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Renewed Clashes Between Israel and Gaza Interrupt Talk of Cease-Fire - The New York Times
"Hours into the exchange, the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said that a pregnant woman, Inas Khammash, and her 18-month-old daughter had been killed in an airstrike that hit their home in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip. An Israeli military spokeswoman could not immediately comment on the report of civilian casualties"
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10 weeks ago by conner
Palestinians killed in Israel Gaza air strike - BBC News
"Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces are continuing in annexed East Jerusalem and cities in the occupied West Bank." way to go bbc calling it like it is instead of the standard line of they're illegal under international law, though israel disputes this.
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october 2015 by conner
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Arrives at a Moment of Reckoning
"But where it won't be all right is for Israel itself, because as nice as it is to have strategic alignments, none of that solves Israel's existential problem: What is it going to do about the 2.6 million Palestinians it has responsibility for now? And if it doesn't find a way to resolve that issue, that existential dilemma, if Israel continues to control 2.6 million Palestinians in the West Bank, it's going to have to decide sooner rather than later whether it's a democracy or a Jewish state, but it won't be able to be both."
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august 2014 by conner
How Egypt Prolonged the Gaza War
"In the first phase of Egyptian diplomacy during this recent Gaza war, Egyptian mediators played their hand transparently -- and ruthlessly. They attempted to corner Hamas by publicly announcing a cease-fire proposal on July 15 that had only been coordinated with Israel; when Hamas balked, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly announced that the rejection provided "international legitimacy" for an expanded Israeli operation. Thus what was touted as a proposal to end the conflict actually enabled a ground incursion, which resulted in a more thorough elimination of Hamas tunnels and rockets than Israeli missiles alone would have been able to accomplish."
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august 2014 by conner
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