A neural algorithm for a fundamental computing problem
"wow: a fly categorizes smells by k-hot encoding odor in (normalized) 50 dimensional smell space, expanding (!) into a 2k latent space, and then finding nearest neighbors. and as a finale, authors simulate a fly smelling word vectors and MNIST pixels." from https://twitter.com/dribnet/status/931830521843236864?s=03
fly  smell 
24 days ago
A Serf on Google’s Farm
wow, this is worse than I could've imagined
Google  Gmail  Facebook  Amazon  monopoly  advertising  TPM  JoshMarshall 
6 weeks ago
"Interactive sound installation. Sequencer-synthesizer with 240 steps, that allows to create rhythmic compositions. Object has complex control system with possibility to add or delete "voices", change tempo of whole sequence or individually for each voice, to change number and direction of steps."
sequencer  music  synth 
6 weeks ago
I Designed The Oregon Trail, You Have Died of Dysentery
"...the 1971 version was text-only, and relatively few people have seen or played the text-only version."

"Don had saved a printout of the BASIC program from the 1971 game, so in 1974 he typed the same program into MECC’s computer system. Then he did some fine-tuning by tweaking the frequency of the various random events in the game. Finally, in 1975, he made the game available to all of MECC’s users. OREGON (as it was called) soon became the most popular educational activity on the system—and it remained so until MECC shut down its mainframe operations in 1983."

"In 1978 Don Rawitsch published the BASIC code for OREGON in Creative Computing magazine. After that many people tweaked the code to run on various brands of microcomputers."

"Although MECC was now focused almost entirely on the creation of new, original titles, it also had three famous simulations from the 1970s—Oregon Trail, Lemonade Stand, and Odell Lake—that it did not want to abandon. All three activities had been ported to the Apple II by 1980, but by 1984 they were embarrassingly outdated—especially in terms of their appearance. MECC decided that it would create new versions of all three activities."

"If you make it all the way to Oregon, then the high-score list is pre-populated with the names of actual people who made the journey to Oregon or who served as early explorers in the region."

"Although these riches did not trickle down to the people who had designed and built the game, we were quite gratified to see what we had accomplished—the creation of a highly successful product that ultimately became a classic game and a cultural icon."

"But the real hook is that we store the tombstone data on the game disk, so that the next player who uses the same disk can see the tombstone."
game  Oregon  1971  AppleII  1985  DonRawitsch  MECC  BillHeinemann  PaulDillenberger  BASIC  R.PhilipBouchard 
7 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Still video camera
Canon RC-250 QPIC still video camera and Sony Mavica
Wikipedia  camera  video  NTSC  PAL  photo 
7 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Nick Drake
listening to the Three Records from Sundown podcast
Wikipedia  NickDrake  music 
12 weeks ago
Colin Kaepernick Has a Job
"The remaining option—to persist—is the one that has always been inconvenient for white America. Colin Kaepernick is inconvenient. To persist is to show strength, but also to be unpredictable, hard to define, impossible to control. And to grow stronger with every lash is to become dangerous—a threat not only to power, but to inspire others to follow suit. Leaders of color in this country have long been mythologized by white America when they teach their own to thrive within the confines of current rules, not when they demand that every rule be called into question. “In many ways, he is the quintessential sacrificial lamb,” Loggins says of his friend. “And we’re just trying to not let him get sacrificed.”"
ColinKaepernick  NFL  race  US  protest  football  California  RembertBrowne  Turlock  DeRayMckesson  AmeerLoggins 
12 weeks ago
Now with more frames, less CSS,
and extra DOS!

What is this?

Upload a midi file, hit play on the control. It will be rendered on a 486 DX2 66 Pentium 233 running dos with a true hardware Roland SC-55. Be a bit patient. It's an old computer.

Tech Jargon

A lot of music from the early 90s was written to be synthed on the Roland SC-55 and it's various cousins. Emulation of the device via soundfonts has not come close in all areas. Upload a midi and it will be synthed on real hardware and hopefully play over shoutcast. I have a (really bad computer) system running a TCP/IP stack in dos via packet driver, along with said Roland synth. For the heck of it I wrote a series of batch\qbasic scripts and chained curl + dosmid + some php scripts together. The result is that this here 22 year old machine will synth MIDI files you upload, and they will be streamed over an Icecast server automatically in the order they are queued. It probably is horribly dangerous to put such an old machine on the internet, a backup is in place as this is probably going to be wildly unstable and prone to issues. It probably will not be up all the time, I want to get back to playing Zeliard. ;)"
MIDI  RolandSC-55  DOS  shoutcast  Icecast  DylanEdward 
12 weeks ago
Wake with Clay Pigeon: Playlists and Archives
"WFMU's brand spanking new morning show, featuring new technology that will sonically force caffeine directly into your bloodstream."

helped us get through our move when we were waking up at 6 AM to load our parked car/van in front of apartment
WFMU  NYC  radio 
september 2017
Wikipedia - 3753 Cruithne
"3753 Cruithne (/kruːˈiːnjə/ kroo-EE-nyə[2] or /ˈkrʊnjə/ KRUUN-yə[3]) is a Q-type, Aten asteroid in orbit around the Sun in 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth, making it a co-orbital object. It is an asteroid that, relative to Earth, orbits the Sun in a bean-shaped orbit that effectively describes a horseshoe, and that can transition into a quasi-satellite orbit.[4] Cruithne does not orbit Earth and at times it is on the other side of the Sun,[5] placing Cruithne well outside of Earth's Hill sphere. Its orbit takes it inside the orbit of Mercury and outside the orbit of Mars.[5] Cruithne orbits the Sun in about 1 year but it takes 770 years for the series to complete a horseshoe-shaped movement around the Earth.[5]

The name Cruithne is from Old Irish and refers to the early Picts (Irish: Cruthin) in the Annals of Ulster[5] and their eponymous king ("Cruidne, son of Cinge") in the Pictish Chronicle."
Wikipedia  moon  Earth  Picts  Ireland  asteroid 
september 2017
Why the IBM PC’s Early Graphics Used Such Ugly Colors
"This was because of a quirk with the way composite screens display pixels—basically, the colors would mush together on the screen, making it possible for the screen to display up to 16 colors at once."
ErnieSmith  Vice  Motherboard  IBM  color  CGA  8088MPH 
august 2017
An interactive encyclopedia by Kevan Davis
Text and images CC-licenced live from en.wikipedia.org
KevanDavis  Wikipedia  CC  text  adventure  bitmap  game  inventory 
august 2017
Kreative Korp
from Becca

"KreativeKorp (also known as Kreative Korporation, Kreative Software, Kreative Entertainment, and Kreative Media) is the home of computer software and the world of Mika City by Rebecca G. Bettencourt."
font  screensaver  Mika  RebeccaBettencourt 
july 2017
Wikipedia - Brian Keane
composer of New York: A Documentary Film music
Wikipedia  BrianKeane  NYC  music  soundtrack 
july 2017
Breatharian Leader Wiley Brooks Lives On Light, Air, And Quarter Pounders
"humans can live just fine by replacing food with sun and the passive inhalation of cosmic micro-dust"

"It’s just a take on what one does, eats—like vegetarian, fruitarian."

"Why do you advocate people only eat double quarter-pounder with cheese meals and drink diet Coke?
Because they’re the only things that are not radioactive."
Vice  McDonald's  radiation  WileyBrooks  Breatharian  interview  Superbrown  DietCoke 
july 2017
PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Search/Replace
freeware  Notepad  text  editor 
july 2017
John Gardner's writings, "Personal Renewal" delivered to McKinsey & Company, Phoenix, AZ November 10, 1990
"Logan Pearsall Smith said that boredom can rise to the level of a mystical experience, and if that's true I know some very busy middle level executives who are among the great mystics of all time."
JohnGardner  PBS  boredom  work 
june 2017
Wikipedia - I Ching
"The assignment of numbers, binary or decimal, to specific hexagrams is a modern invention."
Wikipedia  China  book  divination 
june 2017
Farming robots get to grips with weeding at Harper Adams
"They call it "Hands Free Hectare" and in the office we call it "Robocrop"."

off-the-shelf tech
farming  robot  BBC  agriculture  weed  HarperAdamsUniversity 
june 2017
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