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Nick HArkaway on Twitter: "Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool ...
Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool and the rich hot summers of the seventies were upon this island, an elderly relative came to stay at my family’s house, and I was injuncted to be a good child.
twitter  funny  story  birds  birding  children  wagtail  piedwagtail  whitewagtail  @harkaway  nickharkaway 
june 2019 by coslinks
Matt Deitsch on Twitter: "STORY TIME: Incase you didn’t know I am one of the organizers for #RoadToChange...
STORY TIME: Incase you didn’t know I am one of the organizers for and we are currently traveling through TX organizing youth meetings, rallies and town halls. These counter protests at our events are incredibly invited because they allow us to clarify our message.
roadtochange  twitter  @mattxred  mattdeitsch  guns  politics  story  texas  dissent  organizing  guncontrol  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by coslinks
Nigel MacDugong on Twitter: "Trying to work out what kind of bird I could hear, then realised it wad my neighbour's baby, crying, and being answered by a crow."
Trying to work out what kind of bird I could hear, then realised it wad my neighbour's baby, crying, and being answered by a crow. Took about ten minutes, but the crow calmed it and now both crow and baby are cawing to each other. I'm not saying this is how you get witches but-
twitter  funny  story  birds  crow  witches  @macdugong  nigelmacdugong  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by coslinks
Melissa McEwan on Twitter: "At lunch with my husband, and there's a couple who appear to be on a first date...
At lunch with my husband, and there's a couple who appear to be on a first date at the next table. They're probably our age (early 40s). White. The woman is put together in a conservative suburban kind of style. Twinset and short styled hair.
twitter  melissamcewan  shakestweetz  date  guy  story  funny  minions 
may 2018 by coslinks
Erin Burr, sir on Twitter: "Someday I will tell you the story of the day I had today,
Someday I will tell you the story of the day I had today, and it will be the greatest twitter story I have ever told. Someday.
erinscafe  twitter  story  meth  neighbors  police  car  funny  erinfaulk  erinburrsir 
april 2018 by coslinks
A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance - by Ted Closson
A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance

My friend died $50 short. It doesn’t have to be that way.
thenib  community  healthcare  medicaid  diabetes  story  comic  politics  usa  gofundme 
may 2017 by coslinks
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