tool for exploring docker image FS
docker  tools 
7 weeks ago
Ruby for Packet Analysis
nothing super new, but a good primer
ruby  programming  networking  blog 
10 weeks ago
HP 'Smart' Array CLI commands
mostly hpssacli CLIs not REPL, but yeah
hp  reference 
12 weeks ago
8.2. Consoles and Logging During the Installation
anaconda documentation from rhel - console is tmux, ctrl+b is the leader
anaconda  documentation  kickstart 
september 2018
Reliable, Secure and Universal Backup for U2F Token
very cool writeup on making a backup 2fa token, h/t sayotte
blog  technology  tobuy 
august 2018
Reverse engineering AWS Lambda
a mostly good, if grammatically painful, writeup of some spelunking in the AWS lambda world. not sure what the actual point was, but did have some interesting discoveries
aws  blog 
august 2018
launchctl 2.0 syntax
kind of all over the place, but does have some good information on system/ vs. gui/ etc

launchctl print system
launchctl print gui/<user's UID>
osx  reference 
january 2018
Online Hex Convertor
i know, i know

but it handles the endianness well
tools  ctf 
september 2017
TPP - text power point
do your next demo all from the terminal
tools  work 
september 2017
pwnable CTF
seems to be exclusively reversing, have not solved first challenge yet
september 2017
link to own page on a user-submitted content built CTF. so far the low hanging fruit has been pretty basic binwalk/strings/pcap investigations, but there are still a lot of harder problems left
september 2017
io.netgarage.org CTF
multi stage (30+) reversing/exploit CTF

current progress is in gh/ctf
september 2017
Practice CTF list
pretty long list of ctfs, many of which we're already working on
september 2017
not quite homographs, but similar
ctf  reference  blog 
september 2017
Capturing BLE in Wireshark
for the ubertooth, also some good hints on how to configure protocol disassemblers
ble  ubertooth  hack  reference 
september 2017
Rubertooth - A Complete Ruby Port of Ubertooth
not sure how up to date this is, but seems very interesting
bluetooth  dev  reference  blog 
september 2017
Ruby 2.1: RGenGC
information about the ruby 2.1 garbage collection changes
ruby  programming  reference 
august 2017
Test Driving Google Cloud GPUs with Hashcat
slightly out of date, didn't quite work, but overall useful writeup on hash strength and using K80s in GCP
reference  blog 
july 2017
high memory kernel_task OSX
not a great answer, but some good tools to help find one
osx  reference 
july 2017
15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes
linked from boingboing from chatter, pretty cool visualization of how different sorting mechanisms work
reference  learning  code 
july 2017
OWASP Broken Web Applications Project
actual Broken Web Applications (by mandiant)
reference  training  ctf  owasp 
june 2017
OWASP Vicnum Project
what we're actually looking for when searching for 'OWASP Vulnerable Webapps'
owasp  reference  ctf  training 
june 2017
Crystal By Example
looks like some good examples
crystal  programming 
june 2017
A Quick Dive Into The Crystal Programming Language
it is quite quick, but also from a ruby perspective

interesting ways to specify return values
crystal  programming 
june 2017
good generator for lscolor changes
unix  reference  cheatsheet 
june 2017
Excess XSS
not rsnake, but still pretty good
ctf  web  xss 
june 2017
main CSRF documentation on owasp
ctf  web  reference 
june 2017
Ruth Riddle Tools
horrible design, but some useful tools and links
april 2017
ctf binary debugging

h/t stephen
ctf  binary  hack 
march 2017
man in the middle proxy, ssl support
march 2017
Hacking Android apps with Frida
frida isn't exactly a debugger, but it has some similaritieis
hack  android  blog 
march 2017
Unpacking and Repacking U-Boot
write up on a specific unpacking, but gives the shape of commands for generalization
hack  reference 
march 2017
VOIP hacking
decent writeup with good tools shown, but not linked to
hack  voip 
february 2017
browser based radio tuner with console like interface
music  console 
february 2017
browser based shell game
games  console 
february 2017
useful information about bootstrapping classic and modular Sinatra apps
february 2017
CSS Reference (+examples)
good CSS reference and examples
css  web  programming 
january 2017
connecting to a docker container from OSX
h/t diego

tl;dr: `docker run -P <command>` will forward all ports on the container to random ports on the host
docker  reference 
october 2016
How can I disable bash sessions in OSX?
ugh, just stop Apple.


SHELL_SESSION_HISTORY=0 (except this doesn't work if we aren't loaded first)


touch ~/.bash_sessions_disable
bash  osx 
october 2016
useful addon package for dashing
dashing  web  tools 
october 2016
h/t PJ: "Pretty awesome downbeat, lounge, some hip-hop radio station from Spain"
music  radio 
september 2016
Install Consolas on OSX
download PowerPointViewer and extract through the cab
august 2016
Ubuntu WPA config on boot
lots of bad answers, but has example of static IP config and `dhclient` reminder
ubuntu  raspberrypi  wpa 
july 2016
Lagom - minimal homepage
useful and mostly pretty
web  tools 
june 2016
useful character encodings for URL parameters
reference  tools 
june 2016
Creating Screencasts (Ubuntu)
mostly just a pointer to byzanz, but still useful
ubuntu  tools 
may 2016
make source code pretty for presentations

'friendly' seems to be the best theme thus far
code  preso 
april 2016
Libsclub - Find quality packages for Go
that this is even a thing is proof this is the wrong language for this project.. but here we go
reference  software  development 
april 2016
special keys for automator on osx
this is the one you need to do special keys in automator in osx
march 2016
dropkick - find and disable cheap wifi cameras
h/t reddit, from a post about not being recorded while in an airbnb
january 2016
OSX Finder Sidebar Preferences Location
useful for modifying the contents of the sidebar in Finder .. for add-scratch.sh
osx  reference  tweak 
september 2015
h/t momo

convert youtube/other videos to gifs
august 2015
Tmux Resurrect
h/t reddit.. not exactly what we need, but could be useful
tmux  unix  tools  utilities 
august 2015
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