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Thin - yet another web server
Thin is a Ruby web server that glues together 3 of the best Ruby libraries in web history:

the Mongrel parser, the root of Mongrel speed and security
Event Machine, a network I/O library with extremely high scalability, performance and stability
Rack, a minimal interface between webservers and Ruby frameworks
Which makes it, with all humility, the most secure, stable, fast and extensible Ruby web server bundled in an easy to use gem for your own pleasure.
ruby  web  apps 
july 2013 by cmillward
Happiness Takes (A Little) Magic | The Wirecutter
Happiness is the most important metric in personal tech. If it improves lives, it is important. I've always suspected that sitting around on the internet was a sort of rot, but I had no proof until I read this piece on the Stanford study. I just don't know why this research isn't getting as much attention from reporters as new iPads, CEO changes, earnings reports, acquisitions, and other bullshit that only affects the greedy. People think I'm crazy for complaining about tech news and how stupid and boring the mass media internet has become, but I think they're wrong. And I think most are writing about the wrong things.
tech  web  happiness  psychology  life 
february 2012 by cmillward
How novels came to terms with the internet | Books | The Guardian
"We spend hours on the web, but you wouldn't know that from reading contemporary fiction. Novelists have gone to great lengths – setting stories in the past or in remote places – to avoid dealing with the internet. Is this finally changing, asks Laura Miller"
literature  culture  web  internet  via:migurski  dfw 
january 2011 by cmillward
Shareable: The Next Net, by Douglas Rushkoff
But unlike our medieval forebears, we don't have to defend our digital commons from corporate encroachment. Fighting and losing that un-winnable battle will only reinforce our sense of helplessness, anyway. Instead of pretending that the Internet was ever destined to be our social and intellectual commons, we can much more easily conspire together to build a real networked commons, intentionally. And with this priority embedded into its very architecture and functioning.

It is not rocket science. And I know there's more than a few dozen people reading this right now who could make it happen.

Back in 1984, long before the Internet even existed, many of us who wanted to network with our computers used something called FidoNet. It was a super simple way of having a network - albeit an asynchronous one.
douglas_rushkoff  nextnet  web  next_net  fidonet  future 
january 2011 by cmillward
Google Apps Script - Google Code
Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services.
google  apps  programming  web 
october 2010 by cmillward
Text Processing APIs and Python NLTK Demos
The Text Processing API supports the following functionality:

* Stemming & Lemmatization
* Sentiment Analysis
* Tagging and Chunk Extraction

The APIs are currently open & free, but limited. If you have any questions, please checkout the FAQ or the streamhacker blog.
nlp  cloud  api  python  web  nltk 
august 2010 by cmillward
Google Alarm [F.A.T.]
"Google is collecting a lot of data about how we use the web. The new Google Alarm Firefox addon visually & audibly alerts you whenever your personal information is being sent to Google servers."
google  web  privacy  firefox  extensions  security 
july 2010 by cmillward
HP introduces printers with e-mail addresses, cloud access
"The new range of printers have Web access, either wired or wireless, removing the need for a print server or connection to a computer. They have touchscreens and e-mail addresses, and can print documents that are e-mailed to them from any source, as well as items from Web services like Google Docs. Users can schedule print jobs on the printers and set up regular print runs of their documents, like weekly menus or itineraries. "
printers  hardware  2010  via:erikeric  web 
june 2010 by cmillward
Quantum of Deployment [Code as Craft]
"We deploy a lot of code. Deployinator is our creation to make that as easy and painless as possible. Deployinator is a one button web-based deployment app. Hit that button and code goes to our webservers and is serving requests in almost no time. Using Deployinator we’ve brought a typical web push from 3 developers, 1 operations engineer, everyone else on standby and over an hour (when things went smoothly) down to 1 person and under 2 minutes."
dev  deploy  web  programming  sysadmin  etsy 
may 2010 by cmillward
Official Google Docs Blog: What’s different about the new Google Docs?
"A month ago we introduced the latest version of the Google document editor. The new editor comes with features like a ruler, tabs stops, and floating images. Those features might seem pretty basic, but they’re nearly impossible to support in a regular online text editor. This post unwraps some of the core technical changes with the new editor to make this new functionality possible."
web  docs  google  javascript  html5  editors 
may 2010 by cmillward
"Create chat rooms with your friends or coworkers using Google Talk or XMPP.

* Use whatever you use to chat already: Gmail, Adium, Google Talk, Pidgin, or any other XMPP/Jabber-aware client.
* Catch up on messages you miss while offline.
* Don't have to re-join rooms when you log-out.
* Built on the reliable, safe Google App Engine
* Easy to use, lots of silly features.
appengine  oss  jabber  xmpp  web  social  fun 
may 2010 by cmillward
Young foodies more exhibitionist, less highbrow - AP News Wire, Associated Press News -
"That boundary blurring reflects the spirit of the times. It's not just the increasingly eccentric fusion cuisines that have brought the world curry chitlins and the Wok A Mole Chinese-Mexican restaurant in Texas.

Highbrow and lowbrow don't mean what they used to either when food trucks serve Marrakech lamb with couscous and fancy restaurants feature hamburgers."
food  culture  generations  web  2010 
may 2010 by cmillward
in Bb 2.0 - a collaborative music/spoken word project
"play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order."
music  ambient  web  youtube  drone 
april 2010 by cmillward
Criticism II: Music Is Math [IPPIO]
Chris Weingarten on music journalism more. "good writing dies at the hands of search engine optimization," "playing madlibs with google trends"
web  culture  music  chris_weingarten  criticism  journalism  2010  twitter  via:hublicious  firsties  video 
april 2010 by cmillward
Archiving Timestamped Copies of Bookmarked Web Content [HubLog]
"3. What I'd really like to see is an archive of each bookmark—as you saw it in your browser at the time—in WARC format, which preserves both the HTTP headers and the content of the response. That way, whenever you cite a web page, you can included a timestamped, cached version of the cited page, as you saw it.

The Internet Archive has a WARC renderer, but this would probably also need a browser extension that can read WARC files—or perhaps use a different format (HTML with all the content inlined as data: URIs, for example, or MHTML)— and display it as if the reader were seeing the original page. "
bookmarking  web  archive  warc 
march 2010 by cmillward
cortesi - Introducing mitmproxy: an interactive man-in-the-middle proxy
"So, I'm releasing mitmproxy - an interactive, SSL-aware man-in-the-middle proxy that lets you view, modify and replay HTTP connections. It's aimed at software developers and penetration testers (i.e. people like me), who need to intensively tamper with and monitor HTTP traffic. Using it, you can point your browser at a page that loads a bazillion images and 50 snippets of JSON, pick out the one request you're interested in, and modify and replay it over and over. You have complete control over both requests and responses - you can edit headers and content using your preferred text editor, and change HTTP request methods on the fly. You can view request and response contents using an external viewer (picked using your mailcap configuration), or using mitmproxy's built in text and hexdump-like viewers. Filters and intercepts are specified using regular expressions and a pretty complete mutt-like expression language. "
proxy  apps  tools  mitmproxy  network  web  debug 
february 2010 by cmillward
DRAKMA - A Common Lisp web client
Drakma is a fully-featured web client (implemented in Common Lisp) that knows how to handle HTTP/1.1 chunking, persistent connections, re-usable sockets, SSL, continuable uploads, file uploads, cookies, and other things.
cl  lisp  lib  web  programming  client  http  ssl 
february 2010 by cmillward
Protecting Browsers from Extension Vulnerabilities | EECS at UC Berkeley
Browser extensions are remarkably popular, with one in three Firefox users running at least one extension. Although well-intentioned, extension developers are often not security experts and write buggy code that can be exploited by malicious web site operators. In the Firefox extension system, these exploits are dangerous because extensions run with the user's full privileges and can read and write arbitrary files and launch new processes. In this paper, we analyze 25 popular Firefox extensions and find that 88% of these extensions need less than the full set of available privileges. Additionally, we find that 76% of these extensions use unnecessarily powerful APIs, making it difficult to reduce their privileges. We propose a new browser extension system that improves security by using least privilege, privilege separation, and strong isolation. Our system limits the misdeeds an attacker can perform through an extension vulnerability. Our design has been adopted as the Google Chrome...
2009  paper  security  browser  web  chrome 
february 2010 by cmillward
W3C FileAPI in Firefox 3.6 at
"Often, web applications will prompt the user to select a file, typically to upload to a server. Unless the web application makes use of a plugin, file selection occurs through an HTML input element, of the sort
via:deusx  web  firefox  api  javascript  js 
december 2009 by cmillward
screen-scrape after executing javascript
screen_scraping  javascript  js  ruby  web  lib 
august 2009 by cmillward
YouTube - Moms on the Net
"ride the wave of information" also, "tap into the power" also, "isn't that for techno geeks with spreadsheets?"
web  video  humor  moms  moms_on_the_net 
august 2009 by cmillward
Scratching the Surface: Your Brain on the Internet [PopMatters]
"Preliminary investigation suggests that the physical makeup of the brain of a digital native functions and develops in a different manner from that of a digital immigrant. One way to examine whether our brains are changing in the way they process information (and thus potentially physically, as certain neural pathways are reinforced and others neglected) is to look at information seeking behavior in Internet users."
cogsci  web  science  brain  reading  memory 
august 2009 by cmillward
Let's make the web faster - Google Code
"There are many ways to make websites run faster. In this section, you can discover performance best practices that real web professionals employ in their everyday work. These practices have improved the user experience for millions of users and we hope they are useful for other web developers."
web  dev  programmiming  performance  speed  optimization 
august 2009 by cmillward » Blog Archive » No Justice, Part II: Boycott Jamba Juice!
'Couple things:

1. “Bob?” You violated the first law of the GYWO clip art!!! THESE DUDES DON’T HAVE NAMES. It’s “Accounts Receivable” and “Accounts Payable” and that’s IT.

2. The clip art is public domain, of course, anyone can do anything with it … but check out the word balloons! JAMBA JUICE TOTALLY BIT MY GYWO WORD BALLOON STYLE! Rounded-edge text box with single line pointing to mouth? I developed that in 2001 using Quark XPress 4!!! THAT’S MY SHIT!!! Jamba Juice, you’re a bunch of BALLOON-BITERS.

3. First person to sue Jamba Juice on my behalf CAN KEEP ALL THE MONEY. All I care about is destroying Jamba Juice and their overpriced dumb-ass juices. EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT, you morons, you’re missing most of the fiber.'
humor  gywo  comics  web  copyright  business  marketing  ripoff 
july 2009 by cmillward
Archive Team

And we've been trashing our history

This website is intended to be an offloading point and information depot for a number of archiving projects, all related to saving websites or data that is in danger of being lost. Besides serving as a hub for team-based pulling down and mirroring of data, this site will provide advice on managing your own data and rescuing it from the brink of destruction"
web  history  backup  archive  preservation 
july 2009 by cmillward
Lost Garden: Flash Love Letter (2009) Part 1
"Flash games are currently the ghetto of the game development industry. Compared to the number of players it serves, the Flash game ecosystem makes little money, launches few careers, and sustains few developer owned businesses. Despite the vast potential of the ecosystem, Flash games contribute surprisingly little to the advancement of game design as an art or a craft.
In order to understand why this promising game platform is such a surprising dissapointment, we'll look at Flash games from three perspective"
money  flash  business  games  web 
july 2009 by cmillward
Sharkify - Sharks On-Demand
now you can live every week like it is shark week (on the internet)!
sharks  web 
february 2009 by cmillward
ecsstract: Scraping in XULRunner with JSON/CSS selectors [HubLog]
I've created a project on GitHub that contains a) an XULRunner application for scraping web pages (basically Crowbar* with all the RDF stuff taken out) and b) a sample PHP script and JSON definitions file for scraping an example web page. ...
The idea is that the definitions for scraping a page are defined as JSON
screen_scraping  web  firefox  mozilla  dev  json  css 
january 2009 by cmillward
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