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Cabbage: a love story
Summary: Krem’s grin fades into a quiet smirk, his eyes warm and amused, and Cullen does not forget how to move his legs because he is a grown man, a leader of soldiers, commander of the Inquisition’s army.

He breaks the silence by coughing loudly, because he is also an imbecile.
creator:psikeval  cullen/krem  fandom:dragon.age  pegging  trans.character  location:ao3  length:15-20k  via:sansets 
february 2019 by concinnity
Exiles - nwhepcat - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

Living a loner's life near Death Valley, Oz meets someone even more cut off from other people than he is.

My notes: the one where Oz has carved a small safe post-Sunnyvale life for himself until Sam walks right into his laundromat. Nice omc :)
trans.character  length:20-30k  location:ao3  oz/omc  crossovers-fusions  creator:nwhepcat  fandom:supernatural  fandom:buffy  published:2009 
june 2017 by concinnity
at some point it becomes true
From the creators:
Summary: @petewentz— reminder: you don’t always have to be what the world tells you that you are

My notes: SO GOOD
baaandom  falloutboy  pete/patrick  creator:sceptick  creator:whatimages  length:50-70k  firsttime  trans.character  com:bandombigbang  published:2014 
july 2014 by concinnity
Just Been Born
From the creator:
“The mage's spell seems to have changed your sex.”
Derek inhales raggedly, then slowly looks down at his chest—at his breasts.

My notes: the one where Derek turns into a lady. Short, a little wrenching, happy ending + pack feels.
fandom:teen.wolf  gen  creator:idyll  length:3-5k  location:ao3  trans.character 
july 2013 by concinnity
That Girl Loves Danger
From the creator:
Gabe is a trans girl. She doesn't bother telling people very often, because they argue with her about it, and who has that kind of time?
Pete doesn't argue. She knew there was a reason she likes Pete.

My notes: this is achey and great.
baaandom  gen  creator:inlovewithnight  length:3-5k  location:ao3  comingout  warning:alittlesad  trans.character 
june 2013 by concinnity
"Always Looking Up 1/2"
From the Author:
Summary: William Beckett is going to be a rock star. No matter what.

My notes: this is so so good. trans!bilvy.
baaandom  cobrastarship  gabe/bill  creator:inlovewithnight  length:12-15k  location:lj  trans.character  firsttime 
december 2012 by concinnity
Comes a Rainbow
"Someone (preferably Zayn or Harry, but I'm not picky) suffers from gender dysphoria and is considering/is going to undergo the transition from MTF. I'm just really looking for all of the boys to be super supportive/loving about everything, reading up about it, asking questions so they can be as well informed as possible, making a conscious effort to use female pronouns now instead of male. All that kind of stuff. I'm not looking for a specific pairing but I'm always partial to OT5 if you can make it work someone."

I wrote it about Louis.
fandom:onedirection  gen  ot5  creator:randominity  length:5-8k  com:1dkinkmeme  location:dw  via:anatsuno  trans.character 
june 2012 by concinnity
Once Upon a Time
From the creator:
Some people find out who they really are at age eleven. For Dudley, it takes a little longer.
My Notes: Oh, Dudley!
fandom:harry.potter  gen  length:1-3K  creator:busaikko  trans.character 
december 2011 by concinnity
Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love
This is a great read. I didn't read the warnings, and didn't realize what the issue was until it was revealed. Lots of friendship and big hearts in this one. Summary: Modern AU. Arthur moves to a a different city to start a new life and become a new man. On a whim he decides to share a flat with an attractive stranger, and quickly gets drawn into Merlin's odd little world.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  au  length:12-15k  creator:new_kate  trans.character 
may 2011 by concinnity
The consistently goodl basingstoke tells the perfect Holmes curtainfic. Holmes is transgender, and bears a baby. Watson is surprised, and Mary is wonderful.
fandom:sherlockholmes  length:15-20k  creator:basingstoke  trans.character 
january 2011 by concinnity

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