Facebook Stock Plunges
“This Cambridge Analytica scandal proves that Facebook ought to be heavily regulated, and that’s not good for Facebook’s bottom line.”
facebook  techethics  regulations  scandal 
IBM's cloud strategy revolves around multi-cloud support, grabbing new workloads
‘Among the moving parts from IBM:

-The IBM Cloud Private platform will get cloud-migration tools with an "application transformation advisor" that scans applications and provides guidance on moving them to the cloud. Cloud Automation Manager will help deploy these applications on-premises or in a cloud of choice.

-Kubernetes container support is expanded. IBM Cloud Private will offer new container versions of IBM app development and management software. These container versions will cover API

-Connect, UrbanCode and Netcool. IBM also added new support for Windows containers running .Net apps.

-A cloud integration platform that includes messaging, API management, app integration, secure gateway and high-speed trial software.

- Rapid data transfer to the cloud via a Aspera high-speed data upload option in IBM Cloud Object Storage.’
IBM  kubernetes  announcements  cloud  multicloud 
Products Over Projects
“Product owners prove actual benefits either with data from A/B testing, analytics, user surveys, etc. or with feedback from business. This ability is dependent on good engineering capability to develop and release frequently in small chunks and good analytics capability to determine delta changes in adoption, conversion etc.”
design  projectmanagement  digitaltransformation  agile  meatware 
4 days ago
How vulture capitalists ate Toys 'R' Us
“Just before the buyout, the company had $2.2 billion in cash and cash-equivalents. By 2017, its stockpile had shriveled to $301 million, even as its debt burden ballooned from $2.3 billion to $5.2 billion. Meanwhile, Toys 'R' Us was paying $425 million to $517 million in interest every year. This enormous cash drain probably made it impossible for the company to invest or innovate even if its trio of buyers had been up to the challenge.”

Debt is its own disruption.
pe  toys  bain  numbers  retail 
4 days ago
Fintech Has Grown Up
“Fintech has lost its direct-to-consumer ambition. Previous editions of Finovate have seen presentations by now established brands like Fidor Bank, eToro, Kabbage, rPlan, and Scalable Capital. Most of these startups have since shifted their business model from just direct to customers – consumers or businesses – to some form of B2B2C, working with incumbents as their distribution partners. That’s because despite all the claims about incumbents neglecting their customers’ needs, customer acquisition in financial services remains hard and expensive.”
startups  retailbanking  forrester  banking 
6 days ago
Using VMware’s Harbor with PKS (and Why Kubernetes Needs a Container Registry)
“A container registry is the repository for all your container images. Since your core business applications are packaged into containers (built out of container images), you must protect these images just as you would any other important enterprise IT system. That’s where the image registry comes into play.”
pivotal  pks  security  kubernetes 
6 days ago
Aqua Extends Container Security Platform to Kubernetes, Cloud Services
“With Aqua 3.0, users can create fine-grained user access control roles and policies. Access to kubectl commands can be specified to particular users, and governed by Aqua’s scalable labeling format. The Kubernetes controls also provides the ability to block unapproved images from running across entire cluster, as well as the ability to control network traffic based on Kubernetes namespaces, clusters or deployments.”

Plus, some policy drift report making. Done with a sidecar.
audit  kubernetes  security  accesscontrol 
6 days ago
IBM Brings Kubernetes Service To Bare Metal
‘By extending its managed service to dedicated servers, IBM can deliver Kubernetes in a form that fits any organization's cloud strategy, he said, such as building a cloud-native machine learning app, processing large workloads or migrating apps that ingest large amounts of data. "This gives developers greater control over where their workloads reside and enables them to isolate workloads to specific servers," McGee said.’
IBM  kubernetes  privatecloud  baremetal 
6 days ago
Slack/Concur integration
“the bots will give users the ability to approve expense reports right from Slack, upload expense receipts, search for and book flights, and create basic expense reports from within a bot chat”
chatbots  expenses  bots  Im  concur  slack  partnerships 
7 days ago
Mayor of London Calls for Regulation of the Tech Industry
“Tech companies, innovators, must take responsibilities for how their platforms are used, Khan said. He also called on politicians and policymakers to look out for the public and pass regulation when necessary.”
socialmedia  london  regulations  techethics 
7 days ago
Digital Twin initiatives set to take enterprise center stage: Gartner
“Gartner revealed the results of a survey which suggests that 48 percent of companies which are already enjoying the benefits of IoT are using, or plan to use Digital Twin by the end of 2018.”
gartner  surveys  iot 
7 days ago
Finland government buys a slice of Nokia
“Between 1998 and 2007, Nokia was responsible for nearly 4 per cent of Finland’s annual GDP, while also being responsible for 30 per cent of the nordic country’s research and development spend and some 20 per cent of its annual exports.”
funding  m&a  nokia 
7 days ago
Moogsoft gets $40m round D
“Moogsoft claims to have more than doubled revenue in the past year thanks to new customer wins. The startup counts Cisco Systems Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Intuit Inc. and other major tech firms among its users.”
ml  systemsmanagement  monitoring  logmanagement  funding 
7 days ago
Broadcom/Qualcomm stopped by Trump
‘For capital markets, this is unprecedented. A deal that didn't even exist has been blocked by a U.S. president, who also apparently has the power to determine who can and can't stand for election to a private sector company's board of directors. And all of this was enabled by a regulatory body focused on foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies, even though the acquirer was scheduled to stop being "foreign" in just a few weeks. For future M&A, this is a warning. The White House is more than willing to stop mergers it feels aren't in the country's best interest. Not just for national security, but also for anti-trust. Just ask AT&T or DraftKings.’
7 days ago
Web inventor wants regulation of web
“What’s more, the fact that power is concentrated among so few companies has made it possible to weaponise the web at scale. In recent years, we’ve seen conspiracy theories trend on social media platforms, fake Twitter and Facebook accounts stoke social tensions, external actors interfere in elections, and criminals steal troves of personal data. We’ve looked to the platforms themselves for answers. Companies are aware of the problems and are making efforts to fix them — with each change they make affecting millions of people. The responsibility — and sometimes burden — of making these decisions falls on companies that have been built to maximise profit more than to maximise social good. A legal or regulatory framework that accounts for social objectives may help ease those tensions.”
techethics  www  regulations  socialmedia  web 
7 days ago
The game has changed: survive the cloud era with these five simple rules
Owen says cloud pricing is hard. Also, wants you to send him your pricing.
pricing  productmanagement  cloud 
8 days ago
Keep a common place book
“Wisdom, not facts. We’re not just looking random pieces of information. What’s the point of that? Your commonplace book, over a lifetime (or even just several years), can accumulate a mass of true wisdom–that you can turn to in times of crisis, opportunity, depression or job.”
notebooks  gtd  writing  research 
9 days ago
Why are antiques now so cheap?
‘eBay and the internet have increased supply more than demand. It is much easier to sell an estate, or the contents of your attic, than before. But the upward potential for demand in the market isn’t nearly as significant. Some people say “well, I would in fact buy and collect antiques if I could get the right 18th century pieces at 40% their current values,” but many more people just aren’t interested at all.’

The Internet destroying yet another market by connecting people across geographies. Perhaps it was false value in the first place.
antiques  furnature  pricing  techethics  retail 
10 days ago
Uber Spent $10.7 Billion in Nine Years. Does It Have Enough to Show for It?
“Amazon.com Inc. is famous for its losses over the years. But even in the heyday of the dot-com bubble, the e-commerce giant never came close. Amazon’s biggest loss was in 2000—a $1.4 billion embarrassment, or about $2 billion adjusted for inflation. Most years, Amazon turns a profit, albeit a small one. What Uber backers can point to, though, is a nearly unmatched pace of sales growth. Even as Uber’s revenue reached $2.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017, its annual growth rate remained strong, at about 90 percent compared with 2016. That’s faster than most tech companies with a similar valuation. Only one U.S. tech company of Uber’s size, Micron, grew at anything close to that last year.”
financials  numbers  uber  hp  ridesharing  amazon 
11 days ago
Will open source software become a 'tragedy of the commons'?
I love this concept of tragedy of the anti-commons: “Strong management can stop this overuse. But because contributors haven't been able to derive value through a platform built just for them, they must look for other ways to gain value, perhaps through the addition of intellectual property. And this leads us into the tragedy of the anti-commons. We have seen cases where a fork of an open source software project or even just the threat of a fork can act as disincentive to steering or influencing for a particular group or provider's benefit, but this presents other challenges to the code moving forward.”
451research  opensource  techethics 
11 days ago
Technologist’s Hippocratic Oath
“Even with the formidable power we wield on day-to-day lives as engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists, etc., there is very little education and oversight on ethics in our industry.”
datascience  techethics  design 
11 days ago
Driving Diversity Change In a “Problematic” World
“If you’ve ever had to plan a long project — getting to the end state can seem so difficult and impossible. The work that takes to get there is painful and fraught with peril and compromises. We think the path to success looks like a nice, neat flowchart. We think change comes from the top down, or the bottom up, when in reality it’s a bunch of arrows coming from a variety of crazy directions, with missteps and everything in-between.”
diversity  techethics  scandal  gender 
11 days ago
Ethics? Yeah, that's great, but do they scale?
“We're not hand-crafting dovetail joints here. To be ethical engineers in a hyperscale world we need to reason critically about what we build, on a feature-by-feature basis, and stand by our reasoning if it is sound.”
techethics  cicd  cloud 
11 days ago
To Build a More Capable Cyber Policy Field, Teach Policy to Technologists
If you want to change government with IT, first make sure you understand how government works before you go and try to debug and refactor it.
digitaltransformation  security  thecyber  books  policy  government 
11 days ago
How to build a business case for DevOps transformation
“Here are a few signs that your company should consider transitioning to DevOps:

Does it take a long time to deliver features?
Are features underutilized?
Do you not know the utilization of features?
Do you have downtime during maintenance or deployment windows?
Do your customers tell you your site is down before you know it?
Do outages occur repeatedly for the same reason?
Are customer feature requests implemented in a way that doesn't actually fulfill the customer's needs?”
devops  roi  digitaltransformation  management  metrics 
11 days ago
Why should Kubernetes be scared of AWS?
The scenario of AWS out-kubernetes kubernetes by layering another abstraction layer on-top of it to hide kubernetes from end-users “caring” about it: “In a not so distant future, users of container clusters will not care if they are using Kubernetes or under some AWS abstraction because it is the efficient way to do containers.”

Also, clever invocation or Xen as a historic analog.
kubernetes  cloudnative  cloud  containers 
11 days ago
Why Haier Is Reorganizing Itself around the Internet of Things
There’s of course Halo Effect to look at over 5 years with this kind of thing, but here’s a relatively new model for corporate strategic and operational “culture.” Plus, Sheinhardt Wig Company microwaves.
leadership  iot  digitaltransformation  cases  management 
11 days ago
Millennials: A tale of two generations
‘The oldest Millennials are now in their mid 30s and finally "settling down," which leads to heightened concerns about finances, kids and home buying, while the youngest Millennials are still pursuing their education.’

Chock full of survey info and demographic stuff.
surveys  thekids  milinials  demographics 
11 days ago
How a holding company that sold pool chemicals pivoted into a $20B coffee empire
"In recent years, JAB has quietly plunked down majority stakes in some of the biggest coffee brands in the world, including Keurig ($13.9B), Peet’s Coffee ($974m), Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and the Caribou Coffee Company. JAB also bought out coffee-related food chains like Krispy Kreme ($1.35B) and Panera Bread ($7.5B), and put up $18.7B for soft drink giant Dr Pepper Snapple Group in a bid to bolster its distribution."
coffee  cpg  m&a  beverages  donuts  germans 
11 days ago
Technology that we don’t realize we’re thankful for
‘To start with, there are the infrastructural systems that fill out the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid of needs: clean water on tap, the ability to flush away disease-causing waste, natural gas for warmth and food preparation, and raw energy in the form of electricity, for heat and light, to replace physical labor, and to power cooling and electronics. Moving up Maslow’s pyramid, these systems underpin communication, community and self-actualization: connections to the rest of the world in the form of telecommunications and postal mail, physical links in the form of roads and a subway that link to rail, airports, and more.’
12 days ago
Why Software Developers Should Take Ethics Into Consideration
“[Developers are ]not asking themselves, what are the ethical consequences of this? Who could get hurt by this? Who does this enable over another person? Who does this disadvantage or advantage? They’re not asking those questions. My goal is to have that part of the natural sequence of developing software.”
developers  techethics 
12 days ago
Being a Sober Parent in a Wine Mom Culture
Parenting is hard, so take a bath and get ice cream.
parenthood  parenting  booze 
12 days ago
Info Commissioner tears into Google's 'call us journalists' trial defence
‘This argument enraged the ICO, which said in the submission: "The concept of 'journalism' presupposes a process by which content is published to an audience pursuant to the taking of human editorial decisions as to the substantive nature and extent of that content."... In plain English, humans (mostly) don't decide what appears in search results so calling Google's activities "journalism" is just plain wrong, according to the commissioner.’
journalism  seach  regulations  google  UK  techethics  eu 
13 days ago
Cigna acquiring Express Scripts
Consolidation in healthcare: “Cigna has agreed to buy pharmacy benefit giant Express Scripts for $52 billion in cash and stock. Including debt, the deal is valued at $67 billion.”
healthcare  m&a 
13 days ago
Survey: people want tech more regulated
“A majority of Americans are now concerned that the government won't do enough to regulate how U.S. technology companies operate, according to an Axios-SurveyMonkey poll. Across the board, concern about government inaction is up significantly — 15 percentage points — in the past three months.”
techethics  suveys 
13 days ago
CI/CD is possible
“By deploying applications to cloud.gov, agencies can take care of 269 of the 325 controls required by a moderate-impact system, significantly reducing the compliance burden and the time it takes to receive an ATO.”
digitaltransformation  cicd  pipelines 
13 days ago
A/B Testing in Marketing: The Customer's Always Right
“Gartner’s Marketing Technology Survey of 206 marketers found that only 33% were regularly using A/B or multivariate testing technology and 28% were in the process of deploying a solution.”
13 days ago
Worldwide SMB IT Spending to Pass $600 Billion in 2018, Driven by Mid-Market Demand for Software and Services, According to IDC
For companies under 1,000 people, IDC “forecasts total IT spending by small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to be nearly $602 billion in 2018, an increase of 4.9% over 2017. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% for the 2016-2021 forecast period, spending by businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees on IT hardware, software, and services, including business services, is expected to reach $684 billion on in 2021.”
midmarket  forecasts  spending  idc  smb 
13 days ago
Why is Everything a "Platform"?
Manage IT as a product, not a project, and things will go better: “we are finding the concepts of product and platforms very useful for establishing governance. As companies move to agile development, they quickly realize the power of treating their applications or web/device apps as products with a well understood customer to keep happy and prioritize improvements.”

Actually paying attention to and responding to how people use your IT stuff is key. Make the software useful, not just a project delivered to plan.
gartner  digitaltransformation  cloudnative  agile  platforms 
13 days ago
Datadog log monitoring software branches out as DevOps spreads
‘Enterprises initially implemented DevOps within specialized groups that owned a specific application and chose their own IT management tools, said Nancy Gohring, analyst at 451 Research. "Then one day, the enterprise woke up and saw it had 50 different tools, and in some cases, multiple instances of the same tool, each managed by different people," she said.’
NancyGohring  monitoring  datadog  scaling  systemsmanagement 
13 days ago
DevOps success is about culture, culture culture
As ever, just getting a build pipeline in place is the big, important first step that most need to make: “Continuous integration remains a top priority for development teams with 63 percent of respondents saying they plan to invest in CI tools in 2018. Nearly half of all respondents (47 percent) strongly agree that practicing continuous integration alleviates blockers in the development process. In addition to CI, automation is increasingly top of mind for software professionals as half of respondents report delays in testing, while 58 percent report delays in planning. As a result, 36 percent of IT managers plan to invest in automation tools in 2018 to alleviate these pain points.”

Vendor survey from GitLab: “5,296 software developers, CTOs and software professionals, conducted.”
digitaltransformation  cicd  gitlab  surveys  devops 
13 days ago
Global race for 5G heats up with latest US Congress bill
“Prices vary widely across the United States but the average cost of installing equipment on a pole is around $2,000 per year. AT&T recently complained that it had received an estimate of $8,000 a year from a city in California. Even in low-cost Georgia, the local government felt it could get away with asking for $6,000 per pole per year.... There are roughly 350,000 base stations in the US and that number would likely have to quadruple (again, these are all rough figures) for 5G. So the annual cost of simply hosting 5G equipment is in the billions of dollars.”
wireless  mobile  5g  pricing  at&t 
13 days ago
Java EE Becomes Jakarta EE
“In addition Jakarta EE naturally shortens to “JEE” (or even “EE”) and jakarta.servlet.http looks pretty similar to javax.servlet.http.”
Java  jee  Oracle  j2ee  eclipse 
13 days ago
The Improbable Rise of the Daily News Podcast
Turns out there's money in enclosure tags. Who knew? "In recent weeks, The Daily announced that it was becoming a national radio show. In doing so, it proved that scale can generate millions of dollars in new revenue, as well as (potentially) a hugely valuable spot on the national FM radio dial. That radio slot, in turn, will do wonders not only for The New York Times’ income statement, but also for its standing as a national brand. To put it another way: The Daily’s radio show won’t just make money on its own right, it will sell subscriptions to the newspaper and the website while doing so."
news  podcasts  revenue  podcasting  NYTimes  radio  rss 
14 days ago
Why men need more consideration in the women in tech debate
Having to watch the kids is a big problem
For gender imbalance in the workforce. Maybe dads can step the fuck up: "It’s also about asking men to ask for paternity leave. The amount of men that I know that say, well I’m given two weeks and that’s it. They don’t push it, they don’t even have the conversation with their boss. If they don’t step up to also try to equalize it, things won’t change.... I was asked time and time again who’s going to look after my kid. The attention went too far."

Also: "I’m particularly interested in, and in support of, AbdulJaleel’s comment around seeing more men leaving leadership roles as a way of tackling the gender imbalance."
gender  diversity  techethics  kids  work 
14 days ago
The Hidden Costs of Cloud Adoption
Despite it being aw some, you still have to pay for public cloud, and it's pay as you go:

'“Cloud is an inexpensive and easily accessible technology,” the infrastructure survey concludes. “People consume more, thereby spending more, and forget to control or limit their consumption."'


"the market analyst found that 34 percent of enterprises polled said they have over the last year moved applications and data from a public cloud to either hosted private or on-premises private cloud."
451  surveys  privatecloud  cloud  digitaltransformation 
14 days ago
Yes, DevOps is all about business growth, especially the digital variety
Vendor survey, but whatever: “A survey of 1,300 executives just released by CA Technologies and Freeform Dynamics finds that while 75 percent recognize that these approaches drive significant business success when implemented together, only a relatively small proportion -- about one in five -- consider the consistency, depth and breadth of usage of these practices to be high.”
ca  devops  surveys  freeformdynamics 
14 days ago
Will 2018 be the year of the neo-luddite?
‘More significantly, the whole of society seems to have woken up to the fact there is a psychological cost to constant checking, swiping and staring. A growing number of my friends now have “no phone” times, don’t instantly sign into the cafe wifi, or have weekends away without their computers. This behaviour is no longer confined to intellectuals and academics, part of some clever critique of modernity. Every single parent I know frets about “screen time”, and most are engaged in a struggle with a toddler over how much iPad is allowed. The alternative is “slow living” or “slow tech”. “Want to become a slow-tech family?” writes Janell Burley Hoffmann, one of its proponents. “Wait! Just wait – in line, at the doctor’s, for the bus, at the school pickup – just sit and wait.” Turning what used to be ordinary behaviour into a “movement” is a very modern way to go about it. But it’s probably necessary.’
mobile  web2.0  techethics  thekids 
15 days ago
Foreign-Born Engineers Dominate Bay Area Tech Jobs
“Nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley women who work in computer, mathematical, architectural, and engineering occupations were born outside of the U.S., mostly in Asia. That includes nearly 79 percent of those in computer and mathematical professions. The data showed slightly more than 70 percent of men in those professions are foreign born.”
gender  techethics  surveys  work  Tech  immigration 
16 days ago
Working remotely, 4 years in
Yup, this is the thing: "I think this is actually a really important point to understand about remote work – on the remote teams I’ve been on, the the whole team has adopted a working style where all important team communication happens over Slack / video calls / email. IMO if your team is mostly remote, you’re forced to adopt a remote-first working style."
work  colo  collab  remote  developers 
16 days ago
The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech
“[W]e shouldn’t have to depend on journalism to do the tedious, serious work of understanding the problems with algorithms any more than we depend on it to pursue the latest questions in sociology or environmental science.”

More: “There is essentially no distinct field of academic study that takes seriously the responsibility of understanding and critiquing the role of technology — and specifically, the algorithms that are responsible for so many decisions — in our lives.”
ml  journalism  techethics  technews  ai 
16 days ago
The Kubernetes Lesson
“In modern software development organizations, however, what gets used in development and testing environments has a habit of showing up in production. This was the opportunity that Kubernetes was built to take advantage of. It provided developers with a means – an open source means, naturally – of taking the containers they were so enamored of and running them in production environments, but without having to make determinations such as which containers run on which hardware. In its initial incarnation, this was the simple, basic job that Kubernetes was hired for.”
kubernetes  redmonk  containers 
16 days ago
Trump’s Tariff Plan Leaves Blue-Collar Winners and Losers
“The mills and smelters that supply the raw material, and that would directly benefit from the tariffs, have been shrinking for years. Today, those industries employ fewer than 200,000 people. The companies that buy steel and aluminum, to make everything from trucks to chicken coops, employ more than 6.5 million workers, according to a Heritage Foundation analysis of Commerce Department data.”

Trade is hard.
politics  trade  economics  jobs  manufactoring 
17 days ago
How Tech Companies Became a Political Force
“When tech leaders prophesy a utopia of connectedness and freely flowing information, they do so as much out of self-interest as belief. Rather than a decentralized, democratic public square, the internet has given us a surveillance state monopolized by a few big players. That may puzzle technological determinists, who saw in networked communications the promise of a digital agora. But strip away the trappings of Google’s legendary origins or Atari’s madcap office culture, and you have familiar stories of employers versus employees, the maximization of profit, and the pursuit of power. In that way, at least, these tech companies are like so many of the rest.”
books  techethics  history  Tech 
18 days ago
Ordering from voice tubes
"Purchases made through devices such as Google Home and Amazon's Echo are projected to leap from $2 billion to $40 billion by 2022 as technology improves, U.S. consumers become more comfortable and the speakers become nearly as commonplace in homes as a flat-screen TV, according to a new study from OC&C Strategy Consultants."


"Shoppers are more apt to buy cheaper items, such as phone charger cables, via voice. The average online basket was $661 for online purchases of electronics, compared with $239 for voice orders, OC&C said. "
google  voice  alexa  retail  forecasts  amazon 
19 days ago
The Server Market Booms, And It Could Last For A While
“Datacenters certainly came to the fourth quarter of last year hungry, and according to the latest statistics from IDC, they consumed 2.84 million units of iron, a 10.8 percent increase over the prior year’s final quarter. Thanks to IBM’s big bump up with System z14 mainframe sales and to a general trend of buying beefier boxes for hefty machine learning, analytics, and HPC workloads (admittedly but a slice of the server shipment pie), revenues for those servers shipped rose by 26.4 percent to $20.65 billion. This is the first time ever that server sales broke through the $20 billion barrier, and after IDC finishes restating its ODM server revenues for the first quarter of 2017, it is likely that it will report revised sales for all of 2017 to kiss $67 billion. Over that same period, Intel’s Data Center Group will account for $19.1 billion in sales and $8.4 billion in operating profit, just to give you a sense of the chip giant’s slice of the pie. If you are generous and assume that there is a 10 percent operating margin on servers – and that is because big iron NUMA machines and mainframes bring up the class average bigtime even as the ODMs do maybe 5 points of profit at best – that is a potential operating profit for the server industry of around $7 billion. If that is close to reality, then Intel will have around 27 percent of server revenues passed back to it by its OEM and ODM partners as a cost for compoents. If you add Intel’s profit to the server industry’s aggregate profit, and then add in the profit for memory and flash makers, Intel could account for 40 percent of the profit and as much as 50 percent back when memory and flash cost half as much as it did a year ago.”
hardware  idc  chips  Marketsizing  intel  shipments  servers 
19 days ago
Federal Reserve chair says ‘Amazon effect’ could be responsible for low inflation
‘The “Amazon effect” refers to the decline in traditional retail employment despite expansion in the overall retail sector. That paradox is occurring because of the explosion of online retail, driven in part by Amazon. As online shopping becomes more efficient and widely-used, fewer traditional retail workers are needed. The Amazon theory purports that lower demand for retail labor keeps wages low and holds down the price of consumer goods. But economists are split on the extent to which this phenomenon actually impacts inflation.’
automation  jobs  economics  retail  amazon 
19 days ago
VMware might just have cracked the container market with NSX
“But perhaps the most significant news was that VMware has started to see customers buy its NSX network virtualization software just to put it to work with the Pivotal Container Service.”
qtr_calls  networking  nsx  sdn  vmware  kubernetes  pks 
19 days ago
Microservices: It’s All About the Events
‘The traditional server request/response model for computing comes from an imperative programming model, though an events-based model really is more of a functional programming model, she noted. “Functional programming models work really, really well for distributed systems,” she said.’
conferences  microservices  serverless 
20 days ago
The parent trap: can you be a good writer and a good parent?
“I had experienced being judged as a mother, when I periodically left my son with my husband from the age of six months – he is six now – to go away to write. I only departed for a week at a time. But who knows what I might have done had I lived in 1940s Southern Rhodesia, trapped in a life of coffee mornings and sundowners, worrying, as Lessing did, that the time when she could openly be herself might never come.”
books  gender  parenthood  writing 
21 days ago
The History of the Service Mesh
Gotta find and manage all that middleware.
cloudnative  middleware  services 
21 days ago
PKS: The answer for “everything else” in your data center
“PKS will provide a comfortable environment to run freshly containerized legacy workloads and packaged software in an on-premise model to start, if desired, on top of VMWare vSphere.”
legacy  pks  kubernetes  pivotal 
21 days ago
The New HPE Sheriff Lays Down The Hybrid IT Law
“The larger problem, as we have pointed out before, is that it is very difficult to make a buck in the server, storage, and networking business with so many big buyers pushing down prices, enterprises shifting some compute from their own datacenters to public clouds (and therefore some of their budgets from capex to opex), and so many companies competing to sell wares to datacenters.”
hp  qtr_calls  hpe  servers 
21 days ago
Warren Buffett reveals more details about healthcare venture with JPMorgan and Amazon
“We have got a huge, competitive disadvantage in American businesses, far more important than any tax change, in terms of our healthcare costs.”
healthinsurance  healthcare  amazon 
21 days ago
Why Are We Still Talking About the 'Millennial Problem' in the Workfore
“All the ‘demands’ millennials have that people think are so outrageous are things everyone wants--work/life balance, recognition when they do a good job, a sense of purpose--this is all stuff managers should be giving to their employees, anyway,” says Michael Greer, a digital marketing consultant who has led employee training and development initiatives for over a decade. “The complaints and demands you’re hearing from your millennial employees are the same ones everyone else is grumbling about where you can’t hear them.”
work  thekids  hr 
24 days ago
Dropbox S-1 Analysis - The King of Freemium
“Founded in 2007, Dropbox epitomizes the freemium go-to-market. Dropbox has grown from 0 to 500 million users over that time period. 2% of those users convert to paid and pay an average of $9.33 per month. 90% of revenue originates through self serve channels - an astounding figure for company that generated more than $1B in revenue last year.”
dropbox  storage  financials  charts  ipos  qtr_calls 
24 days ago
Dropbox IPO and financials
“Dropbox made $1.106 billion in revenue in the year ending in December, and lost $111.7 million on a net basis. That was growth of 31% in revenue terms, and an improvement on the bottom line of roughly half the year-earlier losses.”
storage  qtr_calls  ipos  dropbox 
25 days ago
Why isn't digital fixing the productivity puzzle?
"In addition, stagnant wages had implications for limiting demand growth. In our sector analysis, we found weak demand dampened productivity growth through other channels than investment, such as economies of scale and a subsector mix shift.”
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26 days ago
Dell EMC's Chad Sakac Takes New Role At Pivotal Software To Align Dell's Cloud, Software, Hardware - Page: 1 | CRN
"The job is simple – helping make our aligned Dell Technologies developer platform come together, and make our answer on the 'how' (material = more important) of 'digital transformation' (buzzword = less important) reach more customers," Sakac wrote.
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27 days ago
How technology is designed to bring out the worst in us
Don’t let the computers control you. Also, Silicon Valley’s obsession with mindfulness.
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27 days ago
'Amazon-proof' Home Depot builds on its DIY digital foundations
“Versus prior year, our online sales grew 21% in the fourth quarter and 21.5% in fiscal 2017, now representing 6.7% of our total sales. While we are seeing significant growth in our online sales, these online shoppers see the relevance of our stores as approximately 46% of our online U.S. orders are picked up in our stores”
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28 days ago
The gender wage gap is really a child care penalty
“In Denmark, childbearing creates a 20 percent gender wage gap.”
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4 weeks ago
Will UK lose global business and tech leader status post-Brexit?
‘James Governor, Analyst at RedMonk said: “Brexit will be the biggest systemic shock to British business in the more than 70 years. The scale of change will require an unprecedented investment in IT, with in-house application development becoming more important than ever to deal with complexity.”’
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4 weeks ago
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