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The Rise of the Rural Creative Class
"In a 2007 study, Wojan and his collaborators identified 100 or so rural creative havens, such as Woodstock, New York, and the area around Telluride and Silverton, Colorado. These rural creative centers tend to be in relatively close proximity to and have good connections to major metro areas; are home to a major university or college; or have considerable natural amenities which draw people to them."
RichardFlorida  rural  urban  innovation  city  country 
august 2018 by cosmic
Global city - Wikipedia
re: Alpha++ city re: skwak & Baltimore
city  wikipedia 
july 2011 by cosmic
from Rebecca... I've been slowly posting my favorites to dream_froth3, but this is so huge. Names for cities...
CB  radio  slang  city  truck 
august 2010 by cosmic
Pixel cityscapes
admirable collection - some real gems!
city  bitmap  color  building  architecture  flickr 
april 2010 by cosmic
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
this song is SO good... this video is SO GOOD - exactly how I feel! ...the opening guitar is so raunchy...
city  me  video  youtube  music  orchestra_hit  bird  cat  lizard  snake  car  tarantula  scorpion  worm  heart 
march 2008 by cosmic
Ys - Wikipedia
that record "Madame la frontiere" by Ys has the most beautiful bitmap record cover
Ys  city  snes  bitmap  music  wikipedia 
march 2008 by cosmic
Click opera - Berlin is getting more expensive
interesting article by Momus, numbers on when a city can support a bus system, tram (subway?) system
momus  bus  subway  world  money  city 
august 2007 by cosmic
Wikipedia - SimCity
a good screenshot review of some of the early versions of SimCity, but I'd like to see them all in one place, still looking
city  1989  PC  snes  mac  road  game  building  house  world 
march 2007 by cosmic
NYC Street Gangs Circa 1960,1970,& 1980
I like how these pages force you to go through them in order with background Windows Media Audio files
world  city  group  symbol  clothes  photos  time 
january 2007 by cosmic

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