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Dutch surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case | Technology | The Guardian
In what is said to be the first right to be forgotten case involving medical negligence by a doctor, the district court of Amsterdam subsequently ruled the surgeon had “an interest in not indicating that every time someone enters their full name in Google’s search engine, (almost) immediately the mention of her name appears on the ‘blacklist of doctors’, and this importance adds more weight than the public’s interest in finding this information in this way”.
rights  rigthtobeforgotten  privacy  legalcase  netherlands  medicine  google 
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O.K., Google: How Much Money Have I Made for You Today? - The New York Times
Surveillance capitalism has flourished precisely because it fulfills what Zuboff concedes are real needs and desires. Online platforms offer us ways to “ease the complexities of our harried lives.” In exchange for surveillance we get convenience, efficiency and social connection.
surveillance  capitalism  research  dataprotection  privacy  book  facebook  business  businessmodels  advertising 
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Los Angeles Accuses Weather Channel App of Covertly Mining User Data - The New York Times
The government said the Weather Company, the business behind the app, unfairly manipulated users into turning on location tracking by implying that the information would be used only to localize weather reports. Yet the company, which is owned by IBM, also used the data for unrelated commercial purposes, like targeted marketing and analysis for hedge funds, according to the lawsuit.
privacy  apps  dataprotection  IBM  US  advertising  datasharing  marketing  tracking  locationdata 
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Bookmarked - 101: SIM Card Registration | Privacy International
Mandatory SIM card registration eradicates the potential for anonymity of communications, enables location-tracking, and simplifies communications surveillance and interception. It can also be used in conjunction with an IMSI catcher to know the possible identities of everyone in a particular area.
guide  research  privacy  mobile  dataprotection  government  surveillance  policy  anonymity 
11 days ago by corrickwales
Taking the smarts out of smart TVs would make them more expensive - The Verge
"... it’s not just about data collection. It’s about post-purchase monetization of the TV," says Vizio’s CTO Bill Baxter.
business  technology  TVs  dataprotection  privacy  content  advertising  marketing 
11 days ago by corrickwales
As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants - The New York Times
The special arrangements are detailed in hundreds of pages of Facebook documents obtained by The New York Times. The records, generated in 2017 by the company’s internal system for tracking partnerships, provide the most complete picture yet of the social network’s data-sharing practices.
facebook  privacy  dataprotection  datasharing  business 
4 weeks ago by corrickwales
Report: The humanitarian metadata problem: ‘Doing no harm’ in the digital era | Privacy International
According to the 2018 Global Humanitarian Overview, there are more than 134 million people across the world in need humanitarian assistance. Of these, about 90.1 million will receive aid of some form. It is likely that the data of each of these people will be collected and processed at some point.
privacy  report  privacyinternational  metadata  dataprotection  refugees  humanrights  charitie 
5 weeks ago by corrickwales | Simulacrum
Synthetic cancer patient data to help researchers plan and refine their hypotheses before they need access to real patient data
privacy  personaldata  health  research 
7 weeks ago by corrickwales
Exploring good common principles for a digital identity system – By @odihq
As we become ever more reliant on online services, questions around our digital identities become more pertinent – here we explore what identity means in a digital age, and how we could develop an ethical and accessible framework for a digital identity system
identity  dataprotection  privacy  research 
8 weeks ago by corrickwales
Facebook investors call on Mark Zuckerberg to resign as chairman following damaging report 
Facebook investors have called on the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman, following reports that the company hired a public relations firm to smear its critics by drawing links to George Soros.
facebook  business  dataprotection  privacy  governance 
9 weeks ago by corrickwales
Kids’ apps are filled with manipulative ads, according to a new study - Vox
22 US consumer and public health advocacy groups have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate children's apps that "routinely lure young children to make purchases and watch ads".
privacy  regulation  advertising  marketing  children  US  FTC 
10 weeks ago by corrickwales
Senator's data privacy law draft could put CEOs in jail for lying - CNET
The bill would apply to companies that bring in  more than $50 million in revenue and have personal information on more than 1 million people.

The bill would also require companies to submit an annual data protection report, similar to how companies like Google and Apple voluntarily release transparency reports on government demands. The report would need to be signed by CEOs, who could face up to 20 years in prison if they lie to the FTC.
US  dataprotection  legislation  business  privacy 
10 weeks ago by corrickwales
Russia: Now everyone who uses a messaging app must be identifiable | ZDNet
New decree means messaging services will have to check users' registration data with their mobile operator.
encryption  Russia  privacy  freedomofspeech  surveillance  messaging  government  legislation  identity 
10 weeks ago by corrickwales
U.S. Privacy Bill
Intel's AI and Privacy Policy Team has felt inspired to draft a bill for privacy regulation, and is inviting comment as an experiment in participatory democracy
US  privacy  regulation  Intel  proposal  dataprotection  personaldata 
11 weeks ago by corrickwales
Apple CEO Tim Cook Slams Tech's Data Industrial Complex. He's Right To | Fortune
Not for the first time, the Apple CEO took aim at his Silicon Valley peers and what he calls the “data-industrial complex.” According to Cook, people’s personal data is being “weaponized” with “military efficiency,” and technology is being used to deepen divisions and “undermine our sense of what is true and what is false.”
Apple  TimCook  dataprotection  surveillance  siliconvalley  privacy 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Irish Twitter Probe Seen as Test Case for EU Privacy Rules | Bloomberg Law
An Irish probe into Twitter Inc.'s data disclosure practices may set the bar for what type of personal data U.S. companies must turn over to consumers under the EU’s privacy regime.
twitter  GDPR  privacy  dataprotection  IDPC  Ireland  legalcase 
october 2018 by corrickwales
The urgent case for a new ePrivacy law | European Data Protection Supervisor
The Commission decided to propose reforms in two steps, first GDPR, and then ePrivacy (see Recital 173 of the GDPR). Without the ePrivacy rules applying to all providers of electronic communications, these service providers may argue that there is no need to ask permission  - consent - from individuals to use their most private information.  This is precisely the uncertainty which must be avoided. We cannot put data controllers in a position where they are required to apply simultaneously a modernised data protection regulation alongside outdated and fragmented rules on communications data which were designed to regulate a market and communication technologies which have changed beyond recognition in the last 17 years.
law  privacy  eprivacy  GDPR  legislation  EU  dataprotection 
october 2018 by corrickwales
How smartphone apps track users and share data
A peer-reviewed study of almost 1m Android apps has revealed how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google.
android  privacy  google  datasharing  apps  technology  research  smartphones  mobile 
october 2018 by corrickwales
This new book looks good - Strategic Privacy by Design by R. Jason Cronk
A new handy guide to implementing privacy by design, written from a practitioner's perspective.
book  privacy  privacybydesign  design  strategy  guide  dataprotection  security  methodology 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Privacy International | Data Protection Guide
The Keys to Data Protection: A guide for policy engagement on data protection
guide  dataprotection  privacy  international 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Now for Rent: Email Addresses and Phone Numbers for Millions of Trump Supporters - The New York Times
Federal election law allows campaigns and political action committees to sell or rent their lists, provided that the payments received are fair market value.
privacy  trump  dataprotection  marketing  US  politics 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Privacy Register: an intentionally simple privacy management system
Privacy Register is a simple privacy management system built on the idea that GDPR privacy registers should be standardised and open.
privacy  GDPR  dataprotection  software  technology  innovation  tools 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Twitter Is Being Formally Investigated Following a GDPR Complaint | Fortune by @superglaze
Twitter is being investigated by Irish privacy authorities over its refusal to give a user information about how it tracks him when he clicks on links in tweets.
twitter  GDPR  lawenforcement  privacy  tracking 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Project Strobe: Protecting your data, improving our third-party APIs, and sunsetting consumer Google+
At the beginning of this year, we started an effort called Project Strobe—a root-and-branch review of third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data and of our philosophy around apps’ data access. This project looked at the operation of our privacy controls, platforms where users were not engaging with our APIs because of concerns around data privacy, areas where developers may have been granted overly broad access, and other areas in which our policies should be tightened.  

We’re announcing the first four findings and actions from this review today.
google  security  privacy  auditing  dataprotection  APIs 
october 2018 by corrickwales
California Governor Approves Bills Tightening Security, Privacy of IoT Devices
Both require manufacturers of connected devices to equip them with a “reasonable security feature or features” that are appropriate to their nature and function, and the information they may collect, contain or transmit — and are designed to protect the device and its information from “unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.”
IoT  California  law  security  legislation  privacy 
october 2018 by corrickwales
Exclusive: WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton Gives The Inside Story On #DeleteFacebook And Why He Left $850 Million Behind
It’s also a story any idealistic entrepreneur can identify with: What happens when you build something incredible and then sell it to someone with far different plans for your baby? “At the end of the day, I sold my company,” Acton says. “I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.”
facebook  whatsapp  privacy  dataprotection 
september 2018 by corrickwales
Google Says It Continues to Allow Apps to Scan Data From Gmail Accounts - WSJ
In a letter to senators, a top Google official said the company allows app developers to scan Gmail accounts, even though Google itself stopped the practice for the purpose of ad targeting last year. The company also disclosed that app developers generally are free to share the data with others, as long as Google determines that their privacy policies adequately disclose potential uses.
google  gmail  privacy  dataprotection  apps  marketing  advertising 
september 2018 by corrickwales
How a new EU copyright law could weaken privacy and free speech by @superglaze
From the perspective of the rights-holders, Article 13 will stop the likes of Google getting rich off the works of creators who don't get paid enough. From the side of the digital rights community and more than a million signatories of an online petition — and tech luminaries such as Tim Berners-Lee and Jimmy Wales — it's a step onto a slippery slope that will lead to widespread privacy and free-expression infringements by overturning a key defense against the mass surveillance of people's online activities in the EU.
copyright  EU  legislation  privacy  Internet  digitalrights 
september 2018 by corrickwales
Press release: UK intelligence agency admits unlawfully spying on Privacy International | Privacy International
The UK's domestic-facing intelligence agency, MI5, today admitted that it captured and read Privacy International's private data as part of its Bulk Communications Data (BCD) and Bulk Personal Datasets (BPD) programmes
privacy  surveillance  dataprotection  UK 
september 2018 by corrickwales
Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales - Bloomberg
For the past year, select Google advertisers have had access to a potent new tool to track whether the ads they ran online led to a sale at a physical store in the U.S. That insight came thanks in part to a stockpile of Mastercard transactions that Google paid for.

But most of the two billion Mastercard holders aren’t aware of this behind-the-scenes tracking. That’s because the companies never told the public about the arrangement.
google  mastercard  advertising  privacy  dataprotection  security  example 
september 2018 by corrickwales
Yahoo, Bucking Industry, Scans Emails for Data to Sell Advertisers - WSJ
Web giant analyzes more than 200 million inboxes for clues about what products people might buy—a practice much of Silicon Valley has declared off-limits
advertising  privacy  email  Yahoo  AOL  dataprotection 
august 2018 by corrickwales
Google Faces Location Sharing Class Action Lawsuit
A class action privacy lawsuit against Google was filed in federal court in San Francisco Friday, claiming that the technology giant continued to track the location of cell phone users after they turned off tracking.
locationdata  google  legalaction  dataprotection  privacy 
august 2018 by corrickwales
Google records your location even when you tell it not to | Technology | The Guardian
To stop Google from saving these location markers, the company says, users can turn off another setting, one that does not specifically reference location information. Called “web and app activity” and enabled by default, that setting stores a variety of information from Google apps and websites to your Google account.

When paused, it will prevent activity on any device from being saved to your account. But leaving “web and app activity” on and turning “location history” off only prevents Google from adding your movements to the “timeline”, its visualization of your daily travels. It does not stop Google's collection of other location markers.
locationdata  google  privacy  dataprotection 
august 2018 by corrickwales
Microsoft calls for facial recognition technology rules given 'potential for abuse' | Technology | The Guardian
In a blog post on the company’s website on Friday, Microsoft president Brad Smith called for a congressional bipartisan “expert commission” to look into regulating the technology in the US.
facerecognition  facialrecognition  technology  regulation  privacy  Microsoft 
july 2018 by corrickwales
This fitness app lets anyone find names and addresses for thousands of soldiers and secret agents
Polar’s widely used fitness app endangers military personnel, intelligence operatives, and people who work at sites where nuclear weapons are stored.
locationdata  dataprotection  databreach  privacy 
july 2018 by corrickwales
CLAUDETTE - Machine Learning Powered Analysis of Consumer Contracts and Privacy Policies
CLAUDETTE, a research project aiming at automation of personal data and consumer law enforcement using machine learning!
AI  innovation  privacy  dataprotection  policies  law  machinelearning  GDPR  research 
july 2018 by corrickwales
HMRC takes 5 million taxpayers’ Voice IDs without consent – Big Brother Watch
Millions of callers to HMRC have been required to repeat the phrase, “My voice is my password” on an automated line before being able to access services. Big Brother Watch said taxpayers are being “railroaded into a mass ID scheme” as they are not given the choice to opt in or out, in a scheme that experts say breaches UK data protection laws.
surveillance  GDPR  privacy  voice  security  HMRC  example  UK  biometrics 
june 2018 by corrickwales
Data Rights Finder
Data Rights Finder helps you understand how organisations use data. It guides you through making requests to change how data about you is used.

We have information for the main banks, insurance providers, comparison websites, and financial services organisations.
GDPR  privacy  policies  banking  rights  tool  technology 
june 2018 by corrickwales
Amazon made a special version of Alexa for hotels with Echo speakers in their rooms - The Verge
Amazon says that “soon,” users will be able to temporarily link their own Amazon account with Echos that are running Alexa for Hospitality. That way you’ll have access to your music subscription from Amazon Music or Spotify or your audiobooks from Audible. “When a guest checks out, Alexa for Hospitality automatically disconnects their Amazon account from the in-room device.”
amazon  voice  technology  dataprotection  privacy  hotel  alexa 
june 2018 by corrickwales
US mobile carriers cut off flow of location data to brokers | AP News | #privacy
Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have pledged to stop providing information on U.S. phone owners’ locations to data brokers, stepping back from a business practice that has drawn criticism for endangering privacy.

None of the carriers said they are getting out of the business of selling location data. The carriers together have more than 300 million U.S. subscribers.
surveillance  dataprotection  US  mobile  marketing  advertising  locationdata  privacy 
june 2018 by corrickwales
Privacy notice | ICO
This privacy notice tells you what to expect us to do with your personal information when you make contact with us or use one of our services.

This notice is layered. So, if you wish, you can easily select the reason we process your personal information and see what we do with it.
privacy  ICO  example  policy 
june 2018 by corrickwales
IAB Europe plans independent board to govern GDPR framework - Digiday
The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe plans to establish an independent, nonprofit board of cross-industry stakeholders to govern the industry standard it devised for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The plan is to give publishers, agencies, ad tech vendors and advertisers equal representation in voting on issues that arise as businesses start to comply with the IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency & Consent Framework.
advertising  marketing  IAB  GDPR  privacy  dataprotection  business 
june 2018 by corrickwales
Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends - The New York Times
Data-sharing agreements allow manufacturers access to religion, political leaning, upcoming events and even information on friends that have specifically refused data sharing with third-parties, according to the Times
privacy  consent  datatransfer  facebook  personaldata 
june 2018 by corrickwales
AI Has a Big Privacy Problem And Europe's GDPR Is About to Expose It | Fortune
“Big data challenges purpose limitation, data minimization and data retention–most people never get rid of it with big data,” said Edwards. “It challenges transparency and the notion of consent, since you can’t consent lawfully without knowing to what purposes you’re consenting… Algorithmic transparency means you can see how the decision is reached, but you can’t with [machine-learning] systems because it’s not rule-based software.”
data  privacy  AI  GDPR  machinelearning  technology  innovation  dataprotection 
may 2018 by corrickwales
Axel Springer counters Google with its own consent management tool - Digiday
The German digital media group, which owns Business Insider, Bild and Welt, has spent the last 18 months developing a GDPR consent management tool, which can also be adapted to address cookie-consent requirements under the pending ePrivacy Regulation once it is finalized, according to the publisher.
cookies  GDPR  publishing  privacy  axelspringer  google  consent  innovation  technology 
may 2018 by corrickwales
Google, Facebook hit with serious GDPR complaints: Others will be soon | ZDNet
So Schrems's organization has made a series of four complaints with four different European privacy regulators, to make sure there is a coordinated investigation.

The first, over Android's "forced consent", was filed in France. Facebook is being complained about in Austria and its subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram, are being targeted in north-German city Hamburg, and Belgium respectively.
maxschrems  GDPR  complaints  legalaction  privacy  google  facebook 
may 2018 by corrickwales
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