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An excerpt from "Frankenstein's Cadillac" by Alan Moore from the new issue of Dodgem Logic regarding the media phenomenon of science fiction and its direct relation to critical cultural and political events.
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january 2011 by cmillward
generation ship
"An immense, relatively slow-moving spacecraft, also known as an interstellar ark, aboard which many generations would live and die on a voyage between stars. The generation ship has been offered as an alternative to spacecraft that travel at much higher speeds carrying conventional-sized crews. The idea of a vessel carrying a civilization from a dying solar system toward another star for a new beginning was envisioned in 1918 by Robert Goddard. But, perhaps concerned about professional criticism, he placed his manuscript in a sealed envelope and it didn't appear in print for over half a century. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and J. D. Bernal wrote about artificial planets and self-contained worlds in the 1920s, as did Olaf Stapledon in his visionary novels, and by the 1940s the generation ship concept had been fully expanded by science fiction writers in the publications of Hugo Gernsback and others."
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august 2009 by cmillward
The Genre Artist []
"Jack Vance, described by his peers as “a major genius” and “the greatest living writer of science fiction and fantasy,” has been hidden in plain sight for as long as he has been publishing — six decades and counting. Yes, he has won Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards and has been named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and he received an Edgar from the Mystery Writers of America, but such honors only help to camouflage him as just another accomplished genre writer. So do the covers of his books, which feature the usual spacecraft, monsters and euphonious place names: Lyonesse, Alastor, Durdane. If you had never read Vance [...] you would go on your way to the usual thrills with no idea that you had just missed out on encountering one of American literature’s most distinctive and undervalued voices."
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july 2009 by cmillward
Rules for Time Travelers [Discover Magazine]
time travel isn’t magic; it may or may not be allowed by the laws of physics — we don’t know them well enough to be sure — but we do know enough to say that if time travel were possible, certain rules would have to be obeyed. And sometimes it’s more interesting to play by the rules. So if you wanted to create a fictional world involving travel through time, here are 10+1 rules by which you should try to play.
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may 2009 by cmillward
Pride and Predator to give Jane Austen an extreme makeover
The new film from Elton John's Rocket Pictures will have the seven-foot extraterrestrial give the characters from Pride and Prejudice something more immediate to worry about than making advantageous marriages
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february 2009 by cmillward
Candyfloss Horizons Forever! [Mindless Ones]
interesting article about Morrison's use of scifi in his comics.
grant_morrison  scifi  comics 
april 2008 by cmillward
Shaw and the Sound Barrier [VQR]
Arthur C. Clarke on his correspondence with Bernard Shaw
scifi  science  writing  literature 
march 2008 by cmillward
YouTube - Prisoners of Gravity: Fans (Part 2/3)
"Originally Broadcast on October 8th, 1992.

This part includes clips with Lois McMaster Bujold, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbon and Garth Ennis." wow, Harlan Ellison is intense!
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march 2008 by cmillward
Matt Webb's science fictional tour of the solar system
A science fictional tour of the solar system from alternative earths to the space-spiders of Saturn.
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march 2008 by cmillward
"The ultimate horror in science fiction is neither death nor destruction but dehumanization, a state in which emotional life is suspended, in which the individual is deprived of individual feelings, free will, and moral judgement."
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january 2008 by cmillward
Bruce Willis to star in 'Surrogates' [Variety]
Michael Ferris and John Brancato scripted “The Surrogates” based on a graphic novel from Top Shelf Comix by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele. Jonathan Mostow directs.
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november 2007 by cmillward
Ansible Home Page
is David Langford's infamous British SF/fan newsletter, published since 1979.
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october 2007 by cmillward
Scott Westerfeld's Extras - a superb volume in the Uglies series [Boing Boing]
"In Extras, we meet Aya, a citizen of a different city, one where the social order is determined by one's social rank, as calculated by a central computer that counts how many times your fellow citizens mention you."
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september 2007 by cmillward
From Sky Flivver to Hydropolis [Reason Magazine]
What happened to the science-fiction future? by Katherine Mangu-Ward
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september 2007 by cmillward
The UnMuseum - King Kong
the making of the original King Kong, esp. special effects
film  history  scifi 
september 2007 by cmillward
Darkness and the Light
a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon. Written in 1941, at the most frightening point of World War II, Stapledon projects two separate futures for humanity, depending not on the outcome of that particular conflict but on the failure or success of a fu
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september 2007 by cmillward
Blows Against the Empire: Books: The New Yorker
The return of Philip K. Dick. by Adam Gopnik August 20, 2007
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august 2007 by cmillward
Trailers From Hell
old trailers for scifi/b-movies with optional commentary by directors from the genre
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july 2007 by cmillward
Neil Gaiman - How To Talk To Girls At Parties
Neil reading his Hugo nominated short story in 4 parts.
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april 2007 by cmillward
YouTube - Making of the Doctor Who theme (full)
Footage of the early 80s remake of the doctor who theme song for the show of the same name by Peter Howell. Get a great behind-the-scenes view of how it was made and close glimpse at the equipment used (this is a portion of the Music Arcade - Radiophonic
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march 2007 by cmillward
Disney wins rights for 'Surrogates' [Variety]
Disney has acquired rights to the graphic novel "The Surrogates" and will develop it into a sci-fi thriller that Jonathan Mostow will direct.
film  scifi  comics  friend:of-a-friend  bfc-orlando  2007 
march 2007 by cmillward
A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope
a reading of the original Star Wars movies (Ep. 4-6) in light of Ep. 1-3
2007  film  scifi  literature  reading 
january 2007 by cmillward
YouTube - Matt Webb Pecha Kucha
Matt Webb giving a presentation Pecha Kucha style on Reboot 8 in Denmark
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august 2006 by cmillward
Fanboy 101
After picking the brains of writers, actors, directors and comic book creators for their opinions and reminisces and trawling through dozens of "best of" lists, what follows is a highly-subjective list of the most influential examples of some key genres.
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june 2006 by cmillward
Slide 1 of 50 (Sci-fi I like, Fictional Futures, Goldsmiths)
As part of all of this, I took some time to discuss my own favourite concepts from science fiction.
scifi  tiread  presentation 
april 2006 by cmillward

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