Shadowhunters/Teen Wolf: Cathedrals by KarasuYurei and KouriArashi (PG13 / 78,639 words)
"Excuse me," Magnus says, "I have to make a phone call. I think I might know someone who would know you."

Derek just nods again. Once Magnus moves away, he turns to the other two. "This . . . is happening faster than I thought it would," he says, an understated way of saying that he was nervous.

"Hey, I told you, you put Detective Stiles is on the case, things are gonna get *done*," Stiles says, hoping that his joking tone will get Derek to relax. It works, a little, in that Derek shakes his head at Stiles and looks around for a place to sit.

Magnus' voice, suddenly loud in the club, startles him. "Hello, darling. Might I ask you a terribly personal and somewhat random question?"

Derek closes his eyes to focus on the other end of the conversation, and hears a voice reply, "From you, I'd expect nothing less." He doesn't recognize the voice, but it tugs at him anyway, some sense of familiarity that has nothing to do with recognition.

"Did you happen to have a brother who got turned into a werewolf, or perhaps a cousin? He might have been adopted out to a pack?"

There's a moment of startled silence. "I – had a brother who was *killed* by a werewolf. When I was ten."
shadowhunters  shadowhunters:alec/magnus  teenwolf  teenwolf:derek/stiles  aooo  pg13  >40000  crossover  melodrama  romance  family  gettingtogether  playingfavorites  revelations 
february 2018
Love Stage: Izumi's Act by AzuraHarrison (R / 24,667 words)
"Ryouma I don't hate you. I love you. I really mean it. I love you Ryouma Ichijou." Izumi said clamping Ryouma into a tight hug. Ryouma was totally and utterly dazed. Had Izumi really just admitted that he loved him? He couldn't believe it, he was so happy he could kiss him. Izumi really wanted to hug something other than his body pillow. He needed to remind himself that Ryouma was nothing like the guys at the construction site.

Ryouma went in to kiss Izumi but when he did he noticed that Izumi backed away from his like a scared injured animal.

"Izumi?" Ryouma asked concerned for the blond. He didn't think that a kiss was going to make him that scared.
!spagerrors  lovestage  lovestage:izumi/ryouma  ffnet  r  <40000  romance  rape 
january 2018
Free!: The Sands of Iwami by trixiechick (R / 20,026 words)
"Ahh!" Makoto turned and tried to get to his feet, but there was a cat right behind him, and he landed on his bottom. "R-Rin! It's so good to... that is... Oh, I shouldn't call you by your name, should I? I'm really sorry!! Ahhh, Sultan, Sultan Rin, I... about the cats, I just... I *realize* that I shouldn't have brought them here, but..."

Rin laughed, shaking his head. He crouched down, and picked up a little grey cat that was digging up the royal soil. The cat looked him in the eye and then meowed indignantly, trying to push Rin away with his paw. "Forget about the cats. I don't mind the cats. They can... they can stay here, it's not a problem. And for fuck's sake, call me Rin, it'd be weird if you didn't. But you've kept me waiting! Are you really going to blame the cats for that?" Rin pouted, and held the grey kitty next to his face, so they could both pout at Makoto. As if cued, the grey kitty let out another pleading meow, although he probably was just trying to tell Rin to get off of him.

Makoto flushed, and then he smiled broadly. "I'm so relieved! I was afraid... a *royal* summons and all. But Rin is still Rin. That's great."
free  free:makoto/rin  free:nagisa/rei  aooo  r  <40000  au  au:fantasy  sweet  courtship  friendship  gettingtogether  kink  oblivious  sexwork 
november 2016
Star Trek AOS: All of Your Heroes and Saints by acetamide (R / 43,198 words)
The first thing that Leonard McCoy notices about Jim Kirk – apart from that he’s remarkably okay with the concept of being thrown up on – is that he hasn’t gotten around to showing off his powers yet. If he hadn’t liked him before, then he certainly does now.
startrek  startrek:aos  st:kirk/mccoy  aooo  r  >40000  angst  plotty  gettingtogether  superpowers 
october 2016
Star Trek AOS: At the Same Stars by spicyshimmy (R / 136,398 words)
He was on his third plate when Spock intervened, making no move to sit. James Tiberius slid a protective arm around the remains of his meal on instinct; in response, Spock folded his hands behind his back, fingers of one hand cinched around the opposite wrist.

‘You didn’t find me, you know,’ James Tiberius said, speaking around the food in his mouth. ‘I found you.’

‘That is an accurate assessment of the events as they transpired on the away mission,’ Spock agreed.

Whatever James Tiberius had expected Spock to say, he had not anticipated a frank confirmation of the truth. Human socialization—as Spock had observed its overarching patterns, through his time at Starfleet Academy and specifically during team-building exercises for prospective active-duty officers—placed excessive significance on matters of ego. Perhaps James Tiberius had assumed that Spock would value the comfort of his ego above adherence to fact.

‘However,’ Spock added, ‘it does not address the specifics, in which you attempted to overwhelm me with a hypodermic needle.’
startrek  startrek:aos  st:kirk/spock  aooo  r  >40000  au  au:canondivergence  romance  background  gettingtogether  marriage 
october 2016
Sherlock: A Very Sherlock Musical by flawedamythyst (PG13 / 11,980 words)
He also had an excited, breathless song that signalled a breakthrough in a case. John privately dubbed it The Clues Are Coming Together. From the resigned look on Lestrade's face the first time Sherlock sang it in front of John, it was an old favourite. Unusually, no-one else joined in the chorus or even provided back-up support. Sherlock sang and danced his way through the whole song alone, and all the assembled police officers just watched.

The third or fourth time John heard it, the music thrummed in his mind and he felt the notes begin to move through him, making him part of the song. On the second chorus, he started to hum a quiet counterpoint to Sherlock's melody.

The reaction was immediate. Sherlock stopped singing so suddenly that the music carried on for a few notes without him before dying out, and he spun on his heel to glare at John.
sherlock  sherlock:john/sherlock  aooo  pg13  <20000  au  cute  romance  gettingtogether 
october 2016
Beauty and the Beast: A Tale Yet Untold by calicokat (G / 1,001 words)
"Belle. You're exhausted. Please rest..."

"Now that you're alright, I will," she vows. His heart stutters as she rises to lean in and press her lips against his jowl, leaving a kiss on his fur.
!recced  beautyandthebeast  batb:beast/belle  yuletide  g  <02500  gentle  romance  sweet  whatif 
june 2016
Saiyuki: When You Go There by emungere (PG13 / 6,184 words)
The man staggered back a step and caught his arms, keeping him upright. "Hey, you all right, kid? Watch where you're going."

He looked up, and up. The man was tall, with long red hair, red eyes, and a face he recognized from his mother's faded photograph. He swallowed.

"Are you Sha Gojyo?" he asked.

The man frowned. "Yeah. Who're you?"

He took a deep breath, a step back, and shot his fist forward into the bastard's stomach as hard as he could.
saiyuki  saiyuki:gojyo/hakkai  aooo  pg13  <10000  neat  family  kids  originalchar  postcanon 
june 2016
DC Universe/Gargoyles: Given Value of Weird by doctorv (G / 374 words)
It helps that the small green gargoyle, Lexington, speaks Computer Geek and reminds him a little of Robin. So while a technophile in a loincloth is still a little weird, it's also weirdly familiar.
!recced  dcuniverse  dc:ted.kord  gargoyles  gargoyles:lexington  livejournal  g  <01000  crossover  fun  neat  friendship 
june 2016
Pysch: Top Five Reasons Why Shawn & Gus are BFFs by liviapenn (G / 345 words)
Shawn grew up watching C.H.I.P.S. and Miami Vice and other such shows and was subconsciously programmed with the idea that the all-consuming yet platonic bromance was the highest and purest form of human bonding.
psych  psych:burton.guster  psych:shawn.spencer  livejournal  g  <01000  cute  fun  notfic  5things  friendship 
june 2016
Avengers: Second Chance by arsenicjade (G / 8,468 words)
Clint stands back up and his gaze skitters uneasily between Tony, Natasha, Steve and Thor. Thor, evidently figuring that being a big brother can't be all that different on Midgard than it was in his house, takes a knee and says, "It is an honor to meet your younger self, friend Clint."

"We're friends?" Clint asks. He sounds suspicious, in a way that makes Tony want to break something.

"You are a brave warrior," Thor tells him solemnly.
avengers  avengers:avengers.ensemble  avengers:clint.barton  livejournal  g  <10000  comfort  domestic  abuse  family  kids  swap 
june 2016
Master & Commander: Three Ways To End an Acquaintance by astolat (R / 1,363 words)
Stephen had taken off coat and shirt and folded them neatly on the ground; his bare skin was sallow in the fading light, his face unreadable and distant. Jack had loosened his neckcloth and nothing more, and stood stiffly in his best coat and breeches, ill and sad, all sustaining anger gone, leaving only a wretched pallor.
!recced  masterandcommander  mandc:jack/stephen  aooo  r  <02500  angst  romance  sad  sweet  5things  characterdeath  illness/injury  whatif 
may 2016
Stargate Atlantis: 5 Things Chuck Sees (But Wasn't Supposed To) by seektheinfinite (PG13 / 605 words)
1. The look on Elizabeth's face every time someone doesn't come home. He's sure no one else notices, she's always so careful to hide it.
!recced  stargateatlantis  sga:chuck  livejournal  pg13  <01000  dark  interesting  5things  minorchar  outsiderpov  selfharm/suicide 
may 2016
6DoW Bandom: The Way It Has To Be by wordslinging (PG13 / 1,117 words)
So, yeah, Frank's slept with (but not, like, *slept with*) all his bandmates at least once, and Gerard probably more than the rest, because he likes to cuddle almost as much as Frank does, and is good about not kicking Frank out even when his feet are cold. But it's not like they do it all the time, or anything.
sixdegreesofwentz  6dow:frank.iero  6dow:gerard.way  livejournal  pg13  <02500  cute  sweet  teambonding 
may 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Running Interference by haruka (G / 431 words)
Raphael gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists where they rested on his knees. He resisted the urge to glare over his shoulder to where his brother, Leonardo, knelt facing the opposite corner.
!recced  teenagemutantninjaturtles  tmnt:leonardo  tmnt:raphael  aooo  g  <01000  introspective  neat  characterstudy  family  teambonding 
may 2016
Star Trek TOS: Such Enormity Moving With Such Grace by pauraque (G / 927 words)
Gillian is in fourth grade, and in the margins of her composition book, while Mrs. Nicholas drones on about some boring war, she is drawing whales and stars.

She always draws them the same way, not creating the image so much as perfecting it.
!recced  startrek  startrek:tos  st:gillian.taylor  aooo  g  <01000  atmospheric  gentle  introspective  animals  characterstudy  minorchar 
may 2016
Avengers: Five (Or More) Uses for a Tie by Selenay (R / 9,451 words)
"Have you ever tried this, sir?" Clint was operating mostly by feel and all he could feel was silk and a knot that didn't want to loosen. "Until you've tried to get another guy's tie off you don't get to complain about my technique."
!recced  avengers  avengers:clint/phil  aooo  r  <10000  action  humor  5things  banter  gettingtogether  tech 
may 2016
Xover (Iron Man/X-Men): Three Steps Forward by imadra_blue (PG / 1300 words)
"Heh." Tony had figured as much. "You're a bit of a dick. Anyone ever tell you that?"

Cyclops tilted his head, and he almost had an expression for a moment. It faded like a ghost in sunlight. "Maybe."
ironman  ironman:tony/other  xmen  xmen:scott/other  livejournal  pg  <02500  crossover  neat  amnesia 
september 2015
Stargate Atlantis: More of the Stars and Sea by Mara (G / 675 words)
"Tell me about yourself," Teyla said, rather to her own surprise. It was not very Athosian a phrase, but she thought Dr. Zelenka might appreciate it.
!recced  stargateatlantis  sga:radek.zelenka  sga:teyla.emmagan  aooo  g  <01000  cute  gentle  sweet  friendship 
september 2015
Merlin: A Fistful of Infinity and Starlight by junkshop_disco (NC17 / 64,525 words)
'Merlin,' Leon says, 'the Forest of Ascetir is dangerous. All manner of beasts live there, not to mention we've heard rumours about Morgana trying to build a foothold.'

'That's why I'm counting on someone very gallant offering to come with me.'

Merlin's gaze falls on Gwaine, and he pinches his lips together, like he thinks there's something for Gwaine to decide.

'I'm in. Of course I am,' Gwaine says. 'But – we'll be gone days. We can't very well leave the prince asleep in your room. Camelot'll notice he's not where he's supposed to be, not to mention Gaius doesn't need his glasses to tell you've Arthur in your bed.'
merlin  merlin:arthur.pendragon  merlin:gwaine/merlin  livejournal  nc17  >40000  atmospheric  romance  characterdeath  friendship  future  gettingtogether  pining  revelations 
april 2015
Merlin: Along a Wandering Wind by Hope (NC17 / 63,401 words)
Gwaine’s feet feel as heavy as if they were iron-shod themselves, and his heart as well. He presses his forehead against Cabrion’s shoulder, knowing time is running out, willing himself to lead her out (and out, and out).

Gwaine looks up as the bar on the stall door lifts, and he struggles to pull back on the mask of his composure. It slips away along with his breath when Merlin sidesteps in, and he doesn’t have a chance to catch it again because Merlin’s staring at him intently. Then Merlin is stepping forward and holding Gwaine’s face in his hands.
merlin  merlin:gwaine/merlin  aooo  nc17  >40000  melodrama  romance  courtship  documentation  future  gettingtogether  intoxication  jealousy  revelations 
march 2015
Final Fantasy 7: Another Chance by GW Katrina (PG13 / 18,872 words)
"I'm tired," he whispered, the words lost before they reached even his ears. "Why do you constantly send me back? Why can't I ever stay? Is it because I keep killing him, or am I doing something else wrong?"

A hand came to rest lightly on his shoulder. Cloud didn't even flinch. Even though they had made not a sound, he knew his visitors were there. "It's nothing you've done wrong, Spike. You were never sent back as a punishment."

The voice, male and full of sad humor, was as familiar as the touch, and Cloud wished he could lean into it. But past experience told him that if he tried, he would fall, and the voice and touch would vanish.
finalfantasy  finalfantasy:7  ff7:aerith/cloud/sephiroth/zack  ffnet  pg13  <20000  angst  romance  sweet  establishedrelationship  fixit  polyamory  postcanon 
march 2015
Merlin: Counterpoint by PlaneJane (NC17 / 56,481 words)
Morgana poured his refill and said, “I know you, Arthur. You’re going to marry this boy because you’re good and noble and you want to help everyone, and maybe we can work around that. But if the Department of Compatibility are as good as they say they are, what are the chances you’re going to fall for him?”

“Nil,” he said too quickly. He knew nothing about the boy, except a column full of figures that marked them as an ideal match. If there was anything more than luck on the Department of Compatibility’s side, Arthur might, whether he liked the idea or not, fall in love with the spouse they’d found him in their extensive database and remain happily married until the end of his days.

It sounded good, in theory—it had supposedly worked for generations—except when a secret army of druids and seers, and your clairvoyant half-sister, said you were destined for an indomitable union with a warlock, a man with magic, and this union was Albion’s only hope in restoring the balance his father had destroyed.
merlin  merlin:arthur/merlin  au  au:dystopian  romance  family  gettingtogether  marriage  ofconvenience  revelations 
february 2015
Bones/Buffy: Discovery by RivanWarrioress (PG13 / 124,542 words)
"I'm adopted; my parents only adopted me to better their own careers, they don't care about me, and I found out last night that my mother committed suicide not long after I was born. My dad was a nineteen year old soldier, and I don't know how to find him, and he probably doesn't want me now anyway. He's probably got a wife and kids that he loves. He's not going to want the daughter he fathered just out of high school." Willow burst into tears, and Jenny was immediately was at her side, rubbing her back soothingly. Willow buried her head into Jenny's shoulder and cried, feeling her tears soaking into her teacher's shirt.

"Shh, Willow, I'm sure you father will love you. He might not even know of your existence. What's his name?"

"Seeley. Seeley Booth." Willow managed to say between her sobs.
bones  bones:seeley.booth  buffy  buffy:willow.rosenberg  specializedarchive  pg13  >40000  crossover  domestic  family  holidays  kids 
january 2015
Gundam Wing: Dragonfell by Becca Abbot (R / 61,387 words)
The slap of bare feet on wood brought Heero's head around. In the doorway, the shinigami appeared. He carried a large, rusty coal bucket. He went at once to the heater and quickly, efficiently, set about lighting it. Treize sauntered over to stand beside him and watch.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Duo, Your Grace."

"That's an odd name."

"So they say, Your Grace, but I like it."

An engaging grin caught Heero by surprise and, unaccountably rattled by it, he thought irritably that the shinigami had very free manners.
gundamwing  gw:duo/heero  gw:quatre/trowa  gw:treize/wufei  personalsite  r  >40000  au  au:fantasy  drama  romance  dubcon/noncon  gettingtogether 
january 2015
Sailor Moon: Home by aprileagle (R / 80,090 words)
/What's wrong with her?/

Haruka frowned and carefully put her walkman away. Normally, she wasn't concerned about other people. She had enough problems herself.

/Does she have such a bloody life, too? But she looks so rich!/

The taller girl stood up and was determined to go over to the smaller girl to ask her.

At that moment the sea green haired beauty raised her head and two deep blue eyes looked desperately into dark green ones.

/She looks so lonely - just like me.../

Both swallowed hard.
!spagerrors  sailormoon  sm:haruka/michiru  ffnet  r  >40000  angst  melodrama  romance  abuse  background  characterdeath  gettingtogether  highschool  homophobia  illness/injury  kids 
december 2014
Gundam Wing: Honor-Bound by amiko_16 (NC17 / 315,735 words)
Heero finished his work and stepped back a pace, finally meeting Wufei's stubborn glare. Abruptly he leaned into Wufei's personal space, hands gripping the counter edge on either side of Wufei's hips. Wufei jumped, staring wildly into Heero's narrowed eyes.

"This is why not," Heero said in clipped words.

Wufei blinked. "What?"

"Trust," Heero said simply. "The 'cure' takes trust. And you don't trust any of us. We're just your captors, right?" He retreated, looking dismissively away and wiping his hands off on an extra piece of dressing.

Wufei opened and closed his mouth, glaring helplessly at the other boy for a moment. Heero was right. He *didn't* trust them. He had no idea where they were taking him. He especially didn't trust Duo, who seemed a little too close to psychotic sometimes for Wufei's comfort. And Quatre was constantly giving half-truths, while Trowa had lied to him for two years. Why should he trust Heero any more than he trusted the rest of them?
gundamwing  gw:duo/hilde  gw:heero/wufei  gw:quatre/trowa  gw:relena.peacecraft  multifandomarchive  nc17  >40000  action  au  drama  romance  amnesia  crush  gettingtogether  soulbonding  superpowers 
december 2014
Angel/Buffy/Sentinel: The Kin Series by litgal (NC17 / 435,185 words)
Early in season one, Xander tells Angel exactly what he's thinking--none of which is particularly nice. But when Angel takes a second look at the young man, he finds more than he expects. The slow-growing relationship between Angel and Xander changes the entire series as beliefs and relationships and allegiances shift.
!wip-partial  angel  angel:angel/xander  angel:cordelia/spike  angel:faith.lehane  buffy  buffy:angel/xander  buffy:cordelia/spike  buffy:faith.lehane  sentinel  ts:blair.sandburg  specializedarchive  nc17  >40000  action  angst  crossover  plotty  romance  abuse  awkward  family  friendship  gettingtogether  playingfavorites  polyamory  soulbonding 
november 2014
Merlin: Let Us Dare by kianspo (R / 29,511 words)
"Merlin." Arthur was staring at him in ever-mounting confusion. "What are you talking about? Why do you—"

"I'm leaving tomorrow."

"I don't understand." Arthur blinked. "Leaving where?"

Merlin peered at the fire pensively. "Gaius has taught me everything he knows. I'm going to the forest of Ehdrina to study with the Druids."

Arthur spluttered. "But – Merlin, that's not till you're at least fourteen!"

Merlin lifted an eyebrow in a fair imitation of his mentor. "Arthur, my birthday was two weeks ago."
merlin  merlin:arthur/merlin  aooo  r  <40000  action  neat  plotty  romance  family  fixit  gettingtogether  oblivious  whatif 
november 2014
NCIS LA: Life For Rent by race_the_ace (R / 78,713 words)
"Yeah. Are you gonna be okay here while I'm gone?"

"If you trust me with your stuff." Callen said with a shrug. Rule number nine: don’t leave anything with anyone that you might want to keep.

"I trusted you with more last night." Jared pointed out quietly.

"Still, you barely know me." Callen argued quietly.

Jared's eyes softened as he looked a Callen. He raised his hand to gently cup Callen's cheek. "I know enough. I trust you, G. If you're going to run off with any of my stuff I can't really stop you. I'd probably be more upset that I didn't get the chance of a second date." He paused. "Unless you ran off with some of my cookware. Then I'd hunt you down to get it back."

Callen laughed softly. "I'll leave the cookware, then."

"Promises, promises." Jared said with a roll of his eyes. He leaned in and gently kissed Callen on the lips. It was chaste, short and close-mouthed, but it was probably the sweetest kiss Callen had ever received.
!spagerrors  ncisla  ncisla:g/other  aooo  r  >40000  domestic  romance  sweet  gettingtogether  originalchar 
november 2014
Avatar TLoK: Make Me Your Radio by Rikku (G / 24,650 words)
"Get in the – Bolin, would I *invite* you if I thought you'd get in the way?" Iroh snapped. "Use some common sense, man, you know me better than that."

"Oh wow, you're right, sorry," Bolin said, looking immensely guilty.

General Iroh second-of-that-name, youngest general in the last five hundred years, prince of the Fire Nation, shining beacon of hope to all. And, apparently, remarkably skilled at making the man he was falling for feel completely horrible.
avatarthelegendofkorra  avatar:bolin/irohii  aooo  g  <40000  fluff  romance  awkward  courtship  gettingtogether  misunderstanding  pining 
october 2014
Psych: Gus and Shawn, The Old Married Couple by Chash (G / 540 words)
"We need to get married, Gus."

"No, we don't."

"I didn't know how to tell you this, but I'm pregnant. You know my father would never approve of me having a child out of wedlock! He'd come after you with the shotgun, Gus. Is that what you want?"
!recced  psych  psych:gus/shawn  aooo  g  <01000  adorable  cute  funny  sweet  banter  future  marriage  talk 
october 2014
6DoW Bandom: Boys In Bands Got It So Damn Bad by nova33 (PG13 / 7,362 words)
Pete only looks mildly shocked, and only for a second, and then grins wickedly. "One piercing. That you leave out at school, obviously. Nice and temporary, just in case one of the nuns or mummy and daddy have an issue with it." The mockery in his tone is overwhelming.

"Seriously, Pete, shut the fuck up," Cute Hat Boy mutters, trying to turn Pete around to face the front. But all of Pete's attention is focused on Frank, who is now on his feet in the aisle, trying not to fall over as the bus bumps.
sixdegreesofwentz  6dow:frank/patrick  6dow:gerard/pete  livejournal  pg13  <10000  au  au:highschool  cute  romance  crush  gettingtogether  highschool  misunderstanding 
october 2014
X-Men: More than Genetics by Llwyden ferch Gyfrinach (Llwyden) (NC17 / 90,746 words)
He put on as much speed as he could, entering the trees at an angle, losing the men in the shadows. He tipped his surprisingly co-operative passenger to his feet by the bike, steadying him with one arm as he straddled it. He let go to crank it up as he stomped the gas pedal and the powerful machine roared into life.

"Get on!" he shouted over the engine noise. "You're busting out of here!" He held one arm out to the man, who finally seemed to be shaking off a bit of his daze. Wide yellow eyes blinked at him, then darted back to the circus workers turning their direction now. Then, tentatively, one three-fingered hand clutched Logan's arm and the man swung himself onto the bike behind Logan.

Logan balanced and took off, bursting onto the packed ground the tents had been raised on, shooting past the circus guards now shouting angrily at them. He chuckled as several ran for their trucks. "Hang on tight!" he called over his shoulder.
xmen  xmen:kurt/logan  aooo  nc17  >40000  action  angst  romance  abuse  family  gettingtogether  kids 
september 2014
Static Shock: That Way by citizenjess (PG13 / 5,310 words)
Static pulled off his goggles and trademark mask, tossing them inside Gear's upturned helmet before sprawling next to his partner. His own injuries were even lighter, minor scrapes more than anything; often, Gear took the brunt of them in a fight, always watching Static's back. "Thanks for blocking Hothead," he grinned, patting Richie's leg casually, almost apologetically. "I'll make sure to return the favor."

Richie smiled. "What are friends for? I mean, besides telling everyone at school about how I was heroically battle scarred rescuing a kitten from a tree. In a rainstorm. In the dead of night. With merely the clothes on my back."

"That'll have the ladies crawling all over you," Virgil agreed, and then coughed. "Or, uh, you know, whoever."
staticshock  static:richie/virgil  aooo  pg13  <10000  bittersweet  comingout  friendship  oblivious  pining 
september 2014
Static Shock: Thicker Than Water by ctrl-issue (PG13 / 500 words)
It was late, and for once Mr. Robert Hawkins found that his son was actually home. Alone. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the nightly news. Sharon was off 'studying', though he knew well enough that she was actually giving him and Virgil some time to themselves. The elder man took a deep breath as he looked around his living room. He doubted he would have another opportunity like this for some time, knowing the schedules his children kept.
!recced  staticshock  static:richie/virgil  static:robert.hawkins  livejournal  pg13  <01000  angst  introspective  nice  family  outsiderpov 
september 2014
Static Shock: What Legends Are Made Of by ctlr-issue (PG13 / 500 words)
Officer Trina Jessup was a woman of strong convictions. That being said, she also understood that she was faced with the responsibility of seeing the shades of gray and judging each moment based on how severe the actual crime was.
!recced  staticshock  static:richie/virgil  static:trina.jessup  livejournal  pg13  <01000  interesting  neat  characterstudy  minorchar  outsiderpov 
september 2014
Static Shock: Underneath by stormy1x2 (G / 3,271 words)
"Boys?" The front door opened and Robert Hawkins stepped out, looking at them curiously. "Boys, are you all right?" He opened the door wider. "Get inside, before anyone sees you two." He winked at them. "It's okay – Sharon's out with Adam."

"Okay, Pops." Oops. His father was staring at him. "Um.. make that, 'hi Pops?'" Virgil adjusted Richie's glasses and tried to stamp down the full-body blush he knew Richie was capable of and that he could feel creeping over him.
!recced  staticshock  static:richie.foley  static:virgil.hawkins  aooo  g  <05000  humor  neat  friendship  swap  tech 
september 2014
Heroes/Man from UNCLE: H.U.N.C.L.E. by lynnmonster (G / 1,132 words)
"Konbanwa, Nakamura-san, Masahashi-san," the man said, inclining his head slightly to each of them in turn. "Solo to moushimasu. But you can call me Napoleon." He winked.

Ando and Hiro gaped at this Napoleon, who spoke Japanese and had an Emperor's name (and, apparently, the self-confidence to match it).
!recced  heroes  heroes:ando.masahashi  heroes:hiro.nakamura  manfromuncle  mfu:illya/napoleon  livejournal  g  <02500  crack  crossover  fun  humor  misunderstanding  superpowers 
september 2014
Stargate Atlantis: An Introduction to the Characters of Finite Groups by imperfectcircle (PG / 2,831 words)
"The thing about Rodney," Radek says, waving his shot glass, "is: Very relaxing."

It is true. Dr Simpson chokes on her vodka - a waste; very sad - and Dr Kavanagh turns pink, but it is true.

"No, no," he continues. He has thought about this. "His research - unpredictable. Everything else? You know answers already."
stargateatlantis  sga:mckay/sheppard  sga:radek.zelenka  aooo  pg  <05000  plotty  outsiderpov 
september 2014
Doctor Who: Inevitable by chicklet73 (G / 1,286 words)
The Doctor frowned. New Companion? Since when had he decided that? Bah. No. He’d only taken her on one trip – well, one back and one forward in time. But it was more one two-part trip than two trips, and this really, really was it. The end. Finis.
!recced  doctorwho  drw:martha.jones  drw:the.doctor  livejournal  g  <02500  adorable  cute  friendship 
september 2014
due South: You Never Get a Second Chance by brynmck (PG13 / 929 words)
Across the desk, the Lieutenant was sinking into his own well-loved chair, and Ray watched him, sized him up. Lieutenant Harding Welsh. His new boss, if he was going to do this thing.
duesouth  ds:ray.kowalski  livejournal  pg13  <01000  neat  characterstudy  missingscene 
september 2014
Star Trek AOS: Only the Good Die Young by KiaraSayre (PG13 / 2,528 words)
Being the youngest officer to graduate from Starfleet in fifty years means that most of Pavel's free time in the Academy was spent, well, studying. It wasn't hard - he has a knack for science and engineering and it's all just so *interesting* - but it was time-consuming, and he may have occasionally gotten a little homesick.

It's not really that different on the Enterprise, at first; people still look at him and see his age first. He knows that he'll prove himself to them if he hasn't already, but right now he can still hear people whispering things like "cute" and "adorable" and, worst of all, "*kid*" when they think he can't hear, and he's getting sick of it.
!recced  startrek  startrek:aos  st:pavel.chekov  aooo  pg13  <05000  cute  funny  5things  teambonding 
september 2014
Invisible Man: How Not to Make Your Move by Jenavira (PG13 / 2,336 words)
"Why do you just go along with them? All their rules, all their stupid plans --" He stepped another step forward, and Bobby took a step back. Not that he didn't trust his partner, but you never knew what the guy would do when the crazy took hold, and Bobby wanted space to move.

"You know," he said, trying for casual and not quite making it, "the Fat Man pays the bills. That means he makes the rules." Another step forward, another step back.

"Really?" Step, step. "That's it? That's...the whole reason?" Fawkes kept slinking forward.
invisibleman  iman:bobby/darien  aooo  pg13  <02500  humor  romance  gettingtogether 
september 2014
Hikaru no Go: Go Forever by Lucillia (PG / 442 words)
Sai stared through the fence at the Go board like he did every day, everyone thought this was odd because they had no idea of what he was staring at, much less why he was just standing there not moving. This went on for a long time, Sai staring at the Go board, and the family staring at Sai.
!recced  hikarunogo  hng:fujiwara.no.sai  ffnet  pg  <01000  crack  fun  humor  animals 
september 2014
Torchwood: Headcase by sam_storyteller (PG / 875 words)
Owen says that medical studies have proven you don't need to sit up with concussion patients anymore, but even coming from a distant future Jack has lived too long in the past to buy it. It is his job to stay with them, therefore, and Owen washes his hands of the whole situation.
torchwood  torchwood:ensemble  torchwood:jack.harkness  otherjournal  pg  <01000  cute  characterstudy  illness/injury  teambonding 
september 2014
Hana Kimi: Staying Afloat (On a Sea of Denial) by aneko (R / 606 words)
Mizuki was pretty enough to be a girl, but he *wasn't*--and that wasn't enough to keep Nakatsu from wanting him.
hanakimi  hanakimi:mizuki/nakatsu  aooo  r  <01000  angst  porn  crossdressing 
september 2014
Jeeves & Wooster: Another Time, Another World by truly_bohemian (G / 908 words)
"Who's this?" Gloria asked, as she was handed another picture.

"That's just Uncle Bertie again. Why?"

"No, no," Gloria shook her head, feeling slightly frustrated, "there are two men in the picture. They can't both be Uncle Bertie."
!recced  jeevesandwooster  jandw:jeeves/wooster  livejournal  g  <01000  domestic  sad  characterdeath  family  future  originalchar  outsiderpov 
september 2014
Final Fantasy 4: Missing Piece by Zerrat (PG13 / 2,860 words)
Kain was a worry. A stubborn worry, Cecil amended, watching Rosa lay a gentle hand on Kain's shoulder. When Kain had first mentioned that he would attempt the trials, Cecil had known that no matter how hard he'd try to convince Kain otherwise, his oldest friend would not rest until the deed was done.
!recced  finalfantasy  finalfantasy:4  ff4:cecil/kain/rosa  aooo  pg13  <05000  angst  bittersweet  introspective  pining  postcanon 
september 2014
Mysterious Island: The Omelette by rainbowjehan (G / 1,706 words)
In the last few days, Pencroff had gone from ecstasy to despair to hope to misery over and over again, so that he woke in the night sometimes weeping as though his heart would break and sometimes with his eyes lit, and ran to Cyrus' bed to shake him awake so he could say in a loud whisper, "Mr. Cyrus! Suppose to-morrow he knows me! What do you think of that? Might he be able to sit up by to-morrow?"
!recced  mysteriousisland  mysteriousisland:harbert  mysteriousisland:pencroff  livejournal  g  <02500  angst  comfort  humor  neat  sweet  illness/injury  missingscene  teambonding 
september 2014
Mushishi: Fishing Village at Sunrise in Autumn by Experimental (PG13 / 1,809 words)
The same story every time. It helps that Adashino has a not-entirely-scientific fascination with his body—or, more precisely, what the mushi did to it. If he were honest with himself, however, Ginko would find he had to admit a part of him is actually flattered by that attention, even if he can't for the life of him understand it.
!recced  mushishi  mushishi:adashino/ginko  aooo  pg13  <02500  atmospheric  gentle  introspective 
september 2014
6DoW Bandom: Figure You Out by gonnafeelgood (PG13 / 4,102 words)
Bob thinks he wants to get into people’s heads. He changes his mind on the day that he actually does.
sixdegreesofwentz  6dow:bob/gerard  aooo  pg13  <05000  cute  romance  crush  superpowers  telepathy 
september 2014
The Office/Psych: Pennsylvania by fearlessfan (PG / 10,184 words)
"What he's really into is catching this Jim guy at whatever he's up to," Gus says, pulling into a parking spot. "You think this guy is harmless?"

"Totally," Shawn says. "All that's in the history is a series of office pranks, some of them pretty impressive. Half the reason I wanted to come was to figure out how he got Dwight's stuff into the vending machine. How awesome would it be to do that to Lassiter?"
!recced  office:dwight.schrute  office:jim/pam  psych  psych:gus/shawn  livejournal  pg  <20000  crossover  fun  funny  sweet  banter  casefic  talk  theoffice 
september 2014
Harry Potter: A Thousand Wishes by hannelore (G / 1,634 words)
"Neville, are you really planning on folding a thousand?" Hermione asked him one evening. Neville nodded as he set one finished crane aside and took up another gum wrapper.

"Your Mum gave you all those wrappers?" she said. Neville looked up to see her apologetic look.
harrypotter  hp:neville.longbottom  aooo  g  <02500  sad  characterdeath  illness/injury 
september 2014
6DoW Bandom: A Bit of Mellow by Arsenic (G / 360 words)
Joe wasn't precisely what one could call *dependable* but he was predictable in that if a person could find him, a person could also find quality pot.

Ray didn't really have a pot habit, but there were times when a little mellow was called for and while doing a conglomerate tour like Warped, those times were almost sure to come around.
sixdegreesofwentz  6dow:joe.trohman  6dow:ray.toro  personalsite  g  <01000  gentle  friendship  intoxication 
august 2014
Captain America/The Middleman: Captain America's Art Crawl Adventure by victoria_p (G / 2,008 words)
She found Steve with Noser, who was saying, "Benny Goodman, huh? Hey, Wendy Watson, I might have found someone here who can actually stump the band."

"Never happen." She looked at the sketches hanging on the wall. "These yours, Steve?"
!recced  !hearts  captainamerica  captainamerica:steve.rogers  themiddleman  mm:wendy.watson  aooo  g  <02500  crossover  cute  fun  funny  banter 
august 2014
Hana Kimi: Jack & Jill by anenko (R / 1,206 words)
He'd left his tie on the doorknob.

Mizuki blushed when she realized she was rubbing Sano's tie between her thumb and forefinger. She jerked her hand back, and took a hasty step back from the door. Sano was in their room. Sano was in their room, and he was... Mizuki pressed her face into her palms and whimpered.
hanakimi  hanakimi:mizuki/sano  aooo  r  <02500  introspective  awkward  oblivious 
august 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: In Passing by Reynardine (PG / 7,233 words)
I nod. I've still got my hand over my mouth. He gently prises it away. That's when I notice his hands are green and that he only has two fingers. Two fingers and a thumb.

My thought won't stick together properly, they keep falling a part, but I manage to think – oh, that's why he's so covered up, he's deformed. I don't care though, not at all, not when my Dad's bleeding on the ground and this man's just saved both our lives.

'Hey,' he says. 'It's okay. You're safe.' He takes my hands. His skin feels tough, like leather. 'Let's wash this off.'
!recced  teenagemutantninjaturtles  tmnt:turtles.ensemble  ffnet  pg  <10000  action  neat  nice  abuse  originalchar  outsiderpov 
august 2014
Harry Potter: Fastidious by Halrloprillalar (PG / 150 words)
"There's dirt on your face," Percy said. He dabbed at Oliver's cheek with his handkerchief. "There, all gone."
harrypotter  hp:percy/oliver  personalsite  pg  <01000  cute  fluff  banter  courtship 
august 2014
Final Fantasy 7: Bright Eyed Boys by Ardwynna (PG13 / 1,095 words)
SOLDIER First Class. It's really something. They were really something. Don't find too many of them around these days, but trust me, if you saw one you'd know. They're magnificent.
!recced  finalfantasy  finalfantasy:7  ff7:cloud.strife  ff7:zack.fair  aooo  pg13  <02500  angst  introspective  characterdeath  minorchar  outsiderpov 
august 2014
Hitchhiker's Guide: Double Drabble by daegaer (PG13 / 200 words)
"The trouble with aliens," Trillian said, "Is that they tend to think locking you semi-naked in a room is jolly good fun." She paused. "No, I'm being unfair. I've known Earth men like that too."
!recced  hitchhikersguide  hhgttg:fenchurch/trillian  livejournal  pg13  <01000  funny  humor  drabble 
august 2014
Avengers: All I Want for Christmas (Is You) by grydo2life (PG13 / 5,647 words)
Coulson peers at the box, then back at Clint consideringly. He looks bemused as he takes it in hand and carefully peels away the wrapping paper. When he gets a look at the actual gift, he huffs in amusement. "Really, Barton?"

Clint shrugs, sheepish. "Seemed sort of appropriate to me."

Coulson chuckles and carefully pulls the mug out. It's white, porcelain, the kind of novelty item you pick up in a gift shop somewhere. The words 'World's Greatest Boss' are printed on one side, but someone has taken a purple sharpie and crossed off 'Boss' and replaced it with 'Handler.'
avengers  avengers:clint/phil  aooo  pg13  <10000  cute  fluff  5things  holidays 
august 2014
DC Universe: Unfamiliar Position of Kissing by doctorv (R / 821 words)
Ralph has always been tall and, though she's fairly average height for a non-meta, Sue is shorter than him. And Ralph, perhaps not even realizing it, is so used to the height difference that he's stretched until he has that same amount of height on Booster. Booster decides not to mention it. Unfamiliar also means new and interesting in this context.
dcuniverse  dc:booster/ralph/sue  livejournal  r  <01000  cute  fun  kink  polyamory 
august 2014
Myths (Fairy Tales): The Cinder-Fellow by Isis (G / 11,171 words)
"Tell me you and he aren't running away together."

"We're not," he said, and there was such a palpable sadness in his voice that she could tell that he wished it was otherwise.

"Are you – are you like he is?"

"Nobody is like he is." He looked over toward where Hal was dutifully dancing with a dowager at least three times his age, and she could see the admiration mixed with longing in his eyes.
!recced  !hearts  myths  myths:fairytales  myths:cinderella  aooo  g  <20000  crossover  fun  romance  sweet  courtship  swap 
august 2014
Stargate Atlantis: Parsus, the Lorne Edition by kho (R / 3,346 words)
Adams is tying his shoe when Bellson says that Sheppard should have been there to see Smith go down like a ragdoll, and he doesn't even look up when he says in a snide tone, "yeah, too busy fucking McKay."

Lorne's first urge is to make him do laps, make him hit the mat face first and do twenty reps with his hand tied behind his back, because you just don't talk about your C.O. that way, but he reigns it in when he sees Bellson's face turn an angry red. "Shut it, Private. Hit the showers."
stargateatlantis  sga:evan.lorne  sga:mckay/sheppard  livejournal  r  <05000  neat  friendship  homophobia  missingscene  misunderstanding 
august 2014
Avatar TLoK: Sway by Lapin (R / 27,515 words)
It occurred to Iroh that he was having a conversation about his failed relationship with someone he didn't actually know that well. Asami had her own issues that kept her rather busy, like the attempt to rebuild her father's factory as her own, and start looking at the technology he'd developed as something for the military. She was rather astute when it came to business, he'd learned. Still, they had fought a few fights together, and that made for a certain kind of closeness. Besides, who else did he have to talk to?

"Then why did he just tell me he never wanted to talk to me again?" Maybe Asami knew what was going on. She did see Bolin on a more regular basis than he did, and she had to have spoken to him in this past week.

Asami looked puzzled though, not exactly raising his hopes. "That's weird."

Again, he shrugged.

"Maybe it's for the best. It seems like no one thinks I was very good for him anyway." He stood, intending on going back to the ship and getting some sleep.
avatarthelegendofkorra  avatar:bolin/irohii  aooo  r  <40000  angst  romance  sweet  misunderstanding 
july 2014
Star Trek AOS: The Impossible by brevityis (PG13 / 15,779 words)
"Leonard, you look like hell. Do you really want to perform this operation when you're not at your best?" That got a bitter laugh out of the doctor. Leonard knew he was doing more than flirting with the line of addiction to stimulants; it was actually incredibly likely there was already one in the offing. There might be more stimulants than actual blood in his own veins right now, and *he didn’t care*. Then Uhura went for the big guns. "Jim would hate to see you like this – he wouldn’t want his death to do this to you." ["Into Darkness" tag]
startrek  startrek:aos  st:kirk/mccoy  aooo  pg13  <20000  angst  melodrama  missingscene  tag 
may 2014
Gundam Wing: The Price They Paid by Yanagi-wa (R / 363,591 words)
At first 'they' had wanted to charge all of them with War Crimes. But Relena Peacecraft had refused, saying that only the commanding officer would be charged, the common soldiers had only been following orders. She'd done it for every other branch of the services and the Gundam Pilots weren't to be treated any different.

Heero had said that they should draw straws to decide who was commanding officer of the Gundam Pilots. Duo swore that he'd fixed it somehow and thrown a fit. But Chang Wufei insisted that it was legitimate.

"Heero, you fixed that draw. I saw you."

"Yes I did and you will keep your mouth shut about it. Can you really see Duo or, most especially Quatre, in prison? I've been in prison all my life. I can handle it."

[sequel is Segue (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3863131/1/ ) & Building a New Life (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4131175/1/ )]
gundamwing  gw:duo/heero  gw:quatre/trowa  gw:relena.peacecraft  gw:wufei/zechs  ffnet  r  >40000  action  interesting  plotty  friendship  future 
may 2014
Les Miserables: Three Days (or The One Where Javert and Valjean Take a Road Trip Through France and Raise a Child) by zamwessell (greencarnation) (NC17 / 36,182 words)
He supposes he might as well try. "You were always very scrupulous in your attendance on me as – Monsieur le Maire," he says, "but I could not help feeling that you thought me – inefficient, in my charity."

Javert nods. He seems to have admitted the argument that the road is too long for this silence. "The poor will always be with us."

"But whosoever welcomes a little child in my name, welcomes me."

"Even the devil can quote scripture to his purpose," Javert says, rising to the challenge.
lesmiserables  lesmiserables:javert/valjean  aooo  nc17  <40000  comfort  domestic  gentle  romance  enemies  family  future  kids  whatif 
april 2014
due South: To Strive, To Seek, To Find by Luzula (R / 22,212 words)
"Right," Ray continued, looking intent. "You said you wanted me. What do mean by that? I mean, if you don't want me in the, um, sexual way."

"Well, I want to be close to you. I care about you. I, well. I love you." Fraser held Ray's gaze with some difficulty. He felt exposed, laid bare, but he would not weaken his declaration by avoiding Ray's eyes.
duesouth  ds:fraser/kowalski  aooo  r  <40000  plotty  romance  sweet  asexual  future 
march 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo: Wild Animals by C-Puff (PG13 / 161,696 words)
"Hey Usagi!" Mikey called, distracting him from his swelling emotions. "What exactly did this guy take? I mean I know it's like super super important, but what is it exactly?"

The rest of us turned to look at the rabbit as well. We were all as curious as Mikey I guess.

Usagi hesitated for a moment. He bit his lip and lowered his head in thought, tensing slightly.

He gave his head a slight shake, more to himself than to us before he took a deep breath, looking up and meeting our gazes once again.

"My son..."
!spagerrors  teenagemutantninjaturtles  tmnt:turtles.ensemble  usagiyojimbo  usagiyojimbo:usagi.miyamoto  usagiyojimbo:jotaro  ffnet  pg13  >40000  action  crossover  plotty  friendship  kids 
march 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Spirit by pacphys (PG13 / 82,000 words)
When Donatello died at age three he spent 14 years with his family as a Spirit. Now he has been granted another shot at life by the Powers That Be.


"Those are my swords. Raphael just helped me make them."

"s'o'ds" Donnie attempted to repeat the word. When he reached out to touch them, Leo allowed him to play with the handles as the blades were safely sheathed. The next thing that came out of Donnie's mouth left both of the older turtles speechless.

"I make, Daddy!"

Leo could only stare at Donatello as the young turtle reached into the pocket of the sweatshirt he was wearing and pulled out a piece of wire that had been crudely bent into the shape of a heart. The blue-masked turtle could not decide whether or not to correct the child for calling him 'daddy'. When Donnie's face began to fall into concern, Leo almost missed it. Lucky for him, Raphael had his back.

"It's a wonderful heart, Donnie. Isn't it, Leo?" Raph laughed again as he recognized the wire from the toaster that Donnie had been caught taking apart before they had found some real toys for him. Apparently, the little moppet had nicked off with part of the appliance.

Leo was snapped back to the present by the sound of Raphael's voice. "Yes." He said slowly, looking Donatello in the eyes. "It is a wonderful heart. Thank you."
teenagemutantninjaturtles  tmnt:donatello  tmnt:leonardo  tmnt:turtles.ensemble  ffnet  pg13  >40000  cute  neat  characterdeath  family  kids  whatif 
december 2013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Blind Leap of Faith by Pretender Fanastic (PG13 / 63,890 words)
"Focus Raphael. I just cut your head off while you were in la-la land."


Raph's eyes came back into focus as he found Leo's katana still poised mere centimeters from his neck.

"Yeah. Right" Raph muttered as he pushed the offending weapon out of his personal space. "Let's get back to it."

He brought up his sais and tried to forget the black dot that had just bounced across his vision moments before, watching for his brother's next attack.
!spagerrors  teenagemutantninjaturtles  tmnt:raphael  ffnet  pg13  >40000  action  introspective  plotty  disability  family 
august 2013
Star Trek AOS: AsQ by laughter_now (PG13 / 55,761 words)
Angry now, he slammed his hand down on the console and activated it.

"Computer, locate Doctor Leonard McCoy."

"No crewmember by that name is currently serving aboard the ship. Please specify your inquiry."

Jim's mind was reeling, and his heart was beating fast in his chest. It couldn't be. If this was a prank, it was the most elaborate Jim had ever seen. But they weren't going to get him with it. He knew Bones was aboard the ship, trying to make him believe that he wasn't was simply a ridiculous idea.

"Computer, list current posting of Starfleet officer Lieutenant Commander Leonard H. McCoy, Starfleet identification number 0422-16-09B, authorization code Kirk 77429Alpha."

"Invalid inquiry," the computer politely informed him. "Invalid identification number. There is no record of a Leonard H. McCoy in the database."

Jim took a step back from the console, staring at it as if it was going to make sense if only he stared hard enough.
startrek  startrek:aos  st:kirk/mccoy  st:q  aooo  pg13  >40000  angst  melodrama  romance  revelations 
august 2013
Kim Possible: The Healer's Touch by AlyssC01 (R / 118,610 words)
Shego raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "Think hard on it Cupcake," she was talking in a whisper suddenly, but the words reached Kim as easily as if they had been shouted. "You will be throwing yourself in with a bunch of criminals. Fraternizing with me. That itself is a criminal offence and your friends might not forgive you for it. Be very sure you are willing to face the consequences of your actions."

Her mouth was dry and her hand was shivering where it was still touching Shego. She swallowed and tried to picture the consequences that Shego spoke of, but it was all wiped away when she realized that Shego had put her hand over hers.

"Yes," she said again, "for my mother – there is no price I am not willing to pay. Please, help me get her back."

[sequel to "The Touch of Green Fire"]
kimpossible  kimpossible:kim/shego  ffnet  r  >40000  action  bittersweet  introspective  melodrama  romance  enemies 
august 2013
Kim Possible: The Touch of Green Fire by AlyssC01 (PG13 / 93,745 words)
Kim leaned against the ICU room door, hugging her arms to her chest.

"Get it together Possible," she hissed at herself. "What's wrong with you? It's just Shego. Get it together. She'll make it. She's the strongest woman you know. She'll make it. And if she doesn't... *It's just Shego*."

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths until she felt her emotions settle and the pain in her chest recede.

[sequel is "The Healer's Touch"]
kimpossible  kimpossible:kim/shego  ffnet  pg13  >40000  action  angst  introspective  background  college  enemies 
august 2013
Avengers/Marvel Universe: All I've Got Left To Believe In by torakowalski (NC17 / 35,290 words)
"Clint," Phil says softly. "Peter told me about the boys who are picking on him. And how you got that swollen lip. I'm really so-"

"Stop it with the sorry," Clint says gruffly. "We've done that, I've forgiven you, it's cool."

Phil opens his mouth, presumably to protest, then closes it again. "Okay. It was really decent of you to stand up to them, though. You're a good big brother."

Clint's heart kind of *spasms* at that. It's awful; it makes him feel *awful*. "I'm not his brother," he snaps, way too loud, and can't make himself look at Phil for the rest of their wait at the counter.
avengers  avengers:clint/phil  marveluniverse  marvel:peter.parker  aooo  nc17  <40000  adorable  au  au:highschool  romance  sweet  abuse  crush  family  highschool 
july 2013
Avengers: As Is by Arsenic (NC17 / 52,844 words)
It was a long walk to the car. Phil nearly got bitten trying to fasten the Bird's seatbelt. As they were leaving the parking garage, Phil said, "I'm Coulson. What's your name?"

"Birds don't have names." The voice, which had been sharp and angry the last time Phil had heard it, was flat, exhausted, probably trying to sound even.

"Well, I'm not calling you by your number, so you can give me your name, or *a* name, or I can think up one."

The Bird just shrugged—impressive, really, given his bindings. Coulson flipped through his mental catalogue until he came upon the first bird of prey he could think of and said, "All right, we'll go with Hawk."
avengers  avengers:clint/phil  aooo  nc17  >40000  angst  au  au:slavery  hurt/comfort  melodrama  romance  abuse  rape 
july 2013
Pirates of the Caribbean: Caribbean Cartography by dee (R / 29,167 words)
"He has a Letter of Marque," I repeated, dully.

"He does." The well-documented Captain Jack Sparrow attended to the state of his cuticles with the sort of smug satisfaction I usually associated with well-fed cats and well-married young ladies. "And it's official, Commodore. So you'd want to stop picking at the seal, or you'll be destroying a Crown document. You know what you get for that."
piratesofthecaribbean  potc:anamaria  potc:jack/norrington  personalsite  r  <40000  bittersweet  romance  enemies  future 
july 2013
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!brokenformatting !brokenlink !faves !hearts !outofordertags !recced !spagerrors 5things 6dow:frank/gerard <01000 <02500 <05000 <10000 <20000 <40000 >40000 ?rating ?wordcount abuse action adorable aknightstale angel angst animals anthropomorphic aooo au authority authority:apollo/midnighter avatarthelastairbender avengers avengers:clint/phil awkward background banter bittersweet buffy characterdeath characterstudy college comfort comingout courtship crack creepy crossdressing crossover crush csi csi:greg/nick cute darkisrising dc:bart.allen dc:booster/ted dc:kon-el dc:kon/tim dc:tim.drake dcuniverse dir:bran/will discworld doctorwho documentation domestic donaldstrachey drabble dresden:dresden/marcone dresdenfiles ds:fraser/kowalski ds:kowalski/vecchio duesouth enemies eureka eureka:jack/nathan family fascinating ff:ensemble ff:inara.serra ff:jayne.cobb ff:malcolm.reynolds ff:river.tam ff:wash/zoe ffnet firefly fluff fourthwall friendship fullmetalalchemist fun funny future g gentle gettingtogether go:aziraphale go:aziraphale/crowley go:crowley goodomens gundamwing gw:quatre/trowa hanakimi harrypotter heroes heroes:matt/mohinder hhgttg:arthur/ford highschool hitchhikersguide hockeyrpf holidays homophobia horror hp:draco/harry humor illness/injury iman:bobby/darien interesting intoxication introspective invisibleman jealousy jl:wally.west justiceleague kids kink livejournal lordoftherings lotr:gimli/legolas manfromuncle marriage marvel:xmen marveluniverse masterandcommander melodrama merlin merlin:arthur/merlin mfu:illya/napoleon minorchar missingscene misunderstanding multifandomarchive myths naruto naruto:chouji/shikamaru naruto:ensemble naruto:iruka/kakashi naruto:kiba/shino nc17 neat nerowolfe nice oblivious odd ofconvenience originalchar otherjournal ouran:host.club ouran:kyouya/tamaki ouranhshostclub outsiderpov personalsite pg pg13 pining piratesofthecaribbean playingfavorites plotty porn potc:jack.sparrow r rape revelations romance sad saiyuki saiyuki:gojyo/hakkai saiyuki:sanzo.ikkou sap scrubs scrubs:cox/jd sentinel sg1:mitchell/sheppard sga:ensemble sga:evan.lorne sga:john.sheppard sga:lorne/parrish sga:lorne/sheppard sga:mckay/sheppard sga:mckay/zelenka sga:radek.zelenka sga:rodney.mckay sga:sheppard/mitchell sga:team.sheppard silly sixdegreesofwentz smallville sn:casey/dan sn:dan.rydell soulbonding specializedarchive sportsnight stargateatlantis stargatesg1 startrek startrek:aos startrek:ds9 startrek:tng startrek:tos static:richie.foley static:richie/virgil staticshock strachey:donald/timmy superpowers sv:clark/lex sv:pete.ross swap sweet tag talk teambonding tech teenagemutantninjaturtles torchwood unrequited whatif wolfe:archie/wolfe xmen xmen:robert.drake xmenevolution yenta yuletide

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