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Another Brick in the Wall

When Sam vanishes on a case, it feels like every nightmare Dean's had since he got his brother's soul back is coming true. Waking up buried alive doesn't exactly make it Sam's favorite day, either. The Winchesters will do anything to save each other: that’s almost a natural law. But in nature, everything has a cost, and Sam and Dean have a bad history of not examining the price tag.

(Non-con occurs off-screen to a secondary character. On-screen animal harm - up-close hunting)
warning:animal.harm  location:ao3  case.fic  warning:food.issues  established.relationship  warning:graphic.violence  warning:ptsd  warning:non-con  warning:alittlesad  sam/dean  fandom:supernatural  length:150-200k 
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ain't really quaint - Chapter 1 - quietnight, silentwalrus - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Natasha stops by on a Tuesday, early enough in the morning that it would have been late by Steve’s old standards. Now, though, it takes him nearly three minutes just to limp to the door, yawning, and when he opens it he has to lean heavily on the doorframe.

“Hi,” Natasha says, over the beginnings of birdsong. She’s not alone. “Can we come in?”
fandom:marvel  bucky/steve  creator:quietnight  creator:silentwalrus  length:30-50k  location:ao3  au  timeline:alternate  humor  warning:homophobia  warning:ptsd 
april 2019 by concinnity
Away Childish Things

Harry gets de-aged. Malfoy has to help him.

My notes: the one where they both get de-aged, and lose their secrets. All the feelings
length:100-150k  warning:ptsd  warning:child.harm  warning:alittlesad  creator:lettered  hurt/comfort  de-aging  timeline:future.fic  fandom:harry.potter  firsttime  location:ao3  draco/harry 
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It had been an open secret for quite some time that Carter Cushing’s only daughter would never marry.

The A/O fic.

My notes: canon-typical violence & gore, mind the tags
edith/lucille/thomas  creator:dascribbla  warning:depression  location:ao3  length:50-70k  au  warning:secondarycharacterdeath  warning:child.harm  au:a/b/o  fandom:crimson.peak  warning:ptsd  warning:self-harm  warning:incest  mpreg 
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Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) Podfic - Chapter 1 - GhostCwtch, spitandvinegar - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It's six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

My notes: Podfic!

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don't. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It's very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.

fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:ghostcwtch  creator:spitandvinegar  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  warning:mental.illness  warning:addiction  length:12-15.hours  podfic 
december 2018 by concinnity
Start Anew

James and Miranda rescue Thomas from Bethlem. This was supposed to solve all their problems.

As it turns out, things are more complicated than that.
creator:neery  length:15-20k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  fandom:black.sails  established.relationship  timeline:alternate  miranda/james/thomas 
december 2018 by concinnity
In another world (people die)
Summary: “The world is not your playground, Stark!” Fury yells at him one time, after he maybe brings down a building or two and Tony just laughs because, seriously, yes it is.
tony/loki  location:ao3  via:lucifuge_five  fandom:marvel  au  au:canon.divergence  warning:ptsd  length:1-3K  creator:pprfaith 
august 2018 by concinnity
And watch what happens

Cass Novak was really only looking for a hookup – one night to let the whole world go away, all of his responsibilities and the ghosts of a bitter past that he’s done everything he can to move beyond. When he wakes up with a strait-laced but very cute businessman named Dean Smith, he’s ready to declare success and walk away.

Except that Dean keeps calling him. And Cass isn’t interested in buttoned-down yuppies in suits who’ve never experienced one real moment of pain in their lives…right?

Except that maybe he is. And maybe Cass is somehow falling in love for the first time since his soulmate died five years ago. Which he could handle – probably….

Except that he’s also beginning to have a strange series of nightmares and flashbacks to a whole separate life he never lived, in an apocalyptic hellscape with a version of Dean he barely recognizes. And once he starts to notice, the whole world begins to seem…just a little off.

Cass is the happiest he’s ever been, and he’s also losing his mind. It’s a very weird year.
fandom:supernatural  dean/castiel  amnesia  au  creator:hth  warning:food.issues  length:70-90k  warning:ptsd  location:ao3 
july 2018 by concinnity
Fear in a handful of dust

“I need to talk to Minyard,” Neil says, sipping at a soda. “How do I make that happen?”

Kevin chokes on his whiskey. “You don't.”  crossovers-fusions  warning:graphic.violence  warning:non-con  fandom:harry.potter  length:100-150k  neil/andrew  creator:flybbfly  firsttime  location:ao3  warning:child.harm  warning:ptsd 
may 2018 by concinnity
Quiet Americans/ There Must Have Been a Moment Where We Could Have Said No
Summary: The Soldier remembers this: he wakes up in the snow.

My notes: bookmark for the series. The one that starts with Bucky waking up in the Alps, featuring an English country cottage, & the Nurse.

Mind the warnings, I had to skip a big section of the first chapter but I’m so glad I stuck with the story
length:200-250k  creator:magdaliny  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  warning:graphic.violence  steve/bucky  dogs  fandom:marvel  warning:alittlesad  amnesia  hurt/comfort  non.linear.narrative 
may 2018 by concinnity

Tomas swallows. And Marcus fears he'll stop again, that he'll say for the tenth time that Marcus can stop this whenever he wants, that Tomas doesn't want to make him uncomfortable, that if Marcus flinches away, then Tomas won't force himself on him, that Tomas will never force himself on him, that Tomas could live his entire life with Marcus as he did before, honoring the vows he's already broken. He broke them with Jessica, who could touch and be touched. Tomas doesn't say this. He says, "You seem secure to me."
fandom:the.exorcist  warning:alittlesad  angst  location:ao3  firsttime  warning:self-harm  tomas/marcus  creator:margo_kim  length:1-3K  warning:ptsd 
may 2018 by concinnity
If They Haven't Learned Your Name

Steve gets out of the hospital in two days, but just barely. “I’m fine,” he tells Sam, Nurse Eunjung and the phalanx of doctors assigned to make sure Captain America didn’t bleed out and die and get bad PR all over their nice clean hospital. “I have an advanced healing factor. It’s fine. See? I’m standing.”

“That is not standing,” Sam tells him.

“You’re bending the IV stand,” Nurse Eunjung adds pointedly. “Let go and sit down, they don’t grow on trees.”

aka Steve and Bucky's Global Honeymoon Revenge World Tour.

My notes: also featuring Sam being extremely patient and everyone acknowledging Natasha is the Best At Everything. The one with the spaceship and the macaroni and cheese.
bucky/steve  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  fandom:marvel  length:200-250k  favorite  humor  creator:silentwalrus 
may 2018 by concinnity
The Bathing Habits of Wizards - rem71090 - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
Caleb doesn't really like the water, he can sort of deal with it, but his hair is becoming a problem. His new friends help him deal with it. Probably not the ones you are guessing.
fandom:critical.role.2  gen  creator:rem71090  length:3-5k  location:ao3  hurt/comfort  warning:ptsd  via:pear_waldorf 
february 2018 by concinnity
An Ever-Fixed Mark - Chapter 1 - AMarguerite - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [Archive of Our Own]

One would think that having the name of one's soulmate appear on one's wrist on one's sixteenth birthday would make matrimony much less complicated. It mostly does not. And not at all for Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourne.

(A deconstruction of the "soulmate identifying mark" trope, using "Pride and Prejudice." Trigger warnings in the tags.)
fandom:jane.austen  elizabeth/fitzwilliam  elizabeth/darcy  length:150-200k  location:ao3  au  au:soulbond  awesome.ladies.awesoming  favorite  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  warning:major.character.death 
december 2017 by concinnity
The Course of Honour - Chapter 1 - Avoliot - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]

When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned.

My notes: widely recced- arranged marriage! Intergalactic intrigue! Family politics! I stayed up too late reading this, but note the warnings: Jainan's previous marriage was actively abusive; this is a primary plot point and frames all of his internal dialogue.
warning:ptsd  firsttime  politics  length:100-150k  via:everyone  original.fic  warning:domestic.violence  arranged.marriage 
june 2017 by concinnity
Running on Air - Chapter 1 - eleventy7 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

My notes: the one where Draco is lost, and then they drive around a lot
fandom:harry.potter  warning:depression  draco/harry  published:2014  creator:eleventy7  length:50-70k  timeline:future.fic  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  firsttime  via:redoliphant 
may 2017 by concinnity
A Desperate Arrangement - Chapter 1 - mikkimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm sorry, I believe there's something wrong with my hearing," Stiles said. "Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me."

Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn't misheard a damn thing.

After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.

Months later, there's an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won't last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott's brother.

In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.

My notes: The arranged marriage one with the camp in the woods
au  Derek/Stiles  fandom:teen.wolf  marriage.of.convenience  warning:ptsd 
november 2016 by concinnity
all these things I've done - lazulisong - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Sam’s watching Bucky through the rear view mirror, trying to decide what he thinks. Jury’s still out, honestly. He was willing to like the dude, or at least tolerate him, but he's still suspicious on Steve's behalf -- more than Steve is, definitely. Sam loves Steve more than anybody else alive and Bucky is the dude who left him on the bank of the Potomac like a half drowned kitten. After beating the shit out of him and, let us not forget, shooting him repeatedly.

Also, Steve's been really sad about him for like two years and that just pisses Sam off.
creator:lazulisong  friendship  warning:alittlesad  mourning  length:500-1k  location:ao3  bucky/steve  warning:ptsd  gen  fandom:marvel 
june 2016 by concinnity
They Say Love Heals All Wounds - Chapter 1 - Deastar - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]

“Geno? Are you okay? Physically,” Sid asks, which is good, because Zhenya doesn’t think he can put into words how he’s feeling emotionally. He imagines saying, The person I’ve loved for ten years finally took me to bed last night, but it turns out he didn’t want to, and now I can read his mind. No, thank you.
“Feel fine,” Zhenya answers. “Even head feel fine.” And suddenly he realizes how fucking odd that is: he was concussed, and the room is brightly lit – he should be hiding under a blanket right now. He narrows his eyes and asks, “Sid, why head feel fine? What happen to concussion?”
Sid takes a halting step closer to the bed and says, “Our bond, it’s—it’s a healing bond.”
“Holy mother of God,” Zhenya breathes. So. They’re definitely not breaking the bond, then.
crosby/malkin  warning:ptsd  warning:graphic.violence  length:100-150k  location:ao3  fandom:hockey  warning:alittlesad  warning:dubcon  hurt/comfort  firsttime  creator:deastar  warning:homophobia  soulbond 
may 2016 by concinnity
I'll build a house inside of you - magdaliny - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Summary:Natalia is stacking blocks very carefully when the adults come into the room. None of them look at her, because they're all looking at her father. He's wearing combat gear, and the hair on the left side of his head is slicked back with blood. He smells like smoke and something unnameable, sweet and dark and a little sickly in her nose.

Father is saying, “Don't be ridiculous. The only thing children are good at is disobeying.”

My notes: the one where Natasha & the Winter Soldier escape to the U.S. (With a happy ending)
fandom:marvel  natasha/kate  length:15-20k  warning:ptsd  au  location:ao3  amnesia  gen  kidfic  warning:child.harm  creator:magdaliny 
august 2015 by concinnity
like a map of a place you've never been
From thecreator:
Summary: He knows it’d be so fucking easy, if he’d let himself. Because he’s easy for them, has been since that first job, since the day he hauled Hardison’s ass out of a building about to explode. It’d be so easy.

So he won’t.
fake.relationship  published:2015  parker/eliot/hardison  creator:bydaybreak  established.relationship  fandom:leverage  length:20-30k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  polyamory  firsttime 
may 2015 by concinnity
Bucky Bear and the Difficult Question
From the creator:
Summary: "What if I want someone to do something to me that... isn't so nice," Bucky Bear says after a while.

My notes: right in the feels.
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:dsudis  length:1-3K  location:ao3  negotiation  hurt/comfort  warning:ptsd 
january 2015 by concinnity
This, You Protect - Chapter 1 - owlet - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
From the creator:
The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

My notes: the one where Bucky ends up living in an apartment full of old people, drinks a lot of Starbucks, & learns to make grilled cheese while his [mission] keeps yelling at him.
fandom:marvel  length:50-70k  creator:owlet  warning:ptsd  bucky/steve  location:ao3  amnesia  humor 
january 2015 by concinnity
Keep The World At Bay For Me
From the creator:
Summary: Finding out that Phil's alive and working with a new team isn't easy for Clint, and neither is helping Captain America track down the brainwashed Hydra assassin that used to be Bucky Barnes.

My notes: in which Clint is a BAMF. A BAMF who is tortured in the first bit, fair warning.
fandom:marvel  clint/coulson  creator:torakowalski  length:20-30k  location:ao3  established.relationship  hurt/comfort  warning:ptsd  com:marvelbigbang  published:2014  via:sansets 
october 2014 by concinnity
Re: Blonde Joke
From the creator:
FLYBOY: you can't hide from it forever
FLYBOY: whatever I'm not your therapist thank Christ and the fishes
FLYBOY: yooo Rogers pick up your phoooone
FLYBOY: when youre done sulking let me know if you want to get ice cream while JB has his appt
FLYBOY: the fancy ice cream shop has a new fancy flavor with bacon in it :D
S ROGERS: In my day we had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and we were grateful for it.
FLYBOY: cry more, white boy

My notes: I also recommend the rest of the series. Even though it is in the second person. Bucky pov.
steve/bucky  fandom:marvel  creator:lazulisong  length:1-3K  location:ao3  humor  hurt/comfort  warning:ptsd  via:isweedan  published:2014 
october 2014 by concinnity
Let Your Backbone Flip
From the creator:
Summary: He'd been back from Afghanistan about two months when the Battle of New York happened. He had heard about Captain America getting pulled out of the ice a week or so before, of course - it had been all over the internet, in all the papers. Sam hadn't really cared, at the time. Too wrapped up in trying to sleep through the night, surrounded by people who loved him but didn't get it. Those were angry days where every hour was a challenge not to scream at his own family for all their petty, safe, day to day living, and Sam had felt pretty much the same about Captain America's revival as he did hearing about the Chitauri invasion, which was basically that he could give a fuck.
fandom:marvel  sam/steve  steve/bucky/sam  creator:hansbekhart  length:15-20k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  published:2014  via:renay 
october 2014 by concinnity
new york is the ocean (and the ocean is bleedin' salt)
From the creator:
Summary: It is 1970, and ten minutes and however many blocks ago, Rebecca Barnes looked across the street and out of the corner of her eye, saw a man ascending from the U-Bahn and set off down the street. He had on a dark coat and he walked with a deep, heavy weight to his gait, a swagger with no joy in it, and for all that he walked with his head down, she saw enough to be sure, in that moment so completely dead certain, that he wore her brother's face.

The trouble is, James Buchanan Barnes has been dead for twenty-six years.

My notes: Becca copes with the war and its aftermath.
fandom:marvel  gen  becca/peggy  creator:defcontwo  length:1-3K  location:ao3  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  awesome.ladies.awesoming  published:2014  via:isweedan 
october 2014 by concinnity
Exchange Rate
From the creator:
Summary: Bucky's older memories are coming back, sometimes at the cost of more recent ones. What he cannot forget is tearing the wings off Sam Wilson. Too bad Bucky just let Steve talk him into staying with him and Sam. Consumed by guilt, the only thing Bucky knows to do by way of apology is to let Sam hurt him back. Fortunately, Sam has better ideas.

My notes: I'd add a warning for panic attacks.
creator:freshbakedlady  fandom:marvel  length:12-15k  location:ao3  body.horror  warning:ptsd  bucky/sam  published:2014  hurt/comfort  via:isweedan 
october 2014 by concinnity
There's My Territory
From the creator:
Summary: "That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."

My notes: in which Bucky learns how to want things that are just for him. And Steve. And Sam.
creator:dsudis  fandom:marvel  bucky/steve/sam  length:20-30k  location:ao3  threesome  polyamory  firsttime  warning:ptsd  published:2014  <3 
august 2014 by concinnity
too late to apologize
Bucky goes to the big Trader Joe's in Union Square for toilet paper and peanut butter cups. When he gets out, his minder is across the street, conspicuously reading a newspaper in the middle of the sidewalk. Bucky has to squint to make out the headline, which is CAPTAIN AMERICA ARRESTED IN ZUCCOTTI PARK.

"Oh, come on," he mutters beneath his breath.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  gen  steve/bucky  creator:verity  length:3-5k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  humor  published:2014  via:isweedan 
august 2014 by concinnity
From the creator:
Summary: “It’s important to note that it started consensually,” Will says.
fandom:hannibal  will/hannibal  creator:basingstoke  length:1-3K  location:ao3  non-linear  warning:non-con  bondage  warning:ptsd  published:2014 
july 2014 by concinnity
I'm coming home (but I ain't coming home for you)
From the creator:
Summary: The Winter Soldier takes the shot and kills Captain America. Or at least, that's how the story was meant to go.

My notes: seriously, mind the warnings, although those are not even remotely successful suicide attempts. This fic isn't perfect, but it is the definition of a long slow burn, and I like it lots. I think it is a right moment for the fandom kind of fic; remarkably so given the publishing date. (also, delightful cameo by Captain Marvel)
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  steve/bucky  creator:renne  length:30-50k  location:ao3  angst  amnesia  warning:ptsd  warning:suicide  published:2012  via:pearwaldorf 
june 2014 by concinnity
To the One I've Sinned Against
From the creator:
Summary: He knelt, touched his fingers to forehead, chest, left shoulder, right, and said more words than the soldier could ever remember speaking together.

They came in a well-worn fluent rush, easier than any post-mission report: "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been a long time since my last confession."
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:dsudis  length:20-30k  location:ao3  established.relationship  hurt/comfort  religion  amnesia  warning:ptsd  published:2014 
june 2014 by concinnity
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
From the creator:
Summary: It’s been two days now. He knows it would be logical to get out of the city, but he’s waiting for something. Against everything he knows about hiding, he went to the exhibit on Captain America at the Smithsonian and looked at a photo of a stranger who might have been his twin from seventy years ago. He’s not sure what he wanted. An epiphany of some kind, a feeling of doors opening and light flooding in; whatever it was, it never came.
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:morethanslightly  length:15-20k  location:ao3  firsttime  amnesia  hurt/comfort  warning:ptsd  published:2014 
june 2014 by concinnity
I'd cross oceans - peardita - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
From the creator:
Summary: Steve dithers. It only feels like he’s already known Sam forever; there’s plenty he doesn’t know. He does know Sam is one of the most competent, self-sufficient people he’s met. But then, so are Tasha, Fury, and Hill, and even they need help sometimes. You don’t have to know everything to know enough—his instincts told him to talk to the guy on his morning route. His instincts told him to go to Sam’s when he and Tasha were on the run.
Now, his instincts are telling him to check on Sam.

Or, Sam is having a hard time, Steve wants to do whatever he can to help. Can also be read as a standalone.
fandom:marvel  sam/steve  creator:peardita  length:5-8k  location:ao3  firsttime  warning:ptsd  via:thingswithwings  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
From the creator:
Summary: He leaves the TV tuned to the lady with the sloths. An hour later, someone is talking to dogs the same way. He likes it when Steve talks to him, but the TV can do all the work for both of them. The dogs are better at it than Bucky is, anyway. They wag their tails.

My notes: follow up to verity's "boomerang." This is about depression.
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:dsudis  length:1-3K  location:ao3  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  warning:mental.illness  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
On Your Way Up to the Light
From the creator:
Summary: He could learn to be Sam's friend, even if he hadn't figured out yet how to be Steve's.

My notes: the one where Bucky appoints himself as Steve & Sam's sniper. "Bucky did what he knew Bucky was supposed to do when Steve looked, as long as the mission was safely over. He broke cover, raised his arm and waved."
fandom:marvel  bucky/sam  sam/steve  creator:dsudis  length:10-12K  location:ao3  amnesia  warning:ptsd 
may 2014 by concinnity
the body adrift
From the creator:
Summary: Steve has no drawings of Bucky from before. Those are all gone, destroyed in the war or by his own hand; it wouldn’t do for anyone to see how easily the details came from memory, how often Bucky was in his thoughts.

My notes: quiet and sweet and hurty and hopeful.
steve/bucky  fandom:marvel  creator:febricant  length:3-5k  location:ao3  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  amnesia  via:isweedan  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
By Choice or By Habit
From the creator:
Summary: He is useful. He holds onto that. He is useful and a useful tool will not be thrown away. (For illumynare's request: How about something with Bucky realizing the Avengers actually think of him as a person? And off I went to the utterly shameless h/c place.)

My notes: the one where Bucky learns to make decisions, and that people like him.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  gen  creator:sholio  length:5-8k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  hurt/comfort  friendship  via:isweedan  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
i was found and now i don't roam these streets
From the creator:
Summary: They’ve decided to start producing Bucky Bears again, now that he’s all shiny and redeemed and fighting for good on this big Avengers misfits team. "He has a little shiny gray arm," Bucky says, wiggling the stuffed arm in question, one of the tweaks made in the new model. It takes Steve a second to realize that Bucky’s got a small smile on his face, actually looks a little bit proud around the eyes.

Or, Bucky relearns himself and how to be on a team, the rest of the Avengers try to get answers, and everyone watches too much Criminal Minds.

My notes: gratuitous feelings.
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  via:isweedan  creator:hipsterchrist  length:15-20k  location:ao3  hurt/comfort  friendship  warning:ptsd  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
Run to the Rock, Run to the Sea
From the creator:
Summary: It’s easy to get lost when everyone looking for him is dead or soon dead. He lays the Mission on the river bank, looks for life signs. The Mission’s chest inflates, deflates, once, again. The wounds in his back and shoulders leak blood, his pulse faint but present. It’s enough.

My notes: the one where Bucky lives rough for a bit til Sam, Steve, & Natasha find him and work out for themselves if he's sane in a safe house in the suburbs.
steve/bucky  via:isweedan  fandom:marvel  creator:sharksdontsleep  length:15-20k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  amnesia  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
I Get By (With a Little Help)
From the creator:
Summary:It's been seven months since Bucky Barnes came back from the proverbial dead, and Sam's life is still full of surprises. (And not just the kind that come from Natasha Romanoff.)

My notes: first in a series where feelings can be hard but nothing bad happens. Except Natasha meddles. :)
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  sam/steve/bucky  creator:rivlee  length:8-10k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  fluff  via:pearwaldorf  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
Take a Deep Breath
From the creator:
Summary: Steve and Sam chase the Winter Soldier's trail of cold cases across Europe. Meanwhile, Bucky keeps an eye on their progress. As his memories return, he begins to find it harder and harder to sleep and there's only one person he can think to turn to. A lot of emotionally repressed bed-sharing ensues.

My notes: just what I wanted.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  steve/bucky  creator:enjambment  length:12-15k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  hurt/comfort  amnesia  via:isweedan  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
though i know the river is dry
From the creator:
Summary: This is what he knows of the man he used to be, all that remains when you strip him down to his disparate parts and leave him with nothing but skin, bones and kevlar: Bucky Barnes had a protective streak a mile long and the Winter Soldier thinks -- the Winter Soldier thinks, all right, let's start with that.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  gen  steve/bucky  creator:defcontwo  length:5-8k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  amnesia  via:isweedan  published:2014 
may 2014 by concinnity
The Long Way Home
From the creator:
Summary: James Barnes takes the long way home.

Spoilers for the Winter Soldier

Additional Warnings: Just as a heads up, this story contains a scene where Clint describes, in detail, being under Loki's mind control and the compulsions he felt.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  steve/bucky  clint/coulson  creator:roguewrld  length:30-50k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  timeline:alternate  published:2013 
april 2014 by concinnity
Knelt in the Shadows
From the creator:
Summary: Rogers says, “Bucky,” in the exact same tone as every time before. As if that's some sort of answer in and of itself.
fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:autoschediastic  length:1-3K  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  via:river_b  published:2014 
april 2014 by concinnity
Bucky And Mister Rogers
From the creator:
Bucky accidentally becomes a surrogate brother to half the neighborhood, purely via the power of PBS.

My notes: "It makes sense, in a way. Kids' shows are supposed to teach you how to be a person. Bucky doesn't know how to be a person." But then he learns. My *heart*.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  gen  creator:impertinence  length:5-8k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  fluff  timeline:future.fic  published:2014 
april 2014 by concinnity
Run Until the Road Runs Out
From the creator:
Summary: Sam's along for this ride because he's not about to let Steve Rogers go it alone, but Steve's not the only one who needs a friend.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  steve/bucky  creator:ignipes  length:5-8k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  via:isweedan 
april 2014 by concinnity
And The Reasons We Were Singing
From the creator:
Sam's had a lot of unexpected experiences and has dealt with a lot of shit. But all of that pales in comparison to what happens when he and Steve find Bucky.

(Or, Sam becomes a part-time therapist, falls in love, and gets some closure. Not necessarily in that order.)
fandom:marvel  sam/steve  creator:impertinence  length:20-30k  location:ao3  timeline:future.fic  firsttime  warning:ptsd 
april 2014 by concinnity
All the First Times
From the creator:
Summary: Bucky starts over and finds new ways to survive.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  steve/bucky  creator:vera  length:8-10k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  amnesia  via:isweedan  published:2014 
april 2014 by concinnity
Lilac City 1:
From the creator:
After the fall of Sunnydale, Xander resigned as the heart of the Scoobies, creating a solitary life away from the supernatural wars. He manages a supermarket in Spokane, stays sober, keeps to himself. But now, five years later, his quiet life is about to change forever, in ways he can't possibly imagine.

My notes: The one where post-Sunnydale Xander moves to Spokane, gets sober and is leading a clean and depressing life when suddenly vampires, a new Slayer, the re-appearance of Faith, and right behind them a bigger, smarter, vampire with aspirations of grandeur. Such a great fic; Xander's forced to come to terms with his past, the things he's done, and the fact that he's a good person and lots of people love him despite all he's done. He gets to grow up and grow into himself. Along the way there's some nice worldbuilding looking at some of the downfalls of having all of those potential Slayers running around the world. So, so, good.

Mind the warnings: Xander's sobriety is a major plot point all the way through. And while there's a xander/faith endgame, the romantic pairing is way secondary to Xander's growth as a person; there's no romance at all in the first part, and all of the sex is fade to black.
fandom:buffy  xander/faith  creator:nwhepcat  location:ao3  timeline:future.fic  warning:addiction  warning:alittlesad  via:thefourthvine  length:100-150k  warning:ptsd  hurt/comfort  plotty 
march 2014 by concinnity
A Painted White Unknown
From the creator:
Natasha doesn't like Maria the first time she meets her. Then things get more complicated.

My notes: the one where Natasha learns about how feelings are awesome, Maria is awesome, they build a great life together and Steve works, too. SO GOOD. (the after-effects of Natasha's childhood are a primary component of the story, but there is also one graphic description of child harm)
fandom:avengers  maria/natasha  maria/natasha/steve  creator:arsenicarcher  length:20-30k  location:ao3  firsttime  hurt/comfort  warning:child.abuse  warning:ptsd  negotiation  com:marvelbigbang  via:havocthecat 
november 2013 by concinnity
Words May Fail (The Body Remains)
From the creator:
From the creator:
There's a beginning to every love story, Clint knows. Theirs just has more bullets and crazy people.

My notes: the one where Clint falls hard for Coulson, and what happens after. A great big story, full of hurt, comfort, repeat. I loved clint's pov all the way through, and the narrator's distinctive voice. Great world building, great Clint backstory, great great. Warnings for gore, suicidal thoughts, canon-typical violence and sorrow, and for the use of little girls getting sexually assaulted as the reason to kill people periodically all the way through.
fandom:avengers  clint/coulson  creator:ladyflowdi  length:30-50k  location:ao3  firsttime  hurt/comfort  humor  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  warning:child.abuse  warning:mental.illness  via:pru 
november 2013 by concinnity
Without A Net Upon The Wire
From the creator:
Since he was abandoned by his brother and then the circus, Clint Barton has resigned himself to making his own way in the world. So when he ends up living on the streets of New York in the middle of winter, he’s not expecting to be taken in by injured army veteran, Phil Coulson, or accidentally involved in an escalating war against the Russian mafia.

My notes: this is not my favorite trope! But I couldn't resist because Avengers/Hawkeye crossover sign me right the fuck up. So good. The tone is JUST RIGHT. Special appearance by pizza dog. ;__;
fandom:avengers  fandom:hawkeye  phil/clint  creator:torakowalski  length:30-50k  location:ao3  firsttime  au  crossover  com:marvel_bang  warning:age.difference  warning:ptsd 
october 2013 by concinnity
Missing Persons
From the creator:
Summary: Charlie is kidnapped. Things get worse from there.

My notes: I've never seen an episode or a gif of this show, and this is still great. Totally works as original fic. The one where Charlie gets kidnapped and tortured by bad guys, and Don goes after him. Warning warning warning graphic violence and many sad feels, with a really satisfying ending.
fandom:numb3rs  charlie/don  creator:dsudis  length:250-300k  location:ao3  incest  warning:dubcon  warning:alittlesad  warning:graphic.violence  warning:ptsd  amnesia  published:2008  via:sadiane  <3 
may 2013 by concinnity
this is a warning sign, a battle cry
From the creator:
It is a long journey towards being okay again. Lydia's winding road leads her to the pack, but only on her own terms.

My notes: the author didn't tag The Yellow Wallpaper, but I couldn't not. Mind the fucking warnings.
fandom:teen.wolf  fandom:the.yellow.wallpaper  gen  creator:argle_faster  length:8-10k  location:ao3  timeline:S2  warning:mental.illness  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  com:tw_fallharvest  via:fleete 
april 2013 by concinnity
this is a warning sign, a battle cry
From the Author:
It is a long journey towards being okay again. Lydia's winding road leads her to the pack, but only on her own terms.
fandom:teen.wolf  gen  creator:anon  length:8-10k  location:ao3  warning:alittlesad  warning:self-harm  warning:ptsd  toread  via:fleete 
november 2012 by concinnity
Lock All The Doors Behind You
From the Author:
He has no idea what you're supposed to say when you find one of your...werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they're about to see what your insides taste like. There's no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.

My notes: oh, tw & your torture porn, I can't quit you. This is the one where Derek is tortured (offscreen) til he loses his mind, and Stiles nurses him back to health. Through children's books and arguments about pants. Some great Stiles/Scott being bffs.
fandom:teen.wolf  stiles/derek  length:20-30k  location:ao3  firsttime  warning:alittlesad  warning:ptsd  hurt/comfort  creator:entangled_now 
september 2012 by concinnity
many names in history, none of them are ours
Steve's not sure if he'll ever understand Tony Stark, but it's good, living here. If he still wakes up sometimes convinced this was all a dream, well, it's better than it was before, and that's something, isn't it?

The Avengers live in a world that both glorifies and fears them, but they know each other now behind the scenes.
fandom:avengers  steve/tony  creator:aubkae  length:30-50k  location:ao3  warning:homophobia  warning:ptsd  via:greedy_dancer  toread 
september 2012 by concinnity
The Priming Game
From the Author:
Rhodey wonders if from now on it's going to be Tony Before and Tony After.
fandom:avengers  gen  creator:amonitrate  length:12-15k  location:ao3  warning:ptsd  warning:alittlesad  published:2009  via:greedy_dancer 
july 2012 by concinnity
From the Author:
In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others.
Millions of thanks to Jacquez, my beta, and Juliet, my britpicker. This story originated as a companion piece to Intemperance, in an odd way. I worked on the one and the other alternately. Who knew mpreg was easier to write than this?

My notes: This is the one where John & Sherlock start dating Mary, even though Sherlock is asexual.
fandom:sherlockholmes  sherlockholmes/johnwatson/marymorstan  length:50-70k  threesome  firsttime  bondage  warning:ptsd  <3  polyamory  creator:basingstoke  asexual.character 
october 2011 by concinnity

related tags

<3  amnesia  angst  arranged.marriage  asexual.character  au  au:a/b/o  au:aliens  au:canon.divergence  au:soulbond  awesome.ladies.awesoming  backstrom/ovechkin  becca/peggy  blanket.fic  body.horror  bondage  bucky/sam  bucky/steve  bucky/steve/sam  case.fic  charlie/don  clint/coulson  com:marvelbigbang  com:marvel_bang  com:trick.or.treat  com:tw_fallharvest  creator:amonitrate  creator:anon  creator:argle_faster  creator:arsenicarcher  creator:aubkae  creator:autoschediastic  creator:basingstoke  creator:bydaybreak  creator:dascribbla  creator:deastar  creator:defcontwo  creator:dsudis  creator:eleventy7  creator:enjambment  creator:entangled_now  creator:febricant  creator:flybbfly  creator:freshbakedlady  creator:ghostcwtch  creator:hansbekhart  creator:hipsterchrist  creator:hth  creator:ignipes  creator:impertinence  creator:ladyflowdi  creator:lazulisong  creator:lettered  creator:magdaliny  creator:margo_kim  creator:morethanslightly  creator:neery  creator:nwhepcat  creator:owlet  creator:peardita  creator:pprfaith  creator:quietnight  creator:rem71090  creator:renne  creator:rivlee  creator:roguewrld  creator:sasha_feather  creator:sharksdontsleep  creator:sholio  creator:silentwalrus  creator:spitandvinegar  creator:torakowalski  creator:trieduntrue  creator:vera  creator:verity  crosby/malkin  crossover  crossovers-fusions  de-aging  dean/castiel  dean/seamus  Derek/Stiles  dogs  dorian/iron.bull  draco/harry  edith/lucille/thomas  elizabeth/darcy  elizabeth/fitzwilliam  established.relationship  fake.relationship  fandom:avengers  fandom:black.sails  fandom:buffy  fandom:crimson.peak  fandom:critical.role.2  fandom:dragon.age  fandom:hannibal  fandom:harry.potter  fandom:hawkeye  fandom:hockey  fandom:jane.austen  fandom:leverage  fandom:marvel  fandom:miss.fisher  fandom:numb3rs  fandom:sherlockholmes  fandom:supernatural  fandom:teen.wolf  fandom:the.exorcist  fandom:the.yellow.wallpaper  favorite  firsttime  fluff  friendship  gen  humor  hurt/comfort  incest  jack/phryne  kidfic  length:1-3K  length:3-5k  length:5-8k  length:8-10k  length:10-12K  length:12-15.hours  length:12-15k  length:15-20k  length:20-30k  length:30-50k  length:50-70k  length:70-90k  length:100-150k  length:150-200k  length:200-250k  length:250-300k  length:500-1k  location:ao3  maria/natasha  maria/natasha/steve  marriage.of.convenience  miranda/james/thomas  mourning  mpreg  natasha/kate  negotiation  neil/andrew  non-linear  non.linear.narrative  original.fic  parker/eliot/hardison  phil/clint  plotty  podfic  politics  polyamory  published:2008  published:2009  published:2012  published:2013  published:2014  published:2015  religion  sam/dean  sam/steve  sam/steve/bucky  sherlockholmes/johnwatson/marymorstan  soulbond  steve/bucky  steve/bucky/sam  steve/tony  stiles/derek  threesome  timeline:alternate  timeline:future.fic  timeline:S2  tomas/marcus  tony/loki  toread  via:everyone  via:fleete  via:greedy_dancer  via:havocthecat  via:isweedan  via:lucifuge_five  via:pearwaldorf  via:pear_waldorf  via:pru  via:redoliphant  via:renay  via:river_b  via:sadiane  via:sansets  via:thefourthvine  via:thingswithwings  warning:addiction  warning:age.difference  warning:alittlesad  warning:animal.harm  warning:child.abuse  warning:child.harm  warning:depression  warning:domestic.violence  warning:dubcon  warning:food.issues  warning:graphic.violence  warning:homophobia  warning:incest  warning:major.character.death  warning:mental.illness  warning:non-con  warning:ptsd  warning:secondarycharacterdeath  warning:self-harm  warning:suicide  will/hannibal  xander/faith 

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