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Feed on my Restless Soul - FallenPissyBird - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes Jason just needs to do things on his own. Roy managed to convince him to install a helmet cam to at least allow him to watch over his reckless boyfriend, but that means that Roy is stuck hundreds of miles away while the mission goes awry.

And then Jason turns the helmet cam off.
char:jason-todd  kink:used-hard  kink:brutal  kink:mind-break  wc:1k5k  warning:noncon  kink:jason-whump  pov:jason-todd  fav  kink:degradation  to-sort  kink:drugged  pov:roy-harper  kink:drugged(aphrodisiacs)  trope:medical(poisoned)  kink:desperation  warning:torture  trope:peril  char:roy-harper  kink:rough  trope:danger  kink:fucked-out  kink:humiliation  pairing:jason/roy  f:dcu  kink:gangbang 
april 2017 by cochepaille
The One Consumed - Zillabird - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is a nature god with too much power and not nearly enough control. A mistake makes his father, King of the Gods, send him to the Underworld for a short period of time to see the consequences of further reckless behavior. There he meets King Richard, ruler of the Underworld and god of the dead, lonely and desperate for affection. But nature gods weren't meant for darkness and death and soon Jason is eager to return to the surface.

Only Dick might not be ready to let go...
pov:dick-grayson  char:jason-todd  to-sort  au:mythology  wc:wip  au:gods  genre:angst  pairing:dick/jason  char:bruce-wayne  pov:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  wc:10k20k  trope:mythology  f:dcu  char:talia-al-ghul 
march 2017 by cochepaille
fic_promptly | Wednesday: Texts From Last Night
DC comics, Jason Todd, (763): I feel like the fact that I slept with someone who dresses up like Batman a few times will never be lived down.
f:dcu  char:jason-todd  char:dick-grayson  genre:humor  wc:<1k  wc:drabble  pov:jason-todd  to-sort 
march 2017 by cochepaille
I'll Make You A Deal - Sam4265 - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Jason was taken in by the Joker when he was twelve years old, and he's spent the last seven years trying to escape, with no success. Finally he's given the chance when the Joker decides to make him a deal; If Jason gives him Nightwing's biggest weakness, then Jason can have his freedom. Everything is going according to plan, however finding Nightwing's weakness is proving to be far more difficult and compromising than he ever could have expected.
warning:manipulation  char:bruce-wayne  pairing:joker/jason  warning:near-death-experiences  warning:torture  kink:blackmail  wc:1k5k  pairing:jason/joker  char:dick-grayson  to-sort  fav  f:dcu  trope:gallant-rescues  char:jason-todd  pov:jason-todd  char:joker  pairing:dick/jason  trope:secrets  kink:jason-whump 
march 2017 by cochepaille
Writing About Pain Part 2: External Signs | Girl Goddess # 1
Hi! Do you have any tips on writing pain from an outside perspective? As in, not the point of view of the unfortunate suffering character. What external signs do people show when they’re in extreme pain?
writing  writing:tips  writing:description  storyref  trope:medical(injury)  ref:medical(injuries)  writing:description(pain)  to-sort 
march 2017 by cochepaille
Monsters of the Universe — “The teachers won’t know a thing~ ” JayTim or...
This one was a little difficult, so look, this is gonna be some private school AU where Dick’s probably like, 2 years older than Jason.
“The teachers won’t know a thing,” Dick whispered, as he shoved Jason past the coats in the closet. “They go out to lunch every Thursday.”
setting:closet  to-sort  pairing:dick/jason  trope:tight-spaces  wc:drabble  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  char:dick-grayson  au:highschool  trope:relationship(secret-relationship)  wc:<1k  kink:making-out  author:Timmyjaybird 
february 2017 by cochepaille
The Illustrator’s Portfolio — Giuseppe Castellano
Contains both general and very specific advice.

“The Who”: At some point in your career, you will need to have an idea of who you are as an illustrator. If you don’t know, then there are larger issues for you to tackle than just catching an art director’s eye. What should you put in your portfolio? You tell me! What is your voice? What do you want to say with your work? What are your ideas? Children’s book illustration is art. Don’t lose sight of that. Don’t let anyone tell you—or worse, convince you—otherwise. So what is your art?

To find some of these answers, you need to create work that is personal to you. Do that. Constantly. Do that, and over time your “who” will come out on its own.

 A lot like the “The What,” “The Who” is an ongoing discovery, invariably challenged by doubt and differing opinion. But there is one answer to what you should put in your portfolio on which all art directors should agree . . . 

“The How”: When I look at portfolios, I don’t look for kids or cats. I look for your voice as an illustrator (“The Who”), and how well you execute your illustrations (“The How”). What should you put in your portfolio? Good art. That’s the answer. You should display art that’s executed at a high level. No matter what your visual handwriting is—from realism to abstract art—it must be done well. Show that you can convey a feeling or a narrative with a strong understanding of your medium.
art  art-ref  art-ref:portfolio  art-ref:tutorial  art-ref:tips&tricks  reference  to-sort  !!! 
february 2017 by cochepaille
I'm Nagbot and I'm here to nag
I'll regularly text you asking you whether you did something and keep track of your answers. I'm free to use and allow 1 nag per phone number.
tools  tools:productivity  resources  resource:productivity  to-sort  !!! 
february 2017 by cochepaille
Las onomatopeyas o Batsigns se utilizaron en la serie y en el film para darle mas fuerza a las peleas, en la primer temporada se calaban en la imagen pero debido al costo a partir de la segunda temporada se insertaban con un fondo de color.
art  art:comics  resources  resource:reactions  to-sort 
february 2017 by cochepaille
Tutorial: Styling works | Archive of Our Own
So you want to apply some formatting to your fics! You probably already know how to use some basic HTML tags to make stuff <strong>bold</strong> or <em>italic</em>. But perhaps you want something a bit more complex - a different font, or maybe a different color. You can do this by creating some custom CSS for your works!
reference  ref:ao3  ref:html  writing  writing:formatting  to-sort  resource:ao3  site:ao3 
october 2016 by cochepaille
random free biomedical hi-res scans of old plates/books/shit
art  art:collection  art:vintage  art:illustration  art-insp  to-sort 
october 2016 by cochepaille
Pose Reference Stock Resources You Need To Know by SenshiStock on DeviantArt
There's lots of awesome models on DA and lots of great places on the web to find pose reference and stock! Here's a little list of some great places to check out for some quality pose reference stock:
art-ref  art-ref:poses  art-ref:people  art-ref:gesture  to-sort 
october 2016 by cochepaille
In Reference to Murder
Welcome to BV Lawson’s reference site for writers, readers and fans of mystery and crime fiction. You’ll find over 3,000 links on a wide variety of topics that I hope will be useful for information, research, news and entertainment. I’ll try to keep links as up to date as possible, although that’s a difficult task with such a high turnover rate among web sites. If you find a broken link, please feel free to pass it along to, and stay tuned for updates as they appear here and on the Blog, For more info, check out the FAQ.
storyref  ref:crime  ref:law-enforcement  ref:police  ref:fbi  writing:genre(crime)  writing:genre(crime&punishment)  insp:crime  insp:law-enforcement  insp:detective-au  ref:forensics  ref:drugs  masterlist  to-sort 
october 2016 by cochepaille
“Sandbox of the Post-Industrial Apocalyptic Landscape.”
Waller’s entire Flickr stream is rusty and scrumptious. He also apparently has an extensive personal website launching sometime this month.
ref:setting  art-ref  art-ref:photos  art-ref:setting  art-ref:background/environment  to-sort 
october 2016 by cochepaille
The inside of a WWI German submarine was creepy and claustrophobic
Throughout World War I, Germany used its fleet of 351 unterseeboote (colloquially called U-boats in English) to wage submarine warfare against Allied ships.
ref:history  ref:history(20th-century)  ref:history(WWI)  art-ref  art-ref:background/environment  art-ref:setting  to-sort  art-ref:objects  art-ref:objects(vehicles)  art-ref:objects(machines) 
october 2016 by cochepaille
Lewis Hine’s Composite Photographs of Child Labourers (1913) | The Public Domain Review
Between 1908 and 1911, the photographer and social reformer Lewis Hine travelled the U.S. for the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) documenting child labor — in factories, textile mills, canneries, and coal mines — focusing in particular on the Carolina Piedmont. Amongst the hundreds of photographs he made in this time is this unique set of composite photographs of Southern cotton mill workers featured below. Each image was created by purposively rephotographing several workers upon the same photographic plate. The idea of overlaying portraits in this way was not without precedent. The technique was invented in 1880s by Sir Francis Galton who used multiple exposures to create an “average” portrait from many different faces. For Galton, the primary purpose of the method was so as to advance his views on human ideal types, and it could be argued that Hine used it in a similar way (albeit divorced from the somewhat suspect context of phrenology), to generalise his observations regarding the damaging physical effects of the back-breaking factory work on young bodies. However, the fact that Hine overlays faces of quite different physicality perhaps implies a subtler motive, one perhaps more orientated around the haunting quality of the final image. The composites were never published in Hine’s lifetime, although the portraits of the same children used in the process do appear in posters for the NCLC alongside such headlines as “Making Human Junk: Shall Industry Be Allowed To Put This Cost On Society?”. In general, Hine’s heart-rending images from his time with the NCLC — often the result of putting himself at great personal danger — helped to influence the change in several laws, including the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916.
ref:history  ref:history(20th-century)  ref:occupations  ref:social-class  to-sort  art-ref  art-ref:people  art:photography 
october 2016 by cochepaille
Robert J. Antonio - After Postmodernism: Reactionary Tribalism | JSTOR: American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 106, No. 1 (July 2000), pp. 40-87
Revived Weimar‐era “radical conservatism” and fresh “New Right” and “paleoconservative” theories offer a radical cultural critique of global capitalism and liberal democracy. Expressing a broader retribalization and perceived failure of modernization, their defense of communal particularity attacks the multicultural nation‐state, liberal rights, and universal citizenship. This essay links reactionary tribalism to a recurrent 20th‐century theoretical tendency, the “total critique of modernity”—a fusion of oversimplified Nietzschean and Weberian ideas. Historically, total critique has promoted convergence between right and left, such as the current overlapping facets of “radical conservatism” and “strong‐program postmodernism.” Total critique counters the “historicist” method of “internal critique” and the “communication model” characteristic of reflexive social theory. The discussion uncovers the mediating role of social theory in the problematic relationship of science and partially disenchanted public spheres in plural, democratic cultures. -- 200+ references! -- in postmodernism includes range of "end of" thinkers from left and right, and the overlaps between far right and some of the postmodern cultural left -- downloaded pdf to Note
ref:history(20th-century)  to-sort  ref:history(weimar-republic)  reference  ref:history 
october 2016 by cochepaille
roman legal tradition
Between Slavery and Freedom: Disputes over Status and the Codex Justinianus
ref:history  ref:history(ancient)  ref:history(ancient-rome)  ref:social-class  ref:slavery  to-sort 
july 2016 by cochepaille
La Résistance
In Britain, the resistance movement calls itself the Order of the Phoenix, but here they are smaller in number and less equipped to fight. They call themselves, simply, discreetly, les Amis. None of them is older than eighteen. None of them has even graduated from Beauxbatons, though their exams are behind them.

A Harry Potter crossover set during the First War/Marauders’ Era, in which Grantaire is a werewolf, Enjolras is the leader of the French resistance against Voldemort, and everyone goes to Beauxbatons.

Warning: This gets DARK.
pairing:enjolras/grantaire  char:grantaire  char:enjolras  char:eponine  char:gavroche  char:les-amis  au:modern  genre:angst  genre:plotty  au:monster  trope:magic  trope:mythological-creatures  trope:peril  genre:h/c  to-sort  wc:20k50k  pov:R  -les-mis:add-tags  au:werewolf  trope:creature(werewolf)  trope:mental-health-issues(PTSD)  warning:abuse  warning:child-abuse  warning:major-character-death  warning:violence  au:film/book/etc  au:f/b(hp)  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
Leave My Body
Courfeyrac gets himself into a predicament and decides the best course of action would be to text everyone about it.
author:armyofkings  to-sort  -les-mis:add-tags  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
Professionalism - sunryder - Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When his fellow Gifted were being politically correct they called Grantaire a “courtesan.” But out of his hearing – and as the evening progressed – correctness went the way of the ballroom’s wine. No matter what they called him, Grantaire still sold his own Guide gifts, not through the rules and regulations of the Center, but to clients of his own choosing and for monetary gain.

Politely put: Grantaire was a prostitute.
pairing:enjolras/grantaire  char:grantaire  char:enjolras  char:combeferre  char:courfeyrac  char:jehan  au:modern  au:sentinel/guide  au:sex-worker  au:prostitution  trope:soulbond  genre:angst  genre:fluff  wc:10k20k  to-sort  pov:R  -les-mis:add-tags  trope:cruel-words  trope:occupation(sex-worker)  trope:occupation(prostitute)  trope:emotion(possessiveness)  trope:emotion(protectiveness)  trope:relationship(sentinel/guide)  fav  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
blooming - myrmidryad - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
His neighbour appears after Grantaire’s washed himself as best he can and dressed in light cotton pants and a thin t-shirt. He sees it when his neighbour switches the light in his apartment on. Their windows are directly opposite each other, with only a metre or so between the balcony railings of their sills, and Grantaire waits for the moment when his neighbour sees him. When it happens, they both smile, and nod hello.


Grantaire is a newcomer in a growing city, trying to figure things out. Enjolras lives in the apartment directly opposite, and ends up becoming a fixture in Grantaire's new life.
pairing:enjolras/grantaire  char:grantaire  char:enjolras  author:myrmidryad  au:modern  genre:fluff  genre:angst  au:neighbors  trope:art  to-sort  -les-mis:add-tags  pov:R  trope:occupation(artist)  trope:occupation(janitor)  trope:relationship(neighbors)  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
Fill: The Doctor Will See You Now [1/?]
I would seriously kill for that kink to be filled.
Modern AU Combeferre examining some Ami -or Eponine- (because sick/checkup) with a stethoscope. Would prefer it not to be sexual.

Bonus: sick R or E fluff with the other one being present, taking care of him.
char:grantaire  char:enjolras  char:combeferre  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  au:modern  to-sort  trope:medical(injury)  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
[no title]
"Enjolras and Combeferre are in a relationship, are completely in love with each other, but they never have sex because they're both alphas. They give each other hand jobs, blow jobs, have non-penetrative and/or intercrural sex, but neither of them really fancies the idea of taking the other's knot when their body isn't built for it. Somewhere over the course of the relationship they develop the fantasy of having a shared omega that they can take turns fucking, or fuck at the same time. They're both aware that they would both be willing to enact this fantasy if they had the chance, but neither of them knows any omegas and they're too busy with their cause (whether its canon era or some modern cause is up to you) to search out an omega that is compatible with both of them and will have no problem being shared between the two of them, so it stays as a fantasy.

And then the obvious omega Grantaire starts showing up at their meetings. He's a drunk and he's not particularly attractive, but both Enjolras and Combeferre are drawn to him somehow. Grantaire doesn't try to hide the fact that he doesn't believe in their cause, so at first they can't figure out why he continues showing up week after week. Eventually they notice the hungry, wanton gazes that he throws at the pair of them.

How much of this backstory you want to include is up to you, I'm really looking for Enjolras and Combeferre accosting Grantaire and inviting him to join them for the first time.

Bonus points for:
- E&C showering R with body worship and R being totally overwhelmed by it and not expecting it at all because he knows he's ugly
- Double penetration and/or E&C both knotting R at the same time
- If you can somehow slip in that at least part of the reason Grantaire drinks is because he's always fantasised about having two alphas at once and he feels like a dirty greedy whore for it
- (yet when E&C call him a greedy whore it sounds much more like praise than an insult like it does when he says it to himself)

Please and thank you (◡‿◡✿)"
char:grantaire  char:enjolras  char:combeferre  pairing:enjolras/combeferre/R  au:abo  kink:exhibitionism  kink:voyeurism  to-sort  -les-mis:add-tags  trope:abo-dynamics  trope:emotion(possessiveness)  f:les-mis 
may 2016 by cochepaille
Tutorials FAQ | Archive of Our Own
A number of tutorials with screencaps and step-by-step instructions have been written to help you get the most out of using the Archive of Our Own. We plan to add more in future!
reference  ref:ao3  ref:fandom  tools  resources  to-sort  resource:ao3  tools:ao3  site:ao3 
april 2016 by cochepaille
Cook's Thesaurus
The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.
reference  ref:glossary  ref:food  to-sort 
april 2016 by cochepaille
Historical Resources for Fanfic Writers
This page is intended to provide fanfic writers with reference sources for historical information. These may range from the factual to the inspirational. The initial resource list was provided by the participants at the "Don't Know Much about History" and "Hornblower: Sodomy and the Lash" panels at Escapade 2003. Thanks to all who contributed, then and since.
reference  ref:history  storyref  to-sort 
march 2016 by cochepaille
Still the Same - The Librarina (tears_of_nienna)
Enjolras caught the infamous art thief Grantaire in his first month as an FBI agent. Four years later, a supposedly reformed Grantaire works out a deal to help the FBI catch an organized crime boss--with Enjolras as his handler. But working together is more frustrating than Enjolras could have believed, and it doesn't help that Grantaire has started an actual book club with Enjolras' husband. White Collar AU.

author:thelibrarina  pairing:enjolras/combeferre/R  au:crime  au:fbi  au:police  au:law-enforcement  fav  to-sort  wc:50k+  trope:occupation(law-enforcement)  au:film/book/etc  au:f/b(white-collar)  f:les-mis 
february 2016 by cochepaille
idolmeta: Writing and Fandom Resources List
the giant list of writing and fandom meta.

This list is not comprehensive. It's intended for people who are looking for meta on a specific topic (point of view, formatting fic, etc.). It's collected from many sources (given at the end), my own links, and some delicious and Google searches.
writing  to-sort 
february 2016 by cochepaille
Aviator's Slang
Ok nugget, kick the tires, light the fires, select Zone 5, tag the bogey but don’t get in a furball. Don’t boresight, check six, bingo to Mom — Got it?
reference  ref:language  ref:glossary  ref:military  words:dictionary  words:language  words:slang  storyref  ref:occupations  ref:occupations(pilot)  ref:aviation  words:glossary  to-sort  ref:military(air-force) 
february 2016 by cochepaille

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au:sentinel/guide  au:sex-worker  au:werewolf  author:armyofkings  author:lady_ragnell  author:myrmidryad  author:thelibrarina  author:Timmyjaybird  author:voksen  char:bossuet  char:bruce-wayne  char:combeferre  char:cosette  char:courfeyrac  char:dick-grayson  char:enjolras  char:eponine  char:gavroche  char:grantaire  char:jason-todd  char:jehan  char:joker  char:joly  char:les-amis  char:musichetta  char:roy-harper  char:talia-al-ghul  comics  comics:DC  comics:marvel  f:amberlough  f:dcu  f:les-mis  f:marvel  fav  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  genre:humor  genre:plotty  genre:pwp  genre:slow-build  genre:smut  insp:assassins  insp:creatures  insp:crime  insp:detective-au  insp:espionage  insp:law-enforcement  insp:monsters  insp:mythology  insp:tropes  insp:urban-fantasy  insp:vampires  kink:blackmail  kink:bottom!jason  kink:brutal  kink:degradation  kink:desperation  kink:drugged  kink:drugged(aphrodisiacs)  kink:exhibitionism  kink:fucked-out  kink:gangbang  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vid:editing  vid:ref  vid:techniques  warning:abuse  warning:child-abuse  warning:drugs  warning:major-character-death  warning:manipulation  warning:near-death-experiences  warning:noncon  warning:substance-abuse  warning:torture  warning:underage  warning:violence  wc:1k5k  wc:10k20k  wc:20k50k  wc:50k+  wc:<1k  wc:drabble  wc:wip  words  words:dictionary  words:fun  words:glossary  words:language  words:slang  writing  writing:advice  writing:character-development  writing:character-voice  writing:characterization  writing:characters  writing:characters(accents)  writing:description  writing:description(pain)  writing:dialogue  writing:formatting  writing:genre(crime&punishment)  writing:genre(crime)  writing:insp  writing:narrator  writing:plot  writing:smut  writing:tips  writing:words 

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