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How Credit Acceptance Consumed Detroit With Debt
Credit Acceptance’s main debt-collection attorney was indicted in 2005 for falsifying hundreds of court documents, claiming he’d notified consumers to appear in court when he hadn’t.
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7 weeks ago by conner
Whale that died off Thailand had eaten 80 plastic bags - BBC News
"Marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat told Agence France-Presse the bags would have made it impossible for the whale to eat nutritional food.

"If you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die," he said."
pollution  humans  oceans  nature  ugh 
june 2018 by conner
Amazon Is Thriving Thanks to Taxpayer Dollars | New Republic
"This reflects a perverse form of double-dipping: Amazon gets a bounty to create jobs in Ohio, and then a good chunk of the jobs are so low-paying that workers have to seek federal assistance, providing a second subsidy for the e-commerce giant."

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of about $100 billion. Take that down to $99.5 billion and nobody working at any Amazon facility in America would need assistance to eat. "
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january 2018 by conner
Populism Is a Problem. Elitist Technocrats Aren’t the Solution. – Foreign Policy
Contemporary research confirms the views of Adams and Tocqueville when it comes to the connection between economic equality and the success of democratic governments. Various political scientists have shown that in the United States, economic elites and the organized groups representing their interests powerfully shape government policy while poorer Americans and the groups that represent their interests have essentially no influence over government. When the affluent support a policy, it is adopted 46 percent of the time; when only the middle class supports a policy, it is adopted 24 percent of the time. Given the checks and balances built into the American system, it is perhaps not surprising that the affluent are even more effective at blocking policies they don’t like (such as higher taxes) than achieving those they do: When a policy is strongly opposed by the wealthy (but not the middle class), it is adopted only 4 percent of the tim
oppression  democracy  america  politics  culture  corruption  economics  ugh 
december 2017 by conner
UAE warns against wearing national dress abroad - BBC News
some bigoted idiot in Ohio, and UAE has to issue advice to its citizens. ugh.
ohio  racism  ignorance  islamophobia  UAE  ugh 
july 2016 by conner
Disqualifying Contempt for US Troops | commentary
"These are not the musings of an eccentric celebrity. This is the delegate leader in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. This is a man who could very well become the President of the United States. He is promising to use the most powerful military on earth as a force for terror, and to compel average servicemen and women to become criminals or face his wrath. This is the would-be tyrant the Founders warned future generations would one day be upon us. Today is that day."
election2016  military  government  policy  GOP  ugh 
march 2016 by conner
Rights group says Yemen rebels blocking aid to besieged city
"The influential cleric, Samahan Abdel-Aziz, also known as Sheikh Rawi, had delivered a fiery sermon against the al-Qaida and IS branches on Friday, the officials said. His body was found bloodied and bearing signs of torture in Sheikh Othman, an area largely controlled by extremists, they added.

Abdel-Aziz was kidnapped by gunmen outside his mosque late Saturday in the pro-government neighborhood of Bureiqa, they said."
yemen  war  saudiarabia  ISIS  ugh 
february 2016 by conner
Thanks to Republicans, Nearly a Quarter of Florida’s Black Citizens Can’t Vote
"No other state has a larger number of disenfranchised citizens than Florida, where more than 1.5 million people have lost the right to cast a ballot on Election Day, according to the Sentencing Project, a nonprofit prison reform group."
voting  florida  GOP  rights  law  policy  ugh 
december 2015 by conner
Israeli police set up East Jerusalem checkpoints - BBC News
"Overnight, Israel's security cabinet authorised police to close or surround "centres of friction and incitement".

It also announced that the homes of Palestinians who attacked Israelis would be demolished within days and never rebuilt, and that their families' right to live in Jerusalem would be taken away."
israel  palestine  jerusalem  oppression  unrest  ugh 
october 2015 by conner
Egypt's Sisi vows tougher laws after prosecutor's killing - BBC News
"At the funeral of Hisham Barakat, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi complained that the hand of justice was shackled by the law.

He promised to unveil changes within days to allow death sentences to be implemented as soon as possible."

egypt  coup  law  ugh 
june 2015 by conner
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