Embracing Kubernetes Doesn't Have to Mean OPERATING Kubernetes - Container Solutions
“You can now embrace Kubernetes without managing all the pain yourself. AKS going GA yesterday was the trigger: now, all three major cloud providers offer production-ready managed Kubernetes services. Businesses may now run Kubernetes on the cloud of their choice, without needing to install, operate, and maintain their own Kubernetes management infrastructure.”
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The Bezos-Buffett-Dimon health care venture: Eliminate the middlemen
“There’s ample room to replicate that success in health care, because the system in the U.S. has long been plagued by excessive transaction costs – the expenses incurred when buying or selling goods and services. These include irrational pricing, as evidenced by the price of services varying wildly for hospitals, insurers and patients. This, along with unnecessarily complicated billing systems, creates the need for extensive bureaucracies to manage all the varied relationships.”
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IBM Drops Cloud Management Platform Onto Kubernetes
“The CMS platform is used by organizations to manage enterprise applications. Those applications include offerings from SAP and Oracle. CMS includes security, disaster recovery, automated infrastructure, and application management.... IBM launched its Cloud Private service last November. It’s built on a Kubernetes-based container architecture that supports integration and portability of workloads between the cloud environment and management across multiple clouds. This includes IBM Cloud, IBM PowerVC, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware on and off premises.”
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Galloping greenback rocks Red Hat
"30 per cent growth in emerging technologies came in part from 100 new customers signing up for the company’s OpenShift container platform.... The company’s services business grew nicely and president and CEO Jim Whitehurst proudly pointed out that Red Hat now has over 1,000 subscribers, up 70 per cent year on year."


"The company also admitted to some weakness in its middleware business, but Whitehurst said that should turn around as sales of OpenShift pick up because it needs middleware. However Shander said Oracle and IBM are discounting middleware by 98 per cent “or whatever it takes to hold onto that tail of the business”, making the field hard.'
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The association of lifetime alcohol use with mortality and cancer risk in older adults: A cohort study
“In comparison to lifetime light alcohol drinkers (1–3 drinks per week), lifetime never or infrequent drinkers (<1 drink/week), as well as heavy (2–<3 drinks/day) and very heavy drinkers (3+ drinks/day) had increased overall mortality and combined risk of cancer or death.”
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Grocers Partner For Digital Growth
"Digital grocery is growing at a CAGR of 17% globally but remains less than 3% of the US retail grocery market," making businesses cases for innovation near impossible. And, with margins averaging 1.62%, only the largest have cash to easily spare.
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2 days ago
Serverless Impacts on Business, Process and Culture
‘Sharples said the main interest stems from an enterprise love of microservices, where incremental delivery, agility and faster delivery are being embraced. “But we see adopters struggle with the operational complexity of managing and monitoring distributed systems, and that is where serverless has gotten their attention. You get the microservices benefits, but from a developer perspective it is very easy — it is just about the code. And on the ops side, serverless is a very good model for those building automated ops systems. To respond to a log event, doing that as a serverless invocation is pretty convenient.” Sharples says that in his weekly and daily chats with enterprise customers, serverless is piquing their interest.’

Microservicoed fine in dev, SRE problem now.
cloudnative  serverless 
2 days ago
Why software giants are failing
Should have done cloud earlier.

There’s another angle: when and how does a product manager call/predict a huge shift like traditional, on-premises software to “cloud”?
cloud  licensing  oracle  productmanager 
2 days ago
How Tech Companies Conquered America’s Cities
“But what Uber lacked in political support it made up for in local popularity. Through its app, the company had a direct connection to thousands of riders and drivers who were making a living from its service.”
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2 days ago
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Is Now Generally Available - More Regions and New Features
“The GA release of AKS includes a set of new features available in all regions like the Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC), Azure Active Directory-based identity, and the ability to deploy clusters into pre-existing custom virtual networks.”
azure  kubernetes  publiccloud  cloudnative 
3 days ago
The full-time job of keeping up with Kubernetes
“In practice and actual fact, what really matters for older Kubernetes version support is the continued availability and exercising of its end-to-end testing pipeline. If the machinery to quickly update an old release continues to exist, and exist in a state of good (non-flakey) repair, cutting a patch release is just a matter of someone – you, your provider or your vendor – having the engineering gumption to push it through. If a critical security fix isn’t back-ported to an older Kubernetes version, that’s a strong sign that no reasonably professional team is using that version in production anymore.”
history  testing  opensource  cloudnative  kubernetes 
4 days ago
Splunk acquires VictorOps to take it – and you – into site reliability engineering
“Adding these tools to Splunk’s roster, Mann said, means it can now monitor apps, provide an environment in which to fix them and allow the deeper investigations that figure out root cause of problems and allow re-designs of infrastructure and code to stop them recurring.”
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4 days ago
Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate
“Mindfulness might be unhelpful for dealing with difficult assignments at work, but it may be exactly what is called for in other contexts. There is no denying that mindfulness can be beneficial, bringing about calm and acceptance. Once you’ve reached a peak level of acceptance, however, you’re not going to be motivated to work harder.”
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6 days ago
CIOs planning to snub Oracle for other cloudy vendors – analyst
“Murphy has told clients that a survey of 154 CIOs revealed negative spending intentions towards Oracle, with CNBC reporting that his note said just 2 per cent of respondents said Oracle was their most integral vendor for cloud computing. In contrast, 27 per cent chose Microsoft and 12 per cent opted for Oracle CTO Larry Ellison's cloudy nemesis Amazon. The analyst's note added that CIOs have told the analysts they are migrating off Big Red and onto Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon databases and PostgreSQL.”
usage  databases  surveys  oracle 
7 days ago
Docker Enterprise Edition Offers Multicloud App Management
“More than 50 percent of Docker’s customers are using Windows containers for modernizing legacy apps.”
dockercon  containers  docker  windows  usage 
9 days ago
Marriott CEO on Tech Giants: 'We Are in an Absolute War for Who Owns the Customer'
All the tech-driven competition in hotels:

“We have seen more and more business shift to our direct channels. We’ve seen loyalty continue to drive a higher share of the business that is coming into our hotels. And we think we’re competing or we compete against these platforms quite well.”
hospitality  hotels  disruption  verticals 
14 days ago
Enterprises taking path of greatest resistance to cloud, survey shows
Still a lot of stuff on-premises, and people want to move it to public cloud:

'More than 80 percent of respondents have more than 100 applications under their purview, and a solid majority have a good deal still managed on-premises. The survey finds 74 percent stating at least half of these applications are on-premises. Another 71 percent of respondents see many of their on-premises applications as mission-critical to their business.'

How they're moving apps:

'Yet, the report's authors state, "enterprises are choosing the path of most resistance, unintentionally creating a self-induced cloud skills gap." That consists of cloud migration strategies that require the highest degree of IT skills -- 49 percent cited refactoring or rewriting applications as their primary modernization strategy.

'One in five, 20 percent, say they are rewriting core applications from scratch using cloud-native PaaS services. Another 28 percent are refactoring applications for the cloud using cloud-natuive and traditional applications. Another 20 percent are outright replacing applications with SaaS-based applications. About 12 percent are taking a "lift-and-shift" approach to simply move entire applications to hosted services.'

Survey of 450 "executive," by 451 Research.
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16 days ago
Investors High on Low-Code Developers
“OutSystems cited other market forecasts that estimate the global low-code market is worth as much as $27 billion, with annual compound growth rates as high as 44 percent.”

Seems pretty big.
Marketsizing  funding  lowcoding  outsystems  low 
16 days ago
The Cost of Developers
That’s a lot of money.

“on the other side of the spectrum, purely enterprise-focused companies like IBM or Oracle would be tempted to wring every possible bit of profit out of the company.... What Microsoft wants is much fuzzier: it wants to be developers’ friend, in large part because it has no other option.”
m&a  git  microsoft  github  developers 
17 days ago
CNCF Brings the Helm Package Manager for Kubernetes into the Fold
“The software allows users to share applications as Kubernetes charts. The applications themselves, under Helm, can be consistently set up across different Kubernetes deployments. The software also provides a way to manage individual Kubernetes manifests, or configuration files... Helm joins a growing number of CNCF projects, all designed to ease the process of running workloads on cloud services in a vendor-neutral way. Other projects include Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, Linkerd, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, rkt, CNI, Envoy, Jaeger, Notary, TUF, Vitess, and NATS.”
cloudnative  packaging  kubernetes 
19 days ago
What’s really driving digital transformation globally? IDC has answers
IDC survey on digital transformation says organizations are motivated to get more “productivity” and be more competitive, among other survey findings. And, as always, “the biggest barriers are people oriented.”
IDC  infor  surveys  digitaltransformation 
22 days ago
The State Of The Kubernetes Ecosystem
Overview of the (vendor) players.


- "According to predictions from 451 Research, the market is set to grow from $762 million in 2016 to $2.7 billion by 2020."

- “A Forrester study found that 66% of organizations who adopted containers experienced accelerated developers efficiency, while 75% of companies achieved a moderate to significant increase in application deployment speed.”
kubernetes  marketsizing  451  Forrester  surveys  overviews  startups  cloudnative  profiltes 
22 days ago
Kubernetes won – so now what?
"Kubernetes has in fact already lost the war to serverless."

All the cool kids are leap-frogging their thurt leadership.
redmonk  serverless  kubernetes  conferences  KubeCon 
22 days ago
The Kubernetes ‘fork’: Open source purists miss the point | InfoWorld
“Enterprises want stuff that works. As much as we in the open source world chatter and fret about vendor lockin, enterprises have demonstrated a remarkable ability to shrug off that concern and buy deeply into Microsoft, Oracle, and, yes, Red Hat’s OpenShift.”
cloudnative  redhat  opensource  kubernetes 
22 days ago
From Pink Milk to Smart Questions, How to Be a Rebel Leader
“We underestimate how flattering it is to be asked for advice. By asking questions, we give others the opportunity to share their personal experience and wisdom, thus stroking their ego. Curiosity is a way of being rebellious in the world. Rebels fight their fears and are willing to push past the discomfort of showing others that they need their help. It may feel scary, but it brings about all sorts of benefits. Curiosity is related to both greater positive emotions and greater closeness when we interact with strangers for the first time. In one study my colleagues and I conducted.”
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24 days ago
Understanding legacy technology in government
Defining and dealing with legacy IT, from a UK government perspective:

“Most organisations have an overarching IT strategy in line with their business strategy but some are taking an alternate approach to legacy. A common tactic is to migrate the business away from legacy in small parts, rather than all at once.”
legacy  govt  uk 
25 days ago
Five Minute Finance
A fantastic, quick overview for understanding all those finance numbers and sheets.
redmonk  finance  accounting  numbers 
25 days ago
Full Cycle Developers at Netflix
How Netflix thinks about standardized platforms and tools, plus their adaptation of DevOps and SRE.

“Full cycle developers apply engineering discipline to all areas of the life cycle. They evaluate problems from a developer perspective and ask questions like “how can I automate what is needed to operate this system?” and “what self-service tool will enable my partners to answer their questions without needing me to be involved?” This helps our teams scale by favoring systems-focused rather than humans-focused thinking and automation over manual approaches.”
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25 days ago
Why Do Meeting Cancellations Say "I'm Giving You Back 30 Minutes ... You're Welcome"?
‘If the meeting was for your benefit the organizer would not word the cancellation that way. That’s why you don’t hear “I don’t think we need to interview you so we’re giving you back 30 minutes. You’re welcome.” or “we’re canceling your parole hearing so you can go back to your cell and enjoy an extra 15 minutes. You’re welcome”.’
bigco  meetings  gartner 
29 days ago
6 questions with winner of the 2018 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Leadership Award
"They won't get comfortable with failure if you make a very big deal about it and keep reminding them that they failed. I normally tell them, 'You found a way that doesn't work, let's go find a way that does.' They are probably more sensitive to the voice of the leaders, so if the leaders are basically saying, 'Hey, no big deal, let's dust ourselves off, and here's the next cool thing to go try,' they can move on very quickly and get excited about something new."
blamesless  cio  digitaltransformation  learning  management 
4 weeks ago
Management Support in Agile Adoption
“In the global survey 82% of respondents reported that getting more support and commitment from all levels of management is a high or medium-term priority. In addition to this research, conversations we have with senior IT professionals all report that as IT has become ingrained in most, if not quite all, business processes it is essential that everyone involved in operating the business needs to be aware of how IT is being used and how it can change daily operations. Without management commitment across the organization, things will get better and change, but not as quickly or as effectively as they could.”

1.) The middle is always frozen. But, thanks because middle management is supposed to, is designed to make sure the process is followed, not dynamically change it all the time.

2.) The business should know how to computer.
management  agile  survey  digitaltransformation 
4 weeks ago
NASA faces ‘significant’ IT management weaknesses, GAO says
‘GAO seems to concur with the IG’s assessment. “Until NASA addresses these [IT governance] weaknesses, it will face increased risk of investing in duplicative investments or may miss opportunities to ensure investments perform as intended,” the report states.’

Must be tough for the CIO types over there with that report.
govt  nasa  deathmarch  itmanagement  process  scandal 
4 weeks ago
​Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth pulls no punches on Red Hat and VMware in OpenStack cloud
“If you want OpenStack and Kubernetes support with vendor independence at a low price, Canonical is your company. If you prefer a partner, which offers a soup-to-nuts stack, but at a higher price, look to Red Hat. And, of course, if you're already wedded to VMware, you've made your choice. There's room for all these approaches to the 21st century cloud and containers.”
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4 weeks ago
Ride-hailing app Grab partners Maybank for mobile wallet launch
To be a little Friedman in a taxi here: when I was in Jakarta, you could see the huge banking expansion available in converting much of the country to cashless. All these merchants and buyers (people, if you will) who are purely cash based and don’t have bank accounts. And that’s just one (albeit it, giant) city:

Ooi Huey Tyng, MD, GrabPay Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, says: "The whole industry needs to come together to make the cashless economy a reality in Malaysia. We are honoured to partner with Maybank which not only shares our vision of a cashless payments future, but also recognises Grab as ideally poised to help make this a reality.

"With GrabPay mobile wallet as the leading payment method on our Grab app, it will build an interconnected ecosystem of our services, thus making Grab an everyday app to complement consumers’ everyday lifestyle."

Also, I love this “cashless” term. So much better than “mobile payments.”
maylaysia  banking  grab  cashless  payments  mobile 
4 weeks ago
Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth takes aim at VMware and Red Hat at OpenStack Summit
“A lot of institutions are figuring out that Ubuntu and upstream Kubernetes gives them 80% of what they need from PaaS, while the open Kubernetes ecosystem takes care of the remaining 20%. And that comes in at a third of the cost of Red Hat,” he said.

Also, he says they’re much cheaper than VMware and RHEL.
kubernetes  opensource  linux  cloudnative  canonical 
4 weeks ago
Can IT finally deliver innovation without busting its own budget? Docker's CEO says yes.
“What we’re seeing at companies like MetLife or Northern Trust is they’re taking their app and infrastructure management cost, and cutting it in half. Let’s say that you can cut 15 million dollars out of your app and infrastructure management cost, which by the way, some of our customers are at. That’s 50 million dollars you can go spend on innovation. That’s not going to the CEO and saying look, I need another hundred million dollars in my budget. That’s freeing up 50-100 million dollars of your existing budget.”

I assume that jump from $15m to $50m is a typo, or something.
cloudnative  docker  containers  cases  interviews 
4 weeks ago
Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency
‘Whiteboards are a tool used by a certain type of person to “take over” a meeting. Simply going to the board and picking up a pen changes the whole dynamic of meeting ownership, agenda, control and creates a power-dynamic that is pretty hostile to collaboration. The worst part of whiteboards is that some people just don’t have the ego or personality to go to a whiteboard so they will never contribute that way. The real problem is that whatever gets written on a whiteboard can have more weight than what is said by others or than it deserves simply because it was “written”. I’ve seen whole product positioning statements upended because someone stood up at a whiteboard and rearranged the 3x3 and bullied everyone by controlling the board.’

A whole about corporate meetings in the rest of the article.
work  meetings  bigco 
5 weeks ago
CoreOS Is New Linux, Not A RHEL Classic Killer
‘Importantly, the OpenShift platform cloud software, which included Red Hat’s own implementation of the Kubernetes container controller, will be deployable on either the full-on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in pets mode or the minimalist Red Hat CoreOS in cattle mode. But it will be using the Tectonic version of the Kubernetes controller going forward as well as integrating the Prometheus monitoring tool and etcd for storing telemetry. Gracely tells The Next Platform that the implementation of Kubernetes had outside dependencies such as the CloudForms hybrid cloud management tool (formerly ManageIQ) and was not “native” to Kubernetes in the same way that Tectonic is, meaning free of outside dependenies.’
kubernetes  integration  redhat  platforms  openshift  cloudnative  coreos 
5 weeks ago
Air Force looks to rapidly develop software with Project Kessel Run
More coverage of the USAF modernizing their approach to software. Here, what some of the apps are: “Kessel Run has been able to push five applications to the classified network, Kroger said.... The project is currently working on a number of things, including how the Air Force plans air tasking orders, a document which tasks units to fly their aircraft, Kroger said. It’s also working on building a tool that automates mission reports, which have to be written for every mission that flies, Kroger said.”
USAF  proofpoints  cloudnative  pivotal  cases  agile 
5 weeks ago
Narrowing questions
“What is the thing I made most confusing today?”
questions  interviews  management 
5 weeks ago
CIOs Must Use EAs To Be Successful In Their Digital Transformations
“Developing a portfolio of architecture products to articulate the firm’s enterprise architecture. DevOps and business product managers have become very skilled in product management. However, it has been difficult to link business and technology products in a meaningful way. EAs have productized architectural components — customer journeys, value streams, and life cycles — as a tool to bridge this gap and align business products, architectural products, and technology products to strategy.”
enterprisearchitecture  forrester  digitaltransformation  platforms 
5 weeks ago
Stoicism made simple
Aside from the last, this is good advice for any advice format, I including the hustle-medium of marketing:

“– Stoicism is focused on uncomplicated theories of life
– Stoicism is so clear that you can take action from the advice immediately
– Study is not required to understand Stoicism
– The most read Stoic is Lucius Seneca. Marcus Aurelius is also very popular”
stoics  marketing  philosophy  writing  mindfulness 
6 weeks ago
Government services must go digital, lawmakers urge in new bill
“The bill text points to an Internal Revenue Service report in which the agency shares that, for the fiscal 2014, live assistance cost between $42 and $53 per inbound correspondence. Digital transactions in the same time period, in contrast, cost the IRS just $0.22.”
us  policy  govt  irs  callcenters  proofpoints  digitaltransformation 
6 weeks ago
Mad Magazine's clout may have faded, but its ethos matters more than ever before
“As strange as it sounds, I believe the “usual gang of idiots” that produced Mad was performing a vital public service, teaching American adolescents that they shouldn’t believe everything they read in their textbooks or saw on TV.”
media  magazines  rhetoric 
6 weeks ago
Does Your Company Have an AI Strategy, Really?
“A global survey of more than 3,000 executives by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT’s Sloan Management Review found that 84 percent of respondents believe AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, 83 percent feel AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today, and 75 percent are counting on AI to open opportunities for new businesses and ventures.”

Also, a generalized set of questions for thinking through what AI stuff to do and strategize about in the enterprise.
ai  surveys  evaluating 
6 weeks ago
Bringing CoreOS technology to Red Hat OpenShift to deliver a next-generation automated Kubernetes platform
“With the acquisition, Container Linux will be reborn as Red Hat CoreOS, a new entry into the Red Hat ecosystem. Red Hat CoreOS will be based on Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources and is expected to ultimately supersede Atomic Host as Red Hat’s immutable, container-centric operating system.

“Red Hat CoreOS will provide the foundation for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Online, and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will also, of course, continue to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux for those who prefer its lifecycle and packaging as the foundation for their Kubernetes deployments.

“Current Container Linux users can rest easy that Red Hat plans continue investing in the operating system and community. The project is an important base for container-based environments by delivering automated updates with strong security capabilities, and as a part of our commitment and vision we plan to support Container Linux as you know it today for the community and Tectonic users alike.”
m&a  redhat  containers  cloudnative  coreos  integration 
6 weeks ago
Microsoft sees Red ...Hat for OpenShift-on-Azure public cloud offering
‘Rollout of the partnership will occur in two phases, with Azure support for OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Azure and Azure Stack available now. The jointly managed OpenShift on Azure project is slated to go into its preview phase "in the coming months."’
azurestack  microsoft  azure  partnerships  redhat  cloud 
6 weeks ago
CA Technologies Begins Site, Workforce Consolidation
‘Part of this shift is driven by a site consolidation strategy “to move more of our people into our centers of excellence,” said Gregoire. “This migration of our teams into fewer, larger locations supports our agile methodology.” According the Gregoire, the company has embraced an “agile” model, where employees need to be present in the office to be effective, meaning a number of these migrations will come from satellite offices.’
ca  systemsmanagement  agile  layoffs 
6 weeks ago
Dell EMC Merger Required Its Own Digital Transformation Program
“It was not like we went from three days to two days to one day. We went from three days to 18 minutes immediately. It was like flipping a light switch.”
dell  cases  proofpoints  PivotalCloudFoundry 
6 weeks ago
Write it down
“Whenever someone asks me to do something that I think seems ill-conceived in some way, I ask them to write it down. That's it. Because writing is high effort. Making sentences is the easy bit, it's the thinking I want them to do. By considering their request it slows them down. Maybe 30% of the time or something, they come back and say 'oh, that thing I asked you to do, I've had a think and it's fine, we don't need to do it'.

“This little method isn't about doing less. Well, actually it is. It's about doing less important things instead of important things. It's not about being obstructive. I certainly don't ask someone 'why?' five times (which is a shortcut to being called a smart-arse in my experience). This is about a light-touch way of asking someone to slow down.”
process  bigco  work 
6 weeks ago
Adam Smith, Misanthrope
‘The feminist writer Katrine Marcal recently wrote a critique of modern economics under the title “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?” A fair question; for most of Smith’s life the answer was his mother, who predeceased him by only six years.’
economics  quotes  johnadams 
6 weeks ago
Innovation at the edge: the top air defence trends by domain
"Software company Pivotal, backed by Dell EMC, VMWare, GE, Microsoft and Ford, has developed a tanker refuelling solution for the USAF with the US Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx); Running on the firm’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, the software solution was built for under $2m in 90 days and is now being used in operational areas including Qatar. It currently saves the US Air Force $1 million per day in fuel costs, with the software being managed by just one person. It also aligns with USAF’s Air Operations Centre (AOC) capabilities via a continuous delivery software development pipeline to a hybrid cloud-based platform alongside the legacy AOC 10.1 system."
cases  USAF  PivotalCloudFoundry  pivotal  proofpoints  cloudnative 
6 weeks ago
Cambridge Analytica: how did it turn clicks into votes?
“[I]f you live in the Hamptons and have nothing to do in the afternoon, you fill out consumer research surveys.”
ml  scandal  politics  analytics 
6 weeks ago
Warren Buffett says cryptocurrency attracts charlatans, AI won’t change investing
“We were not ideally located to be high-tech wizards,” Munger said, adding “I have been to Google headquarters. It looks to me like a kindergarten.”

“A very rich kindergarten.”
quotes  investing  ai  google  Tech  qrt_calls  insurance  berkshire 
6 weeks ago
Digital transformation in power generation and delivery
"Over the next decade, the electricity industry is predicted to unlock approximately $1.3 trillion in value through development and digitization of infrastructure, including platforms, devices, as well as cloud and advanced analytics."

With the "greatest opportunities are predicted at the retail (8.5% EBIT improvement) and generation (6.6%) levels."
ge  digitaltransformation  verticals  predix  power  numbers  cases 
6 weeks ago
Walmart, IBM, and blockchaining the supply chain
A longer piece, including some alternative suggestions from Gartner:

‘When it comes to supply chains, Valdes believes that blockchains could play an important coordinating role. “If you have a fragmented business ecosystem, with many parties who don’t know each other but need to do business, then they could collaborate through a blockchain,” he says. But there’s a catch. “It’s a ‘boil the ocean’ problem,” he says, meaning that it’ll take fundamental shifts in an industry for adoption to take place. Optimistically, he says, it would take a decade for the industry to rearrange itself so that everyone was logging interactions on a blockchain.

‘Valdes argues that a company as dominant as Walmart doesn’t need its suppliers on a blockchain. It can simply ask its vendors to use whatever system it chooses. “They have been very successful because over the years they have built a robust system of record for their supply chain,” he says. “If you were a supplier to them, you would happily accept their centralized version of the truth.”’
grocery  cases  supplychain  blockchain  IBM  gartner  walmart 
6 weeks ago
Walmart's Blockchain Program May Transform the Way We Use Data
Verifying claims (like organic) and tracking in the supply gain, but not explanation of how or how you trust the people who made the claims.
supplychain  walmart  IBM  cases  kroger  food  grocery 
6 weeks ago
Is the internet good or bad for society? Americans are having a tougher time deciding.
"The percentage of people who think the internet is good for society is shrinking. Roughly 70 percent of American adults who use the internet believe it’s mostly good for society, down from 76 percent in 2014, Pew found."


"About 64 percent of online adults over 65 say the internet has been “a mostly good thing for society,” Pew wrote. In 2014, that number was 78 percent."
charts  sentiment  internet  media  surveys  age  pew 
6 weeks ago
Post-Authenticity and the Ironic Truths of Meme Culture
‘What is changing, I argue, are the cultural formats people are using for discussion — the carrier waves for this signal. This is where “authenticity” isn’t a useful claim any more, having been wholly co-opted and commodified into its opposite. Culture and the way we communicate — shaped by media affordances — have become more complex, ironic, and multi-layered than that.

‘It turns out, even people who share fake news stories are trying to tell a kind of truth too.’
thekids  memes  culture  hipsters  style 
7 weeks ago
Authenticity Wins
Put user generated content in your Web 2.0 hustling mix:

“The study also highlights other social media nuances that might be easy to overlook. While posts featuring user-generated content deliver a higher lift than traditional brand posts, the research makes clear that filling your feed with UGC images isn’t always the way to go. Luxury beauty brands see a 23% engagement lift from UGC, yet auto brands see a more modest 3% increase. This could be a matter of frequency, as luxury brands feature user-generated content in only 2% of posts, while auto companies include it in a fifth of content.”
advertising  luxery  web2.0  gartner  marketing  studies 
7 weeks ago
Bed, Bath & Beyond - when you wish upon a digital vision...your share price collapses
Pretty extensive layout of a strategy and plans for doing Omni-channel at such a retailer.
digitaltransformation  retail  cases  omnichannel 
7 weeks ago
More Firms Look for Revenue Boost from Tech Innovation, CIOs
“In a survey of 767 business executives at tech-focused firms around the world, revenue growth was cited as the top metric to measure the success or failure of tech innovation in their organizations, followed by market share and return on investment, KPMG said this week.”
digitaltransformation  surveys  metrics 
7 weeks ago
Security basics
“If you’re in the field of cybersecurity, a lot of what we’re preaching will sound extraordinarily basic to you. It is extraordinarily basic. We as a nation are not at a point where we have done the extraordinarily basic things.”
thecyber  security 
7 weeks ago
European privacy regulations predicted to damage digital advertising revenue
“Citi cites forecasts that ePrivacy could trigger a 70% reduction in European display ad revenue, and a 33% cut in digital ad budgets, either of which could eviscerate Facebook and Google, at least under their current business model.”

The narrative that these are “tech companies,” at at least that these are the only tech companies, still drives me crazy. For example, are IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle in that bucket. Aside from advertising at Bing, clearly not. So called “tech companies” in this discussion should be called “advertising companies.”
studies  eprivacy  regulations  GDPR  advertising  predictions  web2.0 
7 weeks ago
Amy Chozick’s book is about Hillary Clinton — and all the things reporters don’t write in their stories about Hillary Clinton
“I think her career is going to be such a symbol of how we viewed powerful women in this period of American history, that it’s going to be incredibly important and studied for decades,” she said. “The fact the last chapter of her political career was up against this candidate who was bragging about sexually assaulting women, and had a known history of insulting women, it was such a confluence of forces.”
books  hillary  gender  politics  journalism 
7 weeks ago
Whoa, Gartner drops a truth bomb: Blockchain is overhyped and top IT bods don't want it
“In its annual survey of IT leaders, the analyst firm found that just 1 per cent are already using blockchain and only 8 per cent plan to experiment with it in the short term.

“In contrast, a third of the 293 respondents said they had no interest in blockchain, and a further 43 per cent said they had no action planned but the tech was "on the radar" – hardly surprising given that it's thrown into just about every product announcement going.”
surveys  blockchain  gartner 
7 weeks ago
Measuring Trust and Its Impact on Leadership and Organisational Change
'trust enables teams to "make decisions faster (and revisit them less often)." He pointed out that it encourages teams and individuals to "proactively admit to and learn from mistakes instead of scrambling to hide them.”'
management  work  digitaltransformation  trust 
7 weeks ago
The Top Challenges Kubernetes Users Face with Deployment
“The results show that complexity — a common criticism of Kubernetes — is only the fifth most cited challenge. In the lead are infrastructure-related challenges. Security was cited by 46 percent of Kubernetes users, with networking and storage coming in second and third place.”
cncf  kubernetes  cloudnative  surveys 
7 weeks ago
Ways We Work: Pivotal Labs
Overview of how Pivotal Labs does design.

Nina Mehta: “You have a buddy to basically share the mind space with and get immediate feedback. All of the benefits of pair programming are very similar from pair designing.”
pivotal  pivotallabs  design  pairing 
7 weeks ago
Volkswagen CIO Martin Hofmann: IT experts in our labs work the Silicon Valley way - Automotive World
'Hofmann commented that at the same time Volkswagen was establishing new workstyles which are being further developed. “Our IT experts in our labs in Berlin and Munich work the Silicon Valley way, we have brought the Valley to Volkswagen. Pivotal is supporting our experts with over 20 experts from San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado, and is training them in new software development methods. Our aim is to firmly anchor these skills and workstyles in the Group and in Germany. In the medium term, there will be more than 600 programmers, data scientists, design thinking experts and cloud architects working in our labs in Berlin, Munich and San Francisco”, Hofmann said.'
cases  pivotal  digitaltransformation  Volkswagen 
7 weeks ago
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