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U.S. Special Operations Forces Overemphasize Combat Experience, Review Says - The New York Times
"The Special Operations Command’s review found no “systemic ethics problem” in its forces, which include elite units from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. But it found “remarkable similarity” in the cultural issues it uncovered across the command, from entry-level trainees to elite counterterror units like Delta Force and SEAL Team 6."
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Juliet Marine's Ghost Boat Will Be Hard Sell to U.S. Navy - Businessweek
"Four propellers positioned at the front of the tubes are powered by the two 2,000-horsepower engines. They pull the craft and, with the help of air funneling down through the struts, create a gas bubble around each tube—an effect known as supercavitation that can reduce drag by a factor of 900. In short, Ghost makes a bubble and flies through it. "
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august 2014 by conner
Navy Hacking Blamed on Iran Tied to H-P Contract -
"The hacking "is a contracting failure and not a technology failure," said one cybersecurity specialist familiar with the situation. "This is a Dilbert cartoon.""
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march 2014 by conner
did I already bookmark this? FP had it last week?
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NVR Website
naval vessel register
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april 2013 by conner
Sunk - The Washington Post
this article is all the fuck over the place. Jeff Stein, and Jeff Stein's editors: DO BETTER
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august 2012 by conner

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