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10 of the most-funded startups to fail in 2017 | TechCrunch
Not all of the summaries indicate the specifics of what went wrong with these companies; but in most cases, we can intuit some of the problems that led to the company's demise.
corporate_finance  Strategy 
september 2017 by cmingyar
Etsy’s Painful Lesson: It’s a Retailer, Not a Tech Startup - WSJ
Aug 2 2017 - Revenues are up - Great! But expenses are up even more - not so great.
corporate_finance  Etsy  Strategy 
august 2017 by cmingyar
Sears Buys Time With Craftsman Brand Sale, Store Closures - WSJ
Should a turnaround strategy include selling your No. 1 point of differentiation?
marketing  strategy  Sears 
january 2017 by cmingyar
Big Oil Opts for Payouts Over Debt Rating - WSJ
Feb. 4, 2016 4:07 p.m. ET - Great article on the importance of cash management, the sacredness of dividends, and decisions of strategy.
finance  corporate_finance  dividends  cash  cash_management  debt  strategy  economics  opportunity_cost 
february 2016 by cmingyar
GameStop Shares Fall on Weak Earnings - WSJ
Nov. 23, 2015 - The Changing ways that people buy games is causing GameStop to take on a strategy of diversification.
strategy  GameStop  finance 
november 2015 by cmingyar
Fitbit Shares Surge in Market Debut - WSJ
FitBit is riding high now, but will it be as attractive as competitors enter the market?
strategy  FitBit  IPO 
june 2015 by cmingyar
Broken Budgets? - Strategic Finance
All about planning, budgeting, and forecasting in one article. The coverage of these topics in the article is practical and realistic; for example, the observation is made: "A plan is based on assumptions...most of which are going to be wrong." Alternatives to make plans more effective are given.
strategy  budget  Cost_Accounting  accounting  planning 
june 2015 by cmingyar
IBM Positions Itself as Large Broker of Health Data - WSJ
April 13 2015 - IBM partners with Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic to form Watson Health data venture
strategy  IBM  Apple  J&J  Medtronic 
april 2015 by cmingyar
The PC Box Closes In on Intel -- Ahead of the Tape - WSJ
April 14 2015 - Options grow few for Intel as mainstay PC chip business languishes
strategy  finance  Intel 
april 2015 by cmingyar
Nestlé Pours Millions More Into Bottled Water - WSJ
April 8, 2015 6:42 a.m. ET VEVEY, Switzerland—Nestlé SA aims to exploit growing health concerns about soda as it rolls out new products and boosts investment in the huge U.S. market to improve the profitability of its global water business.
finance  strategy 
april 2015 by cmingyar
Alcoa Redefines What It Makes—And Where - WSJ
"Alcoa Inc. now likes to brand itself as a “multi-materials” company. The truth: It’s still very much an aluminum company—just one that’s changing where and what it is making."
strategy  mission  core_competencies  Alcoa 
april 2015 by cmingyar
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