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NowThis on Twitter: "'Do you know any 3-year-olds that are criminal or national security threats?' ...
RT : ‘Do you know any 3-year-olds that are criminal or national security threats?’ — Rep.
had Border Patrol officials watch powerful footage of what the separation policy is doing to real families
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22 days ago by coslinks
IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING AT THE BORDER, you need to read and share this thread. @jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAinsley please read this. I have just gotten off the phone with a friend who is a legal volunteer in Border Patrol facilities. Don't look away. 1/
twitter  immigration  wtf  politics  donaldtrump  ice  detention  immigrants  children  military  @ecmlaughlin  elizabethmclaughlin 
9 weeks ago by coslinks
Nick HArkaway on Twitter: "Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool ...
Once upon a time, when flares were in and corduroy was cool and the rich hot summers of the seventies were upon this island, an elderly relative came to stay at my family’s house, and I was injuncted to be a good child.
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9 weeks ago by coslinks
Laura Barrera, Esq. on Twitter: "My 5-yr-old client can’t tell me what country she is from. We prepare her case by drawing pictures..."
My 5-yr-old client can’t tell me what country she is from. We prepare her case by drawing pictures with crayons of the gang members that would wait outside her school. Sometimes she wants to draw ice cream cones and hearts instead. She is in deportation proceedings alone.
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july 2018 by coslinks
Kamala Harris on Twitter: "This Executive Order in no way deals with reuniting the *two thousand three hundred* children ...
This Executive Order in no way deals with reuniting the *two thousand three hundred* children who have been torn away from their parents and remain separated. When will they see their parents again? They must be reunited immediately.
twitter  politics  children  immigration  donaldtrump  kamalaharris  @senkamalaharris  from twitter_favs
june 2018 by coslinks
Cos on Twitter: "You're pathetic, @SenatorCollins, pretending to oppose these outrages ...
You're pathetic, , pretending to oppose these outrages while still sticking with the party of corruption, cruelty, rape, bigotry, and child abuse. If you had integrity or ethics you'd have left already.
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june 2018 by coslinks
MaybeCooperativeHat on Twitter: "I've seen a lot of the excuses for the administration's new policy...
I've seen a lot of the excuses for the administration's new policy. They don't seem to rebut the core point. Okay. We cage people, including children, all the time, and treat them shamefully. We have under every administration. Most of the time nobody notices, nobody cares. /1
@popehat  twitter  politics  maybecooperativehat  immigration  children 
june 2018 by coslinks
Pollyanna on Twitter:
From the United Methodist Building in DC today.
"I was a stranger and you ripped my child from me." Wait a second...
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june 2018 by coslinks
Steve Schmidt on Twitter: "I’m grateful beyond words for my three healthy children who are the joy and loves of my life. But...
I’m grateful beyond words for my three healthy children who are the joy and loves of my life. But it has been a terrible Father’s Day because of the evil that is being done to children in the name of the people of the United States by this vile and venal cabal running the country
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june 2018 by coslinks
josie duffy rice on Twitter: "PLEASE STOP SHARING THAT STORY ABOUT 1500 KIDS MISSING."
Now that we’re all on twitter because of this game, I am making a public service announcement: PLEASE STOP SHARING THAT STORY ABOUT 1500 KIDS MISSING. The outrage I’ve seen is a result of a total misinterpretation and could SERIOUSLY threaten the children you want to save.
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may 2018 by coslinks
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