Iraqi Farouk al-Kasim behind Norway oil fund that is envy of world - Canada - CBC News
"Today, less than 25 years since its inception, that nest egg has grown into the world's most valuable sovereign wealth fund, worth about $850 billion – more than $165,000 per Norwegian citizen, according to an SWF Institute report. It is the envy of the world, funding initiatives ranging from infrastructure improvements and green energy projects to public pensions."
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13 hours ago
Four fatalities among 35 victims of weekend shootings in Chicago - chicagotribune.com
"Over the span of 36 hours from Friday afternoon into early Sunday morning, at least 36 people were shot, four fatally, in Chicago. More than half of those shootings were in the last 12 hours of that time period."
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4 days ago
Gentrification’s insidious violence: The truth about American cities - Salon.com
Gentrification is violence. Couched in white supremacy, it is a systemic, intentional process of uprooting communities. It’s been on the rise, increasing at a frantic rate in the last 20 years, but the roots stretch back to the disenfranchisement that resulted from white flight and segregationist policies. Real estate agents dub changing neighborhoods with new, gentrifier-friendly titles that designate their proximity to even safer areas: Bushwick becomes East Williamsburg, parts of Flatbush are now Prospect Park South. Politicians manipulate zoning laws to allow massive developments with only token nods at mixed-income housing.
9 days ago
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