Wikipedia - Ouarzazate Solar Power Station
Ouarzazate Solar Power Station (OSPS), also called Noor Power Station (نور, Arabic for light)

Desertec consortium
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3 days ago
Generic Products of The '80s
"With stark packaging, listing little more than the product name, ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturer and UPC bar code."

"It's been said generic products were factory seconds and had little to no taste or nutritional value."
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9 days ago
Inside North Korea’s Hacker Army
"The regime in Pyongyang has sent hundreds of programmers to other countries. Their mission: Make money by any means necessary."

"Hackers joked darkly that while they’d arrived as protein, they might return as powder."
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13 days ago
Wikipedia - Low-background steel
"Modern steel is contaminated with radionuclides because its production uses atmospheric air. Low background steel is so called because it does not suffer from such nuclear contamination. This steel is used in devices that require the highest sensitivity for detecting radionuclides.

The primary source of low-background steel is ships that were constructed before the Trinity test, most famously the scuttled German World War I battleships in Scapa Flow."
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17 days ago
Wikipedia - Joy Mech Fight
"The game was released during the generation shift between the Famicom and the newer Super Famicom, and Joy Mech Fight is counted among one of the most important late Famicom games for utilizing the console's audio and visual capabilities to the fullest extent."

"Though the game's development is credited to Nintendo R&D1, it was originally conceived by two programmers, Koichi Hayashida and Koichiro Eto, who met at a programming seminar hosted by Nintendo. The two completed the game while working at the seminar, naming it Battle Battle League (バトルバトルリーグ), and Nintendo released the game under its current title after both had started to work for the company."

"Some of the characters have hidden moves that are not listed in the game manual or tutorial. These hidden moves may be much more effective than the 4 regular special moves."

"The biggest quirk of the game is the way characters are displayed on screen. The limitations of the Famicom console made realistic animation of large-scale characters impossible to achieve, so in Joy Mech Fight, characters are robots whose head, limbs, and body float around separately. Dividing each character into individual sprites made animation much smoother, even in comparison with Super Famicom games. This method also lowered the total number of sprites needed for each character, allowing the game to have 36 different playable characters even with the Famicom's limited memory capacity."
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18 days ago
Wikipedia - Human Killing Machine
"The game is based on the engine from each system's Street Fighter port, with the time limit removed, and an energy recovery system."
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18 days ago
GameHacking.org - Street Fighter II (USA)
"Characters Are Upside-Down And At The Top of The Screen"

more research
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18 days ago
Wikipedia - Ultimate Fighter
looking for Game Genie codes for the worst SNES fighting games like Street Combat, Fighter's History, The Combatribes, Doomsday Warrior, Power Moves, Power Instinct, Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle, etc.

World Heroes, World Heroes 2
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19 days ago
"Explore live radio by rotating the globe."
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27 days ago
Roland MT-32 - MT = MultiTalent?
"The Problem of my MT-32: If I originally connect the display on the board, then it make a loud broom. But this broom is a good waveform for a sampler. With help of Logic EXS24 I made a short track with only this sample as basic for all ;-)"
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4 weeks ago
The Personal Analytics of My Life
"Every day—in an effort at “self awareness”—I have automated systems send me a few emails about the day before. But even though I’ve been accumulating data for years—and always meant to analyze it—I’ve never actually gotten around to doing it."
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4 weeks ago
Wikipedia - Globe of Frogs
"'All of us exist in a swarming, pulsating world, driven mostly by an unconscious that we ignore and misunderstand. Within the framework of "civilisation" we remain as savage as possible. Against the dense traffic of modern life, we fortify our animal selves with video violence, imaginary sex, and music…but our inflamed and disoriented psyches smoulder on beneath the wet leaves of habit.'"
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5 weeks ago
Deep Space Nine Is TV’s Most Revolutionary Depiction of Black Fatherhood
"When Lofton was first cast as Jake, his parents had recently divorced and Brooks became a father figure to him."

"How often have we seen a black family given such importance, depth, and cultural weight on a television show such as this?"

"'Why didn’t this man win any Emmys?' he asked ecstatically."

"Throughout 'The Visitor,' Sisko and Jake laugh, weep, and reveal just how deep their love goes for one another. Seeing black men cry, grapple with the historical importance of their existence, and remain beautifully, dynamically human is something no other science-fiction series on television has done with such panache."

"The family they represent is wholly unique on television: a window into the future of black identity that never forgets the trials of our past or the complexity of our humanity."
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5 weeks ago
The Week JFK Airport Stood Still
"fuel savings from a thinner in-flight magazine"

"'It all went wrong, obviously, when the Port Authority announces they’re going to close it for less than a full day. I thought that was crazy when I read it. Once that happened the die was cast.'"

"'I met some really good people that I hope I’ll get to see again.'"

"The Port Authority did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Terminal 4 did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Terminal 1’s “contact us” link leads to a 404 error page."

"'I don’t think I’ve ever seen that number of flights just turn around mid-Atlantic and head back.'"

"The relatively low price of jet fuel—barely half what it was six years ago—reduces the cost of doing everything but canceling: diverting, flying in circles, turning back halfway across the Atlantic."

"At around 5 in the morning someone started sending around a piece of paper to get everyone’s contact info to start a class-action lawsuit."

"'I met some really good people that I hope I’ll get to see again.'"

"The Port Authority did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Terminal 4 did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Terminal 1’s “contact us” link leads to a 404 error page."
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5 weeks ago
Sexual abuse: It’s you, him, and his work
"Teasing out a response to a work and its maker is complicated, and personal."
PaoloSoleri  abuse  DanielaSoleri 
6 weeks ago
Special Citizens Futures Unlimited - Volunteer
"Art of Autism Volunteers Connections

Volunteers are part of arts workshop and are paired with adults supported by Special Citizens to create all types of art projects. These workshops allow people to express themselves creatively, which help them to realize new strengths and develop a greater sense of dignity and independence."
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7 weeks ago
Chinatown Bus History
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7 weeks ago
Brief History of Chinatown Bus
Copyright © 2011 by GotoBus®, last updated in November 2011

Latest version of Chinatown Bus History has been moved to Jimmy's Blog
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