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#Equifax hack worse than previously thought: Biz kissed goodbye to card expiry dates, tax IDs etc • The Register
According to documents provided by Equifax to the US Senate Banking Committee, and revealed this month by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the attackers also grabbed taxpayer identification numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card expiry dates belonging to some Equifax customers.
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february 2018 by corrickwales
Mountain of sensitive FedEx customer data exposed, possibly for years | Ars Technica
In all, Kromtech Security Center said, researchers found 119,000 scanned documents stored in a publicly available Amazon S3 bucket. The photo ID scans were accompanied by completed US Postal Service forms that included names, home addresses, and phone numbers of people who requested to have mail delivered by an authorized agent.

"Citizens from all over the world left their scanned IDs—Mexico, Canada, EU countries, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Malaysia, China, Australia—to name a few,"
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february 2018 by corrickwales
EU Privacy Regulators Gang Up on Uber Over Its Data Breach | Fortune by @superglaze
On Wednesday, the [EU] regulators decided to form a task force to deal with the Uber breach, in which the company covered up the fact that hackers had stolen the details of 57 million users around the world.
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december 2017 by corrickwales

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