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Jean Van Roy Talks Cantillon | Brookston Beer Bulletin
One of the most fun seminars at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference last week was the Barrel-Aged Sour Beers from Two Belgian’s Perspectives on Friday. It was moderated by Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing and featured two lambic brewers, Yvan de Baets, owner of Brasserie de la Senne, and Jean Van Roy, owner of Brasserie Cantillon. I missed part of Yvan’s talk, but caught all of Jean’s. I first met Jean Van Roy at Cantillon several years ago, shortly before he took over the brewery from his father, Jean Pierre, and when Yvan was still working there, too. Jean gives a great overview of Cantillon’s brewing process. Enjoy.
lambic  zymurgy  audio  cantillon 
march 2011 by cmillward
The high end [Anchorage Press]
"I never in a million years thought I’d see it happen, but brewer Gabe Fletcher has left Midnight Sun Brewing Company. After thirteen years of helping define and shape one of Alaska’s most prominent brewing presences, Fletcher has moved on to open Anchorage Brewing Company.
Anchorage Brewing Company will produce only 100 percent barrel-aged, all brettanomyces-influenced beers that will be produced strictly in 750 ml wine-style bottles with cork and bail finish."
zymurgy  business  alaska  2010  midnight_sun 
august 2010 by cmillward
CSA Pickles: Revised Ratio! [Michael Ruhlman
pickles using a 3% brine instead of the normal 5% brine
zymurgy  pickles  food  recipes  pickling  michael_ruhlman 
july 2010 by cmillward
Saint Arnold "Movable Yeast" Series, Weedwacker launches in August
"The concept behind the Movable Yeast series is to focus on the flavor contribution of yeast. Each release will be created by brewing a regular batch of a Saint Arnold beer and then splitting the wort (unfermented beer) into two 60 bbl fermenters. One fermenter will be pitched with the yeast normally used in that beer and the second fermenter will be pitched with an alternative yeast and the beer given a different name."
zymurgy  beer  business  2010  yeast  ideas  texas 
july 2010 by cmillward
Epic Thornbridge Stout [Thornbridge Brewers’ Blog]
a post by the brewer @ Thornbridge about how he and the brewer @ Epic Brewery (in NZ) went about crafting a collaborative recipe together.
zymurgy  collaboration  beer  thornbridge  process  recipes  stout 
june 2010 by cmillward
YouTube -
shopping with Tom Peters (owner of Monk's Cafe) for a beer dinner
beer  food  zymurgy  video  pairing  cooking 
june 2010 by cmillward
For the Love of Hops
"Welcome to the website created to support the upcoming book, “For the Love of Hops” (subtitle to be determined).

My name is Stan Hieronymus and I’ll be the author. Right now I’m in collecting mode, gathering information you tell me you’d like to find in the book, seeking answers to your questions, investigating what I figure needs exploring, and listening to stories because I think stories are at the center of understanding why and how people do things.

Later — and it will be later because the book won’t be published until September of 2012 — the focus will shift. The site will preview what is in the book, even answering some of your questions before pages roll off the presses."
books  zymurgy  hops  2012  stan_hieronymus 
june 2010 by cmillward
Odonta and brewing a saison [The Brewing]
Peter Hoey and Rick Sellers of the brand new Odonata Beer Company join the Session this week to talk about brewing a great Saison. They have just released their wonderful version to the market and will help us understand what it takes to get this style right and be creative while doing it.
audio  podcast  zymurgy  saison 
june 2010 by cmillward
Oakes Weekly » American beer styles: Further thoughts
"The fact is, the United States is the originator of most styles in the United States. Even for styles that do not specifically originate in the US, the beer is often so distinctly American that it would be unrecognizable to a native drinker (I’m specifically thinking about Baltic Porter and Foreign Stout, but Kellerbier is at least one other style and there are probably more). The US is the leader in world beer styles today – it’s cultural. It is not 1987 any more. Beer culture has long since exploded, with the US having more breweries and more beers than any other nation by a wide margin. To think that this has occurred simply by mimicking beers from elsewhere is actually kind of quaint. But it’s unfounded. Most styles in the US are American, even those that typically bear the names of other countries."
zymurgy  beer  styles  history  culture  usa 
may 2010 by cmillward
HopShot - HopShot - Hops - Ingredients
$2 for 5ml "HopShot is CO2-extracted hop resin that can be used for bittering or late additions to boiling wort — treat it just like leaf or pellet hops added during the boil. The HopShot syringe contains 5 milliliters of extract. One milliliter of HopShot yields approximately 10 IBUs in 5 gallons of 1.050 wort when boiled for 60 minutes. Test batches indicate that this bitterness may be slightly less agressive on the palate than your average hop addition."
hops  zymurgy  shopping 
april 2010 by cmillward
Fantome clones
some discussion and various recipes for beer shooting for something in the Fantome vein.
zymurgy  fantome  saison  clone  recipes  discussion 
april 2010 by cmillward
Beer: A home-brewer takes the abbey road [Washington Post]
"It's so quiet up here. You forget you're in the city, which is why I like it," Nathan Zeender says, standing by the front gate of the Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery in Northeast Washington.

The 33-year-old computer programmer is neither a monk nor Catholic, but as he surveys this emerald-green oasis in the midst of the city, he talks excitedly about his "American abbey project": an attempt to bring the monastic brewing tradition to Washington.
washington_dc  zymurgy  abbey  usa 
april 2010 by cmillward
The Anchor way: ‘Big is not always better’ [Appellation Beer]
'In 1992 Maytag investigated the possibility of a direct public offering to raise funds for expansion.


Then Maytag changed his mind. “I realized we were doing the IPO out of desperation — because we thought we had to grow,” Burlingham quotes Maytag. “It occurred to me that you could have a small, prestigious, profitable business, and it would be all right . . . So we made the decision not to grow . . . This was not going to be a giant company — not on my watch.”


Ten years later Maytag was interviewed by USA Today. “Big is not always better,” he said. “Small companies like ours can still knock ‘em dead.”'
business  2010  beer  zymurgy  sf  anchor_brewing  news  small  history 
april 2010 by cmillward
BrewLocal: Mad Fox Brewing Co. Preview
"A few weeks back, local brewing legend Bill Madden was kind enough to have us around to the current construction site that is his soon-to-be-open dream brewpub Mad Fox Brewing Co. (an amalgamation of his and his wife's last names) in Falls Church, VA. Bill has a reputation as a craftsman brewer, producing flawless award winning beer: a stalwart of the local brewing scene, having run brewing operations at Capitol City Brewing Co., the short lived Founders (Alexandria, VA) and Vintage 50.


Bill got to work from a blank slate with Mad Fox: a huge modern space in which he could build to his specs, including a brand new 15 BBL brewhouse from Premier Stainless Systems, (6) 30 BBL fermentors, and (7) 15 BBL serving tanks . Everything is in it's right place, and there is plenty room for storage of cooperage and materials."
zymurgy  business  brewpub  virginia  washington_dc 
april 2010 by cmillward
Stillwater Single [BrewLocal]
"Brian's version of a Belgian single has a solid malt bill with a solid amount of hops. Not sure if this recipe will ever be released as part of his commercial Stillwater Artisinal Ales, but it certainly looks like it would make a great summer seasonal to me."
zymurgy  recipes  stillwater  belgian  single 
april 2010 by cmillward
Nano and Partner Brewing [Sunday Session]
The Session is back this week and we've got a great show for homebrewers who dream of selling their beer to adoring fans one day! This week Shaun "Sully" O'Sullivan of the 21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant, Jason Lavery, founder of nano brewery, Lavery Brewing Co., Michael Frenn, founder of Old Hangtown Beerworks nano brewery and Bill Herlika, founder of White Birch Brewing Co. all join us to talk about how you can take your beer to the next level with tiny nano breweries and partner brewing with the big boys. This is an education you can't buy!
brewing  nano  zymurgy  business  audio  podcast  mp3 
april 2010 by cmillward
Hops: four types are used. A very bitter Hallertauer Magnum is used for the first addition, then a Hallertauer Perle of average aromaticity and bitterness is used for the second addition. Hallertauer Hersbrücker and Hallertauer Saaz (rich in essential oils), which are used for the third and last addition, have the important task of releasing the finer aromas of the hops to the wort. More Saaz hops are added before maturation and when the liquid has cooled, which releases a subtle grassy aroma of hops;
pils  beer  zymurgy  italian  noble_hops  hops 
april 2010 by cmillward
BrewLocal: Brian Strumke Interview
An interview with Brian Strumke, the Baltimore homebrewer behind Stillwater Artisanal Ales.
interview  stillwater  zymurgy  podcast  audio  brian_strumke  mp3 
april 2010 by cmillward
A ProMash Recipe - CYBI Rogue Shakespeare Stout
For next weekend, I'm thinking this with flaked rye subbed for the oats.
recipes  zymurgy  stout  cybi 
march 2010 by cmillward
Revvy's Blog - Of Patience and Bottle Conditioning.
If you have been directed to this post then you probably started a "my beer is undercarbed" or "my tastes funny" thread and you indicated that you opened the beer after a few days or 2 weeks expecting your beer to be ready....
zymurgy  beer  bottling  patience  bestpractices 
february 2010 by cmillward
Feb 9th 2010 Press Release — Short's Brewing Company
Short's unique take on quality control errors. "We are in the process or developing a lab, employing a new filler and lots of other new fancy gadgets to help us improve how we make and package our beer. We look forward to hearing from you. Please enjoy this video as we have already taken disciplinary action in-house for inferior quality making into the market."
video  humor  beer  business  shorts_brewing  zymurgy 
february 2010 by cmillward
Q&A with Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo [Food GPS]
"Our production brewery was a 4 million dollar expansion and we’re already at capacity. We certainly have room for more tanks, but it’s not our style to just grow and grow and grow. We plan to stay small. We’re pretty content. If there are markets that want our beer but we can’t get beer to them, it’s not the end of the world to not be able to take care of every market. For instance, Boston wants our beer and we can’t get our beer out there. We won’t grow just because there’s a market that wants our beer, which pisses some people off, but I don’t want to become a slave to the business."
interview  vinnie_cilurzo  russian_river  zymurgy  business  california 
january 2010 by cmillward
The long battle between ale and beer « Zythophile
"How long did ale and beer remain as separate brews? Most drinkers, I think, know that “ale” was originally the English name for an unhopped fermented malt drink, and beer was the name of the fermented malt drink flavoured with hops, a taste for which was brought to this country from the continental mainland about 1400. Some might be able to tell you that ale and beer then existed alongside each other as separate drinks for some time: but that eventually ale started being brewed with hops as well, and finally any difference between the two drinks disappeared, with “ale” and “beer” becoming synonyms. But when did that happen?"
history  zymurgy  beer  words  english 
december 2009 by cmillward
Cigar City Brewing on the Sunday Session
"The Session covers the Southeast U.S. this week with special guest Cigar City Brewing. The Tampa, FL. craft brewery has only been open 10 months but has already scored a gold medal at the GABF for their IPA on Cedar, part of their Humidor Series of cedar aged beers. Tune in and find out about aging with cedar, opening a new brewery, homebrewing roots and great experimentation."
cigar_city  mp3  audio  zymurgy  beer  friendster 
december 2009 by cmillward
Tank Tour: Craftsman - Hot Knives
Mark Jilg has some awesome quotes on our culture and seeking context for value.
zymurgy  business  video  context  culture  mark_jilg  interview  california  value 
november 2009 by cmillward
the aims of the project
"The making of the wine is, in this sense, an end in itself.
But wine has the remarkable ability to preserve within itself not only the character of a vineyard, a growing season, a fermentation– but it does so in a way that is portable. You can put it in a bottle and give it to a friend, or set it adrift in the vast sea of the market, so that it finds itself eventually in the hands, on the table, of a perfect stranger.
This possibility raises a second set of activities– those that are separate and beyond the making of the wine iteself. These are the activities that the wine can inspire and engender in others who drink it.
Beyond the essential bacchic activities that almost any wine can inspire, I have three particular ones in mind..."
wine  winemaking  philosophy  zymurgy  scholium_project 
november 2009 by cmillward
Can You Brew It: Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
"Some craft beers are difficult to reproduce. Others are near impossible. Reproducing anything that comes out of Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales is like winning the lottery! But the CYBI crew never backs down from a homebrewing challenge. Tune in and see if guest brewer Mike Mraz can clone Bam Biere from Jolly Pumpkin and complete the impossible!"
zymurgy  audio  jolly_pumpkin  bam_biere  saison  podcast  recipes 
october 2009 by cmillward
Bam Biere Recipe
one of my favorites. a clone recipe from Mike Mraz. the podcast has Ron Jeffries talking about his recipe/process.
zymurgy  beer  recipes  jolly_pumpkin  bam_biere  mike_mraz 
october 2009 by cmillward
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