Egypt's Sisi vows tougher laws after prosecutor's killing - BBC News
"At the funeral of Hisham Barakat, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi complained that the hand of justice was shackled by the law.

He promised to unveil changes within days to allow death sentences to be implemented as soon as possible."

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2 days ago
Massachusetts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Between 1617 and 1619, smallpox killed approximately 90% of the Massachusetts Bay Native Americans."

god DAMN
8 days ago
Zero Counties in the U.S. Have Enough Housing for Families in Extreme Poverty - CityLab
"Suffolk County in Massachusetts does the best at meeting the housing needs of its poorest residents, according to the complete report from the Urban Institute; it leads the 100 U.S. counties with the largest populations in its affordable-housing supply. But the situation in Boston isn’t exactly cheery: Only 51 extremely low-income families out of every 100 are able to access safe and affordable rental housing."
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10 days ago
How Tesla Will Change The World | Wait But Why
"Biological horses got super upset if you tried to power them by fire, so again, humanity got innovating, and a couple decades later, there were big, metal, horses everywhere with engine cylinders full of fire."
toread  longread 
17 days ago
Reddit shuts down 'harassing' forums - BBC News
about time. now if only they'd shut down the other horrible parts of it.
internet  sexism  discrimination  assholes 
21 days ago
Study: Kids can learn as much from ‘Sesame Street’ as from preschool - The Washington Post
"The most authoritative study ever done on the impact of “Sesame Street,” to be released Monday, finds that the famous show on public TV has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of American children — benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool."
education  television 
23 days ago
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