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Parsing the online comments on #IdleNoMore - Blog Central, Canada, Opinion -
"What they say: First Nations and Inuit people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

What they must mean: I never had a single opportunity in my life. My people were downtrodden for a few hundred years, my language was beaten out of me, my family was broken by residential schools, my access to health care was poor, I was economically and socially isolated, I had little opportunity for jobs or education, and yet I became the selfless contributor to society that I am today all by myself."
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january 2013 by conner
Song for the Causeway | Eighteen Bridges
"I would have recited one of those tragic old Gaelic songs that have been a Cape Breton staple ever since Authentic Scottish People everywhere decided our national emotion would be “unspeakable longing.”

Would you like one where someone dies at war, I would have asked Billy, or one where someone dies at sea?

I guess this is why the story of the Piper has stayed with me, like a prophecy we all stepped into. We leave the Island in droves, we’ve done it for years. Like in so many rural places, this is the way things are. It’s just a bridge. There are thousands like it. But we cheer when we come back across it, we punch the roofs of our cars, we take pictures, we update our Facebook pages. “Three more days till Cape Breton…Two more days…Home tomorrow.” The ninety-nine pipes play for you on the way in. It’s only on the way out that you hear the sound of Big Rod the Piper playing nothing."
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december 2012 by conner
Police probing Quebec maple syrup heist worth up to $30-million - The Globe and Mail
"The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, which is responsible for the global strategic maple syrup reserve, initially kept the news quiet, hoping it would help police solve the crime quickly"
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august 2012 by conner
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