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E/R ABO, Dub con, knotting, bonding, optional noncon
Omegaverse where its slowly becoming more common for omegas to be given ownership of themselves at 18, but they are still considered inferior, many people won't hire them or rent housing to them, and many end up forced into unwanted bonds. It is still very much legal for omegas to be "sold" by their parents to alphas for bonding. Les Amis are a group who are working toward total equality for omegas.

One meeting, R is fighting abnormally viciously with Enjolras, and Enjolras loses his temper in response. When he holds R back to apologize, R admits that this will be his last meeting/Enjolras is going to be rid of him anyway: his parents have sold him to an alpha he's never met, but R is 100% sure the alpha isn't going to approve of his friends, or probably give him any of the freedom he has now.

Enjolras is outraged, but R points out that he didn't say anything because the only way out of this would be to bond a different alpha, and their only alpha friends are in relationships, and he KNOWS they'd sacrifice their happiness to help him, but he doesn't want that.

Except Enjolras ISN'T in a relationship, R just never considered him as an option.

Note: You can really go any direction with this, and include/leave out any amount of the background here: my only request is a happy ending with ER, and porn.

Bonus: I'll give you my first born if they go back to R's apartment, and write Enjolras being Overprotective!Alpha when R's would-have-been fiance shows up the next day to claim him
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