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GitHub - google-research/bert: TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT
TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT. Contribute to google-research/bert development by creating an account on GitHub.
12 days ago by colindocherty
[D] ML is losing some of its luster for me. How do you like your ML career? : MachineLearning
Soliciting thoughts on ML careers (in industry or academia), especially in light of machine learning and deep learning hype. I work as an applied...
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25 days ago by colindocherty
Over 150 of the Best Machine Learning, NLP, and Python Tutorials I’ve Found – Machine Learning in Practice – Medium
While machine learning has a rich history dating back to 1959, the field is evolving at an unprecedented rate. In a recent article, I discussed why the broader artificial intelligence field is…
11 weeks ago by colindocherty
finetune/ at master · IndicoDataSolutions/finetune · GitHub
Scikit-learn style model finetuning for NLP

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july 2018 by colindocherty
A Canadian startup applies machine-learning to corporate bond issuance
Outline is a free service that makes websites more readable. We remove the clutter, like ads, related links, and comments—so you can read comfortably
may 2018 by colindocherty
How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras
The codebase contains a replica of the AlphaZero methodology, built in Python and Keras. Gain a deeper understanding of how AlphaZero works and adapt the code to plug in new games.
january 2018 by colindocherty
Deep Learning Weekly
A weekly newsletter about the latest developments in Deep Learning
january 2017 by colindocherty

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