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Millions of Americans’ Medical Images and Data Are Available on the Internet. Anyone Can Take a Peek. — ProPublica
She cited an April announcement from HHS that lowered the maximum annual fine, from $1.5 million to $250,000, for what’s known as “corrected willful neglect” — the result of conscious failures or reckless indifference that a company tries to fix. She said that large firms would not only consider those fines as just the cost of doing business, but that they could also negotiate with the government to get them reduced. A ProPublica examination in 2015 found few consequences for repeat HIPAA offenders.
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september 2019 by conner
Health funding gap means 1,700 in Gaza may face amputations: U.N. - Reuters
"McGoldrick said 29,000 Palestinians had been wounded in protests in the past year, and 7,000 of them had gunshot wounds, mostly in the lower legs."
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may 2019 by conner
Opinion | Luke O’Neil: $50 could have saved him, but his GoFundMe pitch didn’t get the clicks - The Boston Globe
"Since GoFundMe started in 2010, one-third of the roughly $5 billion in donations made through the popular fundraising site has been used to cover people’s medical bills and health care related expenses. "

"Britt was denied “due to needing more secure financial plan for immunosuppressive medication coverage,” they told her in a letter, saying they recommended a fundraising effort of at least $10,000.

Fortunately for Britt, the letter, which she posted to Facebook, wound its way through the whims of the viral-making apparatus to garner enough attention from outraged people that she’s now managed to crowdfund over $30,000. In other words she may be rich enough to bother trying to save now. But that’s only because of the outrage people felt at seeing a hospital say the quiet part out loud. "
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march 2019 by conner
The spectacular power of Big Lens | The long read | News | The Guardian
There is a good chance, meanwhile, that your frames are made by Luxottica, an Italian company with an unparalleled combination of factories, designer labels and retail outlets. Luxottica pioneered the use of luxury brands in the optical business, and one of the many powerful functions of names such as Ray-Ban (which is owned by Luxottica) or Vogue (which is owned by Luxottica) or Prada (whose glasses are made by Luxottica) or Oliver Peoples (which is owned by Luxottica) or high-street outlets such as LensCrafters, the largest optical retailer in the US (which is owned by Luxottica), or John Lewis Opticians in the UK (which is run by Luxottica), or Sunglass Hut (which is owned by Luxottica) is to make the marketplace feel more varied than it actually is.
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