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“Pontmercy – a noun, chiefly, but a verb second,” says Grantaire, with an absent-minded wave of his hand in Marius’s general direction, “one that must be conjugated, naturally, as all such forms of speech are wont to be – to Pontmercy, in the infinitive; I Pontmercy, first person singular, he she it Pontmercies, second person singular, as the Greeks would say, or third depending on your motives, demonstrating the usual way of changing the standard y ending into the ie. Such forms are common in this language, given the rules it has adopted from older versions of French – one might call this the newest edition, nihil nove sub sole, or super sole as one does, although the sun himself might not deign to be ruled thus.
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Euphemism Generator
"more fun than you can beat with a monkey" Oh, goody. Another euphemism generator!
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Shakespearean Insulter
[[Shakespearean Insult Generator, good for hours of fun.]]
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Internet Anagram Server
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