No one kept track of police shootings until this Pulitzer-winning project | PBS NewsHour
" We should know. In a country where we count everything, barrels of corn and number of shark attacks, and we know the statistics from the movie that premiered last night, we know exactly how many people saw it and how much popcorn they ate, but we didn’t know how many people were being killed by police."
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14 days ago
Why dirty money is far too easy to hide |
"End due diligence exemptions in real estate deals. In the US, the people involved in closing real estate deals — real estate brokers, lawyers, escrow agents — are not required to take basic actions to prevent money laundering — such as verifying the identities of the people they work with. They’re cleared to do business with anonymous companies, and any background checks they perform are voluntary. In the original version of the Patriot Act, these facilitators actually were required to verify the identities of the companies and individuals buying property, and screen them for potential risk. But the real estate industry lobbied for a temporary exemption — and it has lasted more than a decade."
4 weeks ago
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