IBM’s Cloud CTO: We Needed a Developer-First Mindset
“Governance from an operations and runtime perspective becomes critical. The real-time load balancing, where do I run stuff, who has access to it: All that makes it easier for teams to deploy stuff. That’s the point of Istio: how do we provide a framework so if I am the CTO of an enterprise with 20000 engineers working across 1000 applications at my financial institution, I have to make sure I maintain some level of governance as to how this comes together.
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5 days ago
Is your application architecture prepared for microservices? | TechBeacon
The ideal architecture to support small, incremental application improvements at speed —a goal of DevOps—is one that breaks the application into many loosely…
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16 days ago
How to Remaster Enterprise Architecture for a Cloud-Native World
You'll find negative stereotypes for most jobs. "Ambulance-chasing lawyer." "Greedy banker." "Corrupt politician." One that hits close to home for me? "Ivory…
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16 days ago
Introducing Spring Cloud Function
Spring Cloud Function is a new project with the following high-level goals: Promote the implementation of business logic via functions. Decouple the development…
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17 days ago
In Texas, political showdown over bathrooms has been years in the making | The Texas Tribune
Last Sunday, on the 132nd day of a 140-day session, Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick briefly escaped the hectic legislative home stretch in Austin to…
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7 weeks ago
The Bright Ops Future - Reinventing Operations in the Age of Cloud-Native IT
Slides from a Forrester/Pivotal webinar. Some survey charts on automation and DevOps stuff. Also, an overview of Pivotal's platform and cloud-native roles.
surveys  Forrester  DevOps  automation  Pivotal  cloudnative 
7 weeks ago
Which workloads are attracted to the edge?
A chart ranking IoT workloads by latency tolerated and "criticality." Logarithmic stuff involved.
networking  iot  Charts  451 
8 weeks ago
Red Hat To Acquire Codenvy – Codenvy Blog
"When the transaction closes, Codenvy and Red Hat will combine resources to create an agile development platform for OpenShift-powered applications."
IDEs  cloud  m&a  RedHat  OpenShift  developers 
8 weeks ago
How To Crop Any Image To A Perfect Square Using Preview
"hold down Option and Shift while dragging. Now, your selection will be constrained to a square"
tips  howto  osx  Preview.app  square  photography 
9 weeks ago
Dell EMC World: Michael Dell's 7 Keys To The Future Of Dell Technologies And The IT Industry | CRN Mobile
'The competition has made companies smarter, and better at putting intelligence and tools into their applications. Dell highlighted customers like Boeing and JP Morgan Chase, which have used Dell EMC's Pivotal cloud platform, he said, "to level the playing field." Pivotal Cloud Foundry, he said, "is the operating system for digital transformation and the Internet of Things." Pivotal provides software development, as well as a cloud platform, allowing companies to develop new applications and migrate legacy applications to Cloud Foundry.'
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10 weeks ago
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