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We must bulldoze what’s left of the nerdy white men’s Internet
"This episode is a helpful way to look at the state of the Internet in 2015: angry nerds using mobs of sockpuppets to help them fight their anonymous culture wars."

"There is a reality that is slowly but surely revealing itself through all this, one that may have always been true: These anonymous men aren’t underdogs who have been unfairly excluded from pop culture due to their dense interest in quirky topics. They’re antisocial hatemongers, and one way or another, they will be left behind."
internet  culture  sexism  hate  assholes  harrassment 
march 2016 by conner
Reddit shuts down 'harassing' forums - BBC News
about time. now if only they'd shut down the other horrible parts of it.
internet  sexism  discrimination  assholes 
june 2015 by conner
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