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Design Pattern: Safely Exporting Data - NCSC.GOV.UK
This guidance provides an architecture pattern which will help you to share data, while maintaining the security of your core networks and systems. 
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2 days ago by corrickwales
Marriott hit by second data breach exposing “up to” 5.2 million people
The breach, which began in mid-January 2020 and was discovered at the end of February 2020, saw contact details, including names, addresses, birth dates, gender, email addresses and telephone numbers exposed. Employer name, gender, room stay preferences and loyalty account numbers were also exposed.
databreach  Marriott  cybersecurity  security 
2 days ago by corrickwales
International airline fined £500,000 for failing to secure its customers’ personal data | ICO
Between October 2014 and May 2018 Cathay Pacific’s computer systems lacked appropriate security measures which led to customers’ personal details being exposed, 111,578 of whom were from the UK, and approximately 9.4 million more worldwide.
dataprotection  security  customerdata  ICO  enforcement  fine  UK  databreach  DPA  privacy  breach 
27 days ago by corrickwales
Sports Giant Decathlon Leaks 123 Million Records - Infosecurity Magazine
A team at vpnMentor uncovered the 9GB database on an unsecured Elasticsearch server. It contained information from Decathlon’s Spanish, and potentially also its UK, businesses.
Spain  UK  databreach  Decathlon  example  security 
5 weeks ago by corrickwales
The New Humanitarian | EXCLUSIVE: The hack the UN tried to keep under wraps
A leaked internal document revealed the hackers compromised at least a dozen servers belonging to the UN, including servers of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which collects sensitive data
hacking  UN  databreach  humanrights  disclosure  personaldata 
8 weeks ago by corrickwales
Cyber criminals demand $3 million in ransom from Travelex after infecting its network with Sodinokibi ransomware
The news comes after it was revealed that Travelex had been warned that it was running vulnerable Pulse Secure virtual private networking (VPN) servers. However, it's unclear whether the company responded to the warnings from both security researchers and the National Computer Security Centre (NCSC). 
travelex  security  cybersecurity  ransomware  databreach 
12 weeks ago by corrickwales
Campaigners threaten UK parties with legal action over data processing | Politics | The Guardian
A data rights group has threatened legal action against the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats over the parties’ use of personal data ahead of Thursday’s election.
ge2019  political  campaigning  marketing  databreach  dataprotection  datacollection  democracy  legalaction 
december 2019 by corrickwales
Report: Millions of Americans at Risk After Huge Data and SMS Leak
Over 600GB of unsecured SMS messages, account data, interaction logs and more
databreach  breach  personaldata  privacy  SMS  mobile 
december 2019 by corrickwales
Job applicants worried as hundreds of thousands of CVs exposed online | Science & Tech News | Sky News
Two online recruitment firms have exposed more than 200,000 CVs, revealing job-hunters' names, addresses, phone numbers and career histories to potential cyber criminals, Sky News can reveal.
GDPR  databreach  security  US 
october 2019 by corrickwales
Almost entire population of Ecuador has data leaked - CNN
More than 20 million people, including an estimated 7 million minors, were exposed in the leak, which was uncovered by internet security firm vpnMentor during a routine project.
Ecuador is home to about 16.5 million people, meaning that the entire population could have been affected.
ecuador  databreach  government  children 
september 2019 by corrickwales
Estate agency fined £80,000 for failing to keep tenants’ data safe | ICO
The security breach happened when Life at Parliament View Ltd (LPVL) transferred personal data from its server to a partner organisation and failed to switch off an ‘Anonymous Authentication’ function. This failure meant access restrictions were not implemented and allowed anyone going online to have full access to all the data stored between March 2015 and February 2017.

The exposed details included personal data such as bank statements, salary details, copies of passports, dates of birth and addresses of both tenants and landlords.
fine  databreach  ICO  dataprotection  example  UK 
august 2019 by corrickwales
Capital One data breach: Arrest after details of 100m US individuals stolen - BBC News
The personal details of about 106 million individuals across the US and Canada were stolen in a hack targeting financial services firm Capital One, the company has revealed.
databreach  US  legalaction  legalcase  example 
july 2019 by corrickwales
Intention to fine Marriott International, Inc more than £99 million under GDPR for data breach | ICO
The proposed fine relates to a cyber incident which was notified to the ICO by Marriott in November 2018. A variety of personal data contained in approximately 339 million guest records globally were exposed by the incident, of which around 30 million related to residents of 31 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). Seven million related to UK residents.
fine  ICO  databreach  example  GDPR 
july 2019 by corrickwales
ICO statement: Intention to fine British Airways £183.39m under GDPR for data breach | ICO
The proposed fine relates to a cyber incident notified to the ICO by British Airways in September 2018. This incident in part involved user traffic to the British Airways website being diverted to a fraudulent site. Through this false site, customer details were harvested by the attackers. Personal data of approximately 500,000 customers were compromised in this incident, which is believed to have begun in June 2018.
fine  ICO  GDPR  dataprotection  example  britishairways  security  databreach 
july 2019 by corrickwales
The Customs and Border Protection Data Breach Was Inevitable - The Atlantic
U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced yesterday afternoon that hackers had stolen an undisclosed number of license-plate images and travelers’ ID photos from a subcontractor.
databreach  hacking  security  US  government 
june 2019 by corrickwales
Updated: Keeping Passwords Secure | Facebook Newsroom
"Since this post was published, we discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format. We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users."
facebook  security  instagram  example  databreach 
april 2019 by corrickwales
MySpace admits losing 12 years' worth of music uploads - BBC News
A message on its website says that "any photos, videos and audio files" uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available.
myspace  databreach 
march 2019 by corrickwales
Dow Jones’ watchlist of 2.4 million high-risk individuals has leaked | TechCrunch
A watchlist of risky individuals and corporate entities owned by Dow Jones has been exposed, after a company with access to the database left it on a server without a password.
databreach  example  security  privacy  dataprotection  US 
february 2019 by corrickwales
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