NYTimes: Trump to Order Mexican Border Wall and Curtail Immigration
"Mr. Obama increased the overall number of refugees to be resettled in the United States to 85,000 and ordered that 10,000 of the slots be reserved for Syrians. He set the number of refugees to be resettled this year at 110,000, more than double the 50,000 Mr. Trump is now considering."
Trump  rumors  immigration  numbers 
4 weeks ago
Finally, China manufactures a ballpoint pen all by itself
"While there were over 3,000 companies manufacturing pens in China, none had their own high-end technology for the tip. Instead, about 90 percent of the pen tips and refills, too, were imported from Japan, Germany and Switzerland, according to Chinese state media. This cost the industry $17.3 million a year, according to the China National Light Industry Council."
Japan  China  ballpointpens  pens  innovation  manufactoring 
4 weeks ago
CIA Slightly Scales Back Its Domestic Surveillance Powers In First Major Policy Update In Over 30 Years
'The new guidelines add more restrictions to the CIA's use of domestic data and communications. It requires the agency purge any incidentally-collected US persons' communications within five years -- a solid improvement over its previous deadline of "never."'
spies  survelance  espionage  cia 
4 weeks ago
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