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Nick HArkaway on Twitter: "Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool ...
Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool and the rich hot summers of the seventies were upon this island, an elderly relative came to stay at my family’s house, and I was injuncted to be a good child.
twitter  funny  story  birds  birding  children  wagtail  piedwagtail  whitewagtail  @harkaway  nickharkaway 
9 weeks ago by coslinks
Carter Bays on Twitter: "Talent agent walks into a vaudeville booker’s office.
RT : Talent agent walks into a vaudeville booker’s office. The booker says, “Are you here to pitch an act?” “No,” says the agent. “I want to tell you about a presidential candidate! He’s run for President twice before and lost both times by a lot! >
twitter  politics  democrats  primaries  US-Pres  2020  snark  humor  funny  joebiden  @carterbays  Carter  Bays  from twitter_favs
april 2019 by coslinks
Leah Boustan on Twitter: "why does this presidential campaign look like its going to teach me python?"
Leah Boustan Retweeted Gov. Bill Weld

why does this presidential campaign look like its going to teach me python?
twitter  politics  funny  geek  python  billweld  leahboustan  @leah_boustan  @govbillweld  logo  US-Pres  2020 
april 2019 by coslinks
Liber Limericks on Twitter: "A Congressman, Devin, has sued...
A Congressman, Devin, has sued
Two tweeters whose tweets he found rude.
One posed as his mother;
Don’t mention the…
@libericks  liberallimericks  politics  twitter  snark  funny  devinnunes  lawsuit  cow  limerick  poem  from twitter_favs
march 2019 by coslinks
Nicole Cliffe on Twitter: "Free low-intensity wording for when you get holiday cards from people who incorrectly assume you took your husband's name: ...
Free low-intensity wording for when you get holiday cards from people who incorrectly assume you took your husband’s name: “we actually both kept our names! just mentioning so you can update your address book.”
twitter  funny  @nicole_cliffe  nicolecliffe  names  holidays  family  feminism 
december 2018 by coslinks
Ian on Twitter: "For election night, I present to you the best thing I learned in my time as a (third-party) sysadmin in the House of Representatives:...
For election night, I present to you the best thing I learned in my time as a (third-party) sysadmin in the House of Representatives: From a congressional IP, you can only read one XKCD comic: the climate change/average Earth temperature timeline.
twitter  @neurovagrant  congress  ushouse  xkcd  climatechange  funny  geek 
november 2018 by coslinks
atomicthumbs on Twitter: "A former Tesla employee, who worked on their IT infrastructure, is posting in a subforum of a subforum,...
A former Tesla employee, who worked on their IT infrastructure, is posting in a subforum of a subforum, a little-known place for funy computer forgotten by time. His NDA has expired. He has such sights to show us. Join me and I will be your silent guide into a world of horror.
twitter  sysadmin  funny  tesla  @atomicthumbs  stories 
august 2018 by coslinks
Nigel MacDugong on Twitter: "Trying to work out what kind of bird I could hear, then realised it wad my neighbour's baby, crying, and being answered by a crow."
Trying to work out what kind of bird I could hear, then realised it wad my neighbour's baby, crying, and being answered by a crow. Took about ten minutes, but the crow calmed it and now both crow and baby are cawing to each other. I'm not saying this is how you get witches but-
twitter  funny  story  birds  crow  witches  @macdugong  nigelmacdugong  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by coslinks
Melissa McEwan on Twitter: "At lunch with my husband, and there's a couple who appear to be on a first date...
At lunch with my husband, and there's a couple who appear to be on a first date at the next table. They're probably our age (early 40s). White. The woman is put together in a conservative suburban kind of style. Twinset and short styled hair.
twitter  melissamcewan  shakestweetz  date  guy  story  funny  minions 
may 2018 by coslinks
Marci Robin on Twitter: "I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off - with a pen, on paper - that I'm not a robot."
I bought a car today, and the dealership had me check off — with a pen, on paper — that I’m not a robot.
recaptcha  funny  marcirobin  twitter  robot  car 
may 2018 by coslinks
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