BBC News - California adopts college sex crime rule
question: why isn't this universal instead of just on state funded campuses. Is this not/shouldn't this be the definition of rape?
sex  rape  law  crime  good 
3 days ago
BBC News - Bent iPhone claims put Apple under pressure to respond
"But Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the advisory service Davies Murphy Group, thought that Apple should take a different tack.

"This is not an issue that Apple - or other phone companies - need to be compelled to respond to or fix. If anything this is a reflection of how people have started to use devices beyond what they were designed for," he said.

"Even the most recent smartphones are not designed to be put in trouser pockets - front or back - where they are going to be under the most chassis strain. And this just illustrates the fact that the public's desire for manufacturers to strive for ever thinner and lighter devices means that we are getting ever more fragile devices.

"Just casually sticking a £700 smartphone in your pocket is an increasingly reckless thing to do.""

haha yes who would want to put a phone in their pocket! ho ho. foolish phone owners. carry it at all times. cradle it in your hands like an expensive stupid baby you use for tweeting about your regular baby, which you should just jam in your pocket.
idiots  technology 
7 days ago
BBC News - Scottish referendum: Salmond to quit after Scots vote No
"Alex Salmond is to step down as Scottish first minister after voters rejected independence.

He will also resign as leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which he has led for a total of 20 years."
SNP  scotland  politics 
12 days ago
Can y'all be used to refer to a single person? - The Week
"Maybe Northerners aren't just making stuff up. They have been hearing singular "y'all" all along. They just didn't realize it was not part of Southern English, but a different dialect, Exaggerated Southern English. The very fact of their not being Southern is what brings the singular "y'all" into existence."
linguistics  america  language 
16 days ago
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