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New plans to make it safer for people to confirm their identity online - GOV.UK
No organisation would be given access to government-held data under these proposals, identity providers would simply get a yes or no as to whether the document was validly issued, and no personal data not already provided by the individual would be used or shared.

Any new solutions will be compliant with recently strengthened data protection laws and set out requirements for the secure transfer of data. There will be no central identity database and individuals will be in control of their personal data.
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Facial recognition for solar panels is a sinister step too far
A paper-based ID system is inefficient to copy. That inefficiency is a form of data protection. It's really difficult to pass large amounts of paper data around, to hack it, or to collect it into "Big Data" that can be interrogated for patterns of behaviour. This matters because large amounts of data, when analysed, can pin down your own individual behaviour, moods, wishes and preferences. When stacked up with each other, grouped datasets can re-identify previously de-identified data.


Solar flare-up: Installers to rally at Parliament over subsidy woes
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If paper-based information is digitised, controls over its replication and use become far more important. What assurances does the government give on what will be done with the solar rebate data?
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Meet the Security Company Building an International Database of Banned Bargoers
The system allows a business to maintain a record of bad customer behavior and flag those individuals, alerting every other bar that uses PatronScan. What constitutes “bad behavior” is at a bar manager’s discretion, and ranges from “sexual assault” to “violence” to “public drunkenness” and “other.” When a bargoer visits another PatronScan bar and swipes their ID, their previously flagged transgressions will pop up on the kiosk screen.
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Exploring good common principles for a digital identity system – By @odihq
As we become ever more reliant on online services, questions around our digital identities become more pertinent – here we explore what identity means in a digital age, and how we could develop an ethical and accessible framework for a digital identity system
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Russia: Now everyone who uses a messaging app must be identifiable | ZDNet
New decree means messaging services will have to check users' registration data with their mobile operator.
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