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South African phones targeted by notorious ‘governments only’ spyware | News | National | M&G
Electronic devices infected with Pegasus, a notorious spyware program sold only to governments, have been discovered in South Africa. The spyware, developed by Israeli cyber warfare firm NSO Group, has been used to target journalists and human rights activists across the world.
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13 days ago by corrickwales
The official guidance on data protection if there’s no #Brexit deal - GOV.UK
How the collection and use of personal data would change if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no deal.
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4 weeks ago by corrickwales
Data Democracy workshop | Meetup
You will be given instructions on how to request your data from organisations that include the Home Office, the NHS and Facebook, hopefully highlighting how much of your data is available to you, and prompting you to ask the question ‘what do I do with all this?’
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july 2018 by corrickwales
European Commission rejects Government’s approach for personal data transfers as ICO doubts the UK will obtain an adequacy decision - Hawktalk
Michel Barnier, speaking at the 28th Congress of the International Federation for European Law (24 May) rejected the UK’s bespoke data protection deal. He said that the problem was that “It is the United Kingdom that is leaving the European Union. It cannot, on leaving, ask us to change who we are and how we work”.
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may 2018 by corrickwales
IBM Executives Press U.S. Lawmakers Not to Adopt EU Privacy Law - Bloomberg
via @superglaze - More than 100 IBM executives will descend on Capitol Hill this week with a simple message for policy makers: don’t bring Europe’s new privacy regulations to the U.S.
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may 2018 by corrickwales
Data Protection Bill: “Framework for data processing by Government” | @medConfidential
The first statutory “Framework for data processing” (in Government), snuck into the Data Protection Bill (clauses 175-178, page 99), legalises government using any data for anything it wishes (such Home Office typos or punitive DWP processing). None of the other rules apply besides what Ministers write into the framework, and they can change it at whim.
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december 2017 by corrickwales
Germany Preparing Law for Backdoors in Any Type of Modern Device
German authorities are preparing a law that will force device manufacturers to include backdoors within their products that law enforcement agencies could use at their discretion for legal investigations. The law would target all modern devices, such as cars, phones, computers, IoT products, and more.
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december 2017 by corrickwales

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