaining 87 percent of companies surveyed have on-premises, hybrid, hosted or private cloud email managed by smaller vendors.”
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  email  onpremises  privatecloud  gartner  marketshare  momentum  publiccloud  collab 
29 days ago
IDC: On-premise infrastructure spend will continue to fall in 2017 as cloud demand soars
"IDC predicts worldwide spending on non-cloud-related IT infrastructure products will fall by 4.6% in 2017, but will still account for around 58.7% of money spent on IT infrastructure overall this year.”
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  IDC  spending  forecast  publiccloud  privatecloud 
29 days ago
Number of retail stores likely to shrink
Over serving in retail: ‘Feinberg says reports of the retail industry's demise are "way overblown." Instead, he says the industry is "facing a retrenchment," because retailers have way too many stores open.’
sears  disruption  walmart  numbers  amazon  retail 
4 weeks ago
The Amazon machine
When you look at large manufacturing companies, it becomes very clear that the machine that makes the machine is just as important as the machine itself.…
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  amazon  innovation  strategy 
4 weeks ago
CoreOS’s Open Cloud Services Could Bring Cloud Portability to Container-Native Apps
‘“We take open source APIs, make them super easy to consume, and create a catalog of these things to run on top of Kubernetes so they are portable no matter where you go,” said Brandon Philips, CoreOS chief technology officer.’

All ‘bout that middleware.
cloudnative  middleware  kubernetes  coreos  platforms 
4 weeks ago
Nailing digital to hammer home an interconnected customer experience at Home Depot
“Around 45% of Home Depot’s online orders leverage the stores in some way for fulfillment, while 10% of online orders actually originate in the store while [85%] of online returns leverage the stores for a convenient return destination.”
econmerce  retail  omnichannel  homedepot 
5 weeks ago
CRN Exclusive: Michael Dell On Completing The EMC Integration, M&A Strategy, VMware NSX Synergies, And 'Refocusing' On Storage In 2018 | CRN Mobile
With IoT: "Now that I have all this new information, all this data, how do I turn it into a better outcome for my customers?' This is where Pivotal often comes into play. So a lot of companies are using Pivotal as the operating system for their Internet of Things platform or their digital transformation for their cloud-native apps."

Also: "You look at our balance sheet, you see $18 billion in cash and investments. We paid down to close $10 billion since the combination with EMC and VMware. For the third quarter, we had $19.6 billion in revenue and $2.3 billion in EBITDA"
numbers  pivotal  dell  IoT  MSD  qtr_calls  goingprivate 
5 weeks ago
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